Cedar Rune Set

When looking for Occult Items one should never ignore the importance of a good Rune Set. One such set is one made by Cedar wood, the traditional way said to bestow more magical properties, made from the same branch and cedar rune setalso the symbols burned into wood like they would of been in the past. This Cedar wood set is just like that as well. Made traditionally from one branch and then each symbol burned onto it as well. Each rune is light weight and cured with linseed oil and no unnatural substances.

The magical properties of cedar wood and cedar trees are well known in the cultures of Nordic, Viking, Wiccan & Druidic traditions.

As can be seen from the set they are made well from the one branch which is the traditional way of doing it. All that is needed once bought is to do some rune meditation on the stones and they are ready for use.

Cedar Rune Set Overview

  1. Cedar Branches Wood Rune Set ( more traditional)
  2. Made From Real Cedar Wood
  3. Runes are Burned into the Wood
  4. Natural Oils Used for Curing
  5. 25 Runes All Together

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