Mummified Buddhist Monk Comes Back to Life

Is coming back to life after death even possible..? Well in this video below I share a case where Monks believe so. Camera showing the mummified body of Buddhist monk Lama Itigilov moving inside the Ivolginsky Datsan temple in Siberia, after being dead for 89 years.

Above Video – Video above from Beyond Science showing the case of the Buddhist monk Lama Itigilov moving inside the Ivolginsky Datsan temple in Siberia

Mummified Buddhist Monk Comes Back to Life

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  1. I’ve got a very open mind when it comes to the paranormal, but I need more/better evidence with the monk before concluding this qualifies as evidence. Why not roll the full surveillance footage itself? Also, there have been more than a few times in recent history where Buddhist temples & shrines have engaged in a bit of “embellishing”, and other hijinks in order to create mystique and generate more outside interest.

    On to the next topic covered in the video. This new software that would allow for non-verbal mental instructions between man and machine is not so far fetched actually. The technology of mind based communication directives, known as “telepathy”, has actually been in top secret development by DARPA/US military over the past 8-11 years already. While there’s no exact date to pinpoint it’s start time due to it being such a top secret endeavor, in 2011 leading scientific periodicals were allowed to release snippets of this research, with anywhere from 2005-08 being the estimated start times for it’s genesis based on the testimonies scientists disclosed on when they were brought onto the project. It’s still very much a black budget secret officially, but obviously foreign intelligence agencies were likely aware of this project by then if DARPA disclosed this work to select press periodicals. So, telepathy is not as ‘out there’ as one might think; it is actually within our grasp during our lifetimes.

    I want to point out that this is not “mind reading” technology. It’s telepathy. There is a difference. Telepathy is merely mind-to-mind based communication; not mind reading. Those are different phenomena entirely. Through telepathy, the receiver silently intakes the mental command given to him without hearing outside voices placed in his head. Instead, his mind will silently receive and process the base instruction, it’s essential emotional directive that the speaker wishes to relay, which will appear as no more than a new thought/concept in his mind. It also requires both people wearing one of these helmets in order for the thought to be relayed. It’s impossible for someone wearing one of these devices to place random thoughts into the minds of the public at large if they’re not wearing a synchronizing helmet device themselves. The current obstacles they’re trying to overcome with this technology as of late is in reducing it down to a more portable, comfortable size helmet that isn’t so large and bulky— as well as the timeless challenges of cost efficiency and mass production. Y’know, the same old universal difficulties that have vexed all top secret military research programs for time immemorial.

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