What is Astral Projection (O.B.E.)?

Astral projection is one element of the Occult which has been delved into by many books.. Even though most people understand the concept of this out of body experience (O.B.E.), most do not know that we are doing it (mildly) often while we sleep.. In fact many researchers on the subject claim, we do it many times each night while asleep.. The theory is the sleep dream world is on the edge of the astral world or lucid dream consciousness and therefore we brush past or into it a little bit nearly every night..

What is Astral Projection?

First of all, Astral Projection is the Occult Art of leaving the physical energy consciousness body with your spirit as the vehicle.. Research reveals that it is another consciousness similar to ours but allows more freedom with out the heavy mass of body energy we use today.. To understand astral projection consciousness more clearly we need to understand that our physical bodies are not physical like we think… They are just another level of denser energy (suit) overlapping our spirit..

One example of astral projection is when in a dream you feel the sensation of jumping awake like a knock back into the body… Another is falling over in a dream and the sensation of the body falling and then slapping back to your body.. These are both good examples of skimming the side of the astral or lucid dreaming world..


Do not Fear the Astral World

It is important to not create a fear of the astral projection world because we experience it mildly in dreams already and so to fear would be fearing what we already do.. One thought is maybe upon understanding this world of consciousness and the astral, we can possibly better understand ourselves more clearly..?

Another understanding of astral projection is that we are conscious of the experience there as we are here, so this reinforces the concept that lucid dreaming is the same experience just a different name..

A Third of our Lives is Sleeping…

It is amazing to think that a third of our lives is while we sleep yet for some reason many think this time is not an experience of importance, however what if this state is of the same importance and learning.. What if we are all supposed to learn lessons there as well spiritually in our life time..? What do you think..?

In further posts I will delve more into this astral projection realm, feel free to comment below if you have had your own astral experience..

1 thought on “What is Astral Projection (O.B.E.)?

  1. Hi,
    Since childhood I hear a sound like a frequency in my ear or head and I been able to do OBE many times but without my control.
    I would like to have control over it.
    But according to Monroe tech. with the breathing tech., visualization etc. it’s very difficult to get into the sleep border trance.
    As I always hear the sound which is the prerequisite to have an OBE is there any easier method.
    The sound I hear, which I can raise or lower the tone, have nothing to do with a medical/physical dysfunctioning.I have already check.
    Please help.
    Thanks a lot.


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