New Crop Circles – Documentary

Crop circles are still happening everyone. Below is compiled a recent documentary at looking at this phenomena, it goes for a while so feel free to grab a coffee, some food and enjoy..

Scientific Study still indicates most of these circles are not made by humans. So what is it exactly? Magnetic fields, Ufos, Alien Communication or Glowing orbs..

Sceptics View on Crop Circles

Like most things in life there is always going to be sceptics no matter how much evidence is available, one great example was when trying to prove the world was round and not flat. So many skeptics believed otherwise. When it comes to crop circles, skeptics generally believe crop circles are man made with unusual technology. Unfortunately for there view that does not even slightly correlate with the forensic evidences found at these sites.

Question for Crop Circle Sceptics?

If it is a technology of ours, what would be the point of using this supposed new technology only to make these crop circles.? Especially after thousands upon thousands of crop circles later. And if it is all man made, would you think they would would get sick of making them by now..?

3 thoughts on “New Crop Circles – Documentary

  1. Hello! Thank you for your site. I would very much like to know more about the scientific study that has found that the crop circles are not made by humans. Do you or any readers have any links to these studies?

    • Hey Aeve,
      Thanks for the visit. There is piles upon piles of books and research done into crop circles. Most of which all take into account detailed scientific research. One of the intriguing factors being studied by field scientists is that the stems of plants are not damaged in the circles and are described as being lightly pushed down by what scientists refer to as magnetic field disturbance.

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