Six Ways to Detect Paranormal Activity in a House

Are too many strange occurrences going on in your house? Have you thought now it may be paranormal or a ghost? If so you have come to the right place. Read on..

What is Paranormal?

First of let’s first clarify paranormal, it does not always signify spirits or ghosts, it could be other energies at work. It really just suggests an occult situation where what is happening is very unusual and is a mystery to you and to others that experience it.. What I first suggest to anyone to do is as each paranormal incident happens in your house or whoever’s house, write it down.

A lot of the time it is an energy trying to communicate in some way and possibly working out how to answer the question may help the entity or energy move on..

ways to detect paranormal activity in a house

Secondly, be strong mentally. Remember the golden rule with paranormal or the occult is fear can only attract bad, so if you be positive your energy will only react as a defense. Another aspect to consider is maybe the paranormal activity is not trying to communicate, maybe more it is just replaying itself like a residual haunting. A common example of this is a light switching on at 8 o clock every night but nothing else happens, next day same thing happens.

Okay so here are Six Ways to Detect Paranormal / Occult Activity in your House

1 ) Lights On and Off - A common paranormal activity is lights switching on and off. This happens because an energy passes by the light and sucks or drains the electricity from the source temporarily. Occasionally it is a electric fault so ruling this out is important. An interesting experience happened to me once when I was visiting my sister, each light in the house switched on one after the other and then backwards in the same sequence and then the last one flickering. Interestingly none of the lights were on except the room we were in.. Spooky hey..

2 ) TV Switching Channels or Turning On and Off - TV is another common one, ever had your tv turn off and then before you turn it back on it switches back on. This is a very common paranormal activity, the TV turning off or changing channels. The theory is that as a paranormal energy passes by it disrupts the on / off frequency. Commonly most of the time this paranormal is a spirit.

3 ) Items Moved – This is a frustrating one, you check for your car keys or house keys and they are not there. Then later on after searching your house you find them where the were not in the beginning. A lot of people shrug this one off, but it definitely is a paranormal occurrence. The theory with this one is a  spirit or intelligent energy is delaying your day for a reason. It may be a foretold car accident or something similar. Some people refer to this action as being looked after by an angel, who likes you. While others say it is just a mischievous spirit. Maybe when this happens next time it may be because of a reason..

4 ) Car  Not Starting – This is another common one, the car will not start and then the next day before you decide to get it towed to get fixed, it starts for some reason. In a way like the car knew it was about to be towed to a mechanics.. A lot of the time this could be a coincidence and a standard mechanical fault, however if it happens in certain patterns chances are it is paranormal. I have a friend who has a spirit in his car, it was a good spirit and if at any time his car would not start all he did was talk to the car and the spirit and then five minutes later the car would start. I am unsure as to why spirits or energies would attach themselves to cars but it does happen..

5 ) Doors Opening and Closing - Hey that’s strange, how did that door open or how did that door close? This is probably the most easily confused one as doors could open or close with the wind. However when there no breeze that day and it happens it indicates something different. Doors are easily pushed and if you have a spirit in the house they can be moved lightly with there spirit passing by. This one really needs due time of trial and error to work out if it is paranormal. Make sure to check for breezes even from the floor and close all external doors and windows to see if it still happens..

6 ) Voices and Footsteps – These two are probably the most spooky of the lot and are massive signs. The first one being voices is interesting, try to record the voices. It may sound like hard to hear whispers, but on a recorder you can turn it up to work out what may be the spirit or paranormal energy is saying. The second one footsteps is a spooky one also. Basically said this is a common one when sleeping, waking up to footsteps. You go to investigate but there is nothing there. With this one it could keep recurring until you are certain there is something going on..

This happened to me in a haunted house I lived in in Dorrigo when I was younger. Footsteps were very common and sometimes even the footsteps could be heard outside my room and then stop at my door. This was a nightly haunt so every night it was the same. Footsteps and a bad smell of a sweaty older man.. I have more to say on this haunt but will include it in a future post as there is a lot of detail.

ways to detect paranormal doors in a house

Overall Paranormal is Real

There are many other ways to tell as well, these 6 ways are some of the standard ones I find in any paranormal haunting situation. In other extreme situations, it could be moving objects, doors slamming, seeing a apparition or even being physically abused by the spirit or entity. These ones I refer to as upset energies. They are not common however if you do come across one in your life be cautious and be wise on handling.

It is important to remember that to some spirits or energies, they may be  upset or angry because they want you out of there house..

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  1. i have lived in my house for 11yrs and my first night in my i had the the feeling of being watched or someone standing behind me or the lights on and off doors opening even one you need a key to open it.stuff being moved of falling off tables and breaking u could her talking and scraching in the walls.but when my on was born and as he got older by age 3yrs old thing changed in my daughters room he wood go in the room and he was talking to something it would stop when i came in the room i would ask him who he was talking to and he would say his friend i asked him where his friend was he would say he under the bed now or up in the light than he would tell me to look under the bed than he would stop me and say the boy is gone because the dark man is here and we need to leave the room and close the my son is 6yrs old and things have got bad one night my son was pushed and on his back their was three marks on his back like tips of fingernail and it was the shape of an upside down v just under the shoulder blades it looked like someone poked him with a big needle they where red but didn’t bleed i went to get my phone and take a pic but they where my pets are now being attacked and dying first my cockatoo and 3days later my kitten on halloween just dropped dead and than 2day later the other kitten did the same thing. but last year we had the same thing on halloween 3 kittens died at the same time this year it was 4. i took pic of the inside the house and got some pic that scared the hell out of me so i tried to send them to some of my good friends and my sister and my cell phone went crazy and the people i tried to send them to there phones went crazy and they couldn’t get any of the pic.the other night my daughter who is 23yrs old was up watching tv about 3am and banging started on the two doors in front of the house she looked outside no one than the back sliding glass door in our backyard the banging started than the door started shaking and im a light sleeper and she couldn’t wake me up.and other things are starting to happen two of my kids sleep walking i woke up to find my oldest daughter standing at the side of my bed than she turned around and walked back to her room i went to her room she was in bed sleeping the net day i asked her what she was dong in my room at 3am she didn’t remember.and things are not getting better im thinking on leaving my home.

  2. Hi-

    We moved into our house that was built in 1826 about a year ago. We have had different things happen but we always explain them away such as our security alarm going off for no reason. About 3 weeks ago I was the only one home and my dog started howling like crazy while I was in the shower one morning, I shrugged it off until I went to leave my bedroom. The door was locked which can only be locked from inside the room, it is an old door lock, and when I looked around my husband’s necklace that was on the window sill was stretched out across his side of the bed. He did not do this. Since then we have had a couple of unexplained alarm incidences that we have brushed off. However, today when I was getting ready my dog started howling like crazy again and when I went into the bedroom the necklace was again stretched out on the bed and I was the only one home and my husband did not do it before he left. It is really scaring me even though it doesn’t seem to want to cause us harm just be mischievous. The idea of it is scaring me. What would you suggest to do? Do you think these instances are explainable or paranormal? Any suggestions would help. We would like the spirits to leave if they are there.


  3. So one night about 1:30 am I was awake in my room which is in the basement doing homework. I could hear upstairs somebody walking towards my kids room from the living room to the hallway, then I heard the same steps come down the stairs, I had my door shut cuz it stays more warm. I turned my head back to see who would be walking in. I thought one of my kids were coming to talk to me. I turned my head and nobody walked in but there was just a scratch on my door. So I though I forgot to put my dogs in the kennel. I got up so that I could put them away. And nobody was there. So I walked upstairs to see of she went up their and my boy dog was already put in his bed but the girl was not. So I walked into my sons room and he was awaking, string he couldn’t sleep because everytime he fell asleep his arms and legs were feeling like they were being pulled and would wake him. I thought that was weird but didn’t want to put to much into it at the time. So I asked him if our dog had came into his room because she had just scratched on my door but was gone when I opened it. He said she also scratched on his door but never came in, the door just opened a little because it wasn’t shut all the way, but never walked in. So I thought that was weird cuz they usually will be right by the door or jump in your bed. So I hollered her name and there was no response. I went back downstairs were my daughters room is and I opened her door and the dog was in bed with her, but her door was completely shut and there would have been no way for the dog to enter or exit. What could it be? I don’t know if it is good or bad cuz we have had weird occurrences many times, but also that day I smudged and blessed my house. Kinda makes
    Me nervous because different occurrences have happened and usually always at the same time of year.

  4. Hi can anyone tell me if I’m going crazy. We’ve just moved into a town house. From the first knight I would hear noises, can’t really tell what it is.. After a week in the place my husband also heard noises at knight . This always happens after 24h00 .. But today my husband placed a class bowl in the sink full of water, the bowl was standing in the sink covered with water and its cold water but after a few hours we heard class breaking but it sounded like class breaking on the floor, the splashing sound. We went to look and it was the bowl in the water.. I will sometimes sit in front of the door were there’s a slight wind coming through but for some reason I get these very hot feelings almost like I’m burning up even if the winds blowing , this will last for a few seconds… Please can somebody tell me if I’m going mad, or is this just a normal co incident.. I don’t know… Hope to hear from someone that can shed light on this plz. Thank you M

  5. hi my name is penny, i was playing backgammon with my partner at night, he decided to throw a mental as he kept losing the game.He left the game in a mess on our kitchen table and went outside to have a smoke.I had music playing quietly and the light was on. I decided to cut up some oranges on the bench and i heard dices being shuffled.I didnt think anything of it,just that my partner was setting it up again.I heard the front door shut and i looked up my partner had just come inside, he went to the table and said “what the hell” in shock, i looked at the game and it had been set up backwards and the dices were in the cases (correctly) to this day we cant explain anything we want answers please.
    Often our two year old son follows us around everywhere at night like hes scared of something.We have a 1 year old son as well.They were playing in the room one night the light was off and all of a sudden they came screaming looking behind them as if something was chasing them they clung so tight just screaming! i went to the room and nothing was there,i ran them a bath and took of their clothes, on my 2yr old there was a great big bruise on his ribcage like he had been punched by a man (the bigness was bigger than a clenched mans fist).I am scared for them and for us too. please help.

    • Hey Penny,
      I am concerned about your son, you may want to do a good house cleanse with sage to help move on any energies there. Maybe some spirits are hanging around and we don’t want that if they are effecting your kid. A house cleanse is very effective, what one does is burn sage which can be bought at any alternative shop and buy some salt as well.. Proper salt, not commercial refined.. Then burn the sage for two to three days and let all the windows open to help move the energies on.. Let in as much sun as possible, then walk around asking the energies to move on.. do this everywhere, then place the salt around every wall to block them from coming in after the cleanse is finished. The house feel lighter, if not then repeat until ti does..

      Words to say could be, “time to move on” “time to leave now” or “Move to the light” each one helps. If at one time during the cleansing you hear noises, that is normal, keep going and finish, once finished if the house feels lighter and quieter, keep the sage burning and place salt in the corners of the house inside as i suggested.. basically making a boundary of salt.. This will block entry in a way back to the house.. You may get rid of a ghost but then can try to come back so that is where salt helps.. Why salt helps i am unsure but it is very effective for some reason..

      I hope that helps your situation..


  6. For the past 6yrs strange unexplained things have been happening at my place. It all started when I had the front room knocked down and replaced.. Ive seen a really dark figure twice now, Ive seen a woman in white and my grandson sees a man who talks to him. My grandson also sees a little girl, which I know a little bit about as I got a photo of her and took it to a pychic who in turn gave me information. I have heard voices, recorded one.. I have heard footsteps, chairs moving. I take photos but the photos look nothing like what I took… They look older, aged.. This doesnt happen all the time… Im worried about my grandson, he goes stiff, will not look in a direction but insists to go home. He says things like “everyone gone now” and it was only us here. He said one night while driving home ” that boys dead” then seemed to be talking to the boy at my place. Waved out the window and said hes gone now… I have many stories like this since he was born and would play peek a boo in my kitchen with no one…Im told I have a little girl, and the little girls grandma comes to get her, these are her footsteps that I hear… There is supposed to be a man… I feel quite safe and not scared, but the dark one scares me….
    What can I do? Anyone any ideas….

    • Hey Jo-Anne,
      What spurred it off was most likely renovations, energy is basically moving in a pattern and when you change aspects around where energy is moving then that is where paranormal can happen. Some say it is because spirits are actually tripping over or finding things different and so are getting confused. Both are valid points.. Time is much different in the spirit world as well, often spirits will play a sequence over many years, even as much as hundreds or even thousands, time is much less relevant there. However you can let spirits know it is time to move on, this is called cleansing. Look up my post here for more info. I am also going to do a much more detailed post on this subject as well this week so make sure to subscribe to be updated on it.. Such a big topic..

      Okay so back to my answer and i hope so others answer for you as well. The actions or sequences you see may be petitions of energy in way as well. To test this one should try to work out is this an intelligent haunting or a residual haunting, both can exist at the same time.

      Often writing down your experiences can help determine patterns, if an obvious pattern emerges then it could be residual and therefor playing over and over again and your interaction maybe less noticed. On the other hand intelligent is completely different, plus sometimes both reside at once. Energy’s moving in sequence in a way.. So the words heard could be echoes between this and the other world. Something that happened there in the past. Try looking up the history also of the house, then come back and let us know if you find anything.

  7. Hi Timon,

    My name is Melinda. Since our family moved into a 1980’s home 7 years ago, we have experienced some strange activity around the home, in particularly on one side of the house. The events include TV turning itself on, and volume turning up to the loudest setting, shadows/ figures seen in the same room, door bell ringing in the middle of the night with no batteries in it, down stairs room – LED light flickering or not working – then swapping to the other LED light (based on where I sit – the light flickers above me), loud bang like an explosion in the house, dogs barking at nothing,footsteps heard near the front door entrance inside the house, and strange smells that just occur and disappear.

    I am profoundly deaf so I don’t take too much noticed of the sounds at night that could also be picked up.

    I have been photographed with orbs in backgrounds on occasions, and sometimes feel like something is watching me when I sleep at night.

    I don’t know if my house is haunted or if something is haunting me?

    • Hey Melinda,
      Yeah sounds like a haunting, could be attached to you or the house, the only way to tell for sure is to visit a friend and stay a few nights elsewhere. Other than that you can consider a cleanse to help move on spirits. To find out how that works read here.

      All the signs you mention above is a clear sign situation of paranormal activity.

  8. Hi Timon,

    I’m a 13 year old girl with one sister and my mom lives with me. So my house is currently getting renovated and all. And so last night it was around 12:45 a.m. and I was about to go to bed. I said good nights to the kittens that were in my sister’s room. I closed the door behind me as I usually do to keep the heat inside the room. And then my sister went to open the door and she thought my mom was coming. She closed the door and felt something pushing. Now we’re Jehovah’s witnesses and we don’t believe in this but I got a bit too scared and started praying. It stopped pushing after a while and that’s when my and my sister blocked the door with a few boxes and a few chairs. We tucked ourselves under our beds and went to sleep. My cat kept meowing the whole time we were whispering and we got very scared. While my sister was blocking the door with her body she heard a knocking a very light knocking but I didn’t hear anything. I’m not sure if there might be a curse on maybe an item she just got or something but we want to ward it off. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad spirit. We’re constantly playing our kingdom hall music for jehovah’s witnesses and praying constantly while walking by all day long so far. We don’t wanna get reminded of this happening and promised ourselves to go to bed a 9 a.m. Could it be a haunting? And I want to do something that doesn’t include anything about salt or sage or anything. Something that might help .. Please .. We’re scared to death. Thanks and I hope you respond quickly.

  9. susan wagner says:

    I had my first incounter last night…my granddaughter and I went to bed at 9:45 she faced the wall and I was on the otherside of the bed when I heard a male voice out of the blue say like 3 words…but before that it sounded like static.I layed there in shock wondering where this came from when my granddaughter turned and looked at me and asked if I had left the tv on,she said it sounded like NFL….maybe she thought of a radio announcer,so I got up and checked everything out and nothing was left on,we live out in the country now for 23 years and never had this happen before!

  10. I am on here trying to see why my dog is acting like she is, we moved into a 2nd floor apartment about a month ago, a 13 yr old girl hung herself in the basement of the apt in Aug 2000, since moving in my dog has acted strange before moving she was always excited and happy now she cries all the time, acts scared to death, and will not leave my side she even has to stay in the bathroom while I shower or she will cry and scratch at the door the entire time. She cries when I walk in the door but acts excited that I am home then the rest of the night follows me wherever I go. has anyone experienced anything like this with their animal?

    • Hey Tonya,
      Dogs are very sensitive to the paranormal, you may want to try sleeping at a friends with your dog to see if it your place that is effecting her. If same happens elsewhere then it most likely be something else. This elimination will help. After that look throughout your house to see any other possible natural triggers. After that, you may also want to set up a thermal split hd cam and emf alarm around your dog to see if any spirits are harassing her.

      This can happen.. In some cases animals have actually died.

  11. Hi! My english is not very good but i’ll try to tell my happening.
    3 years ago, a friend of mine, died.It was a person from my childhood.
    But 6 month ago I started to feel him near me. I could see his face, he actually interrupted my thoughts, my words, and apears in my mind. And what I feel when is with me, is love from him to me.A lot of. I dreamed him some times. In one dream he told me that we will meet sometimes and then he has a lot of things to tell me about him. In another dream he gave me flowers and a picture of him. After two days, I really find a picture with him on internet.
    But the strangest thing was when in an evening I’ve asked him if hi’s still with me. Suddenly I felt strange, my whole body hurts awful and I thought I’ll die. But I felt him near me, again. His face, his love, everything. But I was so scared becouse I feld so bad, and I told him : it’s too much for me ! In that second I felt a hug from my right side and i didn’t saw his face anymore, I didn’t felt sick.
    Please, I need some explanations.

    • Spirit interaction can be very tiring because often they feed off our magnetic field, can be draining. Sounds like to me you had contact with this person and after you told the spirit to leave they did in the end. Thanks for sharing your story, I think you possibly were connecting with the spirit based on your needs as well. That is why it drained you so much, once you properly connected you felt the pain because that connection is not a normal feeling for the body. Your body telling you to stop in a way.

      I hope that helps.

  12. Me and my husband have lived in our house for almost 2 years and up until recently it was great. Whenever I’m home alone things happen. When I’m washing dishes I can feel someone breathing on my neck but when I turn around no one is there. When I’m in bed the spare bedroom door slams when it was closed to begin with. I’ve taken a shower and thought my husband came home early and was whispering but it was still only me. But this morning I was laying in bed it was completely dark and it felt like someone was leaning over me. Like I could feel them. I always sleep with my bedroom door closed and the living room light came on. So I got up and went to the restroom and my washer started playing then music like it doesm when I turn it on. Am I crazy or what? I’m freaking out!

    • Hey Kayla,
      Want to ask one question? Has there been any arguments are tragedy in the house recently, may have no relation but sounds like a poltergeist spirit. These types of spirits feed on negativity and can be harmful if negativity remains. Is there a lot of stress or anything that may have caused this? – Maybe try filming..

      After assessing you have two options, haunted house cleanse or getting a psychic to help with the situation. One can also move but often poltergeists are attached to someone in the house.

      – Another method is getting rid of the stress or negative energy which feeds it.. That is if there is stress that is.. If not do above. Involves working out the stress cause and helping fix.. Does not always fix but sometimes.. Teens and poltergeists are common in puberty as emotions are emerging in the child and sometimes this draws on these types of spirits as well.

  13. Around 4:37am I was sleeping and heard something fell off my dresser, and I heard it again. I got up and took a look but nothing. This happened one before last year. When I’m in my livingroom I hear something like books falling down shelves. I looked but nothing. I kno it’s not me cause my husband heard it too. Please help. Also my mom saw the trash move.

    • Hey Cresha,
      Better to not rule as paranormal just yet, better you set up a camera to film, you may have a animal in your house as a possibility.. Some animals will live in the roof and come down at night, try to capture some evidence and it should help you get to the bottom of it as well. If paranormal after test you realize then you may want to do a house cleanse.

  14. 2 of my previous homes had odd things happening & now my new one which I’ve lived in for 3 yrs, well some odd things are happening here too. My home from 1987-2001 we all experienced footsteps & floor creaking like someone walking but never anyone there. My sons teletubbie doll would talk in the middle of the night. Toy police car also turned on. I had drops of water fall on me in bedroom helping my son with homework. the light fixture & roof were dry, no rain no plumbing above there but hours later got a call my uncle died. There were ice cold breezes especially when i brought my 4th chld home from hospital. I would also feel someone sit on the bed while I was sleeping but no one would be there. a woman died in that home i found out later. 2001-2004 this home I would see shadows out of corner of my eye, my tv would turn on & off, my daughter in law & I both was awakened at different times with a deep devilish voice that screamed in our ears, the hall closet door constantly would be open after closing it tightly, my son screamed one night his tv was stuck on a station with a woman that looked like virgin mary, we unplugged cable & tv turned it back on & it was still on there, that was right when we were still moving in, I told him keep tv off & when he closed his door he screamed for me again, there was a picture on the back of that door with the woman that was on tv. A cop built that home on an indian burial ground which i didn’t find out til after we moved in, but him & his wife divorced & sold house to a pastor & family, they were financially in the hole & sold it to us, they divorced shortly after. We all had health issues while there, I had pancreatitis, short of liver failure, my son an appendectomy but he always had tummy aches while there, my other son had stomach issues & Dr. couldn’t find anything,I also had a green orb shoot thru my room & my 2 little kids slept with me one night they were scared kept hearing noises, i was so tired I said come in my room, right after I went back to sleep there was a knock on my door. jumped up there was no one else home. I ended up divorcing & moved. While moving we burned old stuff in the back yard fire pit. The guy that was helping put the teletubbie thinking my son was too old for it & the doll started talking in the fire. 2004-2009 that home no activity. 2009- current home things are missing, shadows again, a battery candle turned on bu itself while i watching a ghost show the story was about a bar/restaurant where a candle would light on its on. too freaky! & now my grand daughters toy in my room went off talking this morning by itself & woke me up. it doesn’t have an off or on switch, you have to squeeze it to talk. Ok that today freaked me out. what do you think?

  15. I have sometimes been told that I can be paranoid but lately things have been more strange than usual. I have a ten month old son that has always slept extremely crazily but lately he has been rolling around and making movements like he is having a nightmare. I know this bc my wife and I have moved him into our bedroom bc we have started to renovate his room. We have lived here for years and I have heard noises like footsteps upstairs when I am doing laundry in the basement when I am 100% positive I am home alone every time. Babysitters like my father and sister have had similar or exact experiences when coming to my house. Although it was never bothersome until recently. The past two nights have been the most alarming when my sons toy turtle that lights up and makes stars appear onto the ceiling has been turning off when I close my eyes and/or leave the room. The worst part of the past two nights is when I wake up to no noise or person and immediately have the worst case of goosebumps in my life. It’s as if I’ve been woken up by something/ someone but I’m wide awake, heart pounding, in our dark bedroom that should be lit up by my sons turtle anyways. What should I do? I have real concerns for my family but haven’t told my wife of the recent activity bc I know she would overreact. I’ve read all about your recommendations for house cleansing, is that what is in order bc this means this ‘spirit’ or what have you, has been here a long time. Longer than my family has been here at least..

  16. Tails75 says:

    Hai!! well i live with my grandparents (who don’t believe in spirits or anything like that :\ ) so at the house i lived in when i was little until the end of 8th grade some things happened.. not bad just creepy.
    Like once i was in bed with my cousin & we heard foot steps & chains, sounded like boots & chains & went in the pattern -boom boom,ching ching ching- we were scared & the sound kept getting closer to the door but when i looked nobody was there & the sound stopped then started again when i walked away from the door. i think there were slaves who died on the land my papaw built our house on. & one time i was in my room & i threw my pajamas on my bed then went into my bathroom (wich was in my room) & put on my makeup then put in all back into my lady & the tramp purse then i walked back into my room & my pajamas were in the floor, then went back to the bathroom to get my purse & all the makeup. & stuff was out of the purse & scattered on the sink where i had the purse sitting (nobody was in my room they were all in the kitchen) another time one of my cousins & me were the only ones in the house & we heard the intertainment center cabinets opening & closeing in the liveing room so we went in there & nothing! ( not going in order here) one time when i was younger than i was during that i was in my memaw’s room & i was sitting on her bed & felt something tap my shoulder.. i looked behind me & comeing from under the bed’s headboard was a black mans thumb on my shoulder! (& ofcourse memaw didn’t believe me) & a time when one of my sisters turned off my radio (wich has to be switched on & off pushing the thing upwards & downwards) then it turned its self back on. one day i opened my dresser droor & noticed a pic of me in there & my hand was really reeeaally close to touching it then it just dissapeared like flew/slid right under some clothes! i dug for it but couldn’t find it until way later when i got into my dressor again. & i was sleeping with my cousin one nite in my sister landi’s room, her & my other sister candace were sleeping in my room then candace came & woke me up & asked why i was running around in my room & that i was scareing landi.. she said it looked like my shadow. landi said it was squatting down running back & for beside the foot of the bed ..& it looked like MY shadow.. o.o Oh! & there was this one night when i was in bed (i slept with my old aunt it was her room & she always had this blue rocking chair by the foot of the bed) so i was laying there… then i seen some body rocking in the chair looking right at me i thought it was my cousin hali she was smileing really big & like the corners of her mouth was raised almost up to her cheeks.. she has dark medium/shortish lenghth hair & dark eyes.. i sat up & looked at her & sad ” Hali stop your creeping me out.” she kept rocking & that face with the huge smile & straight forward dead eyed look with her her raised eyebrows didn’t change at all, then i told her to go to bed, then Hali’s mom came in & asked what was wrong so i told her & she said that Hali has been in bed.. i looked at the chair & whatever it was.. it was gone & i looked in hali’s room & she was asleep like normal.. What was that?! a demon?!! then i remeber this time i went to memaw & papaw’s room & i seen papaw laying on the bed like usual so i asked him something & he answered then i looked away & looked back & he was gone, no where in the room so i went to the kitchen & told memaw that i was just talking to him & i asked where he went then she said that he’s been at work & that i was seeing things..& it sometimes felt like i was being watched & followed.. anyway i can’t remember everything that happened while i lived there. but before i lived there when i was really little liveing with my mom & dad i was laying between my mom & dad in bed in the dark & seen 3 big pairs of monster eyes looking at me from the closet.. they looked kinda cartoony so idk if i was seeing things or what. & Now for the liitle bit that happened here at the house i’m liveing at now!! so once i was in bed & i felt finger tips stoke the tips of my toes then tap on the bed 2 times (i always sleep with my feet either away from the edge of the bed or wrapped in a blanket) & once when i was home alone i was sitting on the liveing room couch & all of a suddon i heard something like nails scratch the side of my papaw’s recliner chair & it rocked a little & stopped, i was a little scared but it was during the day so i wasn’t that scared, more excited :3 so i looked but there was nothing there. & once i was brushing my teeth & thought i seen from the corner of my eye the bottom of a little girls dress, it was yellow & white checkered with a big red flower on it & dark hair hanging down. don’t know if that was real or if i was seeing things cuz ilooked & nothing was there plus my cousins were saying there was a ghost girl in the house but i think they were messing with me. sooo what would ya say? & i do also want an answer for the creepy demon thing in the rocking chair too, don’t. forget please!!
    thanx :3 & please reply

    • Hey Tails75,
      Sounds like a very active house and classical haunting to me. As from your story it sounds like what you are referring to is a residual haunting. This is when play over similar actions over and over and have little interaction with the people around.. That is what it sounds like..

      As you also say above that you lived there, do you live there still or?

      With the spirit you are calling a demon, I would not worry, if it was a demon it would of been much more active with you and dangerous. More likely a spirit.. If you still live there you may want to consider a house cleanse.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have lived in this house for 2 years with nothing strange other than items every now and again would disappear or turn up, most of which was not my families. Other times weird smells or feelings would linger in areas. But recently there have been footsteps, noises, voices, et cetera… Just not twenty minutes ago all the doors in my house, which were locked with this ring thing that goes through a little hole thing that latches, where unlocked and there was a running footstep noise that went through my house really fast. I heard the front door open and close only to be followed by my dads footsteps and opening the door as well. When I went out I saw him walking back, and something short and dark move very fast down the side walk. I am being told that I was roaming the streets and ran into the house and got caught.

  18. Robert G says:

    I experienced something evil and i did not know it. One saturday afternoon i finished cleaning house and decided to go get lunch. I was gone for 40 min and returned home. I opened the door a swarm of flies were on the kitchen windows I got a towel and used it to kill them. I was puzzeled how the flies got in cause there were alot of flies.the next day they appeared back but now on my parents bedroom window I killed them all again.It stoped. A week later both my parents died in a freak car accident.

  19. Violet B says:

    A lot of strange things have been happening in my grandparents house. One day my grandparents were in the other room and I was sitting on the floor and something out of no where just shoved me it wasn’t pain full it seemed play full. Yesterday a bunch of flying ants covered from top to bottom of the laundry room all our windows doors where shut the odd part they were repeatedly hitting themselves on the door over and over and it sounded like heavy rain. Another night I was helping with the dishes and we have on side of the sink where we wash and one where we put them to dry. My grandma went near the exit of our kitchen I was talking to her so I followed I turned around and the rack to the drying side was switched to the washing side it was filled with silverware but we heard nothing at all. My grandpa got out of the shower and came rushing to the living room he said something was calling my name over and over he said it was a female voice soft and sweet as he described it. I was in my piano room one day playing piano as usual but then I decided to sit on the couch across from the piano all of a sudden I heard my piano being played super soft on the higher keys and at night in my closet I have no doors so its just dark inside I always feel as if something is watching me in the corner of my closet. I’m not scared at all I’m just curious why this is happening? please reply.

    • Hey Violet,
      Sounds paranormal, however what i would do first is start writing down the incidents with time and day.. You may find a pattern, also note weather as sometimes certain weather can disturb paranormal energies. The pattern may help you work out exactly what it is, however it could also cause more questions. If it keeps continuing you may want to get the local ghost hunters in to check it out as well..

      As you said you are not scared doing a cleanse is not needed just yet..

  20. Hi Timon,
    This is a little one. My sister has a home in an old New England town that was originally built in the 1800s. We have asked around and nobody knows of anyone who died in the house. Of course, we know that it was common in this town to “wake” relatives in the home. So…don’t know if that’s related.
    Anyway, we always visited my sister a few times a year and these events have happened many times to many different people. When the kids (mine, my sister’s, other kids spending the night) were little, we would regularly hear footsteps in one of the bedrooms (always the same room) but when we would go up to check, all of the children would be sound asleep. We no longer hear those sounds now that the kids are all teens and older. But one odd thing has persisted. At least once a week when you answer the phone at my sister’s house, you can hear the person talking on the other hand but they can’t hear you and they hang up. The house phone is then dead and has to be unplugged for awhile before it will work again. Meanwhile, the person calling (I’ve been on both ends) has a different experience. The phone is answered with a very monotone, almost mechanical “hello”, then you start to talk and realize there is no response. After a year or so, we started trying to “talk” to who/whatever was on the other end and the same voice would then say “goodbye” and disconnect. We have now learned that whether you speak or not, eventually the voice will say “goodbye” and disconnect. Then you cannot reach the person until they realize what has happened and “reboot” the phone. This was always a little unnerving when one of the young teens was home alone and didn’t know what they should do because we had not shared the story so that they wouldn’t be afraid. Thank goodness for cell phones now so that at least we can still reach whomever is home. My sister has replaced the answering maching and every phone in the house thinking it was a mechanical problem. It has probably been ten years that it has been happening. Interestingly, my sister used to only live there for a few months out of the year and this happened quite regularly when she was there. Since she has moved there full-time it is happening much less often. When I visited last month for a month it never happened and my sister thought maybe the newest phone she bought was the trick, but I called her yesterday and it happened again. Nobody has ever felt cold, unwelcome, or frightened in the house. It is a small town so there is a good chance that if it is a spirit it knew one of our friends or relatives. Even though my dad is not superstitious, he was once worried about my daugther who was home alone and had the phone thing happen so he tried to “talk” to the ghost, but it didn’t stop. Once of his best friends grew up in the house but he doesn’t know about anything bad happening there. Any opinions?

    • Hey Deidre,
      Nice share, sounds like a ghost has found a way to communicate through your line, could it be that it was someone your or your family once knew. Saying “Goodbye” or “Hello”, it seems the ghost is trying to communicate. The aspect where you say whether or not you say anything the voice still says “Goodbye”.. It is possible and i really do not want to freak you out that the person who is talking actually died doing just that communicating or trying to communicate there last words. As an example a loop or energy. The person while they were alive tried to do one last act and that last act is replaying over and over again. Now possibly that was them saying it to a loved one as the last words and as ghosts are separate from the concept of time, they keep replaying the same last actions as the energy is still embodying the line..

      Very interesting indeed. This to me suggests most likely a residual haunting.” Like in a way the ghost does not notice you but is just replaying some action. Ways to detect this is to write down the times it happens, residual hauntings follow similar patterns over and over..


  21. Strange thing happened the other day. I was alone at home with my dog about 3:30pm. It was quiet. I was sitting in my chair with the dog next to me. Out of the blue I hear a female voice call out my dogs name. Not one to believe in this kind of thing I was trying to figure a logical explanation in my head when a second or 2 later my dog started barking and looking behind me where the voice came from. That’s when I starting thinking maybe something is there. I definitely heard my dogs name called in a female voice. I am still trying to come up with a logical excuse for this, but can’t. Shortly after this I got on my laptop. I was opened to Amazon and a keyless entry device for my Ford truck. We have recently lost a set and needed an new set, but were still looking for it. I figured my Wife had looked for it the previous night and left the sight open. I asked her later and she said that she had not been looking for it on Amazon or anywhere online. Not sure what is happening if anything but these events were odd. I feel like a friendly spirit is here trying to help. Anyway, I got online trying to see if others had, had things like this happen. Any comments?

    • Hey Steve,
      Yes, this is common in paranormal occurrences, often it takes many times before we can actually judge but after a certain amount of conclusions is when we have to question deeper. The dog voice is interesting, possibly someone that has passed that knew the dog possibly..? Or maybe like you say a friendly spirit guide at the moment.. What i would recommend doing is write down the experiences, it will help give clues to the activity.

  22. Hi,

    recently I have become a little worried.. I have just moved to a new home, I’ve been here 2 months and I hear the stairs creaking like someone is walking up them even though my partner, 2 year old daughter and step-son are all in bed… I also have a touch lamp in my living room that came on by itself right in front of me?! Last night my partner and I are in bed as are the children.. I woke up to my daughters toy piano playing a drumbeat.. So I woke my partner to go and check it out and he said that the piano was in the kitchen.. When we went to bed it was in the living room.. This piano is not exactly small either and you have to physically turn it on and press a button to get it to play the drumbeat??? I am also 8 months pregnant with my 2nd daughter. What do I do about this creepy situation?

    • Hey Coral,
      Sounds like paranormal, firstly what i recommend you do is start daily meditating, moving can sometimes be stressful and meditation will help balance you and give you some positive protection. Secondly i recommend being careful of drastic changes you make to the house, this will often stir up activity.. And lastly, after those two, i recommend seeking or doing a nice house cleanse to help push out any negativity energies that may be hanging around. Sometimes being pregnant makes you more susceptible due to hormones and spirits can sometimes notice that. It is important to remember we have more power than them and they were once us, except now in energy form. Try not to fear is what i mean.. Be positive and I am sure it will get better.


  23. For the third time in the last five months, I have heard my name called out very clearly by a woman. This only happens at work…I work the 11:30PM till 7:30AM. I am the only awake staff there. The voice sounds playful and is that of a woman. Last night though, she called out with more of an urgency in her tone. The voice is always down the same hallway. I have also experienced a music box going off randomly in one room down the same hall and I was the only one in the building. I never feel scared though…she sounds pleasant. On one of those occasions, I did have a coworker present and she clearly heard my name called. Another coworker who works the nights that I am not there who just happens to have my same name told me of hearing the same woman’s voice calling her as well…odd thing is, I had not told her of my experiences! I think it is kind of cool. I would like to research who may have died there.

  24. Hi. Always between 3-4 am the tc will go into a loud white static. The Tv has been on with a show or movie playing and its also been completely off when this has occured. It happens sometimes for days straight and other times its sporatic. Whats’ going on???

    • Hey Stephanie,
      Interesting case, sounds like a poltergeist spirit. What you should do is set up a camera to film the lounge room and TV room. See if you pick up anything.

      Also you can set up a digital recorder for the sounds as well.. If you pick up something on a video come back and share what happened.


      P.S. If it keeps happening and it is freaking you out, you consider doing a house cleanse as well.

  25. Hi, I heard something two nights ago that have really confused! I love paranormal stuff but I’m one who always find a logical explanation to noises and things I might have seen or what not…this is driving insane because I cannot find any logic to it.

    We just moved to this 100 year old house four months ago, to me it doesn’t feel haunted but I do hear different things here an there, what really has my wheels turning it was around 11:30 pm, my daughter is upstairs in bed, I’m in the back room of the house down stairs watching TV, my dog is laying on the floor, I turned my TV off to close things up for the night (my husband had left for work that night already) and clearly in the kitchen (kitchen opens to the TV/living room I was sitting in) my dog and I both heard like a radio, static deep voice or voices like having a conversation for about 3 seconds, the only way I can describe the voice is you know when they interview a man on tv but they disguise his voice mixed with radio static…we live in a big lot, we don’t have neighbors really close and our windows were closed…the noise came from inside the house, both my dog and I both looked and stared towards the kitchen at the same time, I thought maybe my kid is up and was going to come around the corner with her iPod, or that maybe the TV didn’t shut off and was turning back on, but none of the above (we can’t hear anything from upstairs or visa versa)…any logical explanation? I’m REALLY Confused!

    • Hey Mary,
      This sounds clearly like paranormal, the reason being is your description of the voice being like static. This can be common in hearing ghostly voices, can sound like a radio, but no radio.. It is a bizarre feeling when heard. You may want to set up a voice recorder for a few days and see if you catch it again, just set up near where you heard it before and leave on.

      – To debunk you may want to consider pipes in the house, do they connect next door, just to eliminate possibilities of anything normal.. You could also try setting up a EMF detector as well near where you heard the voices and see if it triggers sometimes. Emf is common in paranormal situations.

      Let me know how you go..?

  26. Hi, I recently moved into a new apartment, upstairs floor of an old house and things have been kind of weird but I’m not really sure what is going on. Right after we moved in I could just feel something in the place, but only at night and I thought it was just me being paranoid of a new place, then one night as I was walking down the hall to my room it felt like something was rushing up behind me and it was enough to make me run. My 4 year old has also been going on about a shadow of a person in her room but that is something she has always talked about. Just a few weeks ago I was woken up at 1 in the morning by a bell ringing, the only bell we have belonged to my grandmother before she passed away and I have had it for ten years and it has never made a sound. It is kept in a cabinet behind glass doors, the doors were shut, all the windows were shut and since then I have tried everything to make the bell ring without touching and I cant, the cabinet it is in is too heavy for even me to shake to make the bell ring. we have had problems with things like this since my daughter was born, the first apartment I had with her was a nightmare to live in with noises, sounds of people walking around, bed shaking while I was trying to sleep, I would see shadows of a person all the time. This is the fourth place we have lived in since she was born and it had been the same everywhere. I was able to sort of shrug it off until the bell thing happened, I just cant understand why now the bell would be affected. Is this something following us or do I just keep picking the wrong places to live in, and why all of a sudden is something drawing attention to itself with the bell?

    • Hey Sheryl,
      Thanks for the comment, clues are in your writing a little, it sounds like to me your kid is attracting poltergeist type spirits. As you said she mentions it as well. Poltergeist types spirits can actually move things around and even hurt people on occasions. However try not to worry, fear is the biggest fuel for these types of spirits, be strong minded and remember you have more power than the spirit.. Don’t give in to it or never try to make deals either that put yourself in a weaker position either. The best idea I reckon is to do a house cleanse.. As it is a poltergeist it usually means the spirit is attached to you and your kid more so than the house. You may not remember exactly where you picked it up but if you go through your history you might find clues.. Look at emotional times or, an angry partner, a tragedy that happened in the last few years.. Some how this spirit ( poltergeists ) attach to weaknesses..

      The good news is us a humans can change this by Meditating or cleansing.

      For more on a house cleanse click here.

      Bookmark this page and come back and comment on how it progresses.

  27. Im new to this but searching for suggestions, my daughter is 14,has been hearing humming at night, saw a creepy girl floating outside of bathroom window while in shower has heard footsteps..i have experienced noises as well..i have seen a man amd woman standing in doorframe, wierdly thru the reflection in my dogs eyes, where do i begin helping her, im not fearful and have my teens back nomatter what..greatly appreciate amy guidance

  28. About 8 years ago when i was 10 my friend spend the night at my house. We stayed up late talking and all of a sudden we heard like man boots and only 3 steps. We got so scared and went to sleep, 3 years after that my cousin lived with me, and i was so svared to sleep at night because of what i heard years before. That night i heard footsteps in the kitches again like they were walking around, it wasnt very clear untill it started walking towards my room, i woke my cousin up and she heard it too. They were getting closer and closer to my room and i was getting more scared each time. My parents dont believe me, i havent heard them again but there are still strange noises.. I cant even sleep in my own room, i feel that whatever is in here only wants me for some reason. Maybe cause i am weak? I get scared very easily.

    • Hey Mayra,
      The experience itself is most likely attracted to the fear as well.. Getting over the fear should help it settle down, if not you may want to consider doing a good house cleanse.

  29. A very unusual recent occurrence has prompted me to research paranormal activity….I’m not sure what I want or expect to hear and find out….maybe confirmation I’m not crazy and possibly an explanation…??
    Even though I have a very open mind, I’m still a little freaked out.
    I moved into this house about 3 years ago….almost immediately my dog developed anxiety for no apparent reason. I took him to vet, etc…no answers. He seemed to be hearing and/or seeing things that I didn’t….and he was often extremely scared. Sometimes he did not want to be in the house at all and would insist on staying outside. He also seemed very afraid of the kitchen for some reason. I thought maybe there was an appliance noise that bothered him. His behavior clearly changed and I could not figure out why. Then I started hearing unusual and unexplainable noises in the house….but always brush it off as it just house settling or whatever. Didn’t want to be paranoid! However, I often thought my dog
    (who is clearly a sensitive being) sensed something in the house….but I tried to not think about it too much. Sometimes the noises / disturbances are worse than others….but I have never figured out a pattern.
    A few months ago, I was in the kitchen and noticed a small light shining on the cupboard. Upon investigation, I realized that a flashlight that was sitting on top of fridge which had dead batteries and absolutely did Not work had spontaneously turned on by itself! Puzzled….I picked it up and pressed the button to turn it off. Then tried several times to get it to turn back on…no luck!! It remained dead! Never got it to work again. Last week…I was again in my kitchen when I saw a light shining on the wall. Again….it was from a (different) flashlight that was sitting on my kitchen table. And Again, it was most certainly dead and inoperative!! I had brought it in from the car to put new batteries in it. I picked it up and turned it off….and once again tried many times to get it to go back on. I shook it, took batteries out and put back and pressed the button a few dozen times….did NOT work! I put it back on the table. Pretty weird! Today a friend was at my house. She believes in paranormal things….so we were standing in kitchen and I told her about what happened with the 2 flashlights. She thought it was pretty bizarre….then much to both of our amazement….the flashlight, still lying on the table…turned on just as I was telling her the story. The timing was unbelievable and completely spooked both of us!! I felt like all my hair was standing on end! And all I could think was that there was a spirit there with us….trying to communicate!! The big question is….what do I do with all this?? 3 times and 2 different inoperative flashlights!! I’m a bit freaked out. I’ve read all the other posts…but don’t know what to make of this. I have been under a lot of stress lately and went thru a surgery for cancer recently….is someone watching over me? Is someone trying to tell me something…if so….how do I figure out what it is?? There is no doubt a spirit of some sort that is visiting me in this house….and my dog has known it for a while. Although, he was in the kitchen today during the flashlight experience…and he was as calm as can be. So I don’t believe there is any threat or negativity….but it’s just plain weird.
    Any insight or suggestions for me and my dog??

    • Hey Teri,
      Thanks for sharing, this is classical haunting experiences you are experiencing. The turning on of the flashlight being one that has happened to many over the years and in same situation flash light batteries are dead flat. In some cases I have heard the batteries not even in the flashlight at all. Your dog is a big heads up as well.

      Sorry to hear about your recent stresses. Hopefully you are feeling much better now health wise, yes stress can flare up paranormal as well.

      On a side note, you may want to try this, set up a camera to film the kitchen over 24 to 72 hours if possible and look for if the torch is timed to turn on. This could give clues. Also get an EMF meter or ghost kit. These will help detect abnormal emf readings which can on occasion effect electrical devices and could effect your dog.

      If abnormal EMF readings in the kitchen it could also indicate electrical problems or it could suggest that is where the ghost is active due to high EMF. High EMF fueling activity.

      These two, video and EMF could give bigger clues to the situation.. Eg. look at EMF spikes when the torch lights up randomly.


  30. I have had all kind of expriences with paranoramla entities, I heard footsteps one time, another time my door was slamming, entities knocking at my night table and radios trying to start. A few months ago an entitiy woke my up taking to my ear saying : “big mountains”.. Yesterday, my celular phone was turned on by itself and I noticed that because when my celular phone is turned on, this one makes a noise.

  31. We moved into a house and I took the 3rd floor attic as my room.
    Almost immediately I started feeling a heavy chest discomfort.
    At night I would get goose bumps and while sleeping felt a presence lay in the bed.
    One night, a black cloud like image came through the wall and was hovering over me.
    I grabbed a cross from under my pillow and it disappears.
    This happened several times, until I sprayed holy water all over the room and it seemed to stop.
    Any idea what it was and how it manifested in that room?

  32. Hi Timon,
    Hoping you can give me some advice. For the last 2 years or so, my daughter’s toys would just go off randomly. I used to not think much of it because it used to be just this one toy that I chalked up to believe was just sensitive to light/vibration, so I ended up putting it away so it wouldn’t wake her up (it always happened at night). This went on for a while and at this time, her playroom was the spare bedroom next to her room. Now, we have the playroom moved to the front room in our home as we have had another baby and her “old playroom” is now our sons room. Toys are still randomly going off, and now its more than the original one, there are about 5 different ones that will now. Its a completely different room and faces a new direction, so not thinking light is a factor anymore, it seems to me like her toys are the ones being haunted, not a specific room. I’m not sure what is going on, and its starting to freak me out a bit. We built this house almost 5 years ago, and right before the guys came to lay the concrete foundation down, we actually buried a bible in the ground to bless our house. It it probably under our master bedroom/bathroom area. My grandpa also passed away about 6 months ago, so at first I thought maybe it was him saying “hi”, but then realized this has been happening way before he was gone. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hey Natalie,
      Toys going off randomly is a common occurrence of poltergeist type haunting’s and should not pose to much of an issue unless it escalates to more things happening. Poltergeist type hauntings feed off fear or conflict in a house ( stress ) and can also feed off young teenagers as they go through puberty often around 12 to 15 years of age. Like i said though, try not to worry as it is probably just a short term thing and will pass as the energies move on. If it does escalate however you may want to check EMF readings of the house. This can be done with a simple EMF detector bought from a hardware store .

      Scanning areas can look for imbalances in the EMF field which is often linked to ghost or paranormal activity. Sometimes it can be a simple fix feeding the paranormal such as one bit of bad electrical wring so using a EMF detector can check for this and I recommend this as a thing to do. They are very cheap to buy as well. Usually around 15 dollars or less.

      After that if you find it does escalate more to more activity you can then consider a house cleanse. However first I would recommend starting with a EMF sweep especially around where the toys are.


  33. I move in new house. But I feel something diffrent here. Bucket fell down (means not in same position as i left it with and wind and animal in closed room). In Bath room drainage cover move up side on floor. One day i feel in night that some one moving his hand on my hair.

    Is it Paranormal Activity. Please suggest what to do now.

    Ramesh Singh

  34. I am greatful for this blog, now I know I am not the only one, but why did we get chosen. A soon as my husband leaves for work they start buzzing and crawling on me, freaks me out. I got up tonight to make rice crispies they left me alone for that time, but could still hear them. Then they started flying by and landing on me so I did the dishes. Tried to go to bed again 4am them came crawling instantly. I found a pray to get rid of Astrals, but still here. My husband thinks I am crazy. I know the second he comes in from work they will leave. 4 more hours and I am so tried. I have read they are evil, I am not. Thank you so much for any advice.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Timon,

    I’m really glad I found your site. We’ve been having some really weird occurrences happen in our new house which I now believe to be paranormal activity…

    -The TV in the living room turns on/off intermittently.
    -Both my husband and I have been awakened around 3am to the sounds of “someone” in the house, even though we have an alarm system and doors are locked — when we check, no one is there.
    -Our dog often stands at the door of our room growling with her fur up at night, as if there is someone outside the door. Again, no one is there.
    -A pair of scissors moves around and goes missing frequently.
    -My cousin was house sitting for us and at 3am heard footsteps very clearly. Our dog followed the footsteps down the hallway growing, then yelped as if hurt (she was fine). She also saw the silhouette of someone standing in the door to our guest room with a knife in their hand. She then heard the footsteps walk back down the hallway, followed by about an hour of snoring as if someone was sleeping on the living room couch. The a door closed and it was gone.
    – Last night, I got from work and there were about 200 black flies on the inside of our living room french doors. I opened the doors and they all flew out. We have screens and all windows were closed that day, so I’m not sure how they got in.

    It’s interesting to me that although a few of us have heard/felt something, that only my cousin who was sleeping in the old part of the house saw anything. I wonder if the haunting has to do with the original structure, which was remodeled extensively in 2008.

    The spirit does not feel friendly and scares me (I am not generally scared by spirit activity). Would love your thoughts. Thanks!!

  36. Hi Timon,
    I am indian. I hope You would like to reply my question. I have shifted in my new house with my parents two years ago since then i could never evet sleep peacefully. The very first night when we shifted in the house i chose my own room and went to sleep there. I was trying to sleep and i saw a snake shaped thing moving towards me. I screamed badly. Then mom and dad came into my room and they its just a superstition. I also thought that it could be a superstition. Then the next night i was sleeping in my room and suddenly i woke up and felt that i was not alone in my room. But I ignored that feeling and tried to sleep bt again i heared footsteps in my room. Then i switched on the light to check the room and found there was no one in my room. So now two years have passed since then i have experienced a lot of paranormal activities in my house. Sometimes i use to hear sounds of footsteps, sound of singing, laughing, weeping & screaming etc. Sometimes i have seen shadows, little balls like light. Is there really a paramormal presense in my house or its just a superstition?

  37. Tonight my sister and I got in the car to go out to dinner. As she started the car, we both heard a spiritual song…Christmas cannon by Siberian orchestra. I asked what her radio was playing and she was shocked. Her radio was off. It turns out my cellphone in the bottom of my purse was playing it. It played over and over until I turned the phone off. We both new instantly it was mom wishing she was here to go out to dinner with the girls… I don’t know where the song came from or how to play music on my phone!

  38. i have been living in my grandmothers houe since 1999 first few years didnt hear nothing , thn 2005 thats when things started get little weird heard footsteps , seen dark shadows , heard banging and doors slamming, lights flickering .My daughter said she hears voices sees dark shadows and sometimes seems like someone is watching her .My son says he seen a little boy and also heard things and sometimes his toys have been moved.My husband says he seen dark shadows and looks like someone always walking upstairs, or moves really fast. He heard something in attic like banging or heavy footsteps. I have seen shadows , seen actually person or fats moving affirmation i have heard banging on walls , foot steps heavy by attic and when i took bunch pictures i seen bubble like circles or white ones even feel like someone is watching me i get that cold eery feeling when i am alone at home and at night it s worst i feel like something in room with me i ahve even felt my legs being pulled or my hair touched not in mean way but just to scare me most activity happens around three or four at night and early morning around six am . one morning i was taken shower i seen something walk by really fast by my bathroom door most activity happens upstairs bathroom, two bedrooms upstairs , the back entrance and hallway .

  39. Hi Timon,

    I’m now regretting it, but a few weeks ago I did the ouija board a few times with my 12 year old daughter and her friend. I’m somewhat skeptical in general and thought it was probably just a harmless toy and if we happened to talk to a spirit, that would be kind of fun. We apparently contacted a spirit called EB who said he was a child, and asked my daughter to make him a blue and red bead bracelet, in remembrance of him. My daughter and her friend said they would, but never did make the bracelet.

    She and her friend found a blue and red bead, but got kind of freaked out, so they hid the two beads behind a photo in my bedroom. Well, yesterday, my daughter came in to my room really scared and asked me if I moved the blue bead to her bathroom. I didn’t, and checked with everyone else in the house, and no one had touched the bead. It’s sitting right in front of her sink on the counter. The red bead is on the floor. There is no logical explanation, so the only thing I can assume is that the spirit moved it. I’m wondering now, what should we do with the two beads? I don’t want to get the spirit any more upset, so I thought throwing it away might not be good. And I don’t know if they should make the bracelet.

    On another note, and I don’t know if this is related. I certainly hope not but last night I thought I saw a strange red and black, mostly transluscent figure floating outside the window for about two or three seconds, but I’m not certain if I was 100% awake or not, but I thought I was awake. And now, a neighbor just told me that she heard a dog barking so terribly last night that she was sure he was being viciously attacked. All of this really freaks me out! Any advice is appreciated.


  40. Hi, im having some strange activity in my home and im unsure as to what to classify it as. I had a stereo in my room which would turn on by itself several times during the night and randomly through the day… i had to turn it off at the powerpoint. My electric toothbrush was continually turning on and off by itself during the night till now it just doesn’t want to work at all, it was fairly new too. Smoke alarm in my house would go off as if someone was pressing the test button. My doorbell rings on its own several times a day and night and same things happens when i go to my parents house… only happens where i am. This had previously never happened at my parents house until i visit and only happens to them when i am there. Lastly the 2 front windows of my car went down on its own with no electricity going through the car and no one in the car to push the buttons, they both went down at the same time and stopped at the same level (half way)…

    I don’t know what to make of these occurrences, can you please give me some guidance?

    Thank you.

  41. Hello

    We have lived in our home for 3 years with no occurrence. Recently however I have seen white figure walking around my home. Also the hallway light is turning on and off, not flickering it can be off for minutes at a time then come back on.

    No bad feelings at all

    Any ideas why this would suddenly start to happen?


  42. Hi
    Ok. So to start the house I live in is old in its self but when me and my mom came to live here. (We moved in with her boyfriend and his son 3 years ago.) I started getting feelings of being watched now i’m 15 almost 16 right now and when this all started I was a little spooked cause my family has a history with ghost/spirts/and poltergists… I will share those after I get my problem out… so anyway when we moved here I was the only one to get experices and my mom said it was my imagination…(She always says that). For te first 3 months it was just stares and wispers of my name or deep husky growls from downstairs the growls at first I thought were te neighbors dog until I went downstairs to do my laundry and heard a growl right beside my ear… this in note i remebered the neighbor had taken his dog to te vet today and relized it was NOT the dog. For about 5 months all of that calmed some and I strted being followed by a little girl dressed in a white dress and black eyes… this little girl was everywhere…in the car,at school,and even at friends houses. I again told my mom but she brushed it off saying I was to old for imaginary friends…frustrated I went to one of my best friends see we are all in love with the show supernatral but she has everything from the show so she gave me some incents to burn she also gave me a flask of hoy water and an basishing prayer so I went home lit and incent and said the prayer while going around the house with the holy water spraying it in every corner and doorway…it work and the girl was gone. But for 1 year and 4 months the sounds came back but adding footsteps and thing being moved and my stove being turned on in the middle of the night but I gt used to all of that and kind of ignored it all… but then the spirt/ghost/or polergist…etc. it got physical from taps to slaps and scraches and even shoves.. but what scared me the most and this I couldn’t brush off was being pulled from my bed by my legs…HELP ME PLZ!!

  43. Hey there, well it all started at my old house, i used to keep the radio on for my son on a country station very low and turn it off during the day.. Well i was doing dishes one day and well it turned on very loud and was playing Knocking on heavens door.. Now to me thats no country song, so i called my brother over right away he showed up secounds after it happend and went to my sons room and turned it on it was then back off and turned down really low again playing country… I had a shelf fly down my stairs without even hitting anything but the down stairs wall.. I was doing dishes and i heard my son cry and there was my 52inch tv on top of him half way across the room from where it was he was laying tummy down and it was over his back… I felt someone watching every move i could feel its presents id get very cold while my heat was cranked and i was cooking id get chills outta no where.. My son would stare off into space to the corner of our living room ceiling.. He would be talking to someone in his room.. My atitude was different when i was there and when i left it was better i was happy.. I moved from there now and im in a new place but weird things are happening again my dog is barking at nothing my cats are being weird and my son is talking about some Boy named Billy! I was doing work from home one day a couple weeks ago and well my son blurred out No I don’t wanna be bad :s I asked who he was talking to and he didn’t say anything…. I myself have been spacing out again which is weird and do things i dont remember… I got some sage did that but i was still feeling abit un easy so i did night cam from the computer… It was okay until about 3am… Heard some foot steps cam kept freezing up abit and then about 4 hours and 8 secounds it cut out and read me this Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. and mind you just before cutting out i heard movement bigger then my puppy or cats like human size and then mumbling! I dont know what else to do i sure the heck ain’t doing night came again!! should i ignore it or what please help! I want this thing whatever it is gone and to leave my family alone!

  44. Hi, the strangest thing happened to me today. I drove past the apartment where I was born and raised for 23 years with my mother and my kids, and I asked my kids if they wanted to see the place where I grew up so I stopped just in front of the building entrance. Suddenly my car sensor started working non stop but there was nothing around, I moved and it kept on working, I decided to leave and it kept on making noise. I stopped two blocks away and restarted the engine and it kept on going. Everytime I hit the brakes it went crazy, it kept on like that until I arrived at my mothers house and there it just stopped. My kids told me it was the apartment calling on me to turn back. My father died 14 years ago but he didn’t died there. It was really strange and I can’t find a logic explanation. My mum of course was just as shocked as me, she phoned me as soon as I got home to ask me if the sensor continued on functioning. What could it be??

  45. matt clewis says:

    I have woke up between 3am-4am about 10 times in the last year,and each time I hear a radio/tv playing a kids show theme songs (can’t. place it or know it). It is clear but when I wake my wife, she doesn’t hear anything. Also been though three TV’S in last last for no reason. Any advice?

    • Hey Matt,
      Paranormal activity can effect electrical’s however worth getting the electrics checked just in case. It is also common for them to stir at certain times, this is what i refer to as a residual haunting where the energies repeat sort of on autopilot. If you can I recommend letting in as much sunlight during the day as possible and this can help settle it down hopefully. A good house cleanse is an option as well.


  46. Hi! My name is Olivia. My best friend and i just moved in to a house in California near the ocean. It seems like a very peaceful place and it is, however my friend wakes up at 3am having a strange feeling and says I move a lot and I stare at her moving my head. (It’s difficult to explain). She then wakes me up. I am very sensitive to energies. We hear an alarm go off and I close the door to our room because I feel a presence outside near the kitchen. As soon as I close the door we hear tapping or cracking on it every once in a while as well as a door slam and some noises. It’s happened more then once. At 4.00 we feel safe again. I know it sounds unreal but I want to know if you could help us out please. Will sage help?? We have some neighbors upstairs and we woke one of them up the other day. They too wake up at 3am but this time one of them asked us to be quiet and when I told her I felt a presence she said, ” h shivaya. When seeing yourself surrounded by white and soft pink light. ” I sometimes feel there is witchery here or something strange. It’s now 4.33 so I’m not sure if I explained this properly. Please let me know something. Thank you

    • Hey Olivia,
      It does seem like there is a pattern to it around that time, what I would recommend is opening up as much light into the place during the day ( sunlight I mean ) and seeing if that helps, yeah sage can help with a energy cleanse, not sure why but it helps clear the mind and lingering energies. Be aware though that it can stir up the energy initially.


  47. Hey my name is jordan, I’ve been living in a house with my sister for about a year now, and last night I was woken up at around 5:00am by noises, it sounded like a little boy and it sounded like a word being repeated, it ended with “ie” I thought about it and thought in heard “die” or “tie”, but later realised it was differnately not that, and then the next day I had I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden the wine glasses started vibrating and making a tune, after slowly putting the tips of my fingers on 1 f them it stopped instantly, also (this one is probly just the lightbulbs) but every so often, all power turns off and after turning the power back on, a lightbulb has fell, just the glass part, not the metal part you attach the bulb with. Any thoughts?

  48. I woke up and then it all started..One night i woke up then i heard my door creak open like 3am or something but then i heard my desk scratchuing then my lil bro snored and it stopped and kept going til i fell asleep.The next night WAS THE MOST SCARIEST IF ALL..Me and my lil bro were asleep when i woke up at 3am again so i was WIDE AWAKE when the onkly thing lit was our jesus candle i heard the door creak open then footsteps..I could hear it pick up on the kitchen floor.. then the chairs were going in so quiet and so slow so nobody hears…U could HEAR THEM just walking quiet so nobody wakes up..Then i heard these CLICKING NOISES IDK HOW BUT THEY were loud like comunicating or something.. one by one there must jhave been like three.. my dog didn’t do ANYTHING im pretty sure he was awqake cause before he used to bark alot at night but now i guess he’s used to it..THEN i heard one like the leader RUN INTO THE LIVING ROOM WHERE WE WERE IN and the loudest CLICK by us… so close… the covers got tugged next to me.. going down SLOWLY and then my lil bro tugged back he was asleep and it tugged back HARD and then put it back over us again..were gonna get a dobie soon so it might kill it XD ha..Still its going on more my bigger brother woke up and heard knocking on the wall..LOUD..he heard something walk into our room and so then it said u guys still awake..the hallway light wasn’t on my dad never expierienced anything ghosts or nothin…i had experience with ghosts then it stopped for a month and came back for this story..really for me i think its aliens belive me or not..SO my ghost i have alot i woke up one night and waited a couple of minutes then heard somebody say..I CAN HEAR HER..i got so scared..I woke up again by a ghost just HOT in my ear it burned so i woke up mad..LIKE WTF XD..Anyways another time i went upstairs to get my sewing box btw im 11 ;) so i touched it and then a boy appeared next to me a little far i turned and thought it was my lil bro when it was so close right IN FRONT OF MY FACE I SCREAMED AND RAN DOWNSTAIRS..i could go on forever cause its still happens i gtg plz tell me what it is..P.S. i see the black ghosts and one tall black one tall white..white is more into tall stalks u its like the leader..plz tell me!! ty!

  49. Hi my family and I (5 and 2 you boys and hubby) have been living in our home for over 5 years. Last night around 12:30 am a play train started playing music in their playroom. This morning around 6:30 am, my 5 yr old and i heard knocking from the same room. I opened the door and the knocking continued. I investigated the backyard, hoping to find a logical explanation for the knocking. Nothing.
    I’m creeped out. ANY ideas? Should i just ignore the incidents? We can’t afford to move out right now.

  50. CantWaittoMove says:

    I do my best to cultivate calm vibes. I am usually very serene as a person. I have total faith in a happy afterlife for many as a result of reading scientific aspects of proff of NDEs over the years.

    But I am staggered and confused by the overwhelming evidence that the house I currently reside in with my boyfriend is FUBAR’d and poisoned by negative vibes.

    Over the last 3 years, our 3 health, beautiful kitties have gotten sick inexplicably and died. We use purified water and natural cleaning products. The cats were fed the best food possible.

    We still have 3 other cats. The cats who died were much more sensitive and gentle than 3 cats we have now.
    The cats who died often seemed spooked, staring at corners of the walls and ceilings. Seeing something we couldn’t see and running off suddenly.
    We both chalked it up to bugs that were too small for the naked human eye. Some reasonable explanation.
    But with the 3rd cat’s untimely death. (she was only 5 years old) I am starting to piece together strange occurences here.
    It’s quite a statistical anomaly for healthy, hardy cats to just all died suddenly. Each time there was no ryhme nor reason to their illnesses and deaths.
    The cats are also all indoor cats. So whatever is going on here, they felt the brunt of the most.

    Noted odd happenings:
    Electric has been checked and should be working fine, but lights are constantly blowing out.
    A ceiling fan turns on by itself.
    A well maintained projector is constantly having bleeds of color from burning out and overheating.
    I will hear footsteps when I working late at night down in the kitchen.
    I used to chalk it up to the house settling, but figured out the sounds are footsteps.
    Have a stellar memory and am sort of uptight about making things are where they should be and objects are constantly vanishing and reappearing. Just small things. Keys, medicine, little things.
    A large drop of water fell on my knee a month ago.
    Ceiling above was bone dry. No humidity.
    One thing that was truly unsettling when I moved in here 3 years ago was seeing the clear image a of a man in hat and suit walking up the path. But as I looked closer out the window, his b ottom half was transparent.
    He then vanished when I blinked.
    I have tried to explain this away (perhaps he quickly walked behind the hedge and my brain didnt process things, perhaps I wasn’t getting a clear view of him because it was very sunny out) But still the image weirds me out.
    The hedge is 5 feet tall , so I dont understand how he could walk behind it and only his bottom half wouldnt be visible.
    This house isn’t very old, built in 1950s. I have tried to find out the history, but nothing really stands out.
    The land that this house is built on seems to be either very rocky (tons of quartz) or has many depressions where water seems to be running underneath.
    We’re about 250-300 feet above a watershed. The history of the river is that Indians lived there, along the banks, for thousands of years.
    Over the last 200 years, the Indians were driven out and the whole river choked into nothing more than a muddy , dank stream.
    IDK, but it’s interesting that this was once a lovely , lush nature area revered by Natives and was turned into a raped piece of land.
    Whatever is the reason for this overwheleming bad energy, I can’t wait to move out of here.
    I am planing to work extra hard and long at my job, help relocate the strays and then move somewhere with great vibes with my boyfriend and our remaining kitties.
    I don’t believe in cleansing and staying where things have been so negative.

  51. Robin Bednarczyk says:

    My house has had activity since we moved here in December of 1999, BUT here recently, my husband started gutting our kitchen to give me a remodel – AND ALL HELL has broke lose! I only THOUGHT it was bad before that. THIS IS CRAZY NOW! And so my husband gets frustrated with ALL THE BS happening, and he don’t come home now UNLESS HE HAS TO, he just left the darn walls open, they’ve been that way for 3 weeks now, and IF he’s home, he’s either outside, OR LAYING DOWN! EVERYTHING you described in your “six ways to detect…” has happened to me and everyone in this house. My husband is usually in denial, TIL HE SEES SOMETHING, like one night his recliner lifted up off the floor approximately 3-4 feet, THEN SLAMMED DOWN sideways. We had BEEN arguing at the time – when that happened the argument STOPPED. My husband has gone through FOUR sets of keys, 6 cell phones, 3 wallets AND HAVING TO reapply for his drivers license, credit cards, SS card, etc… EVERYTHING of his keeps just disappearing AND NEVER being found (everything that has disappeared, did so from INSIDE this house). My THINGS is a different story – MY STUFF keeps getting damaged, vandalized, RUINED. I had a family heirloom Bible that has gone through several generations on my mothers side – I keep it out in the open in a place where it can ONLY be LOOKED at, not touched. One morning I woke up, and there a HUGE X carved in the front leather cover of it. Since THAT happened, NOW the books of the Bible are being ripped out and never seen again. ALL of my plants are dying, AND I HAVE A GREEN THUMB. The initials J.T. OR J.J. are appearing EVERYWHERE, as in either scratched into surfaces, walls, floors, BASICALLY anywhere that CAN be scratched, IS. Even on my plants, as they’re dying, it looks like someone is taking a marker and writing the initials J.T. OR J.J. on them. My kids are TERRIFIED, they NEVER go ANYWHERE in this house alone, they always want me or their dad with them. I HATE THIS HOUSE! AND whenever I’m in a hurry, which is most the time – MY BRAND NEW car just won’t crank, so I’ll call my husband to come DO SOMETHING so I can get to where I need to go, and when he gets home to look at it, IT CRANKS RIGHT UP! I swear when that happens, I can hear something LAUGHING! And of course my husband gets mad and tries to tell me NOTHING was wrong with it, I just don’t know how to crank it! WHO CAN’T CRANK A CAR? EVEN MY 8 YEAR OLD KNOWS HOW TO DO THAT! I didn’t know there WAS a certain way you had to do it! It started doing that, not even a month after we purchased it. I’ve had people come here, and at least THREE of them said that I had a “portal” in my house! There was one area they would go to, NONE OF THEM could keep their equipment charged, they kept changing out batteries, and then the last one that happened to REFUSED to go back in that area, he said it felt like something was trying to suffocate or trap him. And with ALL the people I’ve requested help from, NONE of them seem to be able to help with this. It’s getting serious now, as in IT’S WEARING ON MY NERVES AND MENTAL STATE OF MIND! People won’t even come over here anymore BECAUSE everytime we’ve had a party or company, when they leave, SOMETHING BAD happens – TO ALL OF EM. Then they blame MY HOUSE! It happens EVERYTIME! So we stopped inviting people over, and if someone just drops by, we go outside and visit, not that THAT does any good, cause it’s been proven IT DON’T! When we bought it, it had been vacant and abandoned for seven years – our neighbors told us teens would party in it, transients would stay here, runaways, etc…
    When my now 14 year old was 2, one of our kitchen cabinets fell on top of him – and there was NO WAY he could have pulled it onto himself as the cabinet weighed 75 pounds – it broke his femar bone COMPLETELY IN HALF, and when they performed THE FIRST surgery, it didn’t heal correctly so THREE weeks after his first surgery, he had to BACK in and have it REBROKE and set again. THAT was exactly on Thanksgiving EVE, 2001. It ended up healing properly and he’s now a BB player for his Junior High BB team, BUT HE STILL WON’T GO ANYWHERE in the house alone, AND HE’S A BIG BOY now, He stands about 6’1, wears a size 14 shoe – HE’S A BIG BOY!
    One morning around 4 am I woke up to my leg feeling like it was literally on fire. There was a hoof type burned looking place that was completely STILL burning through my skin – I COULD FEEL IT! I woke up my husband in a panic, he looked at it, took me to the hospital. Now, I had been SOUND ASLEEP when that happened. So anyway, the doctor SAID, “it looks like a chemical burn HOWEVER there is no trace of ANY kind of chemical whatsoever”. He ended up just treating it as a 3rd degree burn (which he called it). But he did say, he had “no explanation as to what would cause that” because there was no trace of ANYTHING except that I’d been burned. He said just looking at, if he HAD to guess, it looked like someone took a branding iron in the shape of a hoof and stuck it with force to my leg – BTW, that burn is on my upper inside leg, right below my thigh. THAT happened a few years ago, I still have the scar to prove it. BUT NOW, I wake up with HUGE circle like bruises running up and down the back, inside part of my thighs! I don’t even usually notice them because I can’t see them, it’s my husband who will say, “WTH HAPPENED TO YOUR LEGS?” It looks like bruises but I feel no pain from them. It’s also gotten to where I can’t sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time – and THAT GOES ON all throughout the day AND NIGHT! I try to go to bed around midnight now, but if I do, I’ll be up by 3am, then I’ll stay up til around 4 or 5, and TRY to get in at least an hours sleep before I have to get up and get everyone off to school and work, THEN I lay BACK down around 10am, sleep til around 1, get up again, get the house ready for everybody to come home, AND IT’S A CIRCLE – THAT is my life. I use to HAVE a life, now I just exist. This house has SUCKED EVERY BIT OF ENERGY from my body, mind, AND SPIRIT. I feel like a CHUMP for even still BEING IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN HOUSE, but I have to honestly say, WE ARE STUCK HERE! There are NO other options for us RIGHT NOW. I could write a book on my life in this house, and all the things that’s happened since we moved here, BUT THEN AGAIN, alot of people who HAVE NOT seen or experienced what we have in this house, would only assume we’re just crazy, and sometimes I have to wonder myself.

  52. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could give me your input on some strange happenings going on at my husband and father-in-law’s law office. It’s a two-story restored historical building, around 1890. I am normally very skeptical about the paranormal, but the things I have experienced, along w/ my co-workers & husband, just can’t be explained. On numerous occasions, I have heard footsteps and doors opening and closing on the unoccupied 2nd story. I searched every room upstairs, even the attic, to find no one there, just to prove I wasn’t going insane. lol. Large framed photos have spontaneously fallen off the wall and once, the kitchen light came on the the exact same time a photo fell off the wall in the lobby area, which is right next to the kitchen. The door was open to the kitchen, which is why me and 3 other people were able to see the light come on in there. Very creepy! The door to the microwave has randomly popped open too. It’s the kind with a handle, so to open it, you actually have to pull the handle (not the kind with the button you press to open). I would go to the kitchen and close it, only to hear it pop back open up 10 minutes later. This happened about 4 times, when I was alone in the office while everyone else was on their lunchbreak. The timestamp machine has fallen off the floor on many occasions too. It is very heavy and not something that could just fall off without some sort of force. Needless to say, no one really likes being alone there, especially at night. I’m wondering if you could offer any insight as to what could cause this and how to make it go away.

    One more thing I wanted to add, which is separate from the occurrences in the office building….when I was about 6 years old, I once saw a shadow of a little girl on the wood floor, right next to my bed. She was showing her profile and slowly turning her head from side to side. I screamed and called for my mom and it disappeared seconds before my mom came to check on me. I know for a fact that this wasn’t sleep paralysis, because it happened right after I had been tucked in for bed. I was wide awake at the time. It is something that has stuck with me for years and at 34 years old, I can still recall it in vivid detail. Another strange thing happened in my old bedroom when I was about 5 or 6 and was lying in bed. This is really random and it sounds silly, so please bear with me…lol. On the ceiling, there was a clear picture of my favorite show as a kid, Sesame Street. It was near the light fixture and it almost like a projector image, pie shaped and in each 1/4, there was a different moving image of things from the show. I know, very weird! My mom was in bed with me at the time and I kept trying to wake her up to tell her what I was seeing, but I couldn’t get her to wake up. I remember watching it with pure pleasure and absolutely no fear. It was another moment when I was wide awake and can remember in full detail. Sometimes I wonder if was hallucinating this one though, because it’s just so….bizzare. I actually feel kind of ridiculous even writing about it. lol. So, what on earth could these things be? I would love to hear your insight. Thank you and have a good one!


  53. Hi
    I am from the UK.
    Recently my friend has seen a shadow in her flat on occasions.
    Although she hasn’t seen it recently her cat is behaving strangely twitching of tail and hiding away.There is another cat in the household totally fine.
    There is no other unusual activity in the flat.
    Is there any way of detecting paranormal activity has anyone else had similar experiences.

  54. Hi There
    In the last month some odd/weird things have been happening in my apartment. It’s only when I’m home alone. My husband works out of province. It started with my alarm clock/radio. The time would advance one hour and that occurs quite regularly. Then a few nights later the radio of the alarm clock blasted and scared me. I have never used the radio on my clock and don’t even know how to turn it on. Another note, my husbands clock keeps the correct time. Then a few days later I was in the kitchen preparing coffee and I could hear tick tick ticking. I looked down and saw the light on the dishwasher on the drying cycle. There was no need for the dishwasher to be on because there weren’t any dirty or clean dishes in it. So I’m starting to feel alittle spooked. Then a day later the volume symbol bar showed up on the TV and it was like someone was slowing pressing the buttom to gradually 0 volume. I was stunned. So I increased the volume to the level I like and it would decrease the volume back to 0. So for about an hour I was struggling with whatever over the volume control. Then a few days later I was watching my favourite TV channel and before my eyes the channel switched to my second favourite TV channel. And this is why I wanted to consult you because I found one kibble of cat food up in the second shelf cupboard amongst all my plastic containers. I was baffled. How did a piece of cat food get there?? Also sometimes I think its my cat walking around on the bed and I open my eyes to see her right next to me, curled up in a ball. I have read alot of others situations and am taking your advice of writing the incidents down. Any other suggestions please. Thanks for your time.

  55. Hi again. I forgot to mention that a whole lot of time when trying to make a phone call on my cell phone I get the loudest static screeching. My contacts are all in my phone its not like I miss dialed and got a fax machine. Thanks

  56. Hi , it’s Andrea again. I was still reading others situations and thought I should mention that I’ve undergone a lot of stress and an upcoming surgery. So could there be a guardian angel looking out for me??

  57. I have had a very stressful couple of months and in the past there have been lots of strange happenings, bad smells, dark shadows, things moving etc. But lately it seems like it has got worse. Some-one nearby tried to stab me, then indoors in exactly the same place I fell on two separate occasions and each time broke a bone (within a week of each other) We tried to do a protection ‘spell’ – for want of a better word. and as we had to do it by the new moon whenever I went to read mine the torch went out and only came on when I stopped. Then when we tried to ‘cleanse’ the house we had people at the door, the phone kept ringing etc. just like something was trying to stop me from doing it. Any advice / help please.

  58. Hi, every night for the past two weeks at 2:59am my cellphone dies (doesn’t matter if its fully charged or even still on the charger), my computer shuts down, and the pendulum in the old grandfather clock we have goes crazy. This is usually followed by me getting a horrible chill. This all stops exactly two minutes later at 3:01am like nothing ever happened. Tonight this was followed by a horrible pain on my shoulder like something had just bit me but there was is no mark to prove it. Is this something I should be worried about or should I just wait it out. I have lived here for almost five years and this is the first time anything like this has happened.

  59. valorie starr says:

    Hi, I have been having some strange things happening that I don’t understand.I have been seeing dark shadows out of the corner of my eye,I get wakened at night by what feels like an ice cold hand touching me,it causes me to scream out.One night when this happened I saw a solid dark mass right in front of my face.I have seen an apparition of an old man outside of my kitchen window,like he was coming up to the back door.Can things follow you from one place to another? I am not afraid of paranormal,I have been dealing with it since I was a child,but this one is bothering me,I cant let any skin exposed when I am in bed.This has made me uneasy about going to sleep.

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