Can we Prove Immortality?

Can we prove Immortality? In a previous posts I theorised on the understanding of ghosts indicates we are Immortal, however is there a way to prove it..? We all know that to many of us this is the ultimate fantasy, being able to live beyond our means. See and be part of many aspects of history..

Can we prove Immortality?

Let’s first look at what ghosts are again, ghosts are the spirit within the body, if this can be proved first off would that indicate we are Immortal..? Secondly let’s look at the understanding of the mind, Is the mind really that powerful as to make up fantasies of near death experiences, astral projection experiences or any other consciousness experiences people separately have. Is this all just illusions of the mind.?

Illusions of the mind – Yes or No..?

Many would say yes however in quantum physics (type of science) many answers lead to no,  many studies have been done on consciousness that indicate no action in the mind, does that mean the experience is elsewhere..? I think this is the biggest indication of the spirit that we have and the proof that something is going on beyond the mind and that if there is something going on beyond the mind this could indicate the truth behind the spirit and therefore behind the proof of Immortality..

Tests done on the Spirit with Science

Some of the tests conducted in quantum physics are the study of near death experiences and checking for brain activity, there was none that could be seen, yet people have had these amazing experiences.. The second study was on astral projection experts, until the person claims leaving there body, testing the brain indicated activity until the point where the person claims they left there body..  While science still claims more testing needs to be done, the overall studies indicate the mind is not involved in many tests..

What does this tell us..? What do you think..? Do we already have Immortality?

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