Really Scary Ghost Pics in History

The occurance of ghosts in film or pics has been studied by many throughout history. Some researchers believe if the spirit is experiencing deep emotions before death then it can be seen again when it relives this as a ghost. Others believe that sometimes the camera picks up the energy around warmth or cold created by the ghost (occassionally ghosts create this when trying to gather energy) and so sometimes this comes up. And lastly others speculate that all ghost images are fakes.

Whether they are fakes or not, let’s look at history first before judging, ghosts were more excepted as reality about 100 years ago in most parts of the world. People would spend time actually studying ghost behaviour and trying to understand it more. People in high positions had experiences with ghosts and more commonly they were excepted as a part of life. This takes me to the understanding of two possibilities, one was that all ghost concepts were fake which is not what I believe but I will say it anyway or the other that ghosts are more noticeable when looking for them..

I tend to lean towards the other, some people I find really attract or notice ghosts all the time. In fact they tend to go from almost one haunted dwelling to another, yet others if they were in their shoes may not feel the same. It all seems to come down to understanding consciousness in the end.. Maybe this means these ghost photoes or pics were taken from those that understood this consciousness.

Another question to ask yourself is are ghosts really scary or not?  It all comes down to one thing, the mind judges that, in most peoples experiences most lean to the idea of when it was happening their was no fear but later on when thinking about it fear creeps in.. Does this mean most fear is just what the mind creates, I mean a ghost really is a human after all?

Throughout history what many claim as being really scary ghost pics have been captured. In this video above are some ones from history to show what I mean. It is good to look at these with a clear mind and reflect, remember most of these were taken a long time ago and some maybe very real..

3 thoughts on “Really Scary Ghost Pics in History

  1. a really nice analysis on the existence of ghosts. there are a number of pictures and videos of ghosts that are amazing and look real. my personal take on it is that until and unless i don’t see a ghost it is really hard to believe in them. i don’t deny them but i don’t completely believe in them either.

  2. hey some pf these picher look like the one when i took in my house in some in my pic you can see my dad’s mom and dad. the other day when i had thing going on in my house i took some pic and my girlfriend took one when i was walking u can see my grandpa looking at me my girlfriend look at me and said look and i took and i could not believe my eye i i was standing next to my grandpa and when i told my dad he was happen to see his dad i will put a vedio on youtube and show u the thing they do at night

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