What do you Consider Energy to Be..?

What do you think energy is..? Do you think it is God..? Do you think it is just energy or do you think it is something else..? What is this energy that binds us..?

To me it is the energy that threads through all life that exists in everything that is infinite.. It is here, it is us, and it is all through everything that embeds time and space, but to others it may be different..

Thinking further on this this does that mean that all experiences in life are just different densities of energy..? Maybe as we pass through birth to here it is not much different to the after life.. Whatever way the energy is it truly is amazing..

What do you Consider Energy to Be..?

1 thought on “What do you Consider Energy to Be..?

  1. Wow that is a hard question. Its almost like wind- I know its there, I believe in it, but its hard to describe and know what it really is.

    To me energy is everything, and IN everything at the same time. Your description stated it perfectly. I believe its something we are yet at the same time control. Its our essence, our being, and all that is around us.

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