Seeing the Energy With Black Card Board

Seeing the energy is one of the first tests in magick and an important aspect to understand and believe in beyond what we can see. I have read many studies on techniques such as this, this one is a simple yet effective way to see the energy through your fingers…

Seeing the Energy – Simple Steps:

Simply all you need is a quiet place, and a large black piece of cardboard on the the wall in front of you… Sit in front of the cardboard and relax comfortably…

1) Now do a slow circle with your finger about 2 centimetres (20mm) away from the black cardboard.

2) As you are doing the circle follow your finger with your eyes

3) Can you see a energy trail from your finger…?

4) If not repeat above and relax until you do… (meditate on breath)

Seeing the Energy is the First Level of Belief – Seeing Is Believing!

Once you can see the energy of the circle feel free to try different symbols and wait until the energy fades.. You see why this technique is so effective is because energies always flowing from us, yet it is hard to see, however doing in front of black allows a shadow of the energy to appear after and therefore reveals what is really there…

Energy can Linger… Think about how it is effecting those around you..?

After trying this technique for a while you may be surprised by how long the energy lingers, this happens always in life it is just that by believing you have opened doors in the mind and spirit to different perceptions. You are seeing what is really there… Once you believe in the energy being there, then you are ready to understand what energy can do…!

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