Rune Occult Symbol – Algiz, the Rune of Protection

Runes are very old powerful occult symbols that originated from Norse / Germanic peoples history predating over 1300 BC. They were a magickal language that was said to have been discovered by Odin (Viking God) to allow people to use the elements of nature around them. Today most do not know this but the English language has evidence to indicate it originated from this magickal alphabet they call the Elder Futhark or Germanic Futhark.. From the images below you may see why this is indicated as the original English language.

(Algiz – The magickal rune of Protection seen throughout the ages above)

In this post I wanted to discuss the rune Algiz (Elhaz, Algir, Algis, Algs, Elgr), which is the Rune of Protection and it has always been my favourite. In a previous post I referenced Ancient Occult Symbols – The Aegishjalmur where it indicates Algiz was used inside a magickal talisman..

“Algiz represents Z in the english language..”

Algiz the rune of Magical Protection..

The rune Algiz if used right was said to bestow upon its user or wearer the ability of protection. As the image implies the symbol of a tree, this indicates trees were a powerful image to the Germanic tribes and indicates there reference to using nature for magick.

Other references to the Algiz Rune meaning are the antlers of the elk, and the shape of the sedge-grass herb. The symbol has been indicated possibly to suggest the spread fingers of a hand raised in a protective gesture. It is a powerful rune of protection and, spiritually, it is often referred to as  symbolizing reaching up to the divine.

algiz in the futhark(as you can see from the above image of the runes, the word futhark came from the first 6 runes meaning magickal alphabet.. Indications of possibly the origin of English can be seen in the language..)

How to Use the Rune Symbol Algiz?

Simply by using on a necklace, shirt or a talisman it is said to bestow these powers of protection.

4 thoughts on “Rune Occult Symbol – Algiz, the Rune of Protection

  1. Mr. Weller, good evening.

    You may find this question a bit wierd, but I was digging some rune symbols and came across your blog. I have a particular problem with getting jobs and work. I have this rune symbol tatooed in centre of my back for 20 years now, and sometimes I feel that that difficulty has something to do with it. I have had a particular good health all my life, but this jobless condition is killing me. I’ve got a good resumé with pretty good references in education and kind of relevant old working experiences. What do You think about it? Is there anything I can do to find jobs easily, or is there anything I can do in this direction considering I have this symbol on my skin? Any spells? Thank You.

    • Hey Jose,
      I would recommend starting to meditate often to try and get in touch with your spirit more and become more like a positive magnet. This can attract more opportunities in your life as well as improve many other aspects. The Algiz symbol is my favorite of the lot, it would not be hindering you as it is you that is giving that symbol power as well by its use as a symbol.

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