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Let’s take a closer look at the symbols or symbology of the Occult.. First of all what are Occult symbols, are they just symbols used to create focus for the energy or are they a belief system to protect us from negative energies or are they both…?  Basically an Occult symbol is a symbol, which holds power or hidden value to it’s owner — hence an Occult symbol..

Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful Occult symbols used today in order to understand them better, some of these symbols are so common most people do not know that they actually originated from old symbols of power…
The Christian Soul Accepting Her Cross

Occult Symbols – The Cross

The cross is an old symbol that has had many hidden meanings in the church for a long time. It was said to provide protection as well as symbolize a connection to god.. It is still used by millions today as a recognized symbol of power.

In many prayers (meditations) the cross is sometimes used to hold the energy of meditative or as the church call it prayer healing..  Also the cross has been used in the past to scare away negative forces such as ghosts and demons when used in the right way as an Occult symbol of power…

The cross is also a symbol used related to death commonly used at graveyards and to also represent Jesus excepting death on the cross in history…

Occult Symbols – Star of David

Symbol used in Judaism, the Star that David can be seen as a flattened view of a three dimensional symbol, made up of two interlocking triangles. According to Judaic sources, the Star or Shield of David signifies the number seven: that is, the six points plus the center. Its Star of David on Wall in Jewish District, Venice, Italy earliest known communal usage of the Occult Symbol began in the Middle Ages..

Star of David on Wall in Jewish District, Venice, Italy
In the Kabbalah, the two triangles in the star of David represent the dichotomies inherent in man: good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, etc. The two triangles may also represent the reciprocal relationship between the Jewish people and God. The triangle pointing up symbolizes our good deeds, which go up to heaven and activate a flow of goodness back down to the world, symbolized by the triangle pointing down.

Similar symbols of the star of David were used in magick rituals by Solomon his dad, refer to maybe the Star of Davids original Occult meaning.. The star of David is now a recognized symbol of this faith and is used by many for there own personal meanings and connection to god..

Occult Symbols – The Swastika

The swastika is commonly used as a symbol of good luck, welfare, prosperity or victory. One interpretation of the swastika is derived from the ancient mythological symbolism of Shakti dancing upon Shiva . Philosophically this may be understood as the two aspects of Brahma : consciousness and energy interacting to give expression to the universe. The circular movement of this cross may be interpreted as the circular movement of the rising Kundalini.

If seen as a cross, the four lines emanate from the center to the four cardinal directions, and this is commonly associated with the Sun. Other proposed correspondences are to the visible rotation of the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere around the pole star.

occult symbols

The swastika has also been indicated as a symbol of power representing the cycle of the sun moving around the earth. In recent times the symbol has received a lot of negative feedback due to it being used by Nazi’s in WW2 as there symbol. Hitler always sought out symbols of power so naturally he chose the swastika to use for battle. Since the war many have related it to an evil symbol yet before it was seen as a symbol of good..

The left facing swastika can be seen in Buddhist temples in china as well as it also predated even further back into ancient Hinduism..In Hinduism, the two symbols represent the two forms of the creator god Brahma: facing right it represents the evolution of the universe, facing left it represents the involution of the universe.

“As you can see the Swastika symbol has been used in many forms as a powerful symbol of power, it is definitely an important Occult symbol..”

Occult Symbols Conclusion..

Overall these three symbols are some of the most recognized symbols today that have in some way strong symbolic linking to Occult value. In further posts i will go into depth further on these symbols as well as include other important Occult symbols such as Rune symbols, pagan symbols such as the five pointed star and many more.

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  1. hmm…idk…im just familiar with the cross…:D

  2. I was wondering if you have ever came across a symbol that looked like an “F” and a Snake next to each other. My friend woke up this morning with one drawn on his leg and we can’t find anything pertaining to this symbol on the web or in the books we own.

  3. Zach,where is your friend from?

  4. Jade Arsenault says:

    Hi, thanks for some information on symbols. Half of my family is way into the spiritual stuff, and I discovered a year or two back that I’m sensitive. I’m ‘training’, I guess you could call it, to ‘see’ things more clearly, or rather hear. I was reading up on spirits and hauntings to better understand it all, and I came across something that mentioned a place being haunted, and the source of attraction were numerous Occult symbols written all over the walls of one room, in various colors, some only being visible in certain colors of light. I was wondering if it was a valid assumption, and what kind of symbols could be that powerful? I’ve been looking into it, but I haven’t found anything aside from stuff like the Christianity symbols and such.

  5. The Swastika symbol has much deeper meaning then just expression, the “Thule Society”, Vril Society, and the S.S. “Black Sun” <–(Black Sun is the same meaning as the symbol of the swastika) all believed that there was a 'hidden sun' that powered the world internally. The Thule society proposed that the way the Earth worked was that there was a secret sun at the core, and the spinning spiral motion of the inner sun was how change occurred. They believed all power (psychic, occult and physical) stemmed from this source and even tried to build ships that could take them to the center of the earth.

  6. i would like to no if chanaling spirits through the pentagram will work

  7. Azor, Libra says:

    One thing that I sure do know is that I know nothing! And that was according to socrates!
    If by so you mean channeling spirits through the pentagram… the answer is YES, it works!

  8. One of the less known symbols but still very interesting is Unicursal hexagram:
    Created by famous British occultist Aleister Crowley.

  9. bukari narh says:


  10. Theresa Rezac says:

    The Cross is not an occult symbol you dumbass.
    It is a symbol of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection. Bring your sorry ass to church and ask for forgiveness for the lies you are spreading and the way you are misleading many souls down the road straight to hell.

    • Theresa,
      I am sorry to say but the cross is an Occult symbol.. It is a symbol for power based on a BELIEF system called Christianity.. The Bible is full of Occult acts.. Read it.. Christianity is an interpretation of a medieval text written by desert people who had little understanding of spirituality.. And still don’t..

      I think you need to ask forgiveness of yourself for being miss lead..

      You have it the other way round my friend.. Your the one that is miss lead in your life.. You see yourself as a lowly existence based on a faith that has no evidence.. And if there is such a place as hell, i am sorry but i have helped many people and the Earth many times in my life, i am surely not going there.. What have you done to save endangered species or protect what is really real..? My job in the past was just that, protecting the Earth..

      The deception you have from the church is not your fault, the church is responsible for many criminal acts not just the aspect of deluding innocent weak minds, i am sure you were brought up that way.. Good luck learning real life..

      If you want to learn the real rules to spirituality i recommend reading more of my blog.. Start thinking and good luck.. Trust me, religion is not the answer to truth or real spirituality..

      • what do you believe in. a pagan, Christian or a muslim

        • Hey Das,
          I am open to looking at all supernatural or paranormal claims, however based on truth and science as well, religion is irrelevant really.. As a tip, try not to get tied down by belief systems that were created thousands of years ago as a way to explain the unknown.. We know so much more nowadays. Eg, We know the world is round, and that the Earth rotates around the sun now and that in fact the Sun is not a God. The fact that both Muslim religion and christian religion did not know this shows it was a story from the time.

          As for Pagan religion, probably makes more sense than the other two religions as it is a religion based on nature worship which makes more sense as nature is real and can be felt and seen, however like I said they all have weaknesses based on certain aspects.. Instead to be more spiritual and attract better things in our lives such as the law of attraction try not to label yourself in anyway. Labels are negative forms of control and for any benefits to ourselves we need to step out of that control.

          Have a nice day..

  11. The Swastika symbol is also called a fly flot.It is said that the symbol is for dating the time and days,like a sundial.It also sets the winter,summer,spring,and autumn for farmers of old.Some people think the symbol represents north,east,south,and west,as well as earth,air,fire,water.It is said that the cross,and the ying and yang symbol comes from the fly flot symbol,but who really knows the truth.One thing is for sure,it is a very old symbol,how old nobody knows,but it’s found all over the place,like India,united kingdom,china,japan,all of western europe has found the symbol,including russia.

  12. Laurent Engelbrecht says:

    What is interresting is that the swastika has COMPLETELY been deformed by the nazis. The concept of the swatika has some common points with the concept of the star of david, the center and the elements around. Same with the pentagram with the opposite elements (fire/water, earth/air) and the spirit, which is also about the elements and and a center. And the kundalini which is also present in Jewish Mysticism and other cult and representative/metaphorical form in philosophies such as Satanism. It is so bad that people stereotype symbols with false meaning and use them for their own buisness such as nazism…

    • Good point Laurent and I agree. Many symbols have taken many meanings over the years and each can be seen and interpreted by the culture or society that adopted it as well. Even what was once a symbol of peace be transformed into a symbol to some as negative. That is why the interpretations of the symbol only has power if one is susceptible to the belief of that symbol.


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