What is the Meaning of Life?

I recently got asked the question “What is the Meaning of Life?” by a reader email, they did not leave a name, they just asked me to do a post on it.. In future if you want a post discussed feel free to leave your name and url and I may include it in the post..

This subject is highly debated and highly discussed worldwide.. Understanding the meaning can open up doors to understanding the whole universe, yet can we understand it..? Is the mind so confused with daily life rigmarole that they just choose to ignore this important question or is it that the mind simply cannot understand..

Many poets or scientists express certain understanding to this question yet the same answer comes back time and time again, is it all random, it is all experience of consciousness or is it all just like the Monty Pythons meaning on the subject..

To me the meaning of life is the second one, experience of consciousness, everyone has there own opinion, it could be religious it could be anything.. Let me explain my thoughts first then comment below your thoughts on this..

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Timon Weller’s Perspective on the Meaning of Life

“The meaning of life can be broken down to one fundamental understanding, we are all consciousness and are all made up of energy, whether one wants to believe we are physical or not, research we are not as proven by many studies in quantum physics. So by understanding we are all levels of consciousness and energy similar in a way to energy of all thought, that would have to indicate that thought is an important aspect to understanding the meaning of life.

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It seems to indicate that consciousness of experience and thought are two in the same, indicating its like with this understanding the energy of thought is creating the world we see now. So in conclusion it indicates that thought consciousness and experience of consciousness whether it be mental or emotional is the meaning of life..

We are in a sense creating our world as we see it now, whether it be negative or positive as a consciousness whole..”

The above theory is my theory, I am sure you have your own opinion, feel free to comment your thoughts on What is the Meaning of Life? below..

3 thoughts on “What is the Meaning of Life?

  1. What is the real meaning of life? In a lot of cases, people never find the answers to the questions they do have. People that cant find their life purpose are the ones that arent really seeing life for what it is

    • In my understanding of the meaning of life is simply, growth, mental, physical, spiritual & emotional growth and balance within all aspects of being, self and existence. Why should position within society change this? Everything is in constant growth, and thus reflects this.

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