Latest UFO Sighting – Stephenville Texas Area

Another important bit of UFO evidence was made just recently.. A UFO was filmed and spotted by many on the 30 of January this year over the Stephenville area(2009).. Matt Collins who filmed the craft noticed the interesting object  in the sky and decided to film the object floating in the sky.

Many reports of the sighting other than Matt were claimed that day, however Matt was the one that got some good footage of the craft.. ( the image to the left is a screenshot from the video of the craft)

While Matt Is skeptical himself, as to what it is he still claims whatever it is it is unusual, many newsgroups displayed a report similar to the one in this video below..

Stephenville seems to be getting a lot of activity lately from UFOs.. Is what Matt and his family saw (shown in video) near Stephenville more evidence to prove we are not alone..?  Is it all government testing or are UFOs / Aliens choosing places in the earth for specific reasons..?

What do you think of this UFO / object sighting..?

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