Art of Magic – The Basics of Real Magic

You are probably wondering how real magic works? Not all of you, but some of you, trying to learn real magic, are best to take all aspects of what you think is Magic and throw it out the window. It really is not what most think.

There is no Harry Potter or Hocus Focus like in movies. Real magic is powerful and it happens everyday, yet you may not know it..

basics of real magick
(Image Reference by John William Waterhouse – Magic Circle (1886))

Thought, Consciousness and Belief is the Basic Magic Formula…

First of all to understand the basics of real magic let’s first break it up into the characteristics that make magic work and then how to make it work well. The three main elements needed are thought, consciousness and belief. Each one has it’s role. And each one in combination of thought can create a magickal outcome. A common magic is thought and belief used to create the outcome.

It may be visualizing lunch or visualizing a girl of your dreams, if it becomes a reality it is connection of these two elements. This connection is basic magic. However if you add a higher level of consciousness as well, the degree to which magic is performed and outcome is a whole other story.

Consciousness is the Level at which Magic is Performed

Consciousness is like a spiritual connection between you and everything around us, as we learn the real world from the illusion, peoples consciousness can be heightened. This can be induced be meditating, isolation, rituals, trance and is the inner fuel to perform well any magickal thought or outcome.

So the basics of  magic can really be summed up into this, (everyday) belief fueled thought with standard consciousness or belief fueled thought with higher level of consciousness. If say the wielder has higher level of consciousness (more connected understanding to the world and everything)  the desired outcome of course will always be better, if lower the outcome will be lower.

“Real Magic is best described as the connection of the energy between each thought and the desired outcome or manifestation of the reaction of this thought…”

The video below sums up everyday real magic well.  The only element of the video below I disagree with is it does not include the element of levels consciousness, yet it still helps for those trying to understand better.

Video Above – The basic understanding to everyday Magic.

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  1. I believe magic is also thinking ,nature, then you take that thought and try to see from nature’s point of view. After that you, as the video said, try to change it to a better perspective. For some, spells are ways of visualizing thought.

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