Capturing Orbs on Film or Video

Orbs have always been a controversial topic in the paranormal arena. The reason being is they can be reproduced by kicking up dust in front of the camera and snapping a few shots with a flash. However is it always the case of just being dust reflecting light back? Some evidence may suggest not.

In one of Steve’s recent videos from Huff Paranormal, he does a good job of summarizing the concept of what are real orbs from what are natural occurrences.

While the majority of photographs that show orbs are most likely dust reflecting light. The ones that differ from these images or videos are those that move in a more intelligent way. Is this where we can distinguish between whether it is a real paranormal event or just simply an occurrence or natural light reflection? Or could it still be just another trick based off reflection or as another common answer, a small insect flying and reflecting light?

Above – Video by Steve from Huff Paranormal shows his perspective of Capturing Orbs on Video

Only by looking at the evidence properly can we see other possibilities of answers..

grass orbs

Above – An Orb seen and caught on film dancing around. In this case, this is a natural light reflection from a floating bit of dust in the air. An amazing effect though still. For more on Orbs visit my other post on the subject.

What do you think on this subject? Are Orbs just a reflection of dust floating around in all cases or is there actually a real phenomena in some cases? Let me know what you all think?

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  1. I have to say orbs are very real. Even my children have reported seeing orbs floating down our old home hallway.

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