Occult for Beginners

Understanding the Occult can be tricky especially for those just starting to learn.. Mainly due to the fact is it is the study of understanding what we cannot see, hidden or paranormal..

To begin with for beginners I think the best thing to focus on is what we are..

Below are some tips to help Understand the Occult better:

Occult for Beginners Tips

1 )  We are Energy – Understanding the energy is one of the biggest hurdles to understanding yourself and the Occult world.. Once you can except that we are simply energy of consciousness then it is easier to understand the factors involved in the Occult arts..

2 )  Occult is Not Evil – This is a false rumor, how one wields the energies is up to them, in fact the energies are being wielded by you, all the time.. The Occult is the study of how to wield these energy’s, choosing to use the energy for negative aspects is totally up to the wielder however is not recommended as all energy comes back eventually..

clouds white light

Law of nature and the universe.. You may also want to read my other guide on What is the Occult to help get a better understanding of it as a study in general.

3 )  Doing is also understanding, to understand the energy there is no better way to tune into yourself and this frequency other than by meditating often.. Meditation will help keep the mind clear as well as allow energy to flow more clearly.. Especially when you are unclear on something when meditating the answer can simply come to mind..

4 )  Layers of Consciousness – Understand that there are many layers of consciousness, 3rd dimensional consciousness, dream consciousness, spirit consciousness, astral or lucid consciousness and these are all experiences of the spirit…

5 )  Layers of Energy – Just like there are layers of consciousness there are also layers on energy, the body itself is merely energy, it may look and feel physical but in reality it is just condensed energy of atoms, protons and neutrons.. If looked under a very powerful microscope the body can be seen right through..

Amazing, but true. Science teaches us that, just like science is opening the doors between what we thought was once theory on the spirit to becoming closer and closer to fact..

In this energy is what most refer to the spirit, the energy within the energy.. There also is a third type which Is often referred to as shared energy which is like the aura, it passes energy on to others and shares between all people we interact with.. This energy is like in a way like a star of light.. It is also connected to everything and so this energy within is very important to understand for moving between higher levels of consciousness.

6 ) Energy can be controlled – The mind is a powerful tool with focus and has great control on the energy around us, it can draw energy( to heal ), pass energy on ( to love ), hurt others ( cause negative drain) and much much more.. Controlling of this energy around us is the basis of understanding the Occult in practice and application.. It is here where spells and effects begin..

And most of us do it subconsciously everyday as well.

If controlled for good, then all effects will be good to others and yourself, if controlled for bad then all negative effects will happen on others and yourself.  A lot of people do not realize but we are all wielding with the energies everyday, it is just that  it is not intentional that’s all..

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    • Hi Jimmy,
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  1. Hi, I look forward to future posts. I’m not completely new to the occult, but I am allways looking for new ideas and lessons.

    Blessed be

  2. Very nice article. I have a little institute in the Netherlands and give occult courses. I think everybody who is interested in the occult of not have to know this basic information.

  3. The energy approach is an intresting aproach,And although Ive never thought of it like that in many ways I agree with some of these ideas. The one thing that comes to mind for myself is how this must work in acordance to each indivudals personality. The reason I mention this is as for myself I haved learned that I am a passive person. And when I tend to interact with more agressive individuals pushing there ideas and points of views, that can be very draining in energy. I also seem to know that there must be ways to combat this in a good and proper manor, even though I may not know many of these ways yet.

    • Hey Dale,
      Yeah everything is energy, you and everything, how we change things is by attaching positive attraction and feelings plus the belief of change.. Most people do not know this but basically everything in our lives already has been created by what we think and how we pull it towards us, whether negative or positive.. Some aspects to ponder to basic magick.. 😉

  4. thank God we have people with this knowledge, to study hard is to have occult knowledge.

  5. I’m 18 and from Ghana I want to be in the Occult but I have no idea about magic please I need some help from you

  6. Hey Umhmm I don’t really know how to say this but I need ur help. Me and my grandmother were so close to each other untill she eoassed away. Every now and then I have dreams of her injoing the beach and the worm weather with me. I haven’t dreamed of her in months untill last night. We in a happy place filled with ppl untill she kept repeating “accult” over and over again. It nit normal for a teenager to dream of her dead grandmother speaking like that. So I wake up and tadaaa… No surprise it has something to do with darkness. If u could please contact ke I have soooooooooooi many damn questions please!?

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