Are Black Holes Portals to Other Universes?

black hole theory

(Artistic Worm Hole depiction of the black hole..)

Science is revealing many wondrous facts and theories about the universe. One such theory that interests me a great deal is the theory on Black Holes being Portals or Worm holes between universes. Interestingly, many scientists report this as not just a theory of radical thought and that it could be a real possibility.

The theory is based on the concept that all universes around in the mega verse have a black hole..  Simply put, based on this theory, if we were to go through our black hole physically we would exit another galaxies black hole in another distant galaxy (worm hole theory).

The concept of this theory is so exciting and if true, would open up so many more doors on space travel and the universe..

Possibly this is how UFOs travel in space..?

3 thoughts on “Are Black Holes Portals to Other Universes?

  1. However.. unfortunatly there is the problem of being crushed into infinate density.. how do you suppose UFO’s and ourselves get around that? But there is also another theory that suggests that Black Holes don’t lead anywhere and infact have a lifeless pit of the most infinate pull of Gravity, there are many possibilities to take into consideration..

  2. hey i’m thinking about the Bermuda triangle. my question is how did the disappearance occur ??? and if black hole theory extends to the worm hole theory then what is about the mass tunnel produced by huge mass in a uniform gravitational field according to theory of relativity.

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