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Have you had any lucid dreaming experiences lately..? We all do occasionally (by accident sometimes) in dreams, so i thought why not have a post where people can jot down there experiences. If you are unsure as to what lucid dreaming is, it is where you are conscious in your dream, basically meaning you know who you are and make choices in your dream. The concept of lucid dreaming is it is a deeper consciousness than normal dreaming allowing a more astral experience and has very powerful healing abilities.

That is more theory, as for science they are still unsure as to what Lucid Dreaming truly is..

Timon Weller —

One of my most powerful lucid dreaming experiences was realising i was dreaming and then all of a sudden i was in a large garden with millions of beautiful violet flowers, they were radiating and i could smell the perfume from them, i remember it was a very clear day in the dream, where everything was glowing and i felt so happy. I walked around and took in the wonder. I couple of times since then i have found this same place when going into lucid dreaming, I always wake up very refreshed and healed for the day.. I call it my violet healing experience.

Let us know your lucid dream experience (testimonies) below by commenting..

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  1. Hi Timon-
    I have experiances with lucid dreaming all the time. When I am dreaming and think or say “I must be dreaming” I look at my hand. When I am dreaming, my hand appears distorted. My fingers are odd sizes and shapes, and usually have bruised fingernails. Then I know I am dreaming and can control it. When I want to change my scenery, or who I’m with I try to spin. It feels like I am on a kids ride at the park holding on to the middle but being pulled outward, until I stop. While I’m spinning, I concentrate on where I want to be and who I want to be with, and once I stop spinning I am there. I read about doing this somewhere and tried it the next time I realized I was having a dream. It worked very well. I wonder if I actually ended up where I wanted to go, because it felt so real. I am sure I always remember my lucid dreams. I would love to get an e-mail from you. I have some personal questions. If you are too busy, I do understand, but have not found a person that I can talk to about certain things, and do not believe that I stumbled onto your site by accident.

    • Hey April,
      Excellent example of a lucid experience. When in the lucid world try not to control it so much, try to let it go a bit more and you will find the experience going further and further. Also as another recommendation write down your dreams and experiences in the lucid. This will make it happen more and more often and also more control. Yeah i am pretty but feel free to contact me via email if you like..
      I think you are on the right road there. The lucid dream is so much more than a dream and i think you know that. Try to do tasks and test yourself each time more and more and then look at your results..
      Thanks for the visit.

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