Young Boy Meditates For 10 Months With No Food or Water

This young 15 year old boy story had me thinking. Apparently by the report the young boy, Ram Bahadur Bomjo has been meditating for over 10 months, while that alone is an impressive feat considering the chance of aches and pains of sitting in the one spot for too long but also has obtained from food and water during this period as well.

While many skeptics claim that if it sounds too impressive it most likely is a gimmick (scam), many also claim the young boy is gifted and an outer world power is nourishing him.

10 month meditating boyAbove – Ram Bahadur Bomjon seen meditating under the same tree for more than 10 months.

Another factor that had me impressed about Ram’s 10 month meditation endeavor was the fact that he is only 15 years old.  If you ask me that is amazingly shown discipline and patience for such a young age.

Above is the video on Ram – The Boy With Divine Powers

What do you think of Rams story? If he can go more than 10 months with food or water and live on divine energy alone with meditation that is an amazing breakthrough into paranormal abilities. It shows the amazing benefits the body can achieve when in a pure state of meditation.

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