Haunted House Cleanse

As I have mentioned before in many times on this site. one way of dealing with unwanted ghosts in a haunted house is with a good spiritual house cleanse. This allows the owners to help remove the spirit or entities in a gentle and non aggressive way.

As a tip, when It comes to cleansing it is important to remember you are just trying to help guide the spirit to move on or to better understand its reason for being there.

Try not to be closed minded in this situation as the spirit may even be someone you used to know, or a spirit of the family that has passed.

haunted house cleanse

Things to be noted before the to do list are that ghosts are much like you and I other than the physical aspect. They cannot harm you unless you feel overly emotional. Basically put, ghosts feed off emotions and during times of extreme negativity can become active. So being aware of this is part of the cure.

Stand you ground emotional, this does not mean be mean to the spirit, i recommend being respectful, however you must be firm when asking the entity to move on. Fear or doubt during this process can cause weakness in your removal and thus have little effect or no effect or even temporary effect.

Positive emotions, ones away from the fear or doubt spectrum have uplifting effects and thus have an protective element. These are the ones to focus on, positivity, respect and belief in what you are doing. Without belief most forms of energy control will not be effective as well.. It is one thing to believe and see ghosts it is another to believe in your house cleanse is not working. You must believe it will work, full stop..

In fact without belief most magick will not work as well. Belief is a core function in all forms of magick and protection, and the same goes with a good house cleanse.

How To Perform a Cleanse?

  1. What you should first in open up all windows in the house, let in as much light as possible..sage
  2. Buy some sage, it can be bought from most alternative shops or can be bought by clicking here.
  3. Burn the sage in the house starting at the most active area.. This area will also be your last area you come back to as well.
  4. As you burn the sage walk around the house and ask the spirit to leave. Be friendly but firm.
  5. You can say “It is time to move on now” or “Go to the light”, the light being a powerful suggestion as light is a door in the spirit world where the spirit needs to go ultimately anyway..
  6. Once you have done all rooms, if you can leave the windows open and the house open for 3 days. Clearing a house effectively is not so much like drinking an instant coffee, time is needed. Plus doing for a few days makes the move on much more effective.
  7. Each day keep burning the sage and be as positive as possible. If you notice activity during these three days, do not worry, that is normal.
  8. After a few days you should feel lighter yourself. This is because negative energy should of dissipated that may have been holding the ghost.
  9. Sometimes kids can be emotionally holding spirits to an area so be aware if you have kids that may be involved.
  10. Welcome to your new house. Once finished go around with pure salt and line the edges of the walls with it, this is said to block negativity and spirits from returning to the house.
  11. If for some reason a few weeks later activity starts up again, feel free to do again, however this time you may want to involve a psychic that is experienced in doing on a regular basis as well.

Please note, some people prefer holy water when doing a house cleanse, this is because back to my original point on how powerful belief is, if one is religious and believes in it, it thus gives the action more power and more emotional control. Others may just hold a bible, to another religion they may burn candles. If these tools increase your belief with conviction to your actions of removing the spirit then they can also have a massive effect.

Similar in a way to what i suggested here with why some people see spirits and other do not.

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  1. Hey Timon, Did a House Cleanse recently with your suggestions and all has gone quiet in the house.

    Hopefully I do not here from them again. :)

  2. Rev. Ken S says:

    Greetings from El Paso Texas. This advice is spot on. Salt does not need to be sea salt. All salt is sea salt. Where ever salt is found is where there was a sea or ocean many years ago. Most of my friends do not like to use salt with iodine in it.
    True again, there is a big difference in a ghost and a demon. I had a bad experience with a demon many years ago and never want to experience that again but have never found a truly “bad” ghost. I talk to the ghost and attempt to make friends. It has always worked for me.
    Namaste, Ken

    • Thanks for the addition Ken, yeah Demons are a completely different spectrum in comparison to ghosts, after all ghosts were once alive. Demons on the other hand hard to say if they were ever human..

  3. Brenda J Kirby says:

    My Mother is still here and hated living in this house. Never said why. I moved in with new husband to clean it out after she moved to assisted living. Now I know why she hated it. There is something here. Voices, footsteps, lights on and off, tv screwing up and messing with the bed. If I hadn’t seen it myself, wouldn’t have believed it. First it was feeling like the dog jumped up on the bed. (Dog was not in bedroom and he thought I had let him in) My husband experienced that. I flew from the room when he started accusing me of letting the dog in because I kept telling him something was off in this house. Then I was in bed looking at fb on my phone, and felt the edge of the bed go down, like someone sat on it or was pushing the edge, and looked that way, and there it was going up and down. By this time, I wasn’t panicking, but made firm resolution to do something about it. Used your clearing method, plus a declaration paper a neighbor gave me to read while I was smoking the house. Plus I sprayed Holy Water on everything and every corner. Had to do it twice. Have not had any of the above things happen since. BUT feel something is still here, waiting. Your thoughts?

    • Hey Brenda,
      Ghosts can just be stirred up sometimes or on occasions they may be recently passed relatives. Sometimes they are trying to tell us something and sometimes they are lost spirits.. Was there any renovations done on the house recently? This can stir up once dormant activity… With the cleansing process one can also do it regularly like once a month to help keep spirits at bay.. You can also salt around your barriers of your house..

  4. HI, we have lived in our house a year, I started noticing paranormal activity after my son was born in march. First my daughters light started turning on and now its always my sons light. We had company stay here this weekend so my kids slept in our room with us. My baby woke up screaming and then he just went quiet. I looked over and I seen something leaning over the playpen. I rubbed my eyes looked to see if my daughter was still on her matress and looked back and it was still there, I looked at it for about a minute hoping I was just seeing things but then I seen it swaying back and forth. It dissapered once I shined my phone light on it. My question what can I do to get rid of it? I keep staying positive and try not to think about it. I don’t believe its here to hurt us but I do want it gone.

    • Hey Jasmine,
      Firstly to begin, I recommend watching my other post 3 day haunted house cleanse.. This can help if needed. As you said the ghost is not doing any harm, however I am concerned that it is drawn to your kid. You may want to keep your kid closer if possible for a while until you feel the activity slows down. If however it does not slow down then yeah do the full 3 day cleanse I recommend here on the site.

      Staying positive is a good thing as well. Let me know how it goes, if you do a cleanse or if the activity acts up again.

      You may also want to write it down when it happens, may notice a pattern..

      I hope that helps.

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