Meditating in Snow – Is This Heat Magick?

As explained in my recent series The Beginners Guide To Meditation, I went over how it can have amazing benefits on the body. One interesting and amazing benefit that I will share today however is its power over the mind and body. In this case controlling body heat even in extreme cold conditions.

Imagine this, freezing temperatures, below zero, any normal human would be in a dangerous way without extreme clothing. Well, this is not so much the case in some circumstances. What if I shared with you some extremely rare cases where people have been known to be able to meditate and control there body warmth. In other words, is this a form of heat magick or is this simply an amazing attribute of how we can condition the body in extreme conditions?


Below are two examples of this to enjoy.

Above – Wim Hof ( Informally known as the Ice Man ) demonstrates his amazing ability to control his body core temperature even in extreme dangerous cold conditions which would be fatal to the normal human body. Normal or Magick?

Above – Demonstration of meditation in extreme ( -4 ) conditions using the Tummo Meditation technique. Video Source – Martin Faulks

The first question you maybe asking is, is this safe..? Well, I certainly would not recommend trying without extreme training or knowledge. It could be extremely dangerous. These people above are obviously tapping into a core energy that not all of us has access to and of course requires extreme training. As mentioned one before above, the Tummo Meditation is the known meditation technique that is said to help control core body temperature in extreme conditions.

This is just some amazing examples to ponder. Let me know what you think?

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