How to Make a Real Haunted House?

Some things should not be played with and one of those things is haunted houses. You may think it is okay to think a haunted house may be fun or interesting, however to those that have or do live in one it is a whole other story. I suppose it may be the movies or TV that makes it sound interesting or maybe even that they are a skeptic to the point they want to prove it to themselves. Whatever the reason a real haunted house in reality is a much different question.

In this post i wanted to ponder on the concept of creating a real haunted house. Not a subject to take lightly and not a subject that i reckon anyone should try either. So anyways, this post is about is it possible to a make a real haunted house.?

My quick response is yes and i will describe why i believe so.. First of all not all haunted houses are created by a death or tragedy.. Sometimes they are from ghosts that are attracted to one of the residents. This could of been from a previous dwelling or living or situation in the past that now the spirit has strength enough to try to communicate in the new house. Secondly spirits are everywhere, let’s face it, think of all the people that die every second around the world and it only is getting more and more higher the occurrence of death. While a lot of spirits may move on straight away to the other side, there would be a lot that would still stay or linger until they felt ready to move on fully.. Some maybe never wanting to move on..

haunted house

So what does this mean and how does this relate to making a real haunted house. The easy answer is attracting spirits, some people do it without even trying while others do not attract at all. It all depends on belief, upbringing and spiritual growth.

To attract spirits all one needs to do is to try to communicate to spirits daily, this is not recommended i say once again as it will only cause problems, not help in anyway. The truth is i believe many spirits want to communicate, you try via seances or basic rituals or basic invites to your house and doors can start opening.

What would the reason be that spirits may want to communicate you may ask.? The reason for this is the spirits that do not move on after death sometimes referred to as lost spirits or lower plane spirits are here because they feel they are still emotionally attached to the earth still. Maybe they have a message to pass on or maybe they desire more humanly power that they used to have here or whatever it is, communication helps them get what they want.

Rundown On Creating a Haunted House

1. ) Seances

2. ) Ouija Boards

3. ) Rituals

Each of these three forms of spiritual communications above can attract spirits and hence start to create a haunted house. You see the problem with spirit communication is a lot of spirits tend to not want to leave after.

It’s like they now want more and more of your time  and because you have noticed them you have given them a bit of power. It’s a dangerous cycle really and so like i say is not worth mucking around with.

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  1. This is a really interesting topic. People have tried to do this in the past, often ending with unforeseen results. You should look up a little town in I believe was Delaware. A middle-aged woman claimed that she had summoned to learn spirit into her house. she planned a get together to prove to skeptics that she had actually done it. In the letter she sent out with the guest invitations, she claimed that she had been working with the spirit for approximately 9 weeks, and was able to provide actual proof that it had not been there before, she had summoned it, and it was real. Now the question probably asking yourself is why hasn’t anyone heard of this? the answer that would be the night before she was supposed to have the party her house burned to the ground. she claimed she may mistake by trying to imprisoned spirit there and that it was taking revenge her by burning the house down. The Report from the Local Fire Department claimed that the company to deliver the oil for her furnace had failed to prime the unit correctly upon filling the tank. She did really some amateur 8mm footage later, but it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be debunked. But it is an interesting topic

  2. Strong unchecked emotions can form thoughtforms that if gone unchecked can start to have a personality of their own. Especially if you have a power source perpetually feeding them, or a natural resource like running water or ley lines that they can draw strength from. Then you’ve got a haunted house. No ghost, but ghost like activity.

    • Interesting that you say that one phil as ley lines and water feed paranormal activity in general. In a way like a battery for residual hauntings. What i have found is these sort of places are full of ghosts usually. Eg lighthouses or old sacred sites which are common ley line junctions.

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