Reflective Stress Relief Meditation Technique

Meditation is so good.. It is the one of best spiritual tools for understanding your self, the world and the occult. When in a meditative state the mind has less say so can see more clearly with a lot of elements. The best thing about meditation is it is a free way to communicate with the most important thing in the world, the inner you, the spiritual you.

One technique of meditation that works well is reflective meditation. This is where the user when in the meditative state tunes into elements of their lives that have weighed them down one by one and let’s them drift by.

By doing this often you can be more focused, more relaxed and more in tune with what really matters. This technique I try do quite often as it allows many built up stresses to fade away. It is amazing how many elements of life no matter how small may be weighing us down emotionally and physically. Sometimes almost to the point of depression in some circumstances.

Meditation Technique to Reflect and Reduce Stress –

1. ) Get Comfortable, sitting upright preferably..

2. ) Start focusing on your breath letting thoughts drift by but do not focus on them.

3. ) As you become more meditative allow thoughts of stress to wonder by, focus on them for a moment, then tell your self it is okay and let it pass by. Sometimes In a way it is like forgiving yourself for letting that element stress you..

4. ) As each thought passes allow yourself to go through them all until completely finished.

5. ) When no more stressful thoughts drift by except  random thoughts, allow yourself to drift fully into a meditative state by continuing to focus on your breath.

6. ) Enjoy..

The best element I love about reflective thought Meditation is that it allows us to move on from harmful thoughts that may have been hurting us for many years or more. We all have to remember in the end the moment now is what truly matters. Meditation is a great way of reminding us of that.

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