Day to Day Meditation – Meditating While Active

There are many forms of meditation out there which all help to to quiet the mind. One I have been reading a lot about lately is meditating during your day, basically it is just a daily of relaxing thoughts on the mind that can be practised in any situation.. I can see how it really can help..! Here are some examples of it in action..

1)  Meditating While Active – When a stressful situation arises remember that it will pass and let go of wasted energy. I know this is a hard one and it goes back to the understanding of – is stress helping us at all..? We all answer no to this, but we all keep putting our selves in that situation.. With this technique in mind by changing our reaction, it can dramatically improve our lives and our health..

Timon Chang Mai Temple Meditation

Above – Me in a Northern Thailand Temple near Chang Mai

2) Meditating While Active – When relaxing during lunch or on the weekend remember to time out from work and focus on your inner relaxation, clear the mind of what your daily routine is and reflect on as much beauty of the world around you.. I think this is an important thing to do as much as possible even while we are working, however i can see it can be very beneficial to those in that mind set.

3) Meditating While Active – When you doing anything see it like an experience that could be your last, basically live in the moment as much as possible and let the meditative mind can see more clearly then… This is a very powerful technique that should be practised often, even if it is hard to do, it is important to look at the way the world truly is as much as possible.. By this concept and practice of living every moment in the now, you will enjoy life to the fullest..

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