6 Ways to Improve Your Meditation Practices

Meditation is a powerful key to many aspects of life. It quietens the mind, allows us to tune our spiritual self better and increases our spiritual awareness. It also is a powerful healer, physically and spiritually and has the power to change many aspects of ones life to a more positive outcome. In times of need meditation can help one find answers to questions that in a non meditated mind one would be daunted by.

When one first starts meditation (Meditation for Beginners) it’s like anything one does, you may stumble, you may make mistakes but in time you will get better and better. Think of it like baby steps. Thoughts, stresses and noise may get in the way and it’s often hard to concentrate, especially if you don’t know what you should to be doing exactly, seeing, feeling or otherwise.

For a Psychic, a Medium, a Occultist or Someone looking for inner understanding (deep spiritual path), meditation is essential. It helps them tune themselves better for what aspects of themselves or spiritual energies they use. In a way like a spiritual fuel.

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Meditation Practice and Stress

Stress is a killer and that’s one of the many aspects Meditation is great for. It helps one clear the mind and spirit of unwanted stresses one may not even know exist. Think about how much stress is in society these days? It is hard to go or do anything without an added stress hitting us. It could be work, it could be the mortgage, it could be a relationship, what ever it is, we all get it. It effects our body and effects our spirit. That is where meditation can help.

Meditation Practice and Healing

meditation for dummiesMeditation is attributed to many forms of healing. In some recorded cases meditation has healed minor ailments all the way to serious ailments. The sky is almost the limit when it comes to healing. This is because quieting the mind and tuning into our spirit has the ability to tune into other energy’s around us and in us that normally our mind would block.

By unblocking these blockages one can break through to stronger energy’s, some of which are very healing. Many testimonies and research into the healing effects of meditation have had mixed feedback and responses. Some speculate it is the relaxation states that help one heal, while others speculate that it is a deeper level of consciousness. Either way, most feedback agrees there is something to meditation practice that is deeply healing.

If you are a beginner of meditation practice, it is always good to start at the beginning. And the best beginning to me is to understand the concept of meditation and to create a desire to achieve more inner understanding. First off, meditation is a lifestyle change, if you wish to achieve enlightenment or inner truth the first time you meditate, then you are going about it the wrong way. Meditation is a patience game, in time as you improve it better you will get better results.

Finding your desire to meditate is a very important element as well. The motivation. It’s like anything? Look at what it can give you. Inner understanding, a deeper spiritual understanding, an experience of inner truth (powerful healing trance like state, often referred to as enlightenment), deeper healing and many, many more benefits.

Do you Need a Meditation Technique?

We all need a good technique that is easy to do and start with. One of my favorite techniques is the using breath meditation technique. With this technique one focuses on breath and let’s thoughts drift by. Another effective technique is with a guided meditation technique. Whichever meditation technique you use is up to you. Remember it is okay to change technique’s until you find the style you feel suits you best.

With all this and the combination of desire, patience and motivation you hopefully now are ready to start meditating.

Below are 6 Ways to Improve Your Meditation Practices

1. ) Practice your meditation technique daily, in time you will get better and better. Just remember it’s like any practice, you keep trying until you get good at it.

2. ) Meditate at a time and place that suits you and your family. That way you can create a routine like going to work.

3. ) Meditate in a place that is quiet with no distractions. Do not meditate in a room that includes you mobile phone or electrical devices. You need time out during this time and these distractions will cause more thought and stress, something not wanted when trying to quieten the mind.

4. ) Drink water before meditating to stop physical distractions. With this remember not to drink too much otherwise a run to the toilet is a distraction also.

5. ) Get really comfortable, maybe use a good mild incense to set the meditating spot. Use a couple of good mats or pillows to prop yourself up against a back drop such as a wall. Then sit cross legged and upright. This will stop you from falling asleep and allow energy’s to flow well.

6. ) Enjoy your meditation experience, no matter what happens during the meditation. Let each time be a experience on the road to a better more improved spiritual you. Live in the moment so to speak.

Meditation Practice Bonus Tip

As a bonus tip in meditation, no matter what technique you use do the following. As you get deeper and deeper into the meditation, let thoughts come and go, however just do not focus on any of the thoughts. Let them drift by as you would watching a passing train. As time progresses this will help get you deeper and deeper in levels of consciousness and closer to truth (spiritual trance like state, like enlightenment).

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  1. I do meditation everyday and i got many experiences but i felt something is missing still, now i get it more after i read this today. It is effected.

    • He Meena,
      A little confused on your comment, do you mean you meditation is not the same but reading my posts helped you work out what you were doing wrong in order to fix. If so, I am glad i helped..

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