How to Break a Spell or Enchantment?

This question was asked of me over a month ago by a reader so sorry about the delay on discussing this topic. (It’s an important topic.)

Many different people have different views on this subject but in general when it comes to breaking a spell cast on you most techniques involve mental and emotional strength.. Lets first look at some common spells, then we can learn about breaking them.

Common Spells or Enchantments

There are many common spells used every day some of which the wielder does not know they even do.. Any form of manipulation of thought or spirit is a form of magic so lets look at some common ones.. One being mind manipulation at work, another being a love, lust manipulation and another being an emotional form of manipulation.

Each of which changes or hurts another if used in the negative.. This is not to say real love is a form of manipulation, real love is amazing, but to some individuals manipulating the formations of love for greed or lust is a negative form of manipulation. One example is making a girl fall in love with you based on a lie or lust. This is a very evil or negative form of manipulation that happens to many..

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And it can be either way, girl or boy.. We all know the feeling of losing one we love or being cheated on.. Because of the emotional attachment magic manipulation can be very susceptible to the victim.. Even to the point they will do anything for the one they love even if they did them wrong by there actions..

Another form of spell is mind manipulation, this is the controlling of perception to how one sees themselves.. This form of action is very negative and seeing anyone lower is a form of black magic. Any form of negative control whether for money or not, is only creating negative. This form of mind manipulation is common practice of many types of work forces.. To the victim it may seem normal, but in many elements they are being controlled. This form of control is a type of magic.

Another form of magic is magic formed on thought forms alone. This can be positive or negative. Everyday we create our world to some extent so negative thoughts only hurt us and positive thoughts can only benefit us.. This type of magic can also effect others around us, positive being positive and negative being negative on others to the point feelings can come across as a form of spell or enchantment..

Now to How to Break a Spell or Enchantment?

To break a spell or enchantment one must look at the elements that are causing the effects. A lot of the time people get effected by letting energy manipulation in, where as some may not.. One must be strong and confront the spells desire and belief creates a big part. Sit down and try to visualise the spell or energy and try to let it go.. If you are a victim of a spell you have to remember this is your world too, you have your own power and you are equal in relation to others.

1. ) Be Strong Mentally – Meditate or use Affirmations

2. ) Try to understand the cause and step away from the situation.

3. ) Confront the source if feeling very strong mentally and use words to break the spell. This is to give you your own power back.

4. ) Another option is to relocate away from the spell.

5. ) A powerful way of breaking a spell is leaving the country and travelling over water .. Water is a powerful spell breaker..

6. ) Contact a psychic and use there services to help break.

In the end it is your will against another, especially when it is a negative spell. Try to stay focused to who you are inside, remember we all can defend ourselves by taping into our inner defenses. Refuse to be controlled negatively mentally, refuse to be controlled negatively emotional and refuse to believe in its control and a spell will weaken.

147 thoughts on “How to Break a Spell or Enchantment?

  1. I have recently been told that I have been the victim of an evil spell cast on my family when I was 7 or8 . I only know that I have always had bad luck , but I have also been told that my ASTRAL is being messed with . I want this to stop

  2. I am recently experiencing bad energy and having bad situations one after another which is having a seroius affect on my health and feel it is due to someone placing a bad spell on me. Further more were I live someone I once spoke to who resides in same place seems to be putting things like a dead birds leg and little odd things here and there to instigate bad karma and feelings upon me. Can you help me? I am a good person with good morals and going through a traumatic stage in my life, any giudance or words of reassurance would be most benefical. This person who has cast spell or trying to play with my emotions is very jealous and has a cold heart. I do not want to give bad energy back but to stop it once and for all. I am even thinking of moving with my partner as I love him and want our special relationship to be a long and happy one! Yours Truly Andy.

    • Sounds like not a good situation Andy, when people around play with negative forces to hurt sometimes the best option is leaving. I mean you can do meditation to help resist the negative someone may be putting on you but in the end it may just be overpowering. Especially in close quarters, it is like a battlefield. I would think moving if possible is best. In the meantime, be strong emotionally and try not to let the negative take over how you feel.

  3. Hi there I recently got married and my wifes ex hubby keeps on telling her to go back to him even though they have been divorced for 4 years. He even told her that we will only last for 7 months and on her birthday he bought her some scentsticks and 7 candles in candle holders for the bathroom. Can you maybe advise me as I am sure he casted a spell on us as we have serious verbal figths and nearly agreed for divorce. Thanks JJ

  4. I’ve been told my girlfriend did a spell to make me fall in love with her, i love her so much, is there anything i can do to know if the spell is existent or just a lie?

    • Good question William, I will do a post on this one in future however a good way is to do a cleansing on yourself to be sure you are not effected. This can be done by removing yourself from her for a few days and then doing a good meditation by yourself to clear away the energies.

      You may also find you truly are in love which is a good thing as well.

  5. Hi I’ve been told that black magic has been sent my way.. i believe it has a part in why my ex-boyfriend don’t talk to me they tell me a spell has been put on the both of us I’m currently expecting a child from him how could i break a spell of black magic that has been put on us…

    • Hey Mary,
      Good question however it is hard to answer as this topic is so big. What i would recommend you do however is disconnect yourself spiritually and emotionally from him and then you will know if it was a spell of some type. To disconnect yourself there are a couple of techniques, one is to meditate, two is to get rid of all items containing his energy and thirdly leave the country for a few weeks. Each of these are ways to disconnect emotional spells of any kind. After that it is up to you how long a spell lasts. To whoever cast the spell the negative effects returning on them can have a delay but they will happen in time.

      Love spells are very similar as it holds the person, love struck in a way, however leaving the country can help break this as well. With a love spell however it is generally brought on without knowledge of control by the wielder, seen as harmless, just in the same circumstances control in a negative way can do as well.

  6. The police in Zurich took away my talisman and only left me with one and now I am open to evil attacks I explained to them that it would badly affect myself and family and they simply said they should die how do I get my property back I need it to pull thruogh in my short life,what can I do?

  7. I was with someone for eight years. Before we fell in love, he told me he had cast a spell for love. There was something about my feelings for him that I truely feel I was somehow interlaced with him because of the magic he practiced. We ended our relationship two years ago, and I now am with someone who I am engaged with who loves me so much, that I have wondered if the
    “spell” somehow was carried with me, so I am now the person who the other person is enfatuated with. I just want the truth. I want inner peace and I need to move on with my life. I still feel this energy with my ex, although I havent spoke with him in a year. If anything rings true, and if you can feel the energy in this letter, please send me a reply. Thank you

  8. I had a spell caster cast a spell for me, to make someone love fall in love with me again. and i realized i don’t want that person to love me because they are under a spell. I want them to love me naturally, not because they are forced to. I havn’t seen the person yet, or talked to them yet sense the spell was casted. I was wondering is there anyway that I myself could remove the spell from the person. How do I break the spell?? please help.

  9. And of the fruits of the date-palm, and grapes, whence ye derive strong drink and (also) good nourishment. Lo! therein is indeed a portent for people who have sense.” quran 16:67

  10. Hi Timon,

    I recently got back from Asia and met this man who told my fortune without me asking then sold me a charm that would cure my illness – that he said I had (could be true). Anyway, I collected the charm the next day and after 14 days follow the routine he provided then wore it on. However, since I wore it I become depressed and a very foggy head each day so I removed it last week (after about 2 weeks), and I thought I left it on my bedside table but can’t find it. He said that all my worries would be gone after wearing it and I should dedicate my life to his charity organization for kids…which is in line with my long-term goals. But regardless…I did not think about what was happening it happened so fast and no I’m not sure…he told me never to repeat or let anyone touch the charm…but I just want to be free and make my own decisions…if he can cure my illness then that’s great….he is a healer….but my foggy brain won’t go away and has gotten worse…he told me I had Parkinson’s or would get it and he would help….but I am left confused…pls help…it’s my first time dealing with these things. He may have meant well and I may be over-reacting just perplexed.

    • Hey Perplexed,
      Sounds like an enchantment, it is best to be careful with something like this as i feel he may have cast something of negative forces on the enchantment. The fact that you were instructed to give money for this or that he wanted continued support sounds like a control spell of some type. There are many forms. He may have used the concept of health being bad to break you down and then control you with magick based upon that weakness. And thus the amulet helping with the control. I would recommend for peace of mind getting checked for Parkinson’s first, then when the results are negative, go see a good psychic medium who can help break the enchantment. The fact that you are now in another country means that the spell is getting weaker. Also you may have lost the charm because the enchantment was also breaking.

      • Hey,my boy friend mother has casted a smell on my boyfriend so that he ends up hating me,she did the same for both,but apparently it never hit me, but since he is around the house now,it did for him

        he is acting all odd,and every sentence he gets his mother up
        do u think i should reverse the spell
        his mother hates me coz am not modertae rich like them and the cast issue

  11. I was told that a spell was cast called brokia dont know how its spelled but it was meant to keep us apart. It was done by his x_girlf. with a pic of both of us. He is doing 20 to life in prison for a murder he did not commit. What can I do to break this spell? Does a black quartz help?

  12. hello, i split up with my boyfriends about 2 years ago and i found this spell online… i was a love binding spell where i had to say both my name and my boyfriends name. i used 15 inches of pink, purple and white ribbon and a vanilla pod i then twined them together. Ever since we have been argueing all the time. little things turn itno big things. i sujested he put some money away and it turned into a massive arguement… he’s now gone back home for the past couple of days and wont speak to me but it doesnt seem to bother him where as I haven’t even left the house… is this the spell coming back on me? how can i break it?

    • Hey Kat,
      Sorry to hear about the breakup. Yeah sounds like you may want to get away from the house, the energy is still there and you need some time away from his energy. I would recommend going away if possible for at least two weeks and let the attachment energy subside.

  13. Help! A woman that wants to be with my fiance has cast a breakup spell and some other spell to manipulate his mind. I am certain its been confirmed. I was told she also had a candle burning for me. I would like to know how to remove or return it in some why before things get worst in my life and i loose everything.

    • Hey Lulu,
      If it is really a spell of control of some type there are many ways to break it. However first it is best to eliminate any other options such as standard jealousy making you think certain things when it may not be happening. After that if you are still convinced it is a control spell of some type in order to break a control, any types, you can do the following.

      1. Confront the women about it directly – Calling it a spell to many may make it seem like you are crazy, so instead lets call it what is is without that word. That being a sense of control. In society there are many forms of control performed everyday. Each of which can be confronted and broken.
      2. Secondly, you need to remind your husband of your love. Feel that love. Not in a controlling way, bring back a memory or do something that you both used to love together. If you feel distant emotionally this just gives the spell more power.
      3. Meditate and clear her from your mind. In any type of spell, thoughts give it power even your own. Break those thoughts and the spell will become weaker.

      Lastly once you have tried all three options, then it up to your husband to break himself. Dark or negative magic ( control magick ) in general has a tendency to back fire on the wielder in time as it is not for the purpose of good. Whereas good magick that produces positive gain does the opposite. It gets stronger. One of the biggest issues today ( modernly ) is many see control in life as a normal thing, conditioning excepts it, however in reality all forms of control is negative manipulation of energy ( thus a spell ). It may start off as love and then form into control as an example. Or it may start off as work and then your boss turns it into a form of control and then that person feels they can never challenge there boss. This is all forms of controlling people or energy.

      Another example is control does not last but love certainly does if you know what i mean.


      • I am just relieved to read this. i am sailing in the same boat. my husband was a doting husband for 16 years. suddenly he wants to have this another woman in his life.
        i feel she has cast some spell cos she is of this kind only. he has become emotionally attached to her n does nt want to leave her.she is married n has kids n is separated from her husband. what do i do

  14. i was told that when i was 7 a spell was cast on my family and the spell took to me more than anyone in my family, and it happened on a sunday. it seems like i had bad luck or nothing can never go right for me how can i break this spell or let go from this?

  15. First off, I would like to say that I think you are a wonderful man. You are a truly an inspiration by the way you help people. The spell you cast to make Harry realize his feelings for me worked faster than I could have hoped for. He came to me the other night and told me everything I had been hoping to hear. I can not thank you more now I can finally stop crying tears of pain and cry tears of joy! He is wonderful to me.

  16. Someone is talking in me and troubling me for last 4 years. He has taken over my body and speaks about ghost. He says I will become a ghost after death. Is this some kind of a spell. Black death was there in me and black lights are there in my body. A bad smell also was put in me but it doesn’t stay for long. Is this some black magic or a bad spell please help. I once did a white spell of love for getting love from a girl. It was a 3 hearts spell. But after few years this happened. Is god there in me it also says so. Please help.

      • I dont know what it is but it has taken over my body. It can see what i see move my body like I do and speak inside me or through the mouth. I dont know what to do. It started with a dream 4 yrs back in early morning hrs. Dream in which i saw some girls who called me. The girls said that look who has come and then called me Prince. Then i saw a man in black turban and dress with some balls of glass in the air in front of him. After few days a voice stated to speak in me and move my body like i do. Then some lights got fitted in my body out of which 2 are removed one remains. The voice told me about black death in me which created these lights and also some smell was created which did last for few days. It is too bad a thing in me. Is it black magic as i feel so. It talks about a past birth story of Prince who went to god by crossing 60 Universes and fought with death and died with death in him and was born again. He also says It is a false story. This keeps on going. Please help me and tell me what to do.

        • I would recommend seeing a good medium, this sounds like you need some real help here. A medium will be able to tell if a spirit is haunting you. When you go to one, keep an open mind, try not to tell them too much about yourself, let them tell you what they think and then you can decide better what to do and if the medium can put you on the right track.

        • if you really believe that you are possessed by a demon then cast the demon out from your body and aura. call the supreme god, if you are a christian call the name of Jesus Christ and command the demon out of your body in the name of your Lord Savior. but if you are not sure if this is really demonic possession try to see a psychiatrist who can put you on hypnosis and see what caused your problem and what will be it possible solution

  17. My Name is AUSTINE..I never believed in Love Spells or Magic until I met this special spell caster once when I went to Africa to Execute some business..He is really powerful. The woman i wanted to marry left me 2 weeks to our wedding ceremony and my life was upside down. She was with me for 5 years and I really love her so much..she left me for another man with no reason..when I called her she never picked up my calls and she don’t want to see me around her…so, when I told the man what happened. he helped me to do some readings, and after the readings he made me to realize that the other man has done some spells over my wife and that is the reason why she left me..he told me he will help me to cast a spell that bring her back. At first I was skeptical but i just gave it a try…In 5 days, she called me herself and came to me apologizing..I can’t believe she can ever come back to me again

  18. My name is Mr Luis Bright,i live in Mexico,and I’m happily married with a lovely wife and three children.I had a very big problem with my wife few months ago,to the extent that she even packed her things away from me and my kids for almost 5 months,and i tried all my possible best and effort to bring her back,but all to no avail.I discussed it with a very good friend of mine,and he gave me an advice concerning a spell caster,and i quote.“There’s someone who can handle your situation,he’s always ready and able to do anything related to spell casting,i will like you to contact him with his email,which is as follows.”AYELALA SHRINE”. I never believed in spell casting,but he convinced me and i had no choice than to follow his advice,because i never dreamt of loosing my lovely wife.And that’s how i contacted him with his email address,and i discussed with him and so surprisingly,he told me that I’ll get my wife back a day i never believed,until when i got home,the next day,my wife called me to inform me that she was coming back…..So amazing!! That’s how i got my wife back through spell casting and our relationship was now stronger than how it was before.One of the price i was asked to pay was to tell it to people around me that problems like this,can always be solved by “AYELALA SHRINE”. So! my advice for you out there is to visit this same website,and tell him your problems too,if you are in any condition related to love issue or getting your ex back,to have a happy family.

  19. hi.. my mom is a real estate broker, but its been almost 4 years now and she still doesnt closed a sale. our old maid was being cursed by her relative, is it possible that my mom was also cursed by her? how can we unbreak or protect her from the spell so she can close deals again.. is there any charms or prevention we could do? thank you…

    • Hmmmm, this most likely could be your mum projecting loss. It is the opposite to attracting money. It is where one believes or says time and time again, i cant get any sales, i cant get any sales, the more this is reinforced the more one believes it. It is thus a spell cast on oneself. Many do it all the time. In order to break this pattern, one needs to break free from negative thinking. Be positive, smile, act like a sale does not matter. This attracts positive to that person, attraction magick which thus makes people subconsciously want to buy who they talk to. It may be the a house sale straight away but either way, she will have a positive impact which will later turn into sales or money in another way. I know how this works fully as i used to be a sales person myself when i was younger and i realized that as long as i could get a person to agree with me a number of times happily they would be open to suggestion, thus increasing sales. A basic form of suggestion, which makes the customer want to buy from there own thinking.. I hope this helps.

  20. Timon i nearly died with acute stress jealosy and hyper anxiety when i noticed my wife and mother of my kids stealing glances at a very dirty and ugly fellow staying with my neihgbour, at first i didnt take it serious but i started noticing that she always freezes in one spot viewing at him with intensity but when she see’s me she quickly looked away. Infact her attention is always directed at him and other two boys in the compound, we fought bitterly with when i ask her what is going on between her and the two guys but she bitterly deny. so i relocated to another house, the fighting has subsided but the sexual attraction between us which used to be very powerfull is all but gone, i only have dreams of naked guys with knives coming to tell me my wife belong to them and she always follow them in the dream. What is happening to us and how do i break it.

    • Hard situation Yusuf, sounds like you need to talk to your wife about how you feel. The dream is showing how you feel about the situation, your fears and worried outcomes.. As it is most likely not a spell, it is not properly something that can be broken that way from what it sounds like. Your best option is to sit down with your wife and discuss how you feel directly. Another option is to get away from the house, if it is a spell of some type maybe all of you go on a holiday, then discuss with her when on holiday your feelings and worry’s as distance will often break any spells strength.

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  22. A friend of mine was in a relationship with a person that was a wiccan. The wiccan person felt slighted when my friend started dating a guy, even though she and the wiccan, (female) were only just friends the wiccan was in love with her and went nuts. Its been over a year now and my friend is pregnant with her now husband’s baby. Over the past few months she has been experiencing emotional and physical break downs due to not being able to let go of situations, past events and the possibility of different scenarios. I have never seen my friend so terrified or anything like this. I am wondering if the wiccan person did something to drive her from her husband etc. Is there anything I can do to help her??

    Thanks bunches!!

  23. Hi…I am 37 years old. I had and still suffer a series of bad lucks in all aspect of my life. I have dated with my boyfriends but after 3 or 4 months they get cold and we have broken up and it repeats every time and I get exhausted. I also have bad luck in my career and finance. I saw a psychic and she said I have a Jealous in my family who did a negative spell on you. You can not find your soul mate and have walls around you. I gave her money to break that spell. She has done something for me and saw my soul mate and children for me and recognized who did the bad spell on me! But she said it will takes long maybe 1 or 2 years to remove 100% of that, because the spell is on me for long time and became too strong. What should I do now? How can I help her to remve it faster?
    Thank you so much!

  24. Hi i just need your advise as i am encountering a problem now towards my bf. We were so inlove with each other and 1 day he went home to his mom’s house and when he came back to me the next day he totally changed and fighting me for just a small reason. I have a thai friend who is concern to our relationship and she called her fortune teller to make a reading for me and to my bf’s situation and they found out that my bf’s mom went to a fortune teller also and ask to make some magic to his son to break out relationship. And it happens now. We ended now our relationship but we were still living together and its so weird bcoz he dont want me to move out. and i want to believe that my bf is a victim of the magic coz sometimes he is acting normal but most of the time he hates me. I ask for the second opinion for this problem and they said the same thing. Im planning to move out and leave my bf but im so pity with him for his situation and i love my bf so much and i know he still feel the same way too but he didnt own his own mind now coz of the magic. What should i do i want to help my bf to kill or to remove the magic from him. Im planning to ask a professional one to remove the magic from my bf but im scared that the family will do something to me also if they found out that the magic that they did to my bf is no effect at all. Please any advise for this as I really need to help my bf..?? Thanks

  25. I have had a building project (home) take over 5 years to complete. Every person tradesman who entered the home to work on it has argued with me or robbed from me or made mistakes. This has cost me time and money and made me physically ill. Court cases to settle disputes insurance claims it just doesnt finish
    What am I to do? I am finally at last very close to moving in. My family have all suffered and depressed. I have been told by a reader that the person who cast a spell on the land will not let me finish and that when I do it will be ok then. I have had no life and done alot of fixing myself. The tradesmen dont understand why they make mistakes and deny there are mistakes hence the court cases. Friends have turned on me and become angry and jealous and say they want to help me with tiling etc although make expensive mistakes. Will I live there? Will I need to sell up and move? Will I ever be in my own home?

  26. Hi is it possible to do a spell on someone by someone hating you or thinking negetive thoughts about you…I feel like someone is stealing my energy…I want to move but can’t afford it…I recently been hanging out with someone really negetive and angry for 2 yrs I literally changed into a different perso. I feel like someone has compromised my peace and lack of fear that was so strong in me. I’m a vegeterian I’m very spiritual…but really want my self back…many people I know told me they do spells…someone told me they did a spell on me before…I don’t know if they were joking they mentioned it out of blue then. continued with conversation. what should I do….I wouldn’t. hurt anyone I don’t even kill. roaches…why would someone. botehr me? I want to protect myself…

  27. i have recently broken up from the person who i wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He broke up with me due to trust issues as I was not honest about something and he couldnt cope that i never told the truth. He is suffering from depression and i feel that a love spell may influence him to give me another chance as we didnt finish due to lack of feelings it was down to this trust issue. Would you recommend a love spell to help me get back in his positive books?

    • Spells of manipulation are not recommended however that is not to say many cast love spells all the time without even noticing. Trust is a hard one. What you could try doing is talking to him, tell him how you feel and why you were not honest and that you are serious about him and that from now on nothing will be kept between you too. As you were both not fully committed before, now is a time to try to show your own commitment to him with actions.

  28. Hi, recently my sister found a string with knots tied on it, hidden within her boyfriends keyboard. there was also dried blood on it. What does this mean? It has to be some kind of spell. If so, how do we break it?

      • Yes, and i googled and it said its some kind of spell to make you hate or something, im not sure. Do you know anything about this?

        • @confused – Not sure on this as being a spell, I hope not. However if you treat it is such what you should do is destroy the item, then meditate for a while to help cleanse yourself of any left negative energies. That way if anything lingers meditation will help it move on.. Also another thing one could do is a cleansing of the room like a house cleanse, burn sage which will help move on negative energies and any negative spirits that maybe attached as well.

  29. I fell over in the street was picked upo by a man who asked me for a drink. I had only been with him 5 mins when I looked at him and felt totally in love with him. The most powerful emotion I have ever experienced. He is an christian who has dabbled in the occult. At the time I was married with three children and he was trying to end a relationship with a white witch. I have never felt a love so great and yet he is the nothing like the like of person I am normally attracted to. He drinks, takes drugs and spends the rest of his day praying. He admitted to casting love spells in the past but said he believed that our meeting was ordained by God. Which I have to say I felt very powerful at the time. I left my family and he broke it off with the witch. Now he refuses to see me until I reach his level of Christianity. He says he wants to treat me as a Christian wife and that he doesn’t want to treat me like other women. He needs to stop his lifestyle and doesn’t want me to pick up on the evil spirits that attack him. He thinks I have elements of witchcraft around me and need to seek God with me heart before we can be together. I am so confused and don’t know whether he is being truthful. His major thing in life is honesty. I am so in love with him and he says he loves me. Why wont he see me though? It has been 15 months and its so painful. In the meantime my husband has contacted mediums who say that this guy and I are brother and sister from a previous life but that because of his Christian beliefs he will not believe this. That I am spiritually opening up. I have developed a healing power since meeting my friend. His knowledge of the bible is astounding. Please help.

  30. For about 2 months, my girlfriend of 8 years & I have been broken up. I had moved out of our apartment but still maintained a friendship with her & have been getting along well. Recently, we had talked about giving our relationship another shot & she even told me that she was still in love with me & in fact still wanted to be with me. Her mother is heavily into Mexican witchcraft and 2 days later her mother took her to a lady she regulary goes to & insisted that my girlfriend get a reading. The following day, she was very cold towards me & said that she doesn’t ever want to be with me again & she all the sudden realized that she couldn’t trust me again. Since then, it’s like she’s someone else. She’s always cold towards me, has no real emotion towards me except anger which causes us to argue & makes a reconciling between us seem less & less likely. She later told me that the lady that gave her a reading had described our relationship & said that if she chooses a path with me in it, that she will never be happy. She also described me in full detail such as my appearance, tattoos, and even my weight. Since then she has returned to that same lady & has received a soul cleansing (limpia) and was told to drink some sort of potion. Is it possible for someone to know our relationship that well? Or even to describe me as well as she did? Or has her mother told this medium all of our information in attempt to fool my girlfriend into believing in this woman? I beleive that her mother has had this person put a spell or something on her because she never wanted us together and now things look very bleak for our relationship.

  31. I have been married for 12 years. Last year around Dec. 15, my father in law’s home healthcare nurse, who was 20 years old, started an affair with my husband who is 42 years old. I left January 1st of 2012. Numerous psychics have told me that she, the mistress, practices black magic and has a spell on my’s been almost s year!! How can I clear our (my husband and I) energy. My husband lives with her in Ca. And I live in Florida???

  32. i recently have become the victim of some sort of mind reading spell . my every thought is being read by a grounp of men and women who it seems will stop at nothing to break me down and eventually plan to take my life and or influence me to take my own. i also feel as though they have invaded my dreams and tried to intimidate me as a form of “wearing me down” how do i combat such a situation is there n e thing i can do ihave been told to be stong in will mind spirit and faith which i have tried haphazardly to do admitedly i could be way more consistent but givin my present situation i find maintaining consistency a little hard sometime is there anything i can do to maybe lessen the side effects or weaking the spells/enchantment itself?????????

    • Hey Mickey,
      Yes, there are ways to combat it as i outlined above, one way is meditating daily.. Especially protection meditation, i will do a post on it shortly so you should subscribe. In the post i will outline ways to protect yourself.. It should include a video as well. Meditation can help break the line that the spell is connected to.. Very effective if done right..

  33. Hello my personal psychic advisor recently told me that I have had a spell on me for a while involving lots of negative energy…I’ve heard this before from other psychics but did not take heed seeing that I have a new found faith and it actually makes me feel better…I honestly feel it is someone in my family doing this and I have even moved across the country! After reading your blog and a few others I see that meditating which is what I have been doing really has helped me and has brought me above it for the most part until recently…and I know what triggered the “awake of the spell” so to speak again…so thank you for this post and I will continue to meditate and attract good positive energy!

  34. MY BAD LUCK IS BEYOND ANYONES BAD LUCK ITS TAKEN TO THE ULITMATE EXTREME’S AND I CANNOT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE I WANT OUT AND I WANT the jealousy and hate that person i wanna find a witch doctor but its hard these days specially in the western world.
    Day by day its hard every second i suffer i feel pain sadness no one understands yet i feel like the world is against me and watching me THE WORST is to be ignored and thats how people treat me spit in my face and then never speak to me again my bad luck is literally everyday like i CANT TAKEEEE THIS ANYMOREEEEEE….. evil evil spirits go away leave me be please i need to start a pursuit to happiness. F**** im so over it i cant deal with it anymore its that bad

    • Hey Sarah,
      Sorry to hear this pattern is happening to you, such a big topic this one so hard to suit all to its best interests especially in one post or multiple posts.. I would suggest if you can to start meditating daily as this is a powerful form of energy control and spirit protection to help combat daily energies. Other Occult related blogs may suggest doing spells to actually combat spells as well, however my view is against that because if done wrong can come back on the wielder, especially if the person who is casting a spell is stronger on the other side… That is why instead i always prefer to suggest to take control of your own energies so outer energies cannot hurt you as much and nothing works better than meditation especially if you are doing in a group as well. In western society meditation groups are common, if you can join one and learn from them how to meditate.. Meditation once done right is a very powerful protection against negativity and any form of malicious spell casting..

      I hope this helps..

  35. Hi Timon, I wonder if you can advise me as well. I am 32 and the youngest of 3 sisters (the oldest one is 41) and just recently I started to wonder if a hex was put on our family. Me and my sisters are unable to find a partner in life and I am just unsure why that is, it’s as if there was a block there. Since then I was thinking of more reasons why we may be hexed but all I would like to know is if there is a way of breaking it for the whole family. I think I know who could be the culprit and I don’t think she is doing magic but her words and thoughts are very strong and I feel very uncomfortable around her, feel bad energy and avoid eye contact. Plus she is always so negative it drains me when around her. I don’t live in the same country anymore but if I am right the damage is already done and we need some healing or something. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hey Marion,
      Thanks for the comment, i would recommend doing a cleanse of your house and area, that will help move any energies on. Also i highly recommend learning and practicing meditation, i have posts on the subject here such as basic meditation and also our meditation audio pack is really good.. Meditation has a very effective of clearing any forms of negative energies or anything that maybe causing harm. In a way it is like healing fuel for the spirit.

      I hope that helps.

  36. Me and my current x lover of two years split up and it bothers me because of how it all happened and i am aware that one of her family members worked some voodoo or black magic to help break us up.. What precautions should i take to have it removed? Also once it is removed will we return back to our regular state?

  37. I recently became involved with a man that practices magic and is very powerful. I fell in love with him. He is not monogamous and I knew this going into the relationship. I decided that its best for me to have a monogamous relationship and ended the relationship with no ill feelings. Now I can’t seem to shake these feelings that I have for him and he is still very present in my daily life. I dont want to be in love with him anymore and when I am away from him I am emotionally ok but as soon as I come into his presence I fall back in love. He has told me that he plays mind games with women and every woman he has ever had a relationship with still loves him… matter how bad the relationship ended. I believe he has put a spell on me. How can I break it QUICKLY?

    • He Ase,
      As you say above when you are away from him everything is fine. That is a good thing? Him being in the same circle seems to be pulling strings still, I understand. I am sure this will pass in time just because you said it is okay when you are away from him. If not however, some cleansing by doing some good meditation would be a good idea, to help throw off any clinging emotions.

  38. thank you for this website it has truly helped me a lot. I was married to a psychic vampire and hes into black. but didn’t really know it until I got my divorced. 4 months after I was married to him he was married to 3 other women, that he married him self. his name is michael humiston out of utah who is an attorney and he wants to marry 35 other women under his church, that he started him self. and these women don’t know what he is doing and what he is up to. I’ve been trying to break his spells and curses, hexes, and jinks. for the last 9 months. He got me to marry him through his cards and letters that he sent to me. off and on for 12 years..

  39. Hey i have a had a spell on me for over 365 days now, it was casted by my ex girlfriend, i feel feelings and sensations inside of me every minute of everyday and night time when i try to sleep is even worse, i have looked for an answer for ever and still have no certainty, im pretty sure it might be in organic being or a spirit summoned upon me that torments and manipulates my thoughts. It is like trying to defeat Chinese water torture, my only solution currently is meditation but when it picks up im trying to meditate it will harass me more. I have symptoms of schizophrenia but i understand that this is just because of this spell, i may hear sounds which seem insane which i wouldn’t doubt i do, but i feel like i can communicates through my thoughts with her and she can also communicate to me through my thoughts. Any idea for a solution would be appreciated majorly..

  40. If your faith in Jesus is real then Nothing else matters .but if your god is Jim jones ( the people’s church ) . You Will soon be judged to hell fire .

    • Hey Wojo,
      Never heard of Jim Jones.. With your comment that is what you have been told ( conditioning ), but i do not agree, on one hand christian religion says judge no one, but by saying one is going to hell is a form of judgement. On another note, according to the Christian god, he is supposed to be merciful and forgiving so there is no reason just because someone has no faith they will go to hell. It is ridiculous really. Why would any god do that. That is just contradicting. Overall the whole bible is a contradiction and should not be taken as rule for anything. It is a book written by humans which i think we all can agree.

      Hell was created by man as a way and concept to reduce people from doing things bad in life.

      Either way, if god exists and is all merciful then there is no way anyone good would go to hell anyway whether they believe or not.

  41. I believe my father is a victim of a love curse. This article is helpful when it comes to you being the victim, but what about if it’s someone close who’s suffering? Is there any way I can help him?

  42. Hi,
    I’m a sixteen year old girl who is going to sit for her IGCSE exams in May. I can’t study for quite a while now. I admit I always worked under pressure, and had the best grades on my report card by studying the night before the exam. But now, there is only a month left and I still don’t feel the pressure. I have eight subjects and the exams are pretty tough. Whenever I open my book, I doze off. I can stay awake till 3am if I’m talking over the phone but not when I’m studying. I even sleep during the day having a book opened in front of me. I eat a lot and it’s not like I’m weak or anything. I believe someone has cast a spell on me as a lot of people were jealous of my grades and the fact that I was best at almost everything. What should I do?

    • Hey Saraf,
      I don’t think it is a spell. There are also many problems that can be caused by eating to much and that involves feeling tired side effect. The body has to work hard to digest effectively especially if foods contain sugar or salt… Try cutting down the food and snacking more and see how your energy levels improve.. High energy foods include salads and proteins and reducing large portions of carbs.. I hope that helps.

  43. I wanted to know if people can use items of yours such as jewelry to cast spells or wish bad things upon you. My mother in law and I have never gotten along and I know she has dabbled in this in the past. This year I seem to be always sick and I have noticed 5 pieces of my jewelry missing from our home and she is the only one with access to it. Whay can I do to break any bad influence in our home?

  44. Hi,
    excuse me if I make any mistakes, english is not my first language.
    I believe that someone has putted a love spell on me. I don’t fall easily in love but 3 years ago I fall crazily in love with a man that I barely knew. That was just right after I gave him a gift – a personal item of mine.
    He was the total opposite of me. We had nothing in common and he treated me in the worst possible way by manipulating me and playing mind games. I would never tolerate such a behavior from anyone but for some reason I was crazily in love with that man and I felt that I could do anything for him. I had tried many times to get away from him but I always got back no matter how bad he treated me. This has never happened to me before. I always felt that there was an invisible bond connecting me to him and every time I left I had the urge to get back to him after a couple of days. After we met each other – 3 years ago, my life had turned into a living hell. I had started having nightmares at night, feeling weak, lost my appetite, my self confidence and for some period of time I even lost the will to live.
    Now, I have left that man for over a year but I still can’t get him out of my head. Sometimes I have dreams of him. This is not normal since I don’t like him and I don’t want to be with him ever again, but for some reason he is constantly on my mind and I see his name everywhere in my daily life. It seems that his thought can’t leave my head and that he is still there torturing me. It is a crazy situation and I feel like I’m losing my mind…
    He has told me before that he was studying magic and had some voodoo dolls in his house too but he told me that he would never use it for to harm another person, he was also reading books about psychic vampires…
    I know nothing about magic but I have a strong intuition and I have the feeling that I’m under a powerful spell. Also I believe that that person is pure evil and will try to harm other people…
    Please, I need your help!!!
    Thank you.

  45. Hi, Need urgent help. I am in love with the person 3 yrs younger to me for the last 2 years. Initially he was interested but later said no. Though he continued to be friends with me, he dint change his mind to love me.
    Last year, one of his colleagues proposed to him. First he said no but now he wants to marry her only.
    I am sure she has cast a spell – she has mixed something in the food that she has given him.
    I cannot tell him because he doesnot communicate with me anymore.
    How to break the spell that she has cast on him ? Can I do something here ?
    I really love him and can’t live without him.

  46. Hi! It has been a year since my fiancee married the person that we trusted with our love. My fiance changed over a week, stared hating me and not wanting anything to do with me despite the wedding plans that were on move and the pregnancy that I had.
    I came to know that he was in communication with the woman who was like an adviser for out love and he trusted her with our honeymoon and wedding plans.
    When the situation was really bad with my fiance, I followed the woman and told her the situation and that I was pregnant but she didn’t feel sorry to me neither gave me any advice, I didn’t know that she also wanted him and his wealth.
    I heard from other people that this woman uses spells even in the office. I left my fiances house looked for another house, depressed only 4 months later my fiance got married to that woman. It pained me to death, and my fiance claims to be so much in love with her.
    Well I don’t know if this is a question or complaint but it pained me so much to see the person I trusted, 10 years older that me and 6 years older that my fiance destroying my love dreams.
    Is it possible that she had put a spell to my fiance to love her? because she knew all the plans that me and my fiancee had after getting married.
    Now I heard she is pregnant, and she wouldn’t even come to say hello to me or apologies for taking my fiance. This spells can real hurt someone..lets not do it to force things/love.

    • Sorry to hear what happened Doreen and yes i agree spells can hurt a lot.. To me spells are literally everywhere whether the wielder is aware of it or not.. And most spells are about some form of control and not all are good. It is hard to pin point exactly though with your case, because sometimes this can happen by natural means as well.

      Also a long time has passed since it has happened as well so the spell should of worn off by now..

      Either way I hope things improve, try not to dwell on it too much, be optimistic and positive.

  47. My husband and I had the greatest love story. I’ve never been so happy. Hes from a small central american country so eventually I had to come back to the States to begin the immigration process. I know being separated for a long time can cause problems in and of itself, but we maintain close contact. Then suddenly he met this other girl. He said he didn’t know what happened because he loves me but his whole brain changed. His mother said she is a witch because of how much he changed. I’ve believed this also because when he’s away from her for awhile he becomes like himself and doesn’t seem to care about her but when she’s near she is all he cares about. Our immigration case is taking much longer than it should also. My question is this; he lied to her about me to make her fall in love with him. Is it possible that his evil act to manipulate her has rebounded on himself or that maybe she did a spell on him and he reinforced it by lying to manipulate her? I still love him and want him so what should I do? Shes very hateful and controlling of him. I’ve never met her in person but she’s blasted me on the internet several times. She pretends she’s innocent by continuing to pretend she believes his lie that our marriage is a sham even tho she’s seen plenty of photos to prove different. She says she has no guilt, she’s not hurting me because our marriage was never real, and I need to accept he loves her now. He says he loves us both: and I know he’s telling the truth! What can I do?

    • Hey Melani,
      Sounds like he has a lot to blame here as well as the girl.. He is breaking his marriage vows as well thinking of another women.

      The distance between countries makes it difficult with the situation. Try to be strong mentally and in your heart, keep talking to him on the phone to let him know that you are there. Try to project in the mind a solution and him realizing his love with you. Meditate on it. Visualize it as well. Be as positive as possible..

      — What we think about positively draws into reality.. In the same way try not to focus on the negative otherwise that will become reality.. Same as manifestation.

  48. Hello,

    Obviously, I’m here because I’m wondering if a spell has been cast on me or an object I possess as well..I’ve been dating the most wonderful man in the world for a few months now. Recently, I’ve had suspicions that a gal friend of his is secretly in love with my boyfriend, even though she herself is involved with someone (eveyone suspects she’s unhappy with her own boyfriend though). Now, my boyfriend has mentioned in passing that she is Wiccan, I have wiccan in my own family so I’m a little familiar with it. Recently, for our anniversary, my boyfriend got me a set of 3 bracelets. Upon recieving them, one of them broke as I was putting them on, but the other two I have not taken off since I recieved them. Since then, I’ve noticed that a series of small, unfortunate happenings. Such as sudden weight gain (I’m a regular exerciser), itchy rashes all over my body that won’t go away (resembles a heat rash), other bodily function problems and strange anxiety filled dreams and trouble sleeping. Just little things like this wouldn’t usually make me think twice, but I also just discovered that the gal friend picked out my bracelets for my boyfriend. Could she have done something to the bracelets? If I’m correct, nothing that has been done seems too terrible to warrant a reaction from me and nothing seems to be all that effective for that matter. I’m just a little annoyed with the situation and want to know if it’s possilbe she’s just trying to mess with me a little. I’m non reactionary and I’m definitely not a vengeful person but I just want to know if this is a familiar situation. Anything I can do to the bracelets to cleanse them? I really like them and don’t want to stop wearing them.

    • Hey Louise,
      What you could as an experiment is try not wearing for a week and see if anything changes with your situation. Then if things improve try putting back on and see if you notice a change after.. Only trial and error will give clues here, good luck..

  49. Heey, I dated my boyfriend for almost 5 months. He stopped falling in love with me. I want him to be mine again but he have a girlfriend and he won’t break up with her. I have been in love with him for 3 years. I want him to love me as much as he could..

  50. Hi Tim, i think i have had a spell put on me by my aunty…long story but her grandchild has been taken in to care even after her battling for months for this not to happen she blames my mother for this situation due to another situation with her son and the police…about a mother ago i fell out with my son and it all came from him being dark and back stabbing now he wont let me see my granddaughter it all seems a bit wiffy to me and i feel as if she is sending negative energy to my family……as she is missing some thing in her life that i have i really feel for her but its not just down to us that the child is in care its down to her son and his ex we didt even know she had a grandchild as not been in touch for years Help I’m desperate to see my grandchild and all this is breaking my heart Love and Light T x x

  51. Hello Tim, after reading all your responses to these comments here I wanted to leave one myself. I had been dealing with my daughters father for years before she was born, she’s now 3 and when she was a year and a half he moved in with me trying to build a life as a family. He started changing and we started fighting and he just stopped coming home. My daughter fractured her hand and he just stopped caring at all. Once he was fully gone i started feeling negative in our home which led me to see a lady for help. She gave me some evil eye bracelet to wear and candles to burn, well it got worse. I started not being able to sleep in my own house and my child was becoming so mean and violent, then I moved once she started hurting herself with doors slamming on her head etc. so after I moved I finally found out my daughters father was seeing a girl even when he lived with me, I was the love of his life for years and within months he’s with her and she’s basically living at his house and he neglects my daughter to be with this girl. As time passes it just got worse for myself and my daughter, I started gaining weight for no reason, nightmares of snakes, murdering people and that girl dooing voodoo on my ex in my dream. I have had negative dreams for the last year ever sense he left. Now things are even worse, I am not sure but I think this girl has cast or has asked someone to break my relationship up and ruin my life and my child. I don’t know what else to do, it’s not negative thoughts it’s actually happening and I fear because I have a small child.

    • Hey Lina,
      Sounds like you are going down a negative spiral whether influenced or not.. What I recommend you do is finding time each day to do at least 1 hour of good meditation. This will help clear way any negative vibes or attachments and should have you start to head back on track..


  52. well, awhile ago my cousin got this girlfriend out of the blue and pretty soon after they had a baby. i thought they must`ve just been hasty and in love, but here`s the weird part. she gave me this book she was writing to read over but said not to look in the front pages. so of course i looked. the entire first 10 pages was filled with various love spells! when i tried to give it back she told me to keep it. now they have moved away together and my cousin seems like he`s happy but struggling to appear this way. was his girlfriend trying to give me a sign? am i just being paranoid? either way i have little or no actual proof its a love spell. please if you have any advice i would be graeteful. im really worried for my cousin!

    • Hey Anistasia,
      So, you are worried your cousin is under a love spell.. The thing is with these types of spells they do wear off over time.. They cannot last unless of course your cousin is under a lot of stress then the spell can last longer.. It is important to look at spells more so like manipulation as well.. It happens all the time in many circumstances. However the victim of the spell is still aware of these manipulations, yet because they are emotionally attached manipulations occur.. A good example is between some bosses and a worker.. The manipulation is the agreement of work for money and the boss has emotional manipulation because they know the worker needs the money.. As there is no even ground the manipulation effects the workers life and thus the same as a spell, yet the worker does not know it is so..

      So, when a person tries to do a love spell on someone else or similar is almost the same as using emotions for control once again. Then once manipulated, the spell takes effect. Yet like i say, this happens all the time and most people have no clue of the manipulation of energies around us day to day..

      As an example stressing about money is a emotional control so in another word a spell.. Those that do not stress about money and focus on opportunity are always the ones that get what they want, changing there emotional state to align with what the universe can provide in a way or a money spell.. The importance is the desire in each of us for emotional control.

      So in you case, your cousin had to be open to it as well as manipulated for it to work properly.. So, for it to continue to work your cousin has to in a way want it to continue to work as well..

      I hope that helps…


  53. Hi. My fiance’ of 2 yers broke up with me 2 months ago and has blocked me out of his life..his fb..his skype..his emails …his phone….everything. I don’t understand why he resents and hates me so much when 2 days before he swore he loved me more than te stars in the sky My gut instinct tells me that someone cast a spell on him. He is now in the US. I have consulted the pendulum and all the answers ive asked about points to a yes that he is under a black spell. I have asked my pendulum many times if it waas his sister, his current gf ( whom he left me for just a week after breaaking up with me ) … or his mom. The pendulum kept saying yes it was his mom when all the while i thought his sister didnt like me. What do I do to remove that spell from him and make him wake up from it and return to me. he is the love of my life and i know we are meant to be together. please help me as i live half a world a way from him. Is it possible to remotely remove a curse from someone? Thank you and I shall await your reply.

  54. Hi, i recently called a practitioner to help me find a guy who i fell for and he towards me. He was security where I lived at and we talked and got to know each other, then out of the blue after two weeks, he.disappeared. He said he had to leave. He kept telling me that his job was bothering him and he said he had a girlfriend but her dad didnt like him. So, i was confused and wanted more answers, so I called a good practioner to help me understand why he left. Before this practitioner i tried to get readings on him but they were telling me he didnt care for me. The experienced practitioner gave me a reading and told me that my crush was under a bad spell for.3 years. I found out the now.ex.girlfriend used wiccan spells on him. When she found out he met someone, she got the wiccan to fire him, thats why he left. The practioner thats helping me said he cares for me over 50%. So she put protection on him and got her away from him. When she got away, he began to think of me more and love me more. I work for.a school bus company, I drive and I need an aide for some kids with special needs. My aide said.she can do readings but not that good. She also has a friend who helps her. I told her about my situation with my crush and I showed her pictures of him. She kept.saying oh hes handsome. All the time she would say that to me everyday and i was getting tired of her. My practitioner told me that my aide did an evil spell on me so i couldnt see him. She said my aide likes my crush and is jealous of me because she.wants to be with him and.she doesnt want me to be with him. So my practitioner is helping and getting me protection from her and others too. I will keep you updated on how things turn out for me.

  55. Dear Mr. Timon Weller,
    I write this to seek your immediate help and attention on the matter that is narrated below. I have been facing lot of trouble since 14 years of Age and now i am 32 (male) residing in India.
    Black magic and aura blockage is a common practice in the section of country that I belong from. Over the years multiple things have been associated with my auric field and I am finding it to revive from this ditch
    I have approached few healers in India, although they have extracted huge sum of money from me, got me into more trouble and made me their keep for funds:

    1. I was given a toxic substance to eat when I was 13 years of age within family and that substance has settled with in my body. My thought process and ideas have become stagnant and some thing disturbs me entire day, since then I have malign thoughts which stops me from doing any good deed which is of my benefit. This also make me move towards wrong ideas and thought processes. It stops me from doing things that will benefit me in life and is now very strong.
    2. Also when I was 16/17, had stayed at one of my aunt’s place and was given toxic substance to eat in chicken, I had extremely bad sleep that night and in dreams saw that a gentle man was talking to me who had me tied up at other end by using legs and head of the chicken. I see my shoulder tied to some pole or some entity. Left position of the body and brain is tied up with aunts and uncles around. And get drawn towards them, energy level in left side of the body is almost dead. The same thing troubles my mother and we kind of find it difficult to think about our benefits.
    3. The entire day someone calls out my name from a distance and I see cloves , get smell of a burning body and a Jinn sits on left side of the body.. I SEE MY BODY ATTACHED TO MY MOTHER’S AND SOME THING SITTING ON LFET BACK SIDE ON TOP OF IT , WITH MY SCPLA ATTACHED TO SOMETHING
    5. I had approached a healer for help 8 years back for help, he had asked from my pictures for helping me, had got offended for some petty selfish reasons and had made voodoo doll of mine, which I later realized. He had blocked my energy points, placed pins in all section / joint of the doll and made cuts with saffron on area where your kundanali chakkras are…. Consequently I could not walk or sleep and eat properly. I was locked in that doll.
    o The day he had asked for my picture, his associate had made me drink negatively energized dust from cremation ground in the sweet lemon water and since then I am lost.
    o I had taken my family after 8 years to this tantric to get released from the voodoo magic (I use get dreams of this doll every now and then) as they did not believe me, in actual the doll was under his seating area for prayers and he used my soul to gather energy from all parts. He made a cut on the doll after using some enchantments and I felt little relieved from the stiffness and pain.
    o Before cutting the entire doll and releasing me- he broke my entire auric cycle which was strong enough to bear his atrocities . he had connected my left side with him and broke my auric channel in foot and leg
    o Next day, I snatched the doll from his house and threw it in water without getting released from it
    o I also did not go back to him as he had broken my energy source and created lot many obstacles
    o No I see myself still drawn to his place of worship, I FIND CUTS IN THE SAME PLACES, PRECICELY ON THE 6 CHAKRAS IN + SIGN AND THERE IS LEAKAGE OF ENERGY

    What can be done, please suggest as I am unable to bear this all… looks like that some is controlling my though process and actions in life , including people I met as healers , find pins and and nails associated with my auric field..

    • Hey Amit,
      Just read your story, sounds like you had a lot of negative impacts in your life that are weighing you down. The best thing I can advise and have seen help many thousands of people effected by this sort of negative effects on the energy field is to start focusing on the balance. Focus on just you as a healthy human.

      Firstly you need to stop thinking about the past so much ( clearing thoughts ) and start thinking about right now. How you feel will come later. Then on a regular basis you need to do a lot and I mean a lot of cleansing Meditation. Meditation will help unblock blockages ( you describe as chakras ) and help you confront the negative clouds hanging over certain aspects in the mind and body. Then after that you need to also focus on the physical as well, I would recommend doing a good burst of exercise a day to clean out the energy spots in the body physically as well. Whatever you can handle is best. All are a process of healing. Then you need to cleanse the body, drink lots of clean water to remove toxins, lots of fruit and veges and cut out meat for at least 2 months. Cut out all sugars and as much fats as possible.

      When exercising try to push yourself until you cannot handle more then wait 10 minutes and then do again. Do that a few times a day.

      Basically put, your working all elements in healing, mind, body, spirit.

      As a last call, try to link up positive thoughts to previous negative experiences in order to condition the mind and spirit into positive healing. It takes time i know..

      I know this is a big topic.. In future I will put on my to do a full post on the topic.

      It is important to distance your mind from negative thought patterns during the healing process as much as possible. Sometimes we as humans can form habits based on what we think is okay but really it is having negative impacts on ourselves.

      I hope that helps.. Big changes I know… Be positive and keep focused.

      Regards and good luck.

  56. My husband of 5 years left me 4 months ago we were madly in love with eachother up until 2 hours before he left me I believe someone put a spell on him!! the last time I saw him he was gathering the rest of his things he was shaking uncontrollably and crying he hugged me acouple times and told me that this was better for me he held me so tight like he didnt want to let me go…he dosent have a gf or anything I know he is under some spell I need help getting the love of my life back I am the only person he has in the usa…he said he wanted a divorce but 4 months passed and he hasent done it I dont want a divorce and even though he wont speak to me I know he truley dosent either someone please help!!!

  57. Hi,

    i think my Mother in law has cast a spell on me and my husband.
    She hasent been around for a few years and now we have started to talk again and it seems as my husband and i are fighting more frequently.
    I also feel as we are pulling away from each other.
    I know that she is into this sort of thing as she has brought my pictures to psychics before, and i also found a note boook she kept for information that psychic was telling her about my relationship.


  58. My Boyfriend of 5 years, left me last week to go back to his Ex. He told me that he as to try again with her, to see if it works with her or no. He told me that he loves me and in case it wouldn’t work he would know that he belongs to me. But he feels sin cause he left her 5 years ago and let her alone. She always tried to get back with him, he never agreed on that and stayed with me.
    Somebody told me that she put recently a love spell on him. Is this possible? Or is he just confused? Or not that much in love with me as i thought.
    He is the love of my life, and I wanna fight for him. But somehom he doesnt let me close to him.

  59. My boyfriend and I after 8 years have broken-up. I have been practicing meditation and it has helped me. I talked with a medium and she said in Afghanistan there are women who practice Eqyptian Mystic(s)? He has been conversating with such a woman and ate something she gave him or drank something she gave him and he comes home and we break-up after making passionate love. He began drinking and talking very nasty to me and saying things that wasnt true! The medium told me that he would come home married to her if I didnt come up with a substantial amount of money. The clincher is his mother passed away and I had to call him home from Afghanistan and I cleaned his place and noticed his message light was blinking and his brother that was there with me told me to check it so I did and sure as I am writing you there was an Afghan woman saying goodnight and how do you feel? She also stated to him he should be feeling better now! This was one hour after I walked away from all the negative comments he was making! What can I do he is acting like I dont exist! In doing my meditations I feel the need to stand in the gap for him! The medium told me if I told him he would hate me and nothing would work and she will be his wife and she will have a way out.

    • Hello Marion,
      I too have similar experience with wife,
      my in-laws are subjecting her to a very
      powerful attack where they can literally
      hijack her mind and make her do/say
      things that she herself is not aware of
      (they want to separate us). Her behaviour
      fluctuates from one state to another,
      Truly unbelievable, She is a very nice
      and kind person but when subjected to
      it she does a 180 degree flip and starts
      behaving the opposite of this.
      I like to correspond with you,
      cos we can learn from experiences
      to help each other.

      You may try……

      *Feeding him poke/ham (PIG based food) these have a breaking effect on Black
      Magic, remember it’s only effective as long as it’s applied regular.

      *Use small salt mounts in corners of house. (blessed better)

      *Get holy water from a church and put in the water he drinks. daily

      *Put holy water inside a bottle/plastic spray can and spray all around the house.

      *Put holy water inside the steam iron and iron his clothes so that the water induces
      on his clothes.

      *Place statues of Archangel Michael & St.Bernard, Sacred Heart, Mother Mary etc.
      in as many places in the house as possible.

      *Try to get him to wear medals of the above saints on a chain around his neck.

      *Light incense or white sage inside house with windows closed at least 3 times a week.

      *Say some prayers to St.Michael daily while invoking B/F’s name.

      Hope this helps.
      Kind Regards.

  60. After reading BRUNELDA NATO comment on laurenconrad. com about Metodo helping her cast a spell to fix her relationship, i was hmm.. will say considering doing the same thing cos my life was a total mess. On one hand my girlfriend now soon to be fiancé parent did not want me to be their son-in-law cos i did not belong to the upper class community and on the other hand, i moved from Latvia where my life and job was to be with my soon to be fiancé in Azerbaijan. I had no home there but just the apartment we both bought together. If am not mistaking her father is a famous lawyer to almost every rich person in Azerbaijan. She was going to help me get a job in her father law firm before she broke up with me because she was going to marry one of her father client. All this was before i contacted Metodo to see what he could for me. As i said her father was against our relationship and she was going to marry a 53 years old man for his money. She has always loved materials things but i never thought she would pick money over me. We were still see each other not as lover but secret lovers. I loved her too much to be sharing with a disgusting old man because he was rich. I don’t mean to disrespect any elderly person i just don’t like it when rich old or young persons try to take or take someone you hold dearly to your heart cos they have the money to do so. In my own case it happened that it was an old rich man wanting to take the woman i loved and still loved with all my heart and strength. She didn’t want to marry me but she wanted to be my lover in secret. I knew she loved me dearly but she was also in love with all the money and assets the man had. she knew i was content with what i had and what she had but she wanted to be so rich like adding riches ti what she already had. The date of the wedding was already set when i realized that if i don’t do something to stop the wedding i would lost her forever. It happened that i came across BRUNELDA NATO comment on laurenconrad. com as i search the INTERNET on how to make a woman realize living without you will be a great mistake where she wrote how metodo the spell caster helped her fix her marriage and how she came face to face in contact with Metodo and also how real and awesome he is. I just felt compelled to also contact him for help maybe i was not thinking clearly or i felt it was my only chance to make sure she soon to be fiancé doesn’t marry anyone else but me or maybe i felt both ways. I know something was clear to me that whatever action i took was my last chance to win her back. There and then i contacted Metodo cos i had no money to travel all the way to Chad. I just trusted BRUNELDA NATO testimony that he really exist and can help me solve my problem. It turned out that BRUNELDA NATO was right. Now i can also truthfully tell you that Metodo is really something out of ordinary he is the greatest spell caster you can ever meet. He sent me some items that he told me to use to pray with within the 7 days he was casting the spell i asked him to help me cast with the materials he told me to provide to for the spell casting. Within those seven days of incantation pray my soon to be fiancé developed something i don’t know what to call in her head that made the love she had for me resurface i say resurface love because she became that girl i fell in love with back in Latvia she told me she was going to call of the wedding but was scared what would happen to her father relationship with the man. But all those worried faded when Metodo sent the spell that looked like a powdery substances with instruction on how to make it effective. She called off the wedding and nothing happened it was like no one cared anymore not the man or her parent almost like it idea was yipped of their head. Whether anyone believe me or not it does really matter the only thing i care to say here is that Metodo is the ultimate spell caster anyone can ever ask for help. Am going to leave his mail in case Metodoacamufortress @ yahoo. com

  61. I really could do with some advice. To cut an extremely long story short, i believe I have had a negative spell put on me. My brother in law has been dating a woman for around 2 yrs. in the beginning she beat him, he would come in with black eyes and cuts etc. He is in his 30s but never really had a g/f before and has mild aspergers. Naturally the family were concerned about him. She was always very rude to us, tried to stop him seeing the family, even ruined my wedding day. In a fit of temper last year I wrote a negative comment about her, which I regretted and removed as soon as she saw it. She calls herself a teacher, an writer and a rapid hypnotherapist and magick practitioner and I know she buys spells on ebay from somewhere in america.

    Since she found out about this negative comment I have had extreme bad luck. I have had a severe neck injury twice, been thrown out of my house and various other things happen. I am a GOOD person. I am a nurse who saves peoples lives. I did apologise to her through him (I cannot meet with her, she is too dangerous. I get such a terrible vibe).

    I honestly believe, due to her buying spells and stating her magick interests, that she has cast on me. What on earth do I do?

  62. Ok. I am at my wits end and hopefully this helps. I was in a relationship with a self proclaimed witch 20 years ago. I have since moved on and married another women, have had three children with her and have a nice life. Recently I have been having odd dreams with this previous women and feelings have come up again from inside me. Am I having a midlife crisis or is she messing with me. Ps. I haven’t talked or seen her in years.

  63. Greetings, can you please help me out? I believe that my boyfriend is under a spell and I was wondering if I can be the one that breaks that spell? If so, how? Thanks for responding,

  64. My son is 21 and has a 2 year old son. He is out of control with drugs and alcohol. Hes speaks non sense and getting mixed up with the wrong crowd
    Bad bad people. Now in a gang and hurting others to protect the respect of his crew. I have no other choice but to do some manipulation spell at this point. Hes dying just a little more each day. His dad aND I are also struggling watching him self destruct. What are your thoughts… what are my consequences
    THANK you

  65. I was told a woman across the street where my mother and father live put a spell on my mother due to wanted my father for herself. My mother was pregnant with me at the time. The person did not know she was pregnant. I was told I got the spell while in my mothers stomach. I was born a sick baby and had extreme bad luck through my years. How do I put this spell to rest??? I do not even know the person; but when I asked my parents about a lady who lived across the street from them at the time- they got extremely mad!! Never asked again!

  66. An evil woman has cast a spell on my father to the extent that my daddy doesnt wan to see any of his family apart from the woman family what ever she says my daddy takes it personal,and when he is at work thand she get call from the woman she will stop what ever she is doing and go pick her up these is not normal i know my daddy,please how can i break these spel, i suspect she had a spell on my daddy throuhg food.

  67. Hi, i am in a cery hard situation. I recently did a spell on my husband to love me again, but the guy who did the spell keeps asking me for money saying because he needs to finish the spell but i dont got more mo ey to give him i feel like he is stealing fron me, so since he did the spell my husband has told me he hasn’t been sleeping good nor eating and im afraid that instead on doing him good is bad and i don’t k ow what to do i necer wanted to harm him in that way! Please help!

  68. Hi, recently, i cast a spell to get rid of depression. Tjough i dont rememeber what it is called, it involved a yellow and pink candle. Only 2 nights after i cast the spell, i started hearing screaming noises very, very far away, so quiet i could barely hear it. But each night, it gets closer, and i am very afraid of what will happen when it gets here, whick i have guessed might take about a month.

  69. Hi ,,I think i am a victim of a binding spell. 6 years ago i was in a relationship with a guy and he used to practice black magic and it runs in his family, he used to see spirits one time he randomly told me that he did a binding spell to protect me from any wandering ghost that would want to harm him through me, and he told me this means we’re connected and he feels if i am in danger. I didnt really take him seriously and i was like yea ok whatever. After we broke up, he disappeared completely from my life, and we had a horrible break-up but i forgave him so quickly and kept loving him and the weird part is that for 3 years i continuously dream about him, as if i still live with him in a parallel universe, and it feels so real, I already have always had trouble waking up as well.. Dreaming about him is so real. Also, i had random relationships after him but nothing lasted and I barely remember the guys i dated. do you think he actually did a spell?

  70. It has been few years since i got married my husband loves me truly,and i do too,but for many reasons and instances i feel that he is under a binding by his mom or his sister someone in his side,most of times he supports me but sometimes he acts as if he cannot give my small rights and joys because he scared or controlled by his mom,dad or sister ,he wants me to live with all people under the same roof while my priorties likes and wants are made to ignored or they create sympathy and his family lie a lot to him,while i feel upset that he is not manning up making major change or a decision for me,he trust in his mom and siblings more than me,please help me!

  71. A shaman told me that my husband and I were separated by a spell. He left me for another woman. I wouldn’t have believed it unless he described the woman who he is with and told me I knew her but I didn’t believe it. I didn’t remember anyone by her description and then after investigating I found out it was someone I knew and she was his employee years before. My husband changed drastically and seemed almost crazy. Did some crazy stuff. He left me and it’s been 4 years. I’m a Christian and I stay away from all the spooky stuff. I know there is occult powers our there and think that when you play with counter spells and invoke these spirits, is not godly and it’s not God’s will. I love my husband and I never wanted this to happen. I pray.

    • I am Shannon lamer from USA, i am 36 years old, i want to gladly give My testimony of how a spell caster robinson buckler brought back my lover, just a quick word to tell everyone, I never believed in spell casters until my life fell apart when my lover of 4years decided to call it quit. I was so devastated. After 9 months of emotional pain and languish, a friend of mine introduced me to a certain spell caster, this was after I have been scammed by various fake spell caster. I was introduced to Robinson. buckler @ yahoo . com In less than 3 days, i saw wonders, my Lover came back to me and my life got back just like a completed puzzle… am so happy.. thanks to Mr Robinson buckler for saving my life. Mr Robinson is the best and kindest spell caster I’ve ever met! Thanks, thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. I have been involved with a man and we are very much in love with each other for over 50 years.
    He and his wife are in a loveless marriage for over 40 years. In 1992 she found about us and the situation became very bad. He ended up staying with her because of their young children at the time. We are very actively seeing each other again. I have been told by three psychics that there is a protection block around both him and her. Is there a way to remove this block so he can be free.

  73. I don’t think this situation was brought on by magic but I am considering using magic to deal with it. That being said, it might not even be my place and I don’t want anything to backfire and I certainly don’t mean harm, but this is my conundrum. My son has an unhealthy attachment to a girl and their relationship is harming both of them. She’s out of town right now but is coming back and I am seriously afraid. They make each other nuts but keep pursuing trying to change each other….resulting in some major fights that are on the precipice of violence and it’s giving me unbelievable trauma. There seems to be coming a time when someone is going to get hurt or worse. Is there any way I can affect a break in this unhealthy attachment….to help my son and even this girl? I can’t get through to him with conversation about this. He’s a loner and is too needy of her and this relationship. I wish he’d gain clarity and work to heal himself and thereby not attract unhealthy relationships but he’s not there yet. How do I help him when I feel my hands are tied?

  74. I dated a guy 10 years love of my life. I was working 13 hour a day I gave him no time and he got online found another we split leaving me devastated. Well he met a not so good girl horrible history and she noved in with him for bidding him to ever talk to me again. Well she is living with him i contact a few physic they told me she was goung to marry him and kill him for his life insurance not with out destroying him first. He just got married after 3 months knowing this girl .They all told me its his Karma and his destiny i love him and want to protect him. WHAT CAN I DO ?I was told she put stuff in my yard and at every ctosd road so he couldnt get to me are call me. How can she be doung this to the man i love. ALSO he tryed to get away from her but three days later he was back with her

  75. Due to a literally rude awakening I found out that my best friend asked her sister-in-law for advice on a ritual to perform on me (out of anger, resentment and jealousy that she had been silently harbouring for over 8 to 9 years). She received a step-by-step ritual from a woman I don’t know but refer to in my thoughts as a voodoo woman. The woman performed a sacrifice unbeknownst to my so-called best friend, in order for the ritual to work. An animal sacrifice. Someone I still love with all of my heart blocked the curse for me, and gave her life for me. These things do happen. These things are dangerous. I have forgiven the woman who was my friend. The sister-in-law is still at large and via my third eye I know that she has done more than just this…also out of jealousy. The smiles plastered on the faces of people, the crispness of a white shirt worn, the normalcy of a seemingly regular crowd: it tells you nothing about what they perform in the shadows.

  76. My 3 year old son has disregarded me only on 2 occasions,both being around my mother in law. He acts sullen and unreceptive towards affection from me. When he was an infant he wouldn’t even allow her to touch him.
    He loves my mom a lot too but it has never made him disregard me.

      • Also.this time after visiting her my son’s black pants appear to have gone missing. They were worn and unwashed. I don’t if this means anything.

        • At the time when I was putting two and two together as a reaction to the change in my sons behaviour (he refused to enter home and insisted on returning to my mother in laws home), I recalled his pants missing on the day I was packing, and a dream i had the previous night.
          I dreamt that I was hunting for a house, found an abandoned one, it was dirty, I was cleaning the garden lawn when I saw a human bone and heard a crunch beneath my foot and on looking down found my foot wedged into the jaws of a skull. The skull belonged to a whole skeleton that had become unearthed, and it wore a bright hat. I left that house in my dream and found a happy one, also abandoned.

          Help me understand if anything is going on here.

  77. I’ve spoke with numerous people about my boyfriend after he abruptly left me. They said he’s under a spell. I desperately want to help him to bring him back to me. How can I help when he barely talks to me now and he’s states away? Please help!!

  78. Hi well this helps to some extent as I am not the one under the spell. There is also no way for me to even tell him he is under a spell. He is my son’s father and he left us for another woman who i have been told is working black magic on him to gain his money and because she envies me.

    I do not know what to do. It is a control spell maybe used by compelling powder or some other form of spell work. Because of this he does not come to see his one year old son, he doesn’t ask about him nor does he speak to me and my family.

    It’s been an emotional weird for me. This woman is so mean. She posts this on social media for me to see. He looks nothing like himself. He looks drained. It’s sad really. I have spoken to many psychics and one tried calling him for me but the spell is so strong that he does not believe anyone but her.

    I still love him but for the safety of my son, my family and myself I stay far away from him, but about every 2 to 3 months he calls me or texts me and tells me he wants to secretly see me and his son. He is afraid she finds out. I was week for him before but after understanding that she is a practioner of black magic I have been staying far away.

    I don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Kristin
      Just wanted to say I’m in the same situation as you! My husband left my daughter and I some months ago. His family have found out from several places that do black magic that this woman has put him under a spell and he had been having an affair with her for a long time before he left me. I had no idea till I actually saw evidence. It’s all for money and revenge on his family. He wants no contact with me or our daughter. Instead he’s playing happy families with her and her children (her husband lives in another country and I think their marriage is broken down). He shouts at his family too and has turned against them. I haven’t seen him for a couple of months but his family who did see him said he looks awful. His arms and legs are apparently thin like sticks while he has a huge belly.
      I also fear for me and my daughter’s safety. He has done some crazy things and I fear staying at home. I feel so sad. For him, our daughter and myself. I don’t understand how a human being could do something so evil.

  79. I been going thu some real messed up shit I in need for despect help been about 2 years started hearing voices then it got physical now I feel there going to kill me please tell me what to do

  80. My husband said he put a spell on me. He said he grabbed one of my used underwears, piece of my hair, a red candle, cinnamon, and a bunch of other things. He has hit me many times before and we always separate after each incident. We have currently been separated for a month, but I went back to him two weeks ago. Yesterday I woke up and I felt as if God was telling me that I have to leave. I told him it was done, but then I didn’t even last 10 minutes without him and I told him we should just stay together. I NEED TO LEAVE! Then he tells me today about the spell. How can I break this? This is a toxic marriage. I am scared.

    I have a sister unfaithful in marriage. She has a child by another man. Got married to another man and has a child now by her husband. She seems to satisfy her lust for going out partying and she does not care that she hurts others. She even called cops on me for some stupid reason for which she had called cops 15 times on her husband. She invloved her daughter’s in a relationship with a known pedophile who raped his sister then hooked up with another guy and using up avusing her husbands goodness and her mother and father in-law’s goodness and they have bent over backwards to appease my sister. She insists everyone else is bad and she is the only one who is good using her kids as pawns and now her husband is seeing someone where my sister had an attitude with him. Like she is just using him for babysitting services and does not care for him as a husband and her present husband says he doesn’t blame the guys she cheated on. They do not realize they are being played with and manipulated. I want this cycle to stop and my sister re-envision herself as when they first knew each other. Like reignite their flame and make it bigger than my sister’s current boyfriend. My sister’s husband is a really nice guy and has spoiled my sister by allowing this to contingent go on. I currently live at their home and it is very saddening to see things take place. My sister is a socialite who loves to drink going out to fettish clubs and other places with her boyfriend and this guy who I have no respect for is indulging her every whim. My desire is for my sister to grow up out if this pattern to be the strong wonderful woman to her husband and daughters and for my sister having had this historywhich is a long pattern of taking from our parents and before and when they passed away she has had a huge pattern of take take take. We have several famuly members who were caught up into the going out thing our grandfather and aunt even my dad all on that side of the family and my grandmother on my mother’s side was a real socialite too. I saw the destruction as a child and shied away from it yet my sister AND my brother are caught into it. I like it too yet I decided to draw the line since I am the oldest. It has gotten really bad since my parents died 5 years apart on the exact same day.

  82. Hello, back when I was in middle school I tried to cast a love spell from one of my mothers spell books. This spell consisted of writing down the name of the person I liked, putting it in my pillow, and reciting something from the book (cannot remember what I had to recite). I ended up dating this person for a few months and then we broke up. I am now almost 21 years old and have been with another person off and on for almost 6 years. However, the original person I tried to put a “spell” on has consistently tried to insert himself into my life and has confessed to mutual friends that he still wants to be with me. Does this sound like a legitimate love spell to you? If so, am I able to break it myself?

  83. From five years i’m feeling negative mentality , negatively emotional for which i’m destroying my life and studies always wanted to sleep like someone has used negative spell or seal. Everytime i feel it in my heart like someone wants to control me and destroy my life . If it is enchanment used in negative way . So please how to break the enchanment .

  84. I couldn’t find any other boards to post on but I acquired a peice of jewelry from my aunt, who was a solitary practioner. I’m sure that it’s a aqua crystal but I was just curious if the magic or enchantment is still there even though my aunt is gone?

  85. Hi Dave,
    I was just informed that this man I know and love is my soul mate. However someone I’ve contacted (a psychic) has put a hex on us so that we can’t be together. Would I be able to reverse that without him being with me? Or do I need him to break the spell because he doesn’t know I like him yet.

  86. I went to someone who told me a person had done a separation spell for me and my boyfriend this was in june. I did not listen beacuse I didn’t want to believe in this but now he just stopped talking to me it’s been 2 weeks and he doesn’t want to know anything about me. Not only that but he is with someone else he recently met. I don’t know what to do to get him back I’ve tried meditating it’s not working, We have some friends in common who will try and talk to him about this but I don’t know if that will work. He seems very upset and blocked me on facebook he doesn’t have a cell phone so that was the only way we could talk. A friend will give him one next week and I will have the number but he will probably block me from there as well because he is so upset. I am afraid that even if I do something to reverse the situation it won’t work because the spell was done several months ago. I need help inmediatly.

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