What is an Intelligent Haunting?

An intelligent haunting is when a spirit or ghost wants to be noticed and has an intelligence about it. A good example of an intelligent haunting is when a spirit or ghost wishes to communicate and patterns form where it indicates interaction in this time.

Hence Intelligent interaction..

An Intelligent Spirit or Ghost will Interact.

These types of ghosts and haunting are very focused on the now and human interaction. They know when we are in there area and can even let us know. These types of haunting are the most noticeable when visiting a haunted house and most confronting.

intelligent haunting

When encountering an intelligent haunted scenario, it is best to be strong minded and focused. Remember ghosts were once us and a lot of the time a spirit may just need a bit of help moving on.. In this case, a common remedy for spirits in this scenario is telling them it is time to go to the light. The reason for the light answer working is not fully known as fact, however the theory is that a light exists in the spirit world where if the spirit journeys down it, it will move on back to the energy source or to a new life..

An example of an intelligent haunting is by interaction. One example is if you hear footsteps in your house ( personal experience here ) and you ask who is there the footsteps either stop or move closer to your room. Another example is hearing a faint voice on asking. Or another is even hearing physical objects move in your house, eg door moving, light switching on and off as the ghost moves around the house..

These types of spirits are the most confrontational for the witness and if you experience it, it does not  matter if you are a skeptic or not. In this situation, anyone will believe..

The counterpart ( similar to opposite ) to this type of situation is a residual haunting.

20 thoughts on “What is an Intelligent Haunting?

  1. Greetings,
    Very interesting notes about intelligent haunting.
    I am witness about this in my house of birth.The entities
    did damn well interact in our family.
    They proved to accept me and my father(I was an only child)
    but they did condemn my mother.
    Some symptoms of their presence?Well,once a painting falling from the wall at midnight 3 o clock (??)
    In my bedroom(I was 3 yrs old)an object having the shape of a human head was visible in the nearly dark,in on of the corners of the ceiling.That corner was always different from the other 3 corners.There was energy.
    One morning(my father was already at the office)I found my
    mother,hidden in one of the closets of the sink unit in the kitchen,upset and trembling.What might have happened there?
    After twilight I could hear faint noises on the stairs,just like people trying to hide themselves,etc….
    At age 12 we moved out to a town 200 km from this location,
    because my father got a transfer for his work.
    Since then everything in my life went totally wrong!!
    And within a year I got homesick and returned to the place
    where I was grown up.
    Now,having returned for the 3th time to my birth location,I have a very strong longing to move back into that house.
    This house has been trying to warn me and my father for NOT
    leaving that house and that location.
    But my mother was behind all this,SHE wanted to move to that
    other town,because of her good memories she had there.
    Today,I’m back to my birth place,but not in my own house.
    And once a week,I’m walking past that house,and can you
    imagine,what is going through me,while passing that house??!!
    Entities,presumably still residing in that house,knew about
    my future and have been trying to warn me and my father.
    But how to do that without scaring us?That was the problem.
    In the meantime,everybody,moving in that house,did not stay there for long.And in the last 30 years,the house has had
    10 owners!!What are your findings about this.
    Kindest regards,
    Florian Senteur Leeuwarden/Holland.

    • Hi Florian,
      Sounds like a very powerful intelligent haunting and an interesting house. It sounds like to me the entities within the house that you refer to seem to have gotten attached to your family and maybe possibly the entities (spirits) may be even old relatives. The fact that so many people have gone through the house indicates that most likely something very powerful is there..

      It is almost like the spirits were hoping you would not leave as well.. Like you said when your mum wanted too they got very active against that.. (upset spirits).

      Please note
      – One thing to be careful of is, sometimes doors (to the other side) can be opened in houses and all sorts of spirits can come through. Sometimes but not always these types of spirits can be troubled spirits as well. A perfect example of conjuration is a ouji board that can open up doors that are hard to close.

      What it sounds like with your case though, is the spirit was trying to communicate like you say and like what you say its hard not to frighten when we do not understand what is going on.. Because no one got physically harmed it sounds like this is the most likely case. If you get a chance, maybe get some ghost investigators to go in there.

      Thanks for the share.

  2. Hello Timon!
    Love your site….. So glad I found you…Question about our home… Because our home is so active…..more than 2 paranormal groups have said we have a intelligent hauntings going on here….we also have had 2 different mediums here who have said the same thing. We bought a home that was flipped and when we moved in all hell broke loose! But ….why does the haunting always targets me more than the rest of my family….and how come we can not be rid of it or them…now we are being told that we have a portal in our home…good grief…I am scared of what will happen next…..we get foot steps….doors opening or closing…objects being moved …..lights go on and off…..tv’s that are turned off before we go to bed …when we wake up there on……we also have continuous pictures of echo plasma,,orbs …..and grey shadows……. we have even seen them with our eyes…we know the history of the house and its sad happenings here….but no matter who we call on…they will not pass! We pray all the time about this..but it will not leave….what do I do…just accept this? I would love to move….but It would be a huge financial loss at this time…..any suggestions?….ps….I used to think all of this ghost stuff was not worth talking about until now…..I am a big big believer !

    • Hey Deanna,
      A lot of people do not believe in paranormal until it happens to them, some times it even takes multiple experiences to be like, oh okay.. But anyways.. Your story sounds like a active haunt, very interesting.. Is it an intelligent haunting? Like do the spirits try to communicate with you or is it all just happening..? Either way it sounds like your house needs a professional cleanse from an experienced psychic. It may be best to look around the area for someone that has done it before, or you could consider some catholic priests will do it for you for free if you gather enough evidence to prove nasty spirits.. As spirits such as demons etc is part of that religion they are not supposed to turn anyone down.

      This may be a good idea, however with this one you select to do it you need to be careful on selecting a good cleanser as in order for it to fully work they need to believe to push the spirits out with the occult ritual of cleansing. It most likely effects you more Deanna because you are more sensitive.

      I hope this information helps. 🙂

  3. Dear Timmon,
    Do you write books about peoples storys about there haunted home?
    You have the best and most informative web site I have ever seen…its wonderful.

    Our home has been on tv about our hauntings here…It was a hour episode. Through somebody like you my story can be told and I want people to know they are not alone.
    It is very scary to live like this. I would love to share my experience…to get the help we need.and to help others with theres…..contact me through my email….I would love to show you some pictures took in our home and to tell you of our episode… I would really like you to analyze our pics and tell me what u think.

    Deanna Simpson

    • Hey Deanna,
      I have not written any books yet.. Thanks for your positive comment about the site. Feel free to send some info on your house through contact us and i may be able to do a post on it..

  4. Dear Timon,
    Our home is on the Animal Planet …on a show called The Haunted. Our episode is called
    Killer From The Grave…And even though our home is better…after the cleansing ..A Priest’s Blessing….and a Reike’s Blessing to go to the light light and live in Gods home…No matter what…if it is a intelligent haunting or whatever it may be they are here to stay! All I can do is Pray to God to bless us every day and to protect our family. Here our some pictures I would like to share of our home…We often have smells…sights of orbs and echo mist’s forming…that is how we know to take pics because we see them…I hope my pics come through…Thanks Timon!

    Deanna Simpson

  5. Hey Florian,

    When this intelligent spirit did not want you to leave this house? Then I think they would have been invisible to your mom, at least, would not have scared her so much that she would like to move out of that house. Don’t you think so?

    with friendly regards,

  6. hi,

    me and my parents bought this house 6 years ago and still live in it. there used to be a women named karen sherman that died of breast cancer that lived and grew a family in it. and she shows she is still here. sometime out dogs will growl at corners sometimes behind us and just stare an unwelcome stare. i had my friend vicky stay over one day. and my mom always thinks were joking around with her when we record things and laugh when shes listening to them. this one day i felt goosebumps and cold spots. so we started recording and we left the room while recording there was NO animals or people in the room. we went in the room and turned it off 3 minutes later and we heard voices like children and an old women, footsteps and tapping and a couple miutes into it we heard this huge CRASH! and we never heard it until we heard this. what can we do to help karen know she is scaring us out?

    • Hey Kaitlyn,
      I sounds like to me a residual haunting which is not something to worry about too much.. A residual haunting is when after a person passes away the energy is left which can keep being played over and over. It includes sounds and a usually a daily pattern. If you are really keen on getting rid of it I recommend doing a proper house cleanse with a priest or psychic to help the spirits energy move on.. Can I ask are any items of hers or the family’s stuff still there, I mean anything..? If so then there spirit can be attached to an item as well, however this can still be the case with a house itself.. For more information on a Residual Haunting

  7. hi timon,

    earlier this week, my boyfriend whom I live with, was awoken at 4:30 AM by his cell phone alarm going off. after awaking, he claims to have seen a figure of a young man in a baseball cap at the foot of our bed. my boyfriend did not feel anything “negative”, other than a sense of shock. he never set an alarm for 4:30 in the morning. last night, i woke up from his cell phone alarm going off at 4:30 AM again, turned it off, and went back to bed. i don’t think this is a negative or unfriendly spirit, but i would like the alarms (and subsequent sightings) to stop. neither my boyfriend or i know who this spirit is.

    also, my boyfriend is not religious. I’m not the most religious person, though I do believe in God. why is this spirit revealing himself to him, and why is he haunting? we have been living in this apartment for the past 7 months with no such instances.


  8. my daughter boyfriend bought a house in a great area in town. well he works offshore so that leaves her and the kids by thereselfs alot. There is knocking on the walls banging on my granddaughters headboard of the bed also shaking of the bed. I decided to speed the week with my daughter i was fixin to fall asleep when it sounded like some one just slapped the headboard with there hand well it got my attention . i jumped out of bed and paced the hall for about an hour. my grand daughter which is seven years old never heard anything . Then i hear knocking on the walls sounds like its on the inside of the walls. My daughter was taking a bath and i had fell asleep in my granddaughter bed the next day and all of the sudden she is yelling for me to go see somebody had just slammed into the wall next to the bathtub. This kinda stuff starts happening at about 11:30 and last untill about 4 or 5

    • We here this knocking on my moms walls here at her house and thats funny u say it sounds like its inside of the walls thats how it sounds here too!!!

  9. My parents purchased a public house 9 years ago, we had a lot of activity doors opening and closing on their own, voices and things being moved around, and items falling from shelves behind the bar. I once witnessed a glass vase just explode. Well it was decided that it was time to bring somebody from our local spiritual church to find out what was here. The upstairs on the building had been converted into guest rooms, and many people had described a woman dressed in 18th century clothing thankfully I never witnessed that :-). Anyway, they came in and tried to move the spirits on, now they believe that there were at least three of them an old man, a woman and a little girl. The spiritualist people said that there had been a fire, which claimed the lives of on the spirits, a few weeks later we decided to decorate and sure enough upon stripping back the window frames it showed signs of burning. All was quieter except for one problem it seems that one of the spirits had moved on it had followed me home. I have lived in my current home for 26 years this is my parent’s house and we had no problems. One particular night I went downstairs for a drink I was only five minutes my mum & dad walked through the door, we had a quick chat and I went back to my room, a teddy bear had been placed on my pillow it had made its way from top of a wardrobe in the spare room! These sort of incidents occurred off and on over a 1-year period, I would nip out my room sometimes only for 1 minute and another toy would be sat on my desk or on my TV. I once opened my door and a stuffed toy fell at my feet. I have an internal window in my bedroom and one evening there was a ball of yellow/orange light moving around outside of it I thought it was my dad messing around opened my door and nothing, everybody was sound asleep, the only other person it made its presence to was my dad. It brought him a stuffed toy placed on his pillow and a week later on his TV, it even chucked a pair of socks near him as to get his attention. Nevertheless, nearly all of the activity surrounded me. I suffer with dwarfism and wonder if it was the little girl that had took a liking to me because of my small stature.

  10. Hi, i live at home with my mum, im only 17 and i have been experiencing weird things but she hasnt and she refuses to believe in it if she hasnt seen anything.
    One night i opened the door to go into the hall and seen a clear image of a women i stepped back n started crying and turned my head but when i looked back she was gone. My mum was there too she didnt see anything. Even since then things have been happening such as pictures falling off walls that have been up for years and the hooks are still perfectly stable. Also recently my tv has been turning on when im asleep every couple of weeks. When i went to bed one night i turned my light off and there is a window above my door. I keep seeing a little ball that looks likes its glowing , it doesnt appear every night but comes a few nights a week.
    It seems as if this spirit/s live in my mums room as everytime i walk in there its freezing and she has a radiator just like every other room in the house and her windows are always closed and double glazed. When i walk in it feels like im being stared at and i feel like the atmosphere changes.
    Even my dog is noticing this i think. He gets up at night sits up on my bed and looks around the room, sometimes he barks and starts sniffing around the room.
    2 people died in this house, should i presume its them trying to get my attention?? i just don’t understand why its not happening to my mum too.
    Write back pleaseee i need advice im really worried. thanx

  11. Last night i was in my daughters bedroom tucking her in i simply said goodnight to my daughter and heard a mans voice say good night back plain as day this is the second time i have heard this. The 1st time i was in my living room and heard a man get up off the couch and sounded like he was streching and grunting. This spirit does not harm us but wants attention. He has moved a glass lid on top of the t.v it will come flying down for no reason at all. Another expirence was also last night my husband was awake at about 1:30 a.m and thats when he seen the full body apparition fom itself at our bedromm doorway and walk towards the living room. My kids see things and my daughter is 3 and talks to someone in her room. Dont know if anyone died here but i do know our duplexs was once used for military base housing so could be a spirit that never came back from war… Thanks for reading 🙂 hope to find answers soon.

  12. My mom, who is now deceased bout an 1841 built house in the outskirts of a town. We have heard in the basement a man and lady talking about hiding better from the Indians. A small boy had fallen out of a tree in the front yard and died, around 1900. Mom would set her keys,recipes,glasses,check book down, turn around and they would be gone. She called me one day and told me a letter she hadn’t seen in 50 years was laying on the kitchen table when she came down in the morning. I told her it was the little boy. She had called me one day and told me that she had been reading in bed and thinking about her parents. She said she looked up and their was an old haggy looking woman flying in circles above her bed. She said she covered her head with the blanket and looked later she was gone. She also told me that she herself was flying around up by the ceiling. Someone walked up the stairs every night and jiggled the other bedroom door handle. She was pushed down the stairs by a pair of hands. The downstairs outer door handle was turning. My husband ran out at 3 am, stood in the driveway by the door and heard footsteps go past him. Something was in the barn that made the horses refuse to go in, rearing up and snorting, eyes terrified.
    Also my sister swears that sometimes when my mom looked at her her beautiful blue eyes wold be black. My mom passed when she was 78. Lived in that house for 40 years. We had a ghost hunting team come out. There were way to many people there but the main guy told us something was there. My question is what. I do believe in the after life. But the things happening to mom scare me. I am thinking of buying her house and doing a total overhaul. Doing a good cleansing. My mom did not believe and she was not crazy. She died of a massive heart attack in the house. Frankly I am worried about living in the house but I promised her I would fix it up. Has anyone else expeienced anything that would shed light on this. Thank you.

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