Do You Believe In God? If So, Why?

Well this is a big question I just had to ask.. For myself personally I do not believe in the whole human aspect of god or any religious aspect.

This does not mean I do not have respect for those that do, It just means this is my own experience of the world from which I have experienced myself personally..

“From my own experiences what I do believe in is that there is a energy that twines all of life, no matter what it is or how far it is. This energy changes as we think or with our thoughts or of the total consciousness of all. The only aspect that separates humans from animals is the ability to create and destroy consciously, in a way we are the gods and energy is what binds that creation or destruction..”

— Timon Weller 19th of February 2009

angel goddess

Image – Goddess by Comfreak

Do you believe in God? If so, why?

What is your Experience or Influence into why you Believe or why you do not Believe in God?

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