What is a Residual Haunting?

Have you ever wondered what a residual haunting is, if you have you have come to the right place.

A residual haunting is when a ghost keeps doing the same thing over and over again from something they did in the past when they were alive.

A Residual Haunt is like a Replay in Time..

A particular time is common or a particular place, although sometimes the patterns are not always exact.

residual haunting

In a way a residual haunting is like a replay of time, the spirit continues the same replay and when seen by humans it  a pattern can be seen. These types of ghosts are in a way not receptive to us being around at all and are just replaying the same scene over and over again.

Also, in general trying to interact with these types of ghosts has no reaction either.

One example of residual haunting is a light switching on in a room at a particular time every day or a ghost seen in a window at a particular time each day. Footsteps in a certain pattern each night around the same time or another occurrence that just repeats itself often on a regular basis.

Wondering what other types of haunting’s there are.? Well, there is also the Intelligent Haunting.

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  1. I experienced a residual haunting when I was a little girl…around the age of 7. Every night, around the same time (or sometimes later, but never early) I would hear the sound of a small bell ding one time, and then it would start: The sound of dishes being washed and someone (or some THING) sweeping the floor very vigorously. But the strange part, is that I couldn’t see a soul doing the cleaning! It was just the SOUNDS of it! Too bad it dit’n clean for real…my mother would have loved a maid, ghost or not! 😉

  2. Thanks for your education so far. I want to know more on spiritual growth and how to create wealth through the principles necessary.

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