3000 year old Spider Temple found in Peru

As seen in the video below an amazing temple was discovered recently in Peru dating back at least 3000 years old. Within the temple is some amazing techniques on stair building as well as intricate designs throughout.

The Cupisnique people and culture are said to be the ancient builders and evidence points that way. Not only that evidence suggests this was a very popular temple back in the day.

Archaeologists believe much more will be revealed about the temple ruins as they are fully unearthed.

Murals on the side of the temple walls show detailed views of the Spider God, which is how it got its nickname. Many of the archaeologists that are digging and excavating the area believe that this may be a temple network that joins up even more temples near by.


– As like many other ancient societies, using animals , insects or plants as spiritual symbols was common. Many of these societies believed that through these entities or animals we could communicate with the other side. Many references to snakes as an example in other societies or religions, even modern day religions.

(Video Above – 3000 year old temple discovered in Peru)

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