Meditation For Beginners – 25 Practical Tips To Quieting The Mind

Meditation is one of those aspects of life that many put off, they dwell on the subject, think about it but usually it is one of those want to do spiritual aspects that so many just keep putting off. So what is it about mediation that does that to so many, this is the same question that many ask everyday. The true answer is the mind like can be great but can also work against us from finding our spiritual self or meditative state. Instead to a lot of us the mind would prefer us to stumble through life putting off a lot of positive important things until maybe we are spending more time focusing on mind based tasks instead of focusing on what really is true.

Meditation For Beginners and Everyone

That truth is that Meditation is one of the most powerful tools and spiritual aspects that everyone deserves to experience. In a way it brings us back home to what really is real, what really is important and while at the same allowing some love and appreciation for oneself and for others that you may have put off because of the desire to put off.

While making the choice to change is one thing, Meditation is not one of those quick let’s go formula, it is a simple process however like for many anything simple can become complex with guides, books, multiple techniques and information that is almost endless. Instead  we could focus on the basics again and get started on the right track. Quieting the mind in time and changing lifestyle to suit you and your situation.

meditation mat for beginners

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Most Recommended 25 Practical Tips To Quieting The Mind

  1. Deciding To Meditate – This is an important one, wanting to learn is one thing but actually doing it is another. Once you have decided to Meditate then make sure to stick to that decision, make it a firm decision.
  2. Listen to Relaxing Music – During the day try to focus away from the stresses and unwind as much as possible by listening to relaxing music. This will help enhance Meditation later and help relax the mind.
  3. Me Time – Always give yourself at least an hour by yourself a day to let the day be thought through. When doing so don’t hold onto the memories of the day just let them pass and then like at the positive learning of each in total.
  4. Take a deep breath – Deep breathing increases circulation and helps the mind unwind better. When you breath out imagine that all the days worries are going..
  5. Focus on the now – Commonly called “LIVING IN THE NOW” is another practical tip that helps quieten the mind. Each person has there own level of this and can be improved by daily practice. Each time a thought comes in just let it go then focus on what is happening now.
  6. Focus on what is real – There are so many aspects of life that just are not real and are fears created by the mind, this includes worrying about money, worrying about your job, all of these are out of your control so let go..
  7. Do something positive – Do something positive and see what returns, something always returns that is even more positive.
  8. Do something positive for someone else – By doing this you set yourself up for inner reward, conscious reward which is more valuable than any money.
  9. Find a quiet place to Meditate – This is a common problem for many that mediate, they leave this one out and sound can really effect the meditation. If you can’t then find the most quiet place as possible and then use ear plugs.
  10. Comfort is Key – Ouch, meditating can really hurt the bum so go out and buy yourself a nice meditation mat to sit on, this will really help create better meditation practice and help quieten the mind as well.
  11. Walks in Nature – This one is always helpful and generally helps quiet the mind automatically. This is because humans are connected to nature just as much as nature is connected to us. Walking through nature brings us back to this reality.
  12. Looking at the Stars – Highly recommended thing to do is gaze at the stars when you can, put a blanket down on the ground in a good spot outside and lay and look up. It is amazing how small one feels when this is done often and it can really help shut up the mind quickly.
  13. Reality Check – Have you done one of these lately, imagine how you come across to others, are you like how you want or can you improve yourself, can you be more kinder? If so, don’t be upset at yourself, change and improve. We are all learning.
  14. Try to Meditate at Least 1 Hour a Day – This one is a good one, pass the 30 minute mark and you will notice a bigger change, improvements are so much more at quieting the mind by just doing that little bit more.Meditation for beginners
  15. Use a good Guided Meditation Audio – This will help guide you in to a more deeper meditation.
  16. Good Aroma’s – This can really help, some nice jasmine oil burning to help put you in the mood to unwind and meditate.
  17. Surround yourself with Positive People – This is a obvious one, surround yourself with how you want to be. This will help meditation and quieting the mind even more.
  18. Keep the House Clean – This one is of debate by many, however if you try keeping your house clean I am sure you will feel more fresh and ready to meditate. By keeping the house clean it also takes that nagging clean thought out that can happen when the house is really dirty.
  19. Don’t get upset at yourself – This is important aspect to quieting the mind, getting upset at oneself is a weakness of the mind so fixing this is important.
  20. Reduce of Stop Drinking Alcohol – Alcohol can seem like a good idea to quieting the mind but in the mind it will work against you, instead meditate more..
  21. Choose to be more Spiritual – Being spiritual has nothing to do with religion, instead focus on the beauty of the world and how amazing it is to be floating around on this beautiful planet through what we call universes. It truly is amazing.
  22. Be accepting of Others – Be accepting of those that you do not like, this is a hard one i know but by accepting you are also accepting your own weaknesses which is really fulfilling and rewarding.
  23. As a Beginner Approach Meditation Positively – All that comes out of meditation is positive so start the journey positively, don’t let other distract you from your journey, this is your journey and everyone’s journey comes to an end sooner or later so experiencing meditation is so important.
  24. Believe in yourself – This one is important as well, don’t give on meditation because you tried once and it did not seem to change anything, instead believe and try again and again and when the right connection happens in meditation you will really thank me I am sure. Nothing is achieved overnight, it takes time, meditating as well as quieting the mind is a process in a way like growing a flower or a fruit tree, it takes time, but is so worth it once it flowers or fruits. Keep at it..
  25. BONUS TIP – Choose a simple meditation technique that allows one to focus easily on quieting the mind.

garden bridge

Long list hey, why don’t you bookmark this or print it out, this will help you check off what applies to you in this situation.

Simple Meditation Technique

I will share a simple meditation technique one can do that will help, sit comfortably, take a deep breath and then relax. Keep doing so and allowing thoughts to enter and go, with each thought just let it drift by and move on. To make it even easier why not check out our Guided Meditation Audio Pack that is really good for beginners or those that are looking for some nice audio to enhance there meditation practice.

2 thoughts on “Meditation For Beginners – 25 Practical Tips To Quieting The Mind

  1. I love to meditate. I’ve always had good experiences, and it always seems to open me up in a positive way. BUT, I’m ADHD, so I can’t do it THAT OFTEN. The longest I’ve been able to meditate is 15 minutes, and the last time I meditated, I THINK I could have stayed with it a bit longer, but during my meditating I began to see the most beautiful, GLORIOUS Eagle gracefully flying upward – and after I watched it for like 2 minutes in my minds eye, I got so excited, I jumped up to go tell my husband about it, and my mind was racing so much that I couldn’t get it back. I couldn’t concentrate enough to get back to that level. I have so many negative people around me daily, that NOW I can’t even muster up enough motivation to even sit. I’m gonna give another go at it though. I know I would benefit from it.

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