Meditating on Breath

Breath is a powerful thing.. It gives us life, it energises our bodies and is one of the key components of life.. This is why breath is so effective in meditation.. After reading many books and personal teachings on the techniques of meditations, one of the most simple yet powerful meditations is on breath. Below is detailed on how to perform breath meditation..

Meditating on Breath Steps –

1)  Find a comfortable spot to sit upright for at least 40 minutes, preferably where your back is straight.

2)  Take a few deep relaxing natural breaths and unwind from the day.

3)  Now slowly start to listen to your breath, be careful not to control it, just let it do it’s natural rhyth.

4)  When meditating on your breath let thoughts come but do not pay attention to them them, let them go by until you are in a nice peaceful meditative trance…

5)  Enjoy the Meditation..


Out of all the meditation techniques I have tried in my life this definitely has to be my overall favourite for relaxing and creating a nice inner meditative state.. I hope you like it as well.. Let me know how this meditation goes for you..?

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  1. Hi..sounds interesting….i used to do transcendental meditation…its almost the same…But we will be using a “mantra ” which is a word to get back our concentration from rest of the thoughts….

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