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One form of meditation I would like to share is a form I like to call Rune Meditation. Similar to other meditations it involves focusing on breath, sitting upright with the added difference of using the runes once the mind has been quietened.

The use of runes is different to many forms of magic, they are tools of the mind and spirit and allow us deeper communications and meanings beyond what we see. In a way they are a way of us communicating better with our inner self or spiritual self.

Meditation is one way of initiating this form of communication.

In order to practice Rune Meditation firstly find a quiet place where each day you can meditate for more than 15 to 20 minutes, free from stress and daily thoughts. Then make a comfortable spot in which you can sit for longer than 15 to 20 minutes sitting upright..

Spend that time meditating for at least 20 minutes like I say, do this by relaxing and focusing on a relaxed breathing pattern. Do not force your breathing instead take steady long relaxing breaths that are comfortable with you..

Rune Meditation Guide

Consciously as this happens slowly allow your body to fall deeper and deeper into relaxation until you are in a more quietened state of being. In another word a meditated mind.. When in this state pick one rune at random without looking from the rune bag in front of you until you find the rune that feels right. Select it and then take from the bag or from where the runes are located in front of you.

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After picking relax and go further into the meditation while also focusing the mind on the rune in hand. While holding let yourself go deeper into meditation and allow images or visions to flow that may be caused by the rune, in another way allow the rune to con-veil messages to you about your spiritual path. This maybe in the form of images or visions, meaning of the rune chosen on your path to self discovery. It may be a premonition, it maybe about change, it maybe good news or bad, each meaning and interpretation is a inner viewing of your path in a way to your spiritual self.

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  1. Hello! I began reading about mindfulness and meditation recently and have realized that I will be unable to sustain focus once I start actual meditation. This is simply because I feel that my mind wanders off too easily towards deadlines, family issues, etc. As I learn more from books and blogs (like this one) I tend to think that I have been living life mindlessly, doing things merely because it has been my routine for my whole life. I seriously am considering going into a meditation class, changing my perspective in life and being aware of myself and the life I am living. I have always had questioned whether I will be able to attain the state of “inner peace” by being mindful, but I guess I wouldn’t really know until I try. I do hope I will be able to be fully aware, “mindful” of myself. I just need to know which kind of meditation will truly help me out.

    • Hey Salinya,
      Yeah that is normal to find meditation a bit difficult at first, even for a couple of months to start to unwind the mind. However it does get easier with practice and patience.

      Everyone has there on opinions on what meditation works best for them, for me the simple focus on breath works best for me and also bin aural beat meditation as well.

  2. Hi, I have been practicing divination for a number of years and the concentration needed sometimes to use the arts is very hard, I have never heard of this method of picking a rune at random whilst meditating, I will try this later, thankyou!

  3. Hey there,

    I googled Black Magic and The Occult and I found this website. I’ve been reading some of the comments on here and find it really interesting.

    The woman who couldn’t be around ppl who suffer with depression or physical illness was one I found very interesting indeed. Personally I cannot be around anybody who wants conflict in their lives. I have even gone to the extreme of stopping having anything to do with my own family because of it.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m being unreasonable but when I’m in their presence It affects me in terrible ways. I lose my appetite, can’t sleep, etc..It really affects me badly. Is there anything I can do to deal with this better instead of what I’m doing at the moment?

    I would be very grateful for any help you may be able to give me. I haven’t spoke to anyone in my family in over 3yrs now. I just know that as soon as I have any contact with them they start by telling me all the trouble they are in and I want to run a mile from them. It really frightens me to know that I may never have anything to do with themn ever again if I cannot sort this out in my own mind.

    Am I being selfish by my actions? Is it healthy to run from problems like this? I’ve tried talking to them but nothing works. They just carry on as normal. Fighting and arguing is an everyday occurance for them and I don’t see any way of getting through to them that It hurts me to be around them when they are like this.

    I just want to say that my health and wealth have improved immeasurably since I began this action of staying away from them. It was almost like they were sucking the life out of me at one point and I’m afraid to go backwards now. I believe if I get back in touch with them that my life will be affected badly again and I’m not prepared to do that anymore. It took me yrs to get to where I am right now. I’m a happy, well adjusted person..That sounds hypocritical on my part after all I’ve just said about my family…LOL..

    I don’t want to take any backward steps in my life now. I believe it would be the ruin of me and everything I’ve worked hard to acheive. If you can help me in any way at all I would be very thankful to you. Do I need some kind of spiritual guidance or maybe something else? A shrink??…lol…Any advice would be helpful..


    P.s. I love your website and blog..I enjoy reading it very much. It’s good to know I’m not the only person who has problems out there..I guess mine are a little different to any I’ve read this morning though.


    • Hey Michael,
      Thanks and welcome to the blog. To me it sounds like you are sensitive to them and in time it may heal. Yes getting spiritual guidance is a good idea. They could help balance what may of been imbalanced. Help put you on the road to even better in a way. Also sometimes a shrink is good as well, it depends on the situation. If you find the spiritual guidance not helping then try a shrink as well. Each one has there purpose, one focused on the mind with the other on the spirit aspect, both important. Also finding a good meditation technique to suit may help as well ground you but you could discuss that with a spiritual guide or psychic.


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