Hanover Haunting – Real Story of a Persistent Haunting

Over the recent weeks I have been in touch with a reader called Deanna Simpson about her house in Hanover. You may of heard of it before from a TV series starred on Animal Planet called The Haunted.

A episode dedicated to her house was on there called A Killer From The Grave. It is a very popular Animal planet show that documents and reenacts peoples story and haunted house experiences from around the US.

The Haunted: Return From the Grave

Her story is about her house in Hanover, at the end of the show they do a good cleansing of the house and it appears for a number of weeks and months everything has gone back to normal, however over time the house starts to become active again. Below is our emails talking back and forth and also some recent images revealing ghostly images from around the house. For those that are feint of heart or do not want to believe in ghosts it may be best to not read any further as the images and her story may be confronting.

Our Email Conversation and More On Her Story

Dear Timon,
Our home is on the Animal Planet …on a show called The Haunted. Our episode is called – Killer From The Grave…And even though our home is better…after the cleansing ..A Priest’s Blessing….and a Reike’s Blessing to go to the light light and live in Gods home…No matter what…if it is a intelligent haunting or whatever it may be they are here to stay! All I can do is Pray to God to bless us every day and to protect our family. Here our some pictures I would like to share of our home from recently…We often have smells…sights of orbs and echo mist’s forming…that is how we know to take pics because we see them…I hope my pics come through…Thanks Timon!
Deanna Simpson

( Spirit Seen in her husbands study )

Hey Deanna,
It is very unusual for a ghost to do harm however it can happen in very rare cases. Whether it is a demon or a spirit a good cleansing can get the energy to move on. If it is a demon while i am on that subject they are entities which are much harder and can cause harm.. They also get power from ones fear, so if you fear a lot or are in a stressful situation it can cause it be worse.. In very rare cases a person is possessed or hurt by them, so just in case you will want to keep at your defense as in this is my house, but not afraid. In time this sort of situation most of the time it will get less and less as you take back your power and control.

Ghostly light seen in study photoMy mum who has had many experiences with ghosts and paranormal would walk around the house when i was younger and in circumstances of knowing that something was about to happen or hearing something she would say something like

— Yes i know you are here, can you please go to the light.. Go to the
light.. ( firmly, confidently, but not rudely.. )

In instances of big experiences where one sees the ghost this is the best
communication, just let them know, its time to move on to the light.. That
is in the case with spirits, when it comes to demons they are attached to
the person as much as the house as well.. So it is much harder and you
have to be much stronger..

As a suggestion whenever you hear them or have experiences try to say
this, i know it is hard especially when it can be such a, what the
situation.. But this can help.. Sometimes i think spirits just need some
guidance and are confused with where they are..

Below you say you have a portal, so that is what you want to be closed.
Otherwise you maybe asking spirits to move on all day and they keep coming
back time and time again. Finding a good psychic to close it is probably
your next best focus.. With a portal, good, bad or demons can come through
as well..

I hope this all helps.. Also if it is okay with you may i use your story
in a post to share with others, with my answer above, let me know, i do
not have to include your name, that is up to you?



(Misty apparition seen near top of Photo)

Hello Timon,

Once again …Thank you for all of your support and information…..I will
hold it close ….and a lot of things that you mention,make a lot of sense.
It is just so hard at times to be strong,depending on the situation, but no
matter what I personally get my strength from God and I do call on him
I feel a sense of fear, and I just need to rely on that at all times…
That is what your Mum did in a sense…


ceiling dark spirit seen coming out( In a normally white ceiling room a dark patch reveals a spirit trying to appear or a shadow. )

Hey Deanna,
Yeah got all those ones, thanks for the share.. There are all very impressive shots. And most definitely indicate spirits beyond doubt.. What i am wondering is do you think it is more than one spirit..?

Also are these recent shots or from the past..? Also were the photos taken by you or..?

If you don’t mind, can you tell me as much about your own experiences and others, the history of the house and the area that the photos were taken and i will do a post on it and see what my readers think on the subject as well..

(Going by the images it looks like to me you have a very active haunting..)

If you want i can add some of your contact details (like email or phone) to the post so possibly psychics or paranormal investigators can contact you to try to help your situation..


Hello Timon,
So glad you got the pictures! Finally! I don’t know where to start…hummmm ok..First  off thank-you for your positive input . Your opinion means a lot to me…There was only two original owners of this home. The family who built this house in 1949  lived here for 25 plus years. The second owners lived her about 30 years .  Due to legal issues  some  family members are still alive , I have to be careful what I say. But I can tell you there is a Woman.. a Man and a young Boy here…Because of the tragic event that happend in this house…a psychic ( more than one ) said we have a portal in the hallway.  Which by the way we have tried to close several times.

We do have passed family spirits that live here on a daily basis..They will not go to the light….they just continue to live here.  We also have a very un welcomed Male that is here that is associated with the young male…He is a very …very negative spirit. You can feel him ..when he arrives…some times you get a bad smell of cigar when he shows up…

These are recent pics…I have so many i did not know where to start.   I did take most of these pictures …because I believe …I get a feeling….like cold chills…goose bumps….and when my cats act up or the whole family senses smell’s I start to take pictures…this is what I get..

My husband …it scares him so he tries to come up with a logical explanation to justify what is happening…He does not want to face it…then it will be real..you know what I mean?

I have had numerous accounts of friends…neighbors .. and strangers…that have came over to this house and have had some paranormal activity happen while  they were here…the house seeks attention…and I almost believe it wants to scare you!?  I must end this e-mail for now…even though I do not want to …I must go to bed for I work tomorrow…I will contact you after work tomorrow….I want to explain each picture and tell you of each experience…I will also give you my phone number…any help I could get will be a blessing….p.s… I was told by a medium….she says  ” They know you want to move….save your money because they are attached to you…and they will just go where you go ”


One more question dear…my husband wants to ask this.. For the last 6 months we have tried a new approach….Instead of telling the spirits you must leave..you are  not welcome here…go to the light…since this is not working we decided to do the opposite.  ” Hey ..stop it ….you are aloud to stay here …but this is our home and here are the rules ” .  Kinda like that…..Is that a safe approach?  Here are a couple of pictures that I want to share… these are taken by my daughter Amber ..and at different times myself and my other daughter Lindsay..You can visibly see Orbs in our home….when they are in your presence it feels Angelic..does that make sense?


orb exampleHey Deanna,
With that approach it is always worth a try, but it also good to use caution to not invite more spirits in.. If say you have a door in your place then some spirits may walk in and out again causing little problems.

It sounds good that you get relief from leaving as you mentioned in your previous email, this is a good sign that it is the place specifically which can give you a better targeting. Sometimes some places are not good for living, this includes old graveyard sites, old ceremony grounds, old ritual sites, old butchers, burial services, hospitals, etc, etc. This is because these types of places become doors for dying people and doors for connecting to the other side for rituals or ceremonies. Over time these doors can become more and more reinforced as well as the door or practices continues. Sometimes they close by themselves but sometimes they stay open and sometimes negative spirits like demons come through which can usually be very nasty (not human in a way like an ancient spirit )

Demons as well are very hard to move on as they get there power in a different way to spirits and many believe they are not human in any way, based on feeding on fear and getting others attention. ( In the case on demons it is best to get help from a person specializes in demonology and who specializes on how demons work as well as how to get rid of.. These types of professions are really rare though and becoming rarer as well as modern time more and more ignores these practices. )


Thank You for your message Timon,
Your words are of comfort….All of my family lives in Kentucky and even though we only stay a week or two …my comfort level is at its highest.

I don’t have bad dreams….no smells ..foot steps …touching etc to me or my family…its just wonderful….funny you should mention that…why could I not think of that! Duh! HAHAHAH.  What I can tell you is…in one years time I have lost 4 babysitters because of this house. When we have friends over its only a matter of time when the house acts up and we make up story’s like…that’s just the fridge. HAHAH.

Now about my pictures……1. the picture with the shadow coming out onto the ceiling was in the kitchen. My cats where in the kitchen crying and staring at the ceiling and then took off…when my husband and I walked into the kitchen to see what was up…we both felt like we walked into a cold breeze,as we looked up…we could not believe our eyes as we watched this come across the ceiling…very soon after that I had a big sense of fear and ran upstairs…..when we came downstairs …later on to ck on the spot…it just remains there …like a imprint.

ghostly burned footprint appears on floor

( Ghostly burned foot print appeared on the floor – No explanation )

2. the red foot print is in our hallway going towards the portal…..? My husband and I woke up to hearing someone walking around downstairs and the person was crying….or whimpering…..I thought it was my daughter and I came downstairs to see if she was her and she was not.

But the cats where trying to cover up the spot on the floor..and as I walked over to it I saw the foot print….by the way…my cats will go out of there way NOT to walk on it or go near it…just one print.  3.The burn on the floor …going towards the front door creepy story… as Barbara Lee was walking out of the house…she had just done a 2 hour walk through blessing the house and casting out all demons and negative energy…. as she opened the front door it smelt like burning leaves…which is normal…it is winter ….. we told her goodbye and shut the door…as we turned around to walk back into the the hallway….on the floor was a freaking burn mark..Wow what does that mean.  4.  Last picture..we heard footsteps coming up from the basement…I grappled my camera walked over took the pic and there this was.. (  never a dull moment )


In Summary of the Emails and A Possible Solution to Her Haunting Situation

Okay so above is the long list of emails between me and Deanna over her haunting in question. It appears to me that what happened after her house was cleansed in the show everything went back to normal for a while because this did remove the spirits, however because from what it sounds like with her case that there is a portal there the spirits can just come back in time. In a way the cleanse just pushes the spirits back through the door but does not fully close it.. I have recommended trying to get away from the house for a while, for a few weeks to a month and see how she feels and to see if the spirits are attached to her family.

Another option could be to focus on it like there is a portal there ( caused possibly by the young boy that killed himself there ) and closing it. This could be done, but would require some very experienced psychics spending a lot of time cleansing the place. It would probably involve multiple cleanses on a regular basis as well to ensure it does not open again once it is closed..

If you have an opinion in relation to the Hanover Haunting and the Deanna Simpson story feel free to comment your opinion below. Also if you know of any well known psychic in her area like a person that is good at closing portals in haunted houses let me know and I will pass the details onto Deanna.

I also wanted to say thanks to Deanna and her family for allowing me to share her story here on Occult Blogger,  much is appreciated and hopefully in future the solution to your haunting is resolved.

51 thoughts on “Hanover Haunting – Real Story of a Persistent Haunting

  1. Hello Timon.
    How are you doing? Just a short story I wanted to share with you ….We just had a home security system installed…and had a week to try it out so we could learn it.. Now this security
    system has laser to pick up any kind of motion. The beams are high enough to pick up a person…..not our cats….. We decided to go over night for it was our anniversary… : ) At 2:50 AM we received a phone call from the security system to tell us the police were on there way out….it picked up a intruder in the hallway…so we rushed home ….and there was no break in!
    Since that episode …. it has happened 2 more times in different parts of the house…is that crazy or what?


    • Hey Deanna,
      I am good and hope you are doing good also.. Security is a good idea, is it able to locate where in the house the most activity is or is it random..? You may want to try adding a thermal camera as well to get a even bigger indicator of where it is located most.. Spirits usually give off low heat on a thermal cam.. temperature drops..
      What did the police think of the alarm situation?


    • Hello Deanna,

      Would you be interested in answering a number of questions to assist in my research? I have an extensive history of paranormal experience and belonged to a professional research organization some years back. I am researching the phenomenon from a scientific perspective based off of my observations and would greatly appreciate any information/observations you could share.

      I can be reached at cm00dy@yahoo.com (The o’s in cm00dy are zeros)

      Thank you,


    • Are you still experiencing supernatural occurrences in your home? Would you please email me at your earliest convenience? Thank you for your time.

    • Saw your story and was touched. Having had real PHYSICAL contact with demons, I completely understand. approximately 10th or 11th May I began to pray for you, your husband and your residence. I have plead the Blood of Jesus upon your home, and prayers of protection for you and your husband. Know that Demons are NOTORIOUS LIARS, all of them. Never believe them, no matter what they say. Never introduce occult items or allow their use IN your home, it is and INVITATION for more demons to enter. Know that AS a Child of The Living God you are far more powerful than you know. So why has it not worked you say? I will tell you if you really want to know, But it is more important for you to read the Bible and read Acts. The Apostles, drove out demons, converted MANY to Christ … BUT here’s what MOST Believers fail to see and it IS why many of us do not reach apostolic power for YEARS. You see YOU possess the EXACT SAME Holy Spirit as the Apostles possessed. It is AS POWERFUL today as it was in the First Century. Demons must have your permission to remain, Unfortunately you must possess the Holy Spirit in Strength and confidence. It is for this cause I have taken your side against these vile things, and am diligently bring Christ Blood, and Holy Name on your behalf. Neither the apostles, nor I nor ANY exorcist expell demons, It is and always will be The Spirit of the Living god who dwells WITHIN US who is unbeatable. OH Never speak to them, nor entertain then, ask them noting, acknowledge them no more. As the hymn says-Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face, And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His Glory and Grace!
      Please feel free to contact me, if I can be of assistance or if you want specific prayers. Put your Trust in God.

    • Hi Deanna,
      I saw the your story on the My Haunting Episode and was touched by your dilemma. I’m a retired police officer and have worked in various aspects of the paranormal for over twenty years. I have experience with this particular type of situation and have helped people in the past. I see you have received other offers of help and hope you’re able to find someone who can quickly resolve your situation. If you still need help, I’m available. I live in Virginia, will travel to Pennsylvania if necessary and don’t charge anything for my services. My main purpose is to help people with these particular problems. Just remember that you’re not alone in this situation.

      Rick Atristain

  2. Maybe she should get rid the bear head on the wall, and some antiques stuff from her house, usually spirit attached to some antiques stuff.

    • Hey Jean,
      Thanks for the comment, that was one of my theories as well, a spirit or entity attached to one of the items in the house, the bear head being a good spot to start at.. Maybe a bear spirit..?

  3. Hi Timon,

    Yes, also I notice not only the bear head, deer head as well, I really think the owner has to get rid some antiques stuff as well. The spirit is attached to this stuff.

    • Just adding two cents as well that there is definitely a theme with spirits being attached to, or attaching to, inanimate possessions, and the older the better. In my professional experiences our investigations were at antique shops, a public storage facilities set up in a very old brick building, or Victorian era homes/homes filled with antiques. There has been a theme with this as well in my personal experiences. I suspect we can somehow attach ourselves to certain things over time.

  4. Hello Timon! Happy Easter !
    Well the police were wonderful! But the first visit is free any time after that and if they get called out and it turns out not to be a burglar its a $100.00 each time it happens! ouch!

    Here is something of interest. The night the police was called out….I looked into all my papers
    that I have saved from my research and this is what I found….. The man who was the second owner of this house had a massive heart attack in this room at 2:40 am and pasted away in this room….. we got the phone call at 2;50am about the intruder being in our house….this my friend was not a coincidence ……

    Good advice about the Elk head and the bear head ….But we have always lived with all of these belongings and moved them from one house to another….we have never had any
    problems until we moved into this house….I wish it was that easy…..its our home..
    Much love
    Deanna Simpson

    • Hey Deanna,
      Happy Easter as well.. Sounds like you have found a pattern with the death in the room at that time. Because it is a recurring pattern it may indicate a residual haunt as well, which means a spirit trapped in doing the same thing over and over again before to the point of death like a echo of energy. Residual haunts can be present also in an actual active haunt as well and can feed off each other and also have the ability to keep a spirit door open.

      It may be a good idea to move out of that room (make room completely empty) and put items of cleansing in there for a while and it may help the residual energy to move on well.. Items to help cleansing include rosemary incense, letting as much natural light in to the room, symbols of power (occult symbols) such as a cross or religious significance and any items that give you or your family strength and confidence.

  5. I am in the Hanover area, and would love to help out. I am sensitive to spirits and connect to most of them easily. Reading through this, my connection of hunting has drawn me to the animal head and I am getting the connection to the man that had the heart attack. Also being an animal lover, I can connect to the spirit that is “picking” on the cats. That is all I am picking up on now, have you sensed the women there lately?? You can e-mail me if you would like to chat. Best wishes.

  6. Hi Deanna,

    I am in the process of watching your television episode on the series “The Haunted”.

    I am very interested in the story of the 15 year old boy who committed suicide. Have you learned any more of the identity of the boy, or curcumstances behind that particular case? I know that sometimes when a child/young adult has emotional problems they sometimes take their anger out on animals. I am glad that you got rid of the boy, but I am still intregued as to why the townspeople are still relunctant to talk about it.

    It has been awhile since this episode has aired, as I am watching it on Netflix.

    If you have moved on, or prefer not to comment, I totally understand. I hope you and your family have a wonderful life! Tell the kitty’s “hi” for me!

    • In case the house is still haunted. I can help. I’m no psychic, but i have dealt with all types of paranormal. What use to be so fearful as a child has become a gift from God. I dont fear the paranormal. And as far as a portal, it is not easily able to close, but it can be done, and i know how to do it.

  7. Hi,

    I am from Hanover, grew up there, my Mom still lives there and me and my family live in lancaster county now. Anyway, My mom , dad, brother and I grew up in south Hanover in a nice neighborhood. My Dad committed suicide in our home in 2000. My mom and I lived in the home for a few more years and I had my first son in the home after Dad died. ( I was 18 when he died) . In that time after, we started to experience strange things in the home. We were certain some of it was Dad, though we had no way of knowing but we had not experienced anything odd before he died. After he died there were small things at first and then they just kept growing. At the end, there were some scary things going on in the home. It caused us to put the house up for sale and move out. We never had anyone go through the home or tell us what it was. We assumed it Dad sometimes and maybe something bad got in as well. We were scared and moved out. My aunt lives 2 doors down from the home and so we would visit her but never stepped foot back in our previous home. I always got a bad feeling with the home like when dad died either he was still there or his brutal death opened up the door for other things or spirits to enter the home. I always wondered if the people that lived there experienced anything strange. I know that at least 2 families have been in that home since. More and more I feel such a strong draw or something to our old house. I get very emotional when I think about it and I often, as of lately, want to go back to the house. I miss it very much and it was my childhood home growing up. I always thought my parents would live there into old age and we would always be a part of the house. Then Dad died there and now it has such a negative experience associated with it. I didn’t really think about it for a while but for some reason lately I don’t know why, it is on my mind a lot. I feel like something is pulling me back to the home. I think someone lives there now and no one knows the history of the home unless the neighbors told the new people. What I would like to do is go back and walk through the home, I think it would be good for my healing over what happened to my Dad. I am in my 30’s now married with kids and trying to live my life to the best I can and I know that it would be very good therapy for me to go back into the home. But I don’t know how to do that with someone living there. I do wonder if my Dad is stuck there. I am a woman of strong faith in Jesus and I do believe there is an afterlife but I don’t know what I t think of spirits being stuck or people being stuck or ghosts or any of it. I wouldn’t normally care but this is my father and he died in that house in his room or “jail cell”. I wonder if he still lives there. If he wonders where we are. If he is bothering others that live there. If I would go back and be able to be in touch with him somehow and maybe release him. I don’t know what to do. I want to go back to my house so bad and I hope so much that whatever is there if anything isn’t bother anyone who lives there.
    just wanted to vent my situation I do not talk about this to anyone not even my mother. It’s something within me and I do wonder if something or someone or dad is pulling me back to the house. I often think of driving out to the house and just seeing it by I don’t want to make any of the neighbors wonder. Lol
    thanks for listening. If you are someone who would like to talk to me about this you can email me at meghanr81@gmail.com

  8. Hello Timon,

    I’m not sure if you’ll answer but I beleive something is going on in my house.
    Well first I live in Ireland , near Wexford , by the countryside.
    I beleive there is a ghost in my house I have reason to beleive because of creaking floors (like footsteps) there was one scary occasion when I typed in ghost on the search engine to see if there was anyone with similar expeiriences as me , and a crumb or small stone flew from the doorway and hit my keyboard.
    Other things have happend .
    One morning I awoke to find all my school shirts were wet and nothing else.
    My phone turns on and off by itself.
    I tried doing an EVP(not in the house but in a carpark)
    I asked questions and when I asked :”What is your name?” I heard a faint voice saying “Anne”
    Every questioni aksed until the end was answered by an even quieter Anne.
    When I tried again I got nothing.
    Anne is my aunt who died falling off of a horse.
    I think it’s her because so many things happen it’s just to weird to be a councidence.
    “Also when I wake up I see a shadowy figure in my doorway. It always dissapears almost instantly after I directly look at it.
    When younger I blanked out for a minute and had a vision of a horses hoof hitting a puddle.
    One time my windows and an area by them were creaking consistently.
    I turned around and said :”Get out” and it stopped the second I finished the last syllable.
    All of this seems to weird to be a coincidence and I’m getting scared so I’m wondering if there is something you could do?

    • Hey Neil,
      Thanks for the share, yeah sounds very much like a haunting, you may want to do a house cleanse to help move the spirits on. For more on this click here. The fact that you are getting responses it sounds like an intelligent haunting. Sorry to hear about your loss with your aunt. If it is her, it is possible she is attached to your family in some way. If that is the case you can help her next time by asking her to move to the light. I am not exactly why this works but have seen it work many times. The theory is the light is a door sometimes spirits avoid in crossing over properly.

  9. Dear timon…if you could please pass on a message to Deanna of Hanover..it’s definitely a demon and it’s not the house it’s her that has the demon..I’ve lived with it my whole life and there are ways to suppress it but don’t try to get rid of it..it’ll only get worse

  10. Hi, I just wanted to say coming from a Hmong culture background, there might be another to get rid of these entities. Shamans are a well known practice to help negotiate with spirits so they can move on to the next life. I’m not sure of any Shamans at your current state, but there are some here in Minnesota, California, Wisconsin. Basically where ever you see a Hmong family, there will likely be one. Shamans can seek through the underworld and speak to the spirits directly and help guide them. This is done through a ritual, but for it to work or make the portal completely close, it has to be a very strong Shaman. Some Shamans can only negotiate them to leave, but it does not guarantee they will accept the offer. This all I know, but feel free to contact me for any more information. Good luck!

  11. To Deanna: the nature of this predicament is not unknown. You are not the only one to have these experiences. Below is a summarized account regarding the happenings within your home, along with recommendations tailored to the situation.

    The ghastly, black spectre within your home is not a spirit. Not once was it related to any particular man. It is an extra-planar being-a creature who is not from this physical plane, but one that originates from another. They are, however a natural force of nature; like fairies but very unrelated.

    These shadow creatures, which are not limited to the form of people, are meant as heralds. They give warning of tragedy about to strike a family. When they are seen, that is their signal that an unfortunate event is looming. Usually they are watchers, remaining distant apart from their apparitions. Few become malevolent and orchestrate events that lead up to sickness, insanity, and other maladies.

    Shadow people of this sort are predators. They consume hated, malevolence, sorrow, and fear; also, the very essence of their victims. The ghosts of peoples past are trapped within your home by this creature. It feeds off their despair, until eventually they consume them entirely. It becomes all that it devourers-and it becomes stronger.

    Upon the living, it can do little physical harm. It however is capable of inflicting psychological trauma. If one is a victim, and perishes within this creature’s domain (ie: physical property that is land or a house) it will be trapped.

    The only way to weaken this spirit is to embolden yourself. Dissuade depression, fear, sorrow, and aggressive behavior. It despises these emotions. The trouble, however is your particular situation. It already has sources to feed from.

    As for the spirits living in your home, deal with them with empathy. Treat them like people and understand their plights. They are victims of abuse by this creature and the unfortunate circumstances that occurred within their lives. Console them like what one would do for a friend. Once freed from their burdens, they may be able to pass on. If the creature’s hold on them is too strong though, they may be too week to ascend from this plane. If they cannot leave, but are ready to, consult a spiritual professional (a priest or anything equivalent of an established faith) to help them out.

    – Experiences of the whispered world, passed down from my generations.

    • Hello Alteripseity,

      Would you mind contacting me please? (as well as DeAnna or Tom please if you’re reading this) I was looking for an email address of the Simpsons when I came across your post. My family has had a multitude of (peaceful) hauntings over the decades including the bed-side shadow messengers. In our experiences they would appear when someone close to the family would soon pass away. I would greatly appreciate discussing observations and sharing information. From my experiences I can say without doubt that people do not stop existing once we pass on.

      As for my background I am pursuing understanding this from a scientific standpoint. I had belonged to a paranormal research organization years ago when I lived in Southern California, but 95% of my experiences come from my personal life.

      Please write me at cm00dy@yahoo.com (the o’s in cm00dy are zeros).

      Thank you


      • Hey Curtis,
        Thanks for the comment. Yes I agree, different types of emotions can spur on paranormal activity, also haunting’s can in some instances be attached to the person and not the house as well.
        For contacting Deanna Simpson about her haunting you could try messaging her on Facebook ( just search her name ).
        She is quite social there and so would be the best way.


  12. If Tom and Deanna are still having trouble with Paranormal Activity in their home, I believe we can help them possibly disperse it all together once and for all. We are only a phone call or e-mail away 717-319-9899 or cpsparanormal @yahoo.com. Website is http://www.cpsparanormal.com

    Complete Paranormal Services

  13. I have heard all types of “cures” for hauntings. There really is only one way to cleanse the premises and that is to deal with the demons through Jesus Christ. Using mediums, priests and occultic remedies can only make things worse. Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ and His salvation is the only way to deal with this because only He has the power to cast them out. Those who don’t understand true Christianity might not agree with me, but it is a fact. The demons must flee before our King.


  15. She should try arranging Shrimadbhagvatpurana recitation ritual which lasts for 2-3 hours daily for 7-8 days, and it is sure to liberate the unfortunate spirits to better destination and those conducting it would earn positive karma in return. Another alternative is to Shriramcharitmanas which lasts for 24 hours if done continuously, and it is also bound to yield positive results for spirits and good karma for those who are engaging in it or arranging it. Least time taking is recitation of Sundarkand part of Shri Ramcharitmanas, which might take only 1-2 hours, it will also surely help.

  16. Hi DeAnna. I have been trying to get in contact with you. My son Marcus has experience dealing with demons. He is very confident that he can help you. Please check out his website: http://www.alcaidesspiritualcleansing.com. His methods are unique and can work when others have failed. You have nothing to lose by giving him a chance. I hope you decide to contact him because these things can escalate and become dangerous. If not, I wish you the best and I hope you are eventually able to live in peace in your home.
    Marge Ascari

  17. ok she sound asleep she says but she knows the cats heads popped up and they ran out of the room / im a believer but come on get your story straight

  18. i wish i could talk to them. I live in vermont and am facinated by ghosts seeing as i live in a haunted house. Would love to hear more of their story and see inside the house. Maybe could help them learn something or help calm things down. If only they would read this and send me a message so could get in touch. Having more or less died when i was younger and having someone on the other side help me return I know what its like for spirits and am very close to them.

  19. Hi there to Deanna and Timon!
    So I actually just got done watching the special episode of My Haunted House of The Hanover Haunting, as they called it, and I just wondered is this still all happening to you? Or has it gotten any better or worse? I could only imagine how much of a living hell, excuse my language please, it has to be to live in a house like this and try to make a home out of it and just not get anywhere with it. I’m so sorry you have had to go through all that 🙁
    I was actually just thinking that since it seemed better after cleansing maybe you should make it a ‘ritual’ of doing it like once or twice a week to keep them at bay or away. I know that sounds so tedious, but hey if it helps then that would be fantastic right? I do very much hope for the best for you and your husband! If you could comment me back or email back answering my questions that would be amazing! Thanks so much and God bless you both! :))

  20. Hello to Deanna and Timon! I am a natural witch. I have a friend in my coven that goes nine generations back in her ancestry as a witch, also. She is very skilled in many different metaphysical techniques that are very effective. She just doesn’t use her skills lightly or broadcast her gifts to the world (choosing to only help people in true need). I focus on cleansing, healing, and other types of studies (even somewhat of a minor demonologist). We both are willing to assist in helping you with your house and it’s issues in any way appropriate. We do not take the paranormal lightly and have the utmost respect for it. Please message back if interested in our help. God Bless and May Love & Light fill your home!!!

  21. I was wondering. Can you investigate in neighboring towns. Maybe the towns people won’t be as reluctant to tell you more.

  22. Deanna I don’t know if you are living in the house still or how long you have lived there but please feel free to contact me at my email Yualredi@gmail.com please I might have some information as to how you may get rid of them forever

  23. You must fight spirit with spirit. Flesh and all types of items and religious symbols have no avail. How Jesus Christ’ overcame demons and spirits is the only answer. This can only be removed by fasting and prayer and Gods will in his authority. I am a Preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His kingdom come which has the authority of righteousness over all Principalities and powers. I hope I can help.

  24. Deanna
    I would like to come to your house as I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits. I did watch you story and would like to come there for myself to see if anything happens while I am there.

  25. Deanna have you tried reaching out to Lorraine Warren she is a demonologist that helped with the Amityville house a a ton of other evil hauntings. Im sure she could advise on how to get rid of this evil spirit. Be safe

  26. Well we collect paranormal I thonk dianne is just trying to get attention .if she was really tired of paranormal then she would leave the house . I think they just want to enjoy fame that comes with demonic activity. So stop feeling sorry for yourself . Or let people think you’re in need of help because you’re not. Good luck with your ghostly fame.

  27. If they are really tired they would sell the house and move on enjoy your demonic fame that came with house. And made you famous over network.

  28. Its not just your house. I lived in a house a few streets over from yours (on the other side of the railroad tracks – you could see your house from our second floor bedrooms).
    The house was terribly obsessed with entities that cannot be described on this forum. I should have known something was wrong when I discovered religious icons at every door in the house, including the walk up attic door. The house was built in 1878 but records show that although it had the same address, the physical location was different. There were several documented deaths in the house.
    If you’d like to know more, Deanna, feel free to e-mail me. You’ll recognize the description of the house and location immediately.

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