Meditation Techniques

It seems like such a long time ago now…

I was young when my parents first introduced me to what meditation was. I was around 6 years old and was very curious. My parents studied the practice for many years in Australia, so seeing them meditate in there room or in private was common for me, in a way i saw it like sleep. A thing grown ups do.

It was not until i reached about the age of 11 or 12 that i understood the concept of meditation and the reason many people around the world practice it regular. I started to ask questions and finally found books and answers to what it was and how to start doing myself.

My very first practice was when i was in year 6 (school) so around 11 to 12 years old. My dad was understanding and gave me time to ponder on what it was or whether it was right for me..

Learning the Art of Meditation Techniques

My very first meditation technique i was given was called the white light technique, it involved encasing myself visually in white light and then pushing all negativity out. The second one was a meditation technique called the bee technique.. A sound form of meditation which focuses on the inner sound of energy inside us all..

The third and still used technique of meditation i use today i call the breath meditation technique. This is basic, yet i believe one of the most powerful techniques for deep meditative trance.. Its basic focus is focusing only on breath and letting thoughts come and go but not holding onto them..

Overall meditation is something of a lifestyle. Its a part of life. A meditation technique really is just a tool to connect to the inner we all want to feel more.. It helps to clear the mind, the heart and feel the spirit more..

Above – The Occult Blogger provides a Meditation Audio set to help guide you into meditation called the Ultimate Guided Meditation Audio Pack

Meditation Techniques and You

Choose a technique that works best for you and adapt to its form. If you find the meditation technique is not suited to you, feel free to change to one that works best for you. Remember all these techniques are all doors to inner consciousness so which one works best is up to you.

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