Checking Out Area 51 Area from Google Earth

The area 51 site has always been a controversial topic for many. Many claim UFO activity in this area is common and possibly the area is used to cover up UFO technology as well as testing. The other day I was checking out the area with Google earth and I found this cool video showing some interesting aspects of the area seen from satellite.

Some of the aspects seen are underground areas, strange shaped buildings, lots of landing strips, military grounds and even a strange object that looks like a UFO..??

Whether or not this is all just rumors and here say we may never know unless we are invited to see in their as well. Whatever is happening their, it surely does make you think..

area 51 highway

Above – The Area 51 Highway

area 51 sign

Image Above – I personally think the sign about trespassers on the fence there says a lot.

(Video above of the Area 51 area seen from Google Earth. Mystery or just another Military Base, what do you think? )

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