Mysterious Stigmata Women Baffles Experts

Stigmata has always been a mysterious controversial paranormal occurrence. It has been documented throughout history and still to this day many cases have been unsolved as to what exactly has been occurring it.

Some believe it is representing Jesus on the cross as a religious side effect while others believe it is simply a paranormal event. What ever it is, it sure makes me think on a couple of things.. Could it be a religious experience in connection to Jesus or could it simply be a slight of hand technique (magician trick) to make it look it is happening..

“Many records of Stigmata throughout the world indicate it is most likely real paranormal… Does not mean however that it has anything to do with religion, it is phenomena that could be caused by many reasons.. “

Video Above – Video of Syrian women suffering from Stigmata bleeding, baffles many top experts in U.S. and abroad.

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