Being Noticed by Ghosts when Discussing Them

This one is an interesting one, the other day I was just sitting around discussing with some friends the concepts of ghosts and some interesting interactions happened. I find this can happen often, talk about Ghosts and some may try to communicate, it’s natural I guess if they are hoping they will be noticed.

What happened was me and some friends were all discussing and exchanging some experiences last weekend back and forth related to previous haunted houses. Then the strangeness happened..

The TV turned off and back on.. We all giggled it off thinking it was just an electric surge rather than paranormal, then after checking other factors in the room, the electrics looked fine, okay so back to the discussion.. Then the TV turned off and back on again as the discussion happened again..

Later on as the discussion continued and we all started hearing small noises in the other room.. Lights flickered once as well.. In the end we stopped discussing this topic and all the events went back to normal.

ghosts or spirits

Have you ever had a similar experience with Ghosts..?

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