Mass UFO Sighting in Trumbull County Ohio!

Another case to add to the UFO casebook is the Trumbull Mass UFO County case in Ohio. This was a massive sighting between hundreds of people in the county area all seeing the same flying object. Interestingly in this case a few police officers that were called to investigate the scene all reported the same as well.

“The object was a large flying structure and quiet and occasionally flashed different coloured lights including red, yellow, blue and green.”

Common Report

The first officer on the scene claimed when following the object that it even turned off his car and hovered above him for a short while before silently moving on. He claimed he had never seen anything like it..

trumbull county ufo

The videos below is about this case.

“I could see a main structure off the main part of the lighting.”

— Police Unit

The UFO did not even show up on the FFA Traffic Control Tower..?

We have a report of some flying object in our jurisdiction.
— 911 Dispatcher
“Uhh.. Right now..”
“I look at the radar scope and I go 60 miles diameter of Youngstown and there is nothing out there..”
— Control Tower

I love the explanation by the astronomer at the end of video two, as just a star twinkling, planet or fireball.. I have to say that has to be the worst explanation ever.

“I got ’em right here. I’m looking at ’em.
— Lieutenant Baker
“What the Hell Is It?
— 911 Dispatch
“I got red, yellow, green and Blue.
“This is weird..”
“Oh my God. I hope that is a plane.”
“Oh Please be a plane. Oh please.

— Lieutenant Baker

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