How To Get Rid Of Curses and Black Magick?

A popular question I have received over the years is the concept of Curses and Black Magick and How if you think you are effected to get rid of it? This is firstly, a great question and like I said a common one here at The Occult Blogger. This post is for all those in this situation.

Firstly what you want to do is look at yourself first and start thinking if what you are creating is first caused by your own emotional response? It may be the way you look at life, you may be on your own negative reactions to things that are simply brought on by you. While this is not always the case, reflecting can often look at ourselves in a more deeper way.

On a second note, you have to ask yourself why anyone would place a spell on you or even consider doing black Magick of any kind? The reason you need to ask this is humans are an interesting animal, we are more so caring and kind and do acts of kindness and so exposing ourselves to strong negative forces is often extremely rare. That being said another way of looking at is this is from the other side, those that wield black Magick or cast curses are the ones that get punished in the situation as well, so them casting it, means it often effects the subject less than the actual wielder. There is also no way of controlling negative thoughts or creations without the loss of oneself. This is old advice this one and it means in a nutshell that the caster that is wielding negative forces will be harmed more than the victim of any known curses or negative Black Magick.

candle magickOn a third note, those are convinced they are still victims are often people that are open at that time to having emotional weakness.  So in other words, if one holds strong positively, then these effects from emotional energy manipulation ( negative Magick or often what is referred to as Black Magick ) have little effect on the person that it is wielded on.

That is why even tyrants during history have often not fallen prey to negative forces, as within them they have more control of there emotions even though they may be an extremely evil man or women.

That is where we come back to emotional control and positive thinking.  No matter what sort of forces may be thrown in the world positive always wins against negative. Why you may ask and why can it heal so strongly? Well, the truth is most humans as a species and a whole are generally overall caring and good to others around us.  By surrounding ourselves in that, it forms a strong form of barrier or a shield against other forces.

Growing up we also naturally create blocks, so when asked this question how exactly to rid ourselves of negative forces from others, I often reply, look at the way you see the world and look at how you positively react to it.

This is often an important answer…

Even in the workplace negative forces can drive us to emotional pain. While these days we do not call it Magick, it is still an emotional attack and can effect us strongly.

Anne Jones has a great way of rounding up this subject above. I highly recommend watching it to get a better idea.


The most important solution being and which I agree with is looking at ourselves in a positive way. Look at your own attributes that you bring to the world, in essence love one self. Love nature and care for the planet. In reality it also has no attribution to what belief you have as well, it could be religious, spiritual or simply scientific, no matter who it is, the reflection of how you can heal and remove negative forces is always the same. Be caring to others, be loving to yourself and be positive.

… After all negative cannot survive in this environment.

Even from a scientific perspective this makes sense as well, yeah. The mind can be a powerful tool, so filling with rubbish and negative experiences can only lead to more memories that negatively effect our daily life. This is often what doctors commonly refer to as depression. Yet with a bit of a push and a few changing of habits, we can change and form into more positive responses..

Once this happens, it is amazing how things can change, even negative reactions.

So overall, it all is about perspective of oneself as well, thinking and feeling and keeping yourself looked after as well, spiritually and positively. To get rid of all negative reactions in life such as curses or negative magick what we first really need to do is focus on being more positive to ourselves as a whole, then it will effect others in a healing way as well as yourself..  Because seriously life is just simply too short to be upset at anyone or have an aspect of negativity, or even hold negative attachments to anything, we are here for a reason and I like to believe it is for experience and to be good to those around us, loving, caring and enjoying the moment.

Final Tip – As a tip for this topic or anyone that is experiencing bouts of negative attacks, I highly recommend Meditating Daily as well to help balance your emotional response as well.

If you have had a experience that relates to this topic feel free to share below by commenting, on another note, feel free to subscribe and like as well if you enjoyed this topic.

 Image Source: History of the Occult by T.Wynne Griffon.

7 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Curses and Black Magick?

  1. I need someone’s help involving black magic. The phones cell and house and all electronics that could help us are all crapping out. My daughters have a mother that practices black magic. I know her mother and she has books that tell you how to move objects with your mind. Other wired things is that triangle formations appearing all over inside and outside the house. Can somebody tells how to remove this hex

    • Read the king James version Bible out loud in your home, the holy s ruptured of Gods words will make it leave , the same kind a thing is happening in my house, symbols and writing appearing on the wall then disappearing, the tenants before me, hated my landlady, and absolutely thrashed the house, strange things happen, it got hit by lightening, the oil heating don’t work right lots more stuff…got problem with the firewall, while all the rest of the house in the estate where but by same people and same work men, and none of them have any problems about there I figure it’s a curse but on my rented house

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  5. A person who has been casted by negative magic. The first thing to do is to find the origin of the magic. Once you know where is it from , then you can try to get rid of it completely. If you have the experts around you, you should ask them for advise. I would say that it is easier to cast a magic than removing it. So be more cautious about it before you proceed.
    Symptom of negative magic ranges from seeing things, hearing noises, not able to sleep well, eating habit change, unable to focus, slowly down in one’s action/thoughts, becoming more aggressive or less tolerant and/or sometimes, start to have skin rashes.

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