Dream Telecommunication – Communicating with others in Dreams

Dream telecommunication is a powerful Occult communication mystery.. This allows the dreamer to simply communicate with others whilst dreaming on a more conscious level.. While it has not been a study conducted properly scientifically, the understanding and acceptance of this concept is an important element in the Occult and opening up doors in the brain / spirit.. To anyone wanting to understand the energy more this is an awesome occult technique to convince your self of a reality of dream consciousness..

Communicating with others in Dreams – Occult Technique

How communicating with others works is no mystery, simply put it is a verbal command before sleep.. The technique requires honesty and each day the routine of writing down your dreams.. Discuss with your friend or partner before sleep that you will meet them in there sleep and ask them to ask themselves the same thing.

“Before sleep, tell yourself you will meet your dream partner, upon meeting in the dream you will say there name of who they are and they will do the same..”


Meeting another in a Dream! And Communicating through dream Consciousness!

After which a meeting occurs instruct your dreaming self to tell your partner or friend there name and they do the same thing back.. By being told your name in a dream it will open doors to consciousness to allow a more visual astral / lucid dream experience and therefore the acknowledgement of the experiment is more grounded..

Test your results until your Dreams Match in Some Way..

Try this for a myriad of nights before sleep, I usually find it takes up to about 5 to 7 days for effect, In fact even the first night you may notice the other person in your dream, it is the telling them they are who they are that takes a few days.. After a couple of weeks of sharing dreams try random conversation in the lucid dream state with your dream partner and then later on compare dream stories..

Document your results and when they match up, you will be convinced that the dream lucid reality is a state of consciousness and energy.. This will open up doors of concepts to understand yourself and will also open up doors to the understanding of energy and dreams..

3 thoughts on “Dream Telecommunication – Communicating with others in Dreams

  1. Is it possible to have this kind of dream, so real it can’t JUST be a dream, with someone from your past? Is it possible to meet up with someone in your dreams when you can’t corroborate it? I just had a dream like this, where I knew I was asleep (even commented on it IN the dream) but it felt so real that I could actually smell this person when I awoke.

    • Hey Rebecca,
      Yes i believe it is possible and what i think you are referring to is a lucid dream. It is much different to normal dream state. Other names for this are O.B.E, however i think for your case a lucid dream is exactly what you experienced.. It happens when one realizes they are in the dream state and are aware of themselves.. It is a more controlled level of consciousness.. These lucid dreams are always amazing as well.

  2. My husband was murdered..ohh how much I miss him (we were very..very close) He has visited me daily for 3 weeks straight and even during nap time and ongoing which the dream it is very vivid. Is his energy/vibration that strong or does he misses me just as much or more and is trying to communicate with me ? I communicate with deceased spirits through my dreams and always have …its becoming stronger now since i have opened up
    more by studying amd becoming more familiar being spiritually intuned .

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