12 Tips To Increasing Your Psychic Powers

Recently one of my good readers asked me to give some tips on increasing her Psychic Powers. In this post i thought i would give my twelve ( 12 ) tips of advice. This is for people that know they have psychic powers, but want to increase or tune it better. In a way giving them a boost. Each of these tips are my personal ideas and a lot revolve around consciousness development which boosts many aspects of ones psyche .

If you can think of any others to share feel free to comment below your thoughts after reading.

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  1. Meditation – Meditation helps to slow the mind so one can let more positive energy in. This is a massive boost and will help all psychic abilities. Meditation is excellent way to create more connection to oneself and everything around.
  2. Dreaming – Record your dreams and in time all dreams will be remembered and allow one to slip more easily into higher levels of consciousness and dreams. Eg Lucid dreaming and Astral Projection. There are many psychic powers to be learnt within the consciousness of our dreams..
  3. Rituals – Proper performed rituals are great ways to connect. Understand that positive rituals are the best and ego based rituals will only have negative effects of course.
  4. Occult Symbols – Use occult symbols to boost your psychic powers or energy. These are great powerful tools used to hold and create belief which is a great tool for psychic powers.
  5. Fasting – Yes that is right, fasting eliminates toxins and purifies the body, thus allowing better health, spirit and mind. ( such as a water fasting diet )
  6. Eating no meat – Meat makes it harder to connect to deeper levels of consciousness and to meditate. Eliminating it will help clear the body of this.
  7. Using Bin Aural Beats – Special beats helping to tune the mind and spirit better.
  8. Solitude – Get away for a couple of weeks, go comping, get some seclusion and keep away from other people. People drain our energies and make it harder to tune to our psychic powers. Solitude and nature are a great combo to learn oneself, to tune oneself to deeper understandings. Just like the stories of monks going into the Himalaya’s to learn god.
  9. Reading many other people opinions gives you a more open mind. See knowledge like psychic fuel.
  10. Using Affirmations daily can dramatically increase psychic manifestation. Put positive manifestations on your wall. One good example is I Love My Life. This will help bring positive love manifestations into your life.
  11. Traveling – This is a powerful way to reflect and see unfamiliar places. By doing so you will allow the mind to not get attached and allow the spirit more dominance. The mind has a way of making familiar places less beautiful and unfamiliar places more beautiful. This is because of the spirit aspect.
  12. Subscribe to the Occult Blogger – This one i had to say, keep up to date with me and the blog and also these types of discussions.

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