How Many Doors Of Reality Exist?

A question was thrown at me recently and was one worth pondering for all us Occult addicts and that is on the concept of reality and how many doors or levels exist in this world?

This question first of all has been pondered for many thousands of years, whole religions were based around it and its theories and so it is something Man has wanted to pursue to understand ever since one could think about it. Similar in a way to what many pondered in the past ( history ) was beyond the stars or even what the Sun was.

This questions answer can be broken down into many parts, but probably the best part to consider or ponder on first is the doors or the levels that are very commonly known already. Many of us take these levels of consciousness for granted..

Common Doors of Reality

  1. Conscious mind – This is the level where we are awake and active. This is one reality of the doors that is based on the living physical world. Not that everything really is fully physical, more so condensed atoms making it look like that.
  2. Sleep Mind – This level is the standard REM sleep state often referred to as dreaming.
  3. Trance – This is a state between dreaming and awake where the thoughts are slowed down so much that one is put in a very peaceful state. It is also where we can access locked up forgotten memories. Hypnosis is similar here as well. Meditation can be used to put oneself into a peaceful trance.
  4. Astral Projection – This state is where the spirit actually leaves the body in this world and can move into the astral world. According to many tales and stories of the Astral world it is an actual world similar to this conscious reality but with differences.
  5. Lucid Dreaming – Lucid dreaming is similar to astral except that we access lucid dreaming from the dream world when we are aware we are sleeping in our own dream. That acknowledged thought in the dream state opens up this door.
  6. Born – Self explanatory being born into life.
  7. Death – End of physical life cycle and shedding of body. The cycle.

doors of reality

Okay, so above are 7 common doors we all experience throughout our lives. Some of which can be backed with scientific evidence, however some still just rely on spiritual proof or evidence. Basically put, personal experience.

Let’s now look at the uncommon doors of reality created by Man, Myth and Religion:

  1. Heaven
  2. Hell
  3. Nirvana
  4. Valhalla
  5. The Dreaming
  6. 4th Dimension
  7. 5th Dimension
  8. River Styx
  9. Olympus

To some these places above were considered real physical locations, however in this post I am referring to them as different worlds or reality’s. In a way like levels of consciousness or similar in a sense to the first initial common doors of reality.

So, one could answer this question with that there are currently 7 known doors of spiritual reality.. Hopefully all of which a spiritual individual experiences in there lifetime.

2 thoughts on “How Many Doors Of Reality Exist?

  1. There is a portal tethered to this world’s astral plane that will take you to a interconnecting realm between worlds know to me as the “hall of worlds” .within this realm are seemingly infinite gateways or portals to other planes of existence. The hall of worlds is an extension of the Akashic records or Collective library of universal knowledge. If sought out by someone seeking power greater than their own will obscure its existence, but an individual seeking a greater comprehension of knowledge they are aware of may be connected to it unconsciously. A very few can access these through conscious effort alone as it is not a “place” but more a consciousness of its own, that’s not to be misunderstood, it is not a ‘god’ and will not respond to such notions. If you refuse to acknowledge your connection to all things through the cycle you will never succeed in finding this. Meditation and astral projection are key practices when trying to seek this realm and it is not without risk. Being aware of self and respectful of all else is the simplest advice I can give for anyone wanting to practice astral projection.

    • There are many portals to many dimensions but some can be very dangerous unless you know exactly how to protect yourself,even then the best way is any sense of danger then get out quick!

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