Where do you think UFO’s come from..?

While there are many theories on the origin of  UFOs in this post I wanted to ask what others thought about the subject.. So far the common theories of UFOs are they are from deep space, others say they are from under the deep ocean, while others even say UFOs are already here and aliens are walking amongst us..?

What I am trying to work out is which one fits more clearly, also is it possible UFOs are us from the future and the vehicle is merely a time travel vehicle..?

What do you think..? Where do you think UFOs come from..?

2 thoughts on “Where do you think UFO’s come from..?

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  2. I have done a lot of research on ufo’s but no one actualy knows what they are and where they are from. but my theory is that we was made by the aliens and they are from the goldylock zone because there are 2 planets that could have life on because they are the rite distance away from thier sun (Red sun) and there are more galaxy’s than there are bees in a million bee hives so chances are there is most likely to be something out there than it is not to be. Reading the article above its interesting to even think they could be time travelers because great distance and great speed enables time travel

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