Is It Possible To Bring An Item Back From The Astral Plane?

For all of those that have experienced the astral plane or astral world there are many questions one may ask? Is it the world after death? Is it created by ones own mind or is it out of this body beyond the body and another is it possible to bring a item or object back from the astral world or astral realm?

This is a good question as the astral world has such a significant impact for the one that experiences it.

What is the Astral Plane?

In order to go over this question, I will sum up the basics of what the astral world is first then go into the answer. To summarize the astral plane it is believed to be the world laying just beyond ours which can be accessed by death or by a simple cord called the astral cord and a good astral projection technique. When one enters the astral world common experiences before entering are the feeling of falling or spinning or simply passing through a wall or barrier.

dream world astral

Also occasionally everyone enters this world within sleep and it is commonly referred to also as lucid dreaming or conscious dreaming. Those that experience it will come out of it later feeling like it was a real situation and being able to remember all aspects of the experience making it totally unlike any dream or similar.

Sometimes an astral experience is a learning experience, other times it maybe just an amazing experience. Whatever the experience one has there it generally is something they will always remember.

For more on the Astral Plane and other questions visit my previous post on Astral Projection and Time Travel

Bringing an Item Back From The Astral Plane?

So, is it possible? To answer this question we can go over two theories, one being the theory of the astral plane creates manifestations in our reality. What this means is when in the astral plane if you see something that draws your eye such as a car or object then the chances of that object being drawn to you in the real world is manifestation of that object. That object being drawn to you and thus given as a gift or simply it comes to you over the years later. This can happen commonly with people as well. Seeing an image of someone in the astral world is often a sign of you seeing them shortly. Within days usually even if you have not seen them in years or more.

The second theory is while the astral plane feels very real, physical objects do not exist there because simply on the principle that we are in our spiritual body there and physical objects are objects of desire here alone. We can however take any form of knowledge learned there and that in a way is a taking something back.

Is It Possible?

Over time and through out many myths and stories over the ages, the bible included are many references to god like places like the astral world and items of power. Whether all these stories are just simply that, stories that one is up to you to decide.

Here’s a couple of things to think about however, to a Yogi that meditates for days without water where are they getting sustenance, is it from the astral world or from the meditation alone. To the Yogi that meditates in the snow barely clothed in freezing conditions yest they melt the snow around them, are they creating that heat themselves or it it being drawn from the astral plane..?

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  1. Ahh, very well written. I need more elaboration, what of moving into the future for example? Tell some tales of these items of power, at least mention names. For personal research, of course. Feel free to contact me. I can only travel whilst within R.E.M. Sleep, but as to the way it’s almost Lovecraftian… This is a great open minded assessment of our power of self!

  2. I have some experience from real Astral projections, and I know that it is not possible to bring anything from up there… I can also do that which the yogi do. It’s just a controlled condensation of the fire element, but it comes from the real universe, you can suck it up from the cosmos or use special crystals and other items. However, it is possible to summon objects or even teleport them to your hand, but I have never succeeded in doing that, but I’m sure that those objects do not come from the Astral plane. Also, I have exchanged energy through Astral plane with another apprentice, but never tried drawing it directly from it, neither did I need to do so. I hope I have helped you somewhat

    • I have. I was never into the paranormal prior to this happening. Very simply, I was making my bed and found a torn piece of paper. Reading it, I realized it was from the cover of my new hardcover book. This brought back a flood of memories from my dream the night before where I dreamt I had accidentally torn the cover and was inconsolable. My deceased grandparents came to me, trying to comfort me, telling me it was going to be alright. Realizing I must have really torn the cover, I go get the book, only to find the cover intact. This was the one and only experience like this I have had.
      However, I also find myself occasionally being able to know something just prior to it happening…such as a sentence will pop into my head, and two seconds later the stranger on the elevator will say it while having a phone conversation. Similar to deja vu, but I know just prior.
      I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced any of this.

      • Honeybadger,
        If I got this right, you have two identical pieces, one torn from the book and one that is still a part of the book, right? Still, it is not like the Astral realm, because you either made it while sleeping, like moonwalking, or you actually summoned it in your dream by copying your memory. When I was talking about bringing objects back, I meant to find something in Astral plane that you never saw, take it, and come back with it.
        About seeing things before they happen… y I did a lot of research on my ability and resulted in that I can now intentionally retrieve information, like I can ask a question and get an answer, but I discovered an even more imporant thing about that. If you wish to talk more about it, my e-mail is

        Btw, I got this email only now, so plz, site service, make sure they arrive more often.

    • Hello I have had a experience with astral travel like no other.This happened while I was awake and standing in place. I can remember everything I saw.And I could see it as it lay out.First I was falling through hell and could see tall black mountains to either side of me filled with prison cell of the tormented.All black demon like creatures was scaling the mountain with wings. I then commanded the demon to leep from the mountain onto me.And it did so. I then told the demon to scratch me chest if this was real.So that when I returned I would bare the mark.And it did so.After it the demon retired up at me as to strike me down. I then summoned the Devil’s pitch fork my hand and stuck the demon down while landing on my feet by a lake of fire or lava.At the point the demon was dead and I kicked it into the lake of fire.At that point I was drawn back into a coffin as intestines stood around they threw what appeared to be bodies dressed in all white into the coffin.I proceeded to throw them all out at once.As I leaned upwards I transformed my face was that of a wolf or Werewolf and I had the wings of a vampire that of the ones off Underworld the Vampire movie Marcus the exact same one. I tried to telepathically send what I was seeing and experiencing as a picture to my phone.Then a creature that looked like Dracula from bramstroker Dracula but in perfect form appeared in a cave.Dressed in a long red robe that trailed behind him.Took off his robe and ran towards me after transforming into Werewolf but with a human face.It whispered something in my ear.I could feel it’s flesh against my face.He then helped assemble the wings onto my back then through me towards the sky.I spread my wings took a stroke went back through the sky of fire and was back in my body.It took me a minute to gather myself.When I did I checked my phone and the image was on my phone half Werewolf half Vampire.So I drew the image as to not to forget.What does it all mean.

  3. Hi,

    When my gf just googled my name we came across a reply I left somewhere in 2009. I noticed a return reply but never received email on that matter. A shame because I think we could have expanded that conversation. 🙂 Oh, well, missed chance.

    More on this matter:
    Taking something with you from the astral planes.

    It’s trivial. You are astral, there are many things around us astral, but when in the physical we have no need for the astral (in its full spectrum, can’t not need what you are.)
    Taking things with you is possible but there’s no need. I’ll explain if I may…

    Sometimes Souls send astral-flowers to their still-flesh-bound-loved-ones. The effect are the same if not even more. (restraining myself from better/worse/good/bad as much as possible.)
    Not really the same as taking something with you, sending flowers…
    You take a lot of astral things of yourself with you to Earth everyday. Feelings of past lives, your guidance is astral, visiting family is astral.

    Leaving the body, grabbing an item, placing it in your house, returning to body assures the item being in your house, you can not see it, unless you can, that just means you’ve learned something not many have. Altough many say they have….

    By the way, you can not learn this if someone here had to teach you. Being a bridge between our physical and non-physical takes a long time, more than a few lifetimes, so it’s being done at Home, also means you are born with the gift, not developed in a later stage because One desired to.

    I know a few true bridges that have items that are astral. There’s no use for us ‘ordinary’ souls with astral items. Can’t touch it, see it, smell it, unless gifted, I know, I know…

    When encompassing a body, most tends to be physical, because it’s what we wanted/needed to experience here. Until we don’t.

    My FB status today quite grabbed the concept if I may say so.

    Living on Earth will be the most physical dream you will ever have.
    Death, the biggest illusion.
    Awareness, the goal.
    Your choices, the orchestra.
    Let’s applaud for each others performance.

    Hope that solves that! 😀
    If not, start mailing or something.



    ps yes, I clicked the notify me button this time, lol.

    • Thanks for the reply. I want so badly to understand what you are saying, but having absolutely no background on this, most everything is a little greek. Sorry to be so dense and I would be open to more conversation if you have the patience.
      Please send me any links or resources I can reference to familiarize/educate myself. Also, if you have any sources I can learn more about past lives, please send that too.
      But going back to your reply — Were you saying that piece of paper was a gift from my grandparents, or that I brought it back? And if I brought it back, you’re saying that that’s not a big deal – can happen all the time, but usually there is no need for souls to bring things back??

      Any help is appreciated.

      Again, sorry to be so dense.

    • Asking Perspective;

      I am like Honeybadger, new to all of this, but I have had some full-on experiences. But my question goes to being able to bring things to this realm/world. At around the age of 13yrs old, in the middle of the day, my pet dog returned from the dead, & was sitting in her usual place at the front of our house. This was about 5pm in the evening in summer, & about 6mths after she died. I ran out to her, & she was physically there, I held, pat & cuddled her. She was as real as this monitor in front of me now. She did not have a scent & did not have her collar on, the collar I realised later in life, was because I kept it when we took her to the vet.
      Are you telling me that I summoned her back somehow? I do not recall thinking a lot about her at the time, for me to do this, let alone at the young age of 13yrs. I have not had any other such experiences until this past year, 25yrs after that experience, where I have travelled to other realms & times. So are you saying that this is all learned from past lives, that I am now “recalling” my abilities or something? Sorry, but I have had my spirit guides – as I call them – quite involved in my life at times, I am lucky to say. But trying to explain or understand more, I am really quite lost, as I was not a lost soul looking for them, they found me.
      PS – I thought my dog came back to say good bye to me, we were constant companions. But is there some connection to that & what is happening now with my travels & Guides?

      • Nice story Kellie, I am not sure if this relates to astral projection with your pet per say however maybe your pet was brought back one last time as her time was not just yet.. One way of looking at astral is like phases, we are all in one now, layers of phases, one being what we refer to as the physical which is one phase, another the sleep state, lucid and astral, each one is coinciding with us in all states of consciousness, however the illusion of what is really there is revealed in each phase as each phase shows different aspects.. There are negative phases also which people should avoid ( like Hell ).

        As with the astral world it is a place that exists that we go to many times without knowing in our life, during sleep mainly, this world is here as well, just in another phase. That is why many recall the same locations in astral experiences, there are many locations of interest to those that explore that phase and going back to one spot multiple times is possible..

        Having guides is a good thing, it means that you are being guided on the path, having those spirits from the astral helping you along the way. These are usually spirits of previous family or friends which you asked to help you when you returned to earth from the astral world which we all come from after death or before birth. You see, one way of looking at the astral world is like the same as here, an area which we move through that keeps evolution going as well, evolution of the spirit, the human body only tries to copy our spirit path, this world on the other hand which we call earth is a place of learning and spiritual growth for each of us.. However each phase is still there with us all the time, like a layer..

  4. Hi Kellie,

    I do not understand your confusion.
    You knew your dog was dead and afterwards concluded he/she came to say goodbye, you’ve had contact with your guides. And yet you get confused when I explain how you can take something astral to the physical but there would be “less” or even no effect since the non-physical material is non-physical.
    The only things created in the physical are our wishes, ideas, fears basicly our convictions conscious and unconscious.
    You could call that creating something into the physical from the astral. But I’d like to avoid such trivial things.
    I liked your story nonetheless Kellie, I am always filled with happiness when I read about when our loved ones give us a special goodbye.

    I like your reply too Timon. 🙂 Thank you for reading.


  5. Yes it is possible to materialize an object from the astral plane. There are various types of astral fluids which help in the creation of material objects. The akashic fluid is the most powerful amongst them. You can use it to create anything you want. I have explained more in depth about akashic materializations in me Amazon kindle ebook ‘HOW TO GET ANYTHING YOU WANT? MAKE A MAGICK MIRROR!’ A magick mirror is a simple occult device used for materialization of anything you want.

  6. Wow.Very well written. Laughed a lot at myself when I was reading this. I only ggld ‘examples of things one can see on a higher plane’ like its been said above, I sometimes thought my head was messing with me. There have been times I’ve almost felt like falling while lying down on the bed comfortably. There’s is actually this one time I felt awakened. The colors I saw where I was was none I ever knew and still know their names. A Buddha bust glowing with purple like light was just spinning at one side of my sight and whatever information I was getting on the other side.
    Many are times I have felt like I couldnt move a muscle, not even open my eyes but still felt alive I was here. It usually takes about 8-10 seconds for me to get body and soul together. Could that really be a case of mind controlling the body but the with the soul or spirit in a different location?

    • Hey JefVans,
      Thanks for the comment, nice share on your experiences.. When we leave the body we are still connected in a way still.. A complete disconnection could be dangerous.. The theory goes that a spiritual cord holds us to the body so still messages from the brain can relay to some extent as you suggested above.. The real truth is most likely we all leave our bodies in a minor way ( not fully ) basically every night in order to heal the days tasks. By leaving the body it allows the body to charge similar to a battery effect, the the astral plane is very powerful as a healer and cleanser. According to many texts and references even a few minutes in the Astral plane it is enough to heal very strongly so is essential for healthy life in a way..


  7. I just came across your discussion while doing a search on astral projection. I have to relate that it is possible to affect and bring objects through astral projection. I was married to a man who did this three times, several years apart. The first time was right after I started dating him. He had only been in my apartment once, and not in my bedroom. One night, he told me about his ability to astral project, and that he could retrieve a small object, with the rule that it had to fit in his hand. I called bullshit on it and asked him to prove it. He told me to focus on any object in my apartment (we were in his) with the rule it had to fit in his hand. I focused on a stick pin in my jewelry box. I had several, but focused on this one as he sat in a chair opposite me and seemed to go in a trance. His hands were flat on the table in front of him. After about a minute, his one hand curled into a fist. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes, and then his hand. The exact item I was thinking about was in his hand. There is no way for him to have possession of this item, let alone know what I was thinking about… after all, I could have been thinking about anything small enough to fit in his hand. He told me he could not do it very often, because it drained him. The next time he did it was at my parents house, to show my brother. This was in another state. he did the same thing, asked my brother to focus on something in his house and he would retrieve it. My brother lived at another location, which I nor my husband had not been to. We were on a limited vacation in my hometown, and my brother lived 2 towns over, but was visiting my mom as well. My husband sat at the table, went into a small trance, again, with his hands flat on the table, and after a minute or two, his one hand began to curl into a fist. When he awoke, there was a chess piece from my brother’s chess set in his hand. My brother said it was in his closet at home. Well, I am here to tell you it is possible, I saw it with my own eyes! btw, this was a unique chess set made out of soap stone, so you can’t tell me he just picked something up to resemble the piece… not possible!

    • cseng,

      Thank you for sharing, for me, you are the 1st telling from 1st hand experience.
      I believe you and it makes me happy to get knowledge of someone actually being able to relocate small physical objects over time and space.
      I havn’t reread all the above but I thought it was about physically manifesting an object from the astral plane into the physical plane. Which could also be described as teleportation though.
      I enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing. Glad the article and it’s comments are still around on the web.


  8. Hello all, I am an adept at Reality, I have met God numerous times, done things and been places totally unbelievable. Not here to brag. I really love this page I stumbled across here, and the people and their comments are very interesting and thought-provoking. I will be back again soon when I have more time.
    My latest goal is to bring back treasure from the non-physical realm. I am very close to it now.

    • Hey Apeiron,
      Which God are you referring to when you say you have met an Entity being which you refer to as a God? Are you referring to Shiva, Rainbow Serpent, Buddha, Krishna, Odin, Thor, Zeus, Apollo, Bible god, etc, etc? There are so many God claims throughout history, all of which commonly derive from where they are brought up. Every country is different if you know what i mean.

      By the way there is no wrong answers here, only discussions to help people share there interpretations of the world, would be interested to here what faith you refer to when you mention God..

  9. Well i dont know if what i did was astral but here’s the story it’s very short because i freaked out, it was a pretty scary experience in my opinion but anyway. I was dreaming and in my dream my eyes were closed and when i opened them i was like hovering over myself looking at myself sleep it was kinda creepy but i was all white like a light i was wearing a white dress to i dont know if that says anything but anyway, i hovered over myself for a minute then all of a sudden i started floating up feet first into my ceiling and i freaked so i grabbed my sleeping bodys arm and shook it and kept screaming my name and saying wake up wake up and then i did. i dont what would have happened if i didnt wake my self up but i haven’t had any dreams like that since unless i just dont remember but i think i would but anyway if anyone has an opinion on it and if that was a astral i would like to know. thanks.

  10. DarkMatter, Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I think I could fill in some gaps for you. You called it dreaming: “I was dreaming…”
    When we sleep, we leave the body ( will not go into detail on that atm), so looking at your body sleeping is pretty normal.
    Most people forget, don’t care, don’t focus upon such things. I understand your confusion when you see yourself all white (light). It is your actual self, your normal form. The body is not you, it is like a coat that you surround with your white-light energy. So yes, I do think your experience was astral, I had several similar.
    It’s not that weird considering our natural state is astral, not physical.

    Cya’ll around. Peace, love and all that shizz! 😀

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