How to Control Psychic Abilities?

So, you have Psychic Abilities, you are probably wondering now if there are ways of controlling it? That is great if that is so because this is the first step in the right direction. Many will fight what they have and in the end have to deal with it one way or another. Don’t misread this, there are ways of hiding from it as well and if you want to go down that road it is possible as well.

Firstly, i wanted to say we all have them, we all have abilities, this is because we all connected in many ways, spiritually and physically. The spirit and body is made up of the same sort of energy that flows throughout the universe. By aligning our mental and spiritual self in the right way it gives us a frequency to be able to notice certain things that you feel others do not.

Okay so, if we are all connected, then what are we all connected by you may ask?

There is a net of energy that engulfs all, it ranges from you to light years away across the galaxies. Energy has no bounds and is limitless, just like the spirit in many ways so in order to understand what you have you need to first reflect on what we all are in the real reality. Nothing is fully solid, even matter looks solid but in reality it is empty other than the energy it gives off to create boundaries. So mostly what a lot of people think is real is in fact an illusion.

Okay now that i have gone over the connectedness of all, then we must look at what that means deeply, it means we give off certain frequencies yeah. These frequencies are similar to radio waves, but they are constantly absorbing information as well. It is amazing how much data is being processed by the spirit and the brain every day. This information is either used and placed in the database of the mind or it is discarded, however sometimes within this data time and other elements is disrupted.

Time is Like a Wave..

This is because time is not exact, it moves in waves and the spirit picks up on that sometimes, the mind does not notice and for good reasons as well, we would be all running around in circles if so. So to, in an other way of looking at it the spirit gives certain data to the mind that it feels appropriate, which is often referred to as Psychic Abilities. Not all relays are important so it just picks up on the ones that it sees can effect you.

Now back to the spirit, as it picks up on energies in the time flow we sometimes see glimmers of future or present events that are happening, similar in a way to seeing into the future or seeing what is happening elsewhere. This is all a frequency within the energy field and like i said earlier it is limitless in size, however like all experiences the spirit will source the ones that matter to you. You will tune into aspects of self more than others and that is why so many of us get Deja vu or end up living at houses we previously dreamed of. You are actually looking upon an angle of one of these time waves, from the right view, we can tap into images of the future for ourselves or images or the present like i said earlier.

Now can you see my point, similar to a radio frequency but different.

“A good example of connectedness is if you start pondering on an old friend that you have not thought on or heard of in years and then next thing you know they call you. This is not coincidence, this is the connectedness of thought through the spirit and like i said it is basically limitless. Limited by what you see as limited in a way..”

Okay, now that i have gone over my theory of connectedness, the answer to the question can be found within this. If you want to improve Psychic Abilities that you currently have then you need to focus more on the spirit.

Below Are Some Key Ways to Improve and Control Psychic Abilities –key spiritual tips

  1. Meditate Daily
  2. Spend time alone to reflect often
  3. When you notice your ability, write it down.
  4. Record your Dreams, these will help unlock many powerful Psychic doors
  5. Help Others and be selfless
  6. Stargazing

Okay so that is a couple of ways to help improve,  what is important is the action of writing things down. This reinforces the brain to not ignore, which is one of the key weaknesses of humankind. It did not use to be so hard. In the distant past one could remember and except these gifts as normal. Magic was more a part of life. Let me tell you, nothing much has changed other than we are now taught to ignore spiritual growth more in society. We have forgotten that it is as an important part of understanding of all throughout our life and to be able to except our own death in the future.

A challenge for many to except.

How to Stop or Reduce Psychic Abilities?

Like i said earlier, we can never fully stop them however there are ways to reduce them that is for sure and that is by the way you look at your life. When you notice these abilities tell the mind they are not important. Over time even though the spirit may keep trying to send these messages the mind will start to shut off the frequency that was once important. I would not recommend this path though, excepting the spiritual side of ourselves is key to happy and healthy life. By blocking it i am sure you can see what parts of you, you may miss.

This is of course up to you though, same goes with those sensitive and see spirits, this is usually happening for a reason and so trying to close off can close off other aspects of what makes you. The truth is everyone is different however we are also all the same in makeup. We all create our own lives, our own desires and our own ambitions. Same too can be the same with how we approach the spiritual, do you choose to embrace it or do you choose another path?

So overall and in conclusion, Psychic Abilities are controlled by understanding them better, they are also improved in this way as well.

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5 thoughts on “How to Control Psychic Abilities?

  1. At age 30 I had been a psychic for 13 years. At that age I had an ‘awakening’. Since then I cannot control my abilities, working too hard (giving readings or counseling) triggers me into a state of consciousness where the UnReal becomes real and consensual reality is no longer a part of my awareness. I can be “gone” for weeks at a time, usually ending up in the psyche ward on meds to ‘control symptoms’ of “bi-polar”- mind you no other bi-polars display my psychic ‘symptoms’. Once you “hear voices” you are mentally ill according to Western Medicine. They don’t believe in “Psychic” or “Channeling” much less other states of consciousness. Any help or advice would be wonderful! Thanks for this blog.

    • Your welcome, hope you get it more under control, however it sounds like you except that part of you which is a good thing.

      I know what you mean, in olden days these sort of abilities were considered talking to god or angels or were the basis of many religions. Nowadays it is less excepted. The bible is full of incidents where people heard voices so are other religions.

      Other people have controlled there symptoms based on accepting but not paying attention to it when it happens, over time apparently the mind can sort these experiences how you want more so. In a way like saying the more one pays attention to it the more likely it comes back.. Try to jot down aspects in your life that have helped avoid the experience as much as possible and that may help.

      Have a nice day 😉

  2. I also had a massive awaking at the age of 30 I’ve been psychic my whole life i even remember my birth and being a baby but I’ve always kept it to my self I’ve ignored it till my awaking its like my mouth is broken i have this strong since to be true to my self against my own will at times like blurting out that i have been talking to an angel or i can’t sleep at night because its like grand central station in my bedroom I’ve got spirit coming and going! Do you have an article on how to communicate with your family in coming out of the spiritual closet?? Because important having a hard time with thus can’t find a web site that talks about this. You are right in this post that sooner or later you have to address it kicking and screaming if need be.

  3. Thank you for this post. I hope to see changes in decreasing my abilities. I hope its for the better. Kind of on the fence about it.

  4. I’m 14 and I have psychic ability’s for a year and a half but I cant control them, I want to help people with them but I’m afraid that I’m going to harm someone instead. So I’m going to take your advice and do those 5 steps to control them, so I want to thank you for the help your giving to those who need it.

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