Six Ways to Detect Paranormal Activity in a House

Are too many strange occurrences going on in your house? Have you thought now it may be paranormal or a ghost? If so you have come to the right place. Read on..

What is Paranormal?

First of let’s first clarify paranormal, it does not always signify spirits or ghosts, it could be other energies at work. It really just suggests an occult situation where what is happening is very unusual and is a mystery to you and to others that experience it.. What I first suggest to anyone to do is as each paranormal incident happens in your house or whoever’s house, write it down.

A lot of the time it is an energy trying to communicate in some way and possibly working out how to answer the question may help the entity or energy move on..

ways to detect paranormal activity in a house

Secondly, be strong mentally. Remember the golden rule with paranormal or the occult is fear can only attract bad, so if you be positive your energy will only react as a defense. Another aspect to consider is maybe the paranormal activity is not trying to communicate, maybe more it is just replaying itself like a residual haunting. A common example of this is a light switching on at 8 o clock every night but nothing else happens, next day same thing happens.

Okay so here are Six Ways to Detect Paranormal / Occult Activity in your House

1 ) Lights On and Off – A common paranormal activity is lights switching on and off. This happens because an energy passes by the light and sucks or drains the electricity from the source temporarily. Occasionally it is a electric fault so ruling this out is important. An interesting experience happened to me once when I was visiting my sister, each light in the house switched on one after the other and then backwards in the same sequence and then the last one flickering. Interestingly none of the lights were on except the room we were in.. Spooky hey..

2 ) TV Switching Channels or Turning On and Off – TV is another common one, ever had your tv turn off and then before you turn it back on it switches back on. This is a very common paranormal activity, the TV turning off or changing channels. The theory is that as a paranormal energy passes by it disrupts the on / off frequency. Commonly most of the time this paranormal is a spirit.

3 ) Items Moved – This is a frustrating one, you check for your car keys or house keys and they are not there. Then later on after searching your house you find them where the were not in the beginning. A lot of people shrug this one off, but it definitely is a paranormal occurrence. The theory with this one is a  spirit or intelligent energy is delaying your day for a reason. It may be a foretold car accident or something similar. Some people refer to this action as being looked after by an angel, who likes you. While others say it is just a mischievous spirit. Maybe when this happens next time it may be because of a reason..

4 ) Car  Not Starting – This is another common one, the car will not start and then the next day before you decide to get it towed to get fixed, it starts for some reason. In a way like the car knew it was about to be towed to a mechanics.. A lot of the time this could be a coincidence and a standard mechanical fault, however if it happens in certain patterns chances are it is paranormal. I have a friend who has a spirit in his car, it was a good spirit and if at any time his car would not start all he did was talk to the car and the spirit and then five minutes later the car would start. I am unsure as to why spirits or energies would attach themselves to cars but it does happen..

5 ) Doors Opening and Closing – Hey that’s strange, how did that door open or how did that door close? This is probably the most easily confused one as doors could open or close with the wind. However when there no breeze that day and it happens it indicates something different. Doors are easily pushed and if you have a spirit in the house they can be moved lightly with there spirit passing by. This one really needs due time of trial and error to work out if it is paranormal. Make sure to check for breezes even from the floor and close all external doors and windows to see if it still happens..

6 ) Voices and Footsteps – These two are probably the most spooky of the lot and are massive signs. The first one being voices is interesting, try to record the voices. It may sound like hard to hear whispers, but on a recorder you can turn it up to work out what may be the spirit or paranormal energy is saying. The second one footsteps is a spooky one also. Basically said this is a common one when sleeping, waking up to footsteps. You go to investigate but there is nothing there. With this one it could keep recurring until you are certain there is something going on..

This happened to me in a haunted house I lived in in Dorrigo when I was younger. Footsteps were very common and sometimes even the footsteps could be heard outside my room and then stop at my door. This was a nightly haunt so every night it was the same. Footsteps and a bad smell of a sweaty older man.. I have more to say on this haunt but will include it in a future post as there is a lot of detail.

ways to detect paranormal doors in a house

Overall Paranormal is Real

There are many other ways to tell as well, these 6 ways are some of the standard ones I find in any paranormal haunting situation. In other extreme situations, it could be moving objects, doors slamming, seeing a apparition or even being physically abused by the spirit or entity. These ones I refer to as upset energies. They are not common however if you do come across one in your life be cautious and be wise on handling.

It is important to remember that to some spirits or energies, they may be  upset or angry because they want you out of there house..

406 thoughts on “Six Ways to Detect Paranormal Activity in a House

  1. Went to bed Friday night. During the night we were awakened by voices in the kitchen. Went to check it out, the TV was on. It was just before 3 a.m.
    Saturday night (last night) I went into the kitchen to get to the bathroom and as I walked into the kitchen from the living room, the TV went on. It was a little after 3 a.m.
    I have a friend who recently (4 weeks) died of cancer – she said she wasn’t ready to die.
    The day after she died, we had a horrible lighting strike at her home that took out what she called “her TV” as her husband watched the ball game.
    A day after her funeral, her husband wanted to watch a ballgame while we were making dinner for him and his children at a friend’s home. The women who died always asked that her husband turn off the TV when there were guests or when he visited. The friend’s TV signal came in scrambled when we put on the TV for him. When we all left, the friend called us and said the TV worked just fine after we left. Could this be her coming through via my TV? If so, do you think she needs help crossing over?

    • Hey Cheryl,
      Sounds very paranormal, thanks for the share, just make sure to check the wiring just to be sure. TVs are a very common form of communication as it is believed spirits (electromagnetic disruption) can disrupt the TV waves and frequency (eg remote turning TV on or off).
      With the correlation of 3 a.m. aspect can that be related to the ladys passing??
      If it does relate it could be a high probability.. Very interesting..

      • I’ve been living in my house for 5 years now. My house was made in the 1800s and I have asked my landlord about all the things that’s been happening but he is no help.
        In my basement there is this giant hole in the wall. I’ve climbed in there and I found a really tiny shoe that has nails in the bottom. My parents have told me that the man who lived in the house before us might have died in the house but we aren’t sure. We think he might have died in the computer room. Awhile ago when we had my dogs cage in the computer room she would go through these stages where she wouldnt come out of the room and she would cry all day. I would carry her out but she would whimper and run back in. So we don’t have her in that room anymore. Just recently the computer rooms lights flickered and went out and haven’t turn on since. The same thing happened to our entire upstairs.
        I always here footsteps and doors opening and closing. Once I was babysitting my brother and he was in the other room. I heard really heavy footsteps coming down the stair but I just ignored it because that has become so natural to me. My brother walked up to me and asked if my cousin was here. And I said no and asked him why. He said, “because I just heard her come down the stairs”. My brother and I hid until my mom came home after that. I always here walking and once my mom called me into her room at around 3 am telling me she heard rolling coming from a drawer. I opened it and nothing was in there.
        My bathroom is right by the computer room and the bathroom, computer room, and basement door always open by thenselves. Multiple times my entire houses power went out all together.
        So I’ve explored my entire house because I find it very interesting and exciting. I thought I knew every crick and craney of the place, but apparently not. We randomly got a visit from an old women we have never met before. She asked my siblings and I if we found the room inside my parents closet. It was really creepy and when we opened it we found drawings all over the walls and stuff. Ever since we opened the door I’ve been afraid of my parents room.
        I’ve asked my parents about the whole situation and they say that they think the house is haunted. My dad and I had an entire conversation about all the things that have happened. I’m not afraid of the house anymore but I can’t help but wonder if these things are just because the house is old or what.
        Oh and my things always get flipped around from their original position. This is just a small thing but it still bugs the crap out of me.

      • Hey iv been experiencing something moving under my blankets and i can actually see it move then it vanishes…i actually jumped out of my bed at one stage because it was coming towards me under the blanket i kinda tried to push it away but i jumped out anyway…my missus was pretty spooked i also have my son ib our room in the cot he doesnt seem to like the room ether… this has happen a few times .

      • Hello. Me , my wife and 3 yr old son moved in to this apartment 2 months ago. None of us get any sleep and lately my son has been waking up in his bed next to ours screaming and sweaty saying a monster is looming at him from under our bed and when I look the bed skirt has been pulled to the side. We hear footsteps constantly and have extreme heat and cold with sudden foul stench in different parts of the apartment. I dont know what this is nor do I know what to do about it. But sometimes I get an awful feeling we are in danger…thoughts?

      • I’ve been an ER nurse for almost 20 yrs & both my houses I’ve lived in since being a nurse were brand new meaning no one lived in them before we moved in but strange events have occurred in both houses such as feeling someone is standing behind me in my kitchen when in reality no one is ever there but the most bizarre event started several months ago when we decided to sell our house & our light bulbs inside the house randomly keep burning out & once we replace them they burn out again. This only started happening when we decided to sell our house. If you’re not a believer in spirits then of course one would conclude it’s an electrical concern but why did it start happening the day we decided to sell our current house?? Other medical staff I’ve worked with also claim their houses have similar events happening to them so I believe spirits can attach themselves to humans & our personal belongings especially in an ER where death occurs often & they follow us home!

    • hello yesterday my friend clean his room of restaurant where he stay that was so dirty room and old one. when he and his friends clean that room at night suddenly they hear the sound that someone is clapping there and their room doors were opening and closing continuously so now what they have to do ?

    • Hmmm you do also know that the number 3 is a digit associated with the Devil. Given you mention 3 AM….

      Tread with care! Especially if you start developing scratch marks in a 3 claw scratch pattern

    • This morning my mom saw a small lock of hair laying on our roommates shoulder, the top of the hair lock looked like someone put it in between their index finger and thumb and rubbed it until it was knotted together the rest was curled. The hair belongs to no one in the house. Before this happened my mom opened the garage door and swore she heard a snarl or a growl. We’re not sure if it’s some sort of witch craft or something else but there has been a lot of negative energy in the house. Please help.

    • My clock restarts itself 3 times ( a night) when I’m sick… not only that but right after it restarts itself the lights right out side my door flicker, I know no one is outside my dirt though because it’s a French door I can see everything behind my door… I always check to see if it was unplugged ( the clock) because that’s the only way to restart mine but it’s always perfectly fine! What do I do? ( this has started happening 3 months into living in my “new” house.

  2. when i was about 17 years old we moved into a brand new house everything was going good untill maybe about 6 weeks after moving in.. I started hearing noises that i wouldnt let bother me so i ignored so then i little things started getting misplaced that i know for fact that no one would touch. UM i had dreams not so scary but on going dreams almost like a movie i’ll fall asleep and wake up go back to sleep and the dreams would start from where i left off.. I have unexplained brusing my clothes stink the smell wont pretty much go away.. I hear laughter my lights flicker um my clock goes off at 3pm even though it’s set for 7am my dog hates my room and bathroom he barks at it wont go in at all .. my friends dont like my house refuse to come over.. I dont know what to do its been going on for 2 years now im scared and what i told isnt even half of what you wowuld imagine.. what can i do who can i talk to

    • Hey Thai,
      I think you could talk to a priest or a psychic about your situation. Sounds like your house needs a cleansing. Also as a note when you fear spirits in a house they tend to feed off that and they will get more noticeable. Try to be strong, remember they were once human as well.

      • Ummm no they’re not all human once! Bad advice you’re giving. If it’s a darker more malevolent spirit like a demon, inviting it to communicate is the LAST thing to do as you INVITE the entity into your life. This apparently can potentially increase the chances of possession if you believe the case studies.

    • Ya.definitely she is your friend.she has incomplete task to be fullfilled so she is trying to be strong and try to communicate with her.don’t be afread she will not hurt .thank u

  3. i am always losing things and finding them in the first place that i had looked but didnt see before. I am always waking up at or around 3am. Last night my ipod (which was in a jacket pocket, hanging on a hook) went on at full volume (which i never hear sooo loud) at exactly 3:04 am. I got up to turn it off, and as i was getting back into bed I saw a dark shadowy figure dissappear into a mirror. I also hear footsteps and whispering in the middle of the night, but it sounds like mumbling- i cant make out what they say. Do u think this is a malevolent spirit?

    • Hey Jessica,
      Very likely it is a shadow spirit, however i do not believe it is malevolent unless it has physically hurt you. Try not to fear it as much as possible and record what happens, time and dates.. Also I recommend a house cleansing if the hauntings get worse with a Psychic..

    • Jessica, I am a 16 year old, everynigjt I can not sleep until 6 am. I am the only one to stay up when its 12 am. While everyone else is sleeping, I hear footsteps in the hallway outside my door, in fact 30 minutes ago, the ac turned off and it got really hot in my room. But then I started hearing mumbling. Then it gkt a little louder and my neighbors dog started barking towards my house, then I heard something fall in the kitchen. Me fearing that someone broke in went to invenstigate.
      Suprise. Nothing was moved. About a year ago my mom and I were baking a cake together (i just liked the cake mix of course) and out of now where all of the cookbooks went flying off of the shelf and onto the floor.
      When you hear these mumblings again, dont be afraid, listen to what they have ro say. The mumblings hear sound to be repeating themself and I can almost make out what they are saying. It almost sounds like “its not his time yet” but I dont know for certain yet

    • Hello,

      I have experienced the exact same thing as you. I recommend getting it removed. My situation got worse as it for stronger over time. It attacked me as well as my pregnant friend. We ended up with cuts on her leg and my ear. I never got rid of mine, instead I just left. I noticed if I ever spoke about it in the house it grew stronger. I seriously recommend getting it removed.

  4. I have had things like knowing the blinds were down in a room then come back and they were up and no one had been there to do it. My daughter came to us one the middle of the night frightened and said the couch was shaking. I have heard doors making a squeak like they do when the the cat or dog goes in the spare bedroom but look are they are both with me and there isn’t a draft anywhere that would pull them open. 5 disk Cd player in one of the rooms would start playing cds in the middle of the night. I live real real close to a battlefield and possibly soldiers could have been killed on our land. Do you think that makes it more probable that these are spirits causing these things to happen? It went on for a couple of years and we pulled the old carpet out of the house and it seemed to go away after that. Kind of stange I thought.

    • Hey Luanne,
      Sounds very paranormal, when paranormal stuff happens try to record its time and date that way you can work out a pattern. Also if you wish to invest in a good digital camera, point it at the window at night on night vision to see if you catch it in action. If it is haunted sounds like the spirit like the blinds open..

  5. I was asleep in my room at four in the morning, When all of a sudden i heard something that sound as though something was being moved across my dresser. I opened my eyes and the lamp that was on my dresser flew off into the closet in my bedroom. That morning I was off to school.My mother woke up a couple hours later and the heater that was off the night before was turned on to 95. Scary,Someone commited suicide in the house i live in. Do you think that his spirit is haunting us?

    • Hey Rachael,
      It is most likely a ghost from the suicide, but it is hard to be sure as they may have moved on. Either way it sounds very paranormal.. Wht i recommend doing is write down experiences and date and time to try to work out patterns. The patterns then can help determine what is happening exactly..

    • Rachael, look into your houses history, a woman died in my house and keeps throwing cookbooks while we are trying to bake cakes and such and she wont stop walking around at 12 am to EXACTLY 6 am (i dont sleep because of this). People who have commited suicide tend to have restless spirits due to a life that was cut short

  6. sir,
    almost five to six years in between my wife s and aged father s ,money and gold jewellerey are disappreaing from the locked closet,and jewel box,only gold jewl,siappears ,between the atifacal jewel,our home is something at the hill,tried every remedy,but what can be reason,both my father and wife are very religious.
    pls inform what to do….

    • Interesting question Junaid, sounds like there is something related to closet.. Is it an old closet as sometimes paranormal activity can attach itself to objects like a wormhole in a way..

  7. I lived in this townhouse for about 8-10 years now, and i noticed since the first day i moved in that the house felt a little…. miedo (fear,scary), if you know what i mean. My mother came to visit and she pulled up to the driveway and she swore she saw a little girl that resembled me when i was about eight, staring at her through the bedroom window. when she told me this i was very frightened and at one point about a couple years ago, my easter vase was broken on the floor. like someone had thrown it across the bathroom. i heard noises comming from the attic almost every night. My sister also came to visit, and last night we both had the same exact dream about a little girl. it was frightening. i was so scared.

  8. I watch a lot of paranormal shows & there are no patterns. It could be one, two, or many. I can’t tell. At my house in the city, there has been a few, scattered things. City House:My room is the coldest for some reason. A few years ago a swore our bathroom door swung open & then shut while everyone was on the other end of the house. I recently noticed that my cat has been staring at random places like she is watching something, but no one is there. I hear noises coming from the ceiling, attic footsteps, stair footsteps, and other random places & once really loud in the garage, nobody is there. Recently my door has been opening, i have been feeling like i have been being watched, i have heard really weird noises and my brand new mac has been repeatedly turning off at random in as little time as a few seconds apart. At my ranch house: people have died there, it is a part of stephen f austin’s 3rd colony established in TX. In the past few decades, a guy was accidentally shot on there while squirrel hunting as well. there is an old shack there that was where he might have stayed, and a heavy rocking chair was supposedly blown off the shack,s porch, but the one next to it was fine and it had landed a few feet away from where the wind could have blown it (they r very heavy). One night, we heard footsteps on our mobile home porch, the light was on a few minutes before and was suddenly off without us noticing, our dogs went hysterical, there was no one there, and our parents were asleep. I als hear random noises there. I have never gone in that shack at night, and only 2 times during the day because it scares me so bad. I also had a nightmare at my ranch this past weekend, that same weekend the wind was blowing hard and the door to the backroom of the barn was opening and closing against the wind, while the lights were flickering on and off. I also raised a robin i found for 2 months and 2 days and it suddenly died, but i volunteer @ a baby bird rescue center and knew exactly what 2 do, i loved it so much & heard that spirits can kill animals. this has also happened to a parakeet & 2 baby ducksIs there something attached to me following me home from the ranch? I have been firmly asking it /yelling at it to leave me alone when i feel scared. what could/should i do about it? Tell me everything/ anything u can possible. Please reply quickly so i can stop it before it gets worse. Thank you.

  9. I just moved to this house in September and i have son who is 5 1/2 months old i had started laying him in his crib for naps and bed time and i could always here what sounds like a little girl or boy talkin/wispering to him n it wld make him wake up screaming or hed wake up n play with it!!! One nite i was laying down for bed and i heard the wispering and my boyfriend had telled me earlier it was jst the tv or radio so i layed there telling myself that and the longer i layed there the more intense it got n i no it wasnt the tv or radio…then i woke up another nite to what felt like sumone grabing my leg trying to wake me up n i saw the blankets moving then it was gone!!ive felt wat was like a finger or sumin moving my hair…i see shadows but i believe its just my eyes…i had just recently went dwn n was cleaning my basement and found a lil room that has no purpose u can tell it had padding stappled up on thecieling n walls in just this room i Believe it is a lil girl who is here n i wld like her to mabe leave us alone any ideas

    • Hey Miranda,
      Sounds definetely like a haunting.. Try to ask the spirit to move to the light next time it happens. I have had similar experiences and sometimes this helps.. Possibly in the past people were dabbling with energy downstairs and opened a door to the other side. This can happen if one plays with a ouiji board or calls (conjures) on spirits through old rituals.. Maybe consider getting a psychic to do a house cleanse as this may help the spirit move on.. I hope this helps..

  10. I live in a relativly new house. Built in the 80s. I have been hearing footsteps in the hall and in my room. I thought it was my mother coming into my room (which i found creepy enough) but when asked, my mother had also heard and thought it was me. The lights and sterio also went on and off. We got an electrition out who did not beleive it had happend as power points and lights run on diffrent circuts. There is also bad smell in hall (like sewrage) but that may be just sewrage. last night mum said she breifly saw a mist (large) move slowly past door. Do all these things add up 2 a haunting? And what dose it mean that the occurenses seem 2 be getting stronger>


  11. Hey Random Person,
    Sounds like you need the help of cleansing the house. Try the help of a good pyschic and focus on clensing the house. Of course make sure to eliminate all other possibilities first, such as a medical check..
    Sounds like a haunting to me..

    • Hi i am new to all this and dont know what to do or think i cant slle right now i was just laying down and looking up things i need to buy tomarrow and my light of my hall came on and suddenly went off its the kind you have to push up the switch no one is awake exept me and my husband sence we moved into this house he laughs and it only happends in the night hes never dont this before ive known him for 6yrs and hade never hade that from him theres lots more that have happened in the q5months ive been here but what can it be i feel like right now something touching me on sertin part of my legs i hit my leg nothings there and it does a difrent part of my leg my husband comes from guatemala where alot of scary stuff happens and i try to have him tell me if he knows why things happen but he trys to joke about it to not scare me all that goes on is mainly witnessed by me my 1yr old daughter has to sleep in the middle of us because she starts to make this sound like shes gonna cry i get so scared i just huge her and kiss her but it dont stop unless shes in the middle and practicly squished between us it only again happens in the night theres much more that has been going on i just want some explenations for this we are moving soon can this fallow me if it is something what should i do i am a mother of 6 and would ever want something to happen because my butt has been touched or difrent part of my body or like someone leans or touches me for a second or one time i went to go pee like at mmm i will say 12am at night and there was no window open and from the laundry room to where i was at in the bathroom its across and i felt a big breeze come my way from the laundry room no window was opened my nieghboors dog will cry difrent times in the night from somewhere around 12am or 6something am after that he wont make that sertin cry all threw the day but the way he crys they say its when thay can feel something and see something there theres days that he wont but its almost everyday i hear the dog my dog wont sleep hardly at all threw the night mainly the day and shell bark at a area by are fence or somewhere in the yard but nothing is really there whats going on even my kids tv turns on some nights

  12. My family moved into a house owned by my sister almost two months ago while our own house is undergoing renovation. Shortly after nmoving in, all four of us started experiencing strange things: Lights turning on or off mysteriously, doors slamming shut and then opening again, aircon turning on by itself..also footstep sounds on the stairs..
    I couldn’t believe it at first, being someone who hasn’t experienced anything of this sort. But after repeated incidents that i myself have experienced, i eliminated other possible obvious explanation and decided that the occurences leaves no room for doubt, there is something at work here.
    Question is, what is it? So far, there are no visual manifestations. Although we started out very scared, we sort of got used to these things. There are eventless days, but surely things haven’t really relented.
    I’m comforted by the fact that we will be moving out in just another month or so..We also all want to believe that whatever is doing these things doesn,t really wish to cause us real harm. But what is it really?

    • Okay Belva, Welcome to the world of paranormal understanding.. What you are experiencing is after renovation is ghosts getting a bit upset.. This is common, remember they were once human and time acts differentely on the other side. To them you are changing around what is there pattern before moving on.. Energy is such a powerful thing and time has no bounds for it.. In a way time is an illusion when passed on..

      I would not fear a haunting or these experiences, try to be understanding and they will adjust to the changes.. It is rare that they are ever harmful and i do not believe yours is.. If you worry alot then tell the energy to move on to the light when you notice paranormal, this will possibly help the confused spirit or energy move on to where it should go..

  13. My husband, son (15 yrs), pet lab and I live in a three year old house we love. We are a happy peaceful family (and are Christians), and each healthy. While we haven’t directly discussed it, I think my son and I both recognize some kind of paranormal “entity” (I don’t know what to call it) centred around the staircase in our house. There is nothing at all threatening, sometimes there are noises like fabric swishing, and temperature changes – or more like humidity changes – around the one area. Sometimes I think I hear footsteps, but it’s always in the middle of the night and I’m too sleepy to be sure. I don’t mind the presence, and think it’s kind of neat. The dog watches the staircase from time to time but doesn’t seem bothered or otherwise interested. My husband and I both had loving and close relatives who have passed on within the last ten years (when my son was small, he said he could see his grandfather, which was disconcerting, so we asked him just to let that be our own family secret, mmmkay?). In reading a bit about such activitity, I’m wondering if an entity is trapped, and how to help. Could that be necessary or helpful?

    • Chao Anne,
      Thanks for your share. This sounds like a residual haunting which i would not fear like you say.. Energy i believe is powerful and so it can linger a long time after passing away. Also time is different on the other side. As you say it is not threatening, it sounds like this energy from previous owners was a pattern that they shared. As for helping, if this energy or spirits interact with you just advise them to go to the light. This can helps them move on in between worlds on the other side.. I would not assume it is trapped, to me it is more like time is different on the other side and so to us seems like a long time, to energy (ghosts or spirits) it is not much time at all..

      This is just a theory however..

  14. About 2wks ago my husband and I started renovating our bathroom. We knocked down a wall etc.. to make the bathroom bigger. Well, just the other night.. my husband kept waking up it all started around 2am. He startled me i thought someone was breaking into our home. The first time he said he heard someone coming into our bedroom. He figure it was one of the kids and went back to sleep. Then he said right after that he heard the footsteps walking around our bedroom and that is what frighten him it didn’t sound like kids footsteps. So, he turned the light on and there was no one. He went and checked on our three kids and they were sound asleep. He returned to bed and had just started fallen asleep when he felt someone standing in our bedroom again. He rushed out of bed and that is what woke me up. I was like what is going on? His like someone is in here.. I was like your dreaming. His like no! seriously, I just heard someone walk in. Well, finally we slept with the bathroom light on untill morning. In the morning I asked what was all the waking up last night.He told me what happend. I was like okay.. its weird.. I didn’t feel or hear anything. Well, too make a long story short. Last night,I got my share of someone standing there and footsteps in our bedroom. It felt as if the person was looking for something or was lost. I had that anxiety feeling. Like I wanted to help but i was to afraid to look. I have a feeling it has something to do with the bathroom renovation. The spirit does not feel evil it seems like its looking for something. Please help!

    • Hi Susy,
      Do not panic first of all.. This is common after renovations and minor types of hauntings. What is happening is spirits are being confused as renovations are disturbing there energy patterns in the other world.. In time it will calm back down once the spirit adjusts to the changes.. It is amazing how many places this happens to.. A haunting can be very quiet until renovations happen and then previous energies, human spirits start to get confused with the changes..

      I recommend writing down your experiences, then if it becomes common ask the spirit to move to the light.. This can help cleanse the effected area and also help the spirit move on.. Regards..

  15. The last couple of nights I have been waking up at between 3:10 and 3:30. Monday I got out of bed and walked around and ended up waking up my mom. My dog doesn’t want to sleep in my room and seems to be scared. Our house is only four years old, built on my grandpa’s farmland, and knowone lived in it before us. It is across the street from a church and cemitary. This morning when I went to take a shower my shampoo was moved and one bottle was on the floor and I was the first one to talk a shower. I have been seeing some bruises on me also. One was on my left elbow, one was on my left knee, and one was on my right thigh, but my mom just said it was from my mono; it could be but I don’t think so. Last night my six-year-old sister was also scared because she said she felt her bed shake but it was also pretty windy. I don’t know much about this kind of stuff so try to explain it as best as you can please. Thank you very much for your help!

    • Hey Cole,
      The paranormal is a different experience to everyone.. It can happen anywhere.. In fact it can follow a person.. What i would recommend you do is write down your experiences to see if you can work out a pattern behind them. Then you can know for sure if a ghost is trying to tell you something exactly and to make sure it is not coincidence.. Like a journal..

  16. Thanks! for the feedback.. Its better now.. not too much activity @ my home. I don’t know what it is? but, this Sunday on Mother’s Day. My family and I went to visit my in-laws. Their home is very old early 40’s. The only people in the home were my three kids my husband and I.. And of course my mother & father in-law. The kids were playin’ in the livin’ room floor. My husband was keeping my in-laws company talkin’etc… I excused my self and went down the hall the the restroom. You see I have a habit of cleanin’etc.. when i visit my in-laws. They are old and can not do too much of that. Well, anyways while i was in the restroom cleanin’ the toilet. the bathroom door wide open.. something caught my eye.. by the hallway.. I thought it was one of my children since that hallway leads straight into a playroom. Where my in-laws keep lots of toys,games etc.. for the kids when they come over to visit. Well, what i saw was a small little girl with light brown hair shoulder length. I could vivdly see her outfit.. it was a sort of like a turtle neck with fusia reds and blue. It was a quick glance blink of an eye view.. I did not see her face.. I could only see the side of her but her hair was in the way coverin’ the side of her face. I was like no I am seein’ things.. So, I was like Jessy were are you goin’… before i finished that statement.. she dissapeared like a flash of lightin’ into the room… I was OMG! I didn’t not see that.. I was like no! So, I walked out the bathroom into the hallway facing the room where i had seen the little girl go through.. The door was halfway opened..So, I peeped into the room and it was pitched black.. And that is what really scared it.. because there are windows in that room and it was broad day light outside.. sun shinin’. I walked to check on my kiddos they were still playin’.. my husband was still talkin’ to my in-laws. I didn’t want to make a big deal. So, i kept my cool and waited untill my husband and I were alone to tell him about what i had experienced. I am just curious! was it just my mind playin’ tricks on me.. Thanks! Susy

  17. My husband and I built our house about five years ago. Shortly after we moved in we began to notice odd disturbances like flickering lights, strange noises in our TV speakers when the TV wasn’t turned on and the TV switching itself on and off. Our dog often stares into empty rooms and I have seen things out of the corner of my eye. Between the months of Oct and Jan my husband gets woken up at the same time every night (230am) claiming he can hear screaming and people running through the house. I don’t hear anything. For the last few months he has been waking every night at the same time (1am) feeling unwell and is often violently ill. Is there anything I can do to help him?

    • Hey Would Rather Remain Annonymous,
      I would first recommend seeing a doctor, then getting your house checked for mold as a precaution.. After that if they turn out fine then it is time to see if you can find any history behind the land before building.. Maybe the house was built on haunted land..? A place where ceremonies happened in the past or where a cemetery was previously.. These are the sort of aspects to look for..

  18. Yeah,I do think,it all may sometimes go a bit deeper.
    I am grown up in a house where I sometimes spotted unnatural things,but not harmful,quite on the contrary,it dealt here with entities of a higher exalted level.
    They observed,how I was brought up by my parents,who were already old,my mother was very dominant and always paniced,when my father was at the office,and I then was alone with her as an only child.
    One of the occurences,I experienced,was,that,one morning,when my father was at the office,I needed to meet with my mother,but,first couldn’t find her.Going over the whole house,I eventually came into the kitchen,nothing to be seen,but I heard st.And I noticed that one of the small doors of the cupboards underneath the sink unit was not entirely closed.I went towards it,opened that small door and,oh,my god,..there I found my mother hidden in it.Then she came out,began to cry and tremble,and asking her,why all this,she said she had bumped her head there.Well,a plausibel explanation for a small child,but,growing older,it brought amazement and doubts.
    My mother was always in a state of panic in that house,while my father was not around,she was a very dominant person,determined,things letting go HER way.And,..that was watched!Not a pleasant experience to me as an only child.
    But now it comes,aged 12 we left that house,cos my father had had a transfer(again,an instigation of my mother),it was 200 km from this place,and,…since then all things in my life went wrong,I had to suffer most conceivable hardships,deprivations,frustrations,you name it.(no success at school,no job and no partner,etc,a hard blow for a 13 aged
    Now,after several decades,I returned to my birth place for the 3th time,and to this day I have an ever growing longing to return into that house.In order to meet again(sure they still are there)my roommates,who had at that time the intention to warn me and my father,NOT to take the step of that removal.But,…HOW to warn,without scaring the wits out of us?NO,they were friendly entities,having a good insight in MY future.
    Of course,sometimes they made themselves obvious,but it was not every day,there could pass weeks,months or even longer.
    No need to sum up all the occurences in the house,but one thing I would like to report.
    It was in my bedroom,I was always sent to bed very early,so I could not sleep yet,and was staring at the ceiling in the nearly dark.Once used to the darkness,I could distinguish the edges of the ceiling and the 4 ceiling corners.And it seemed to me,that ONE of these ceiling corners did differ from the other 3.
    There proved to be something in this one corner,well,I did not focus on that,but, night,it really seemed to me,that I saw in that same corner st.resembling a human head,of an old man with a cap,my reaction?Making light? of course not,it would be disappeared,such was my insight,as a boy,aged 3!
    My real reaction was,turning on the right side in my bed,so simply ignore it,and since then,I’ve never seen this apparition again.
    Paranormal things are very intricate matters!
    Frits Holland.

  19. I always hear 3 knocks at three am exactly and anywhere i go i feel haunted or is the place i used to live at haunted?

  20. I have been waking up in the middle of the night and after being up for a while i start hearing things 1st sounded like kitchen cabinets slamming can’t say for sure that’s what it was, when i checked there was nothing in the kitchen ive been hearing strange noises, don’t know if the house is making those or there is sum kind of energy there its very disturbing i woke up at 2am went and got on the computer next thing you know the lamp i have there goes dim and makes that noise (like when its going to burn out) but instead of burning out just started flickering wouldn’t stop until i left the rm then the light just stayed on and this i just heard last night i heard footsteps on the 1st floor 4 footsteps and 1 footstep going up the stairs this is really tripping me out can you give me some ideas of what i can do to find out if there is really some kind of energy there and if there is what can i do to get rid of it I just moved into this house its a new house this is something i started noticing a few weeks after completely moving in im scared to let my toddlers sleep in there rm they sleep with me and in order to get a good night sleep i have to lock my bedrm door with my kids in there. Please any advice or anything would you can help me with i would really appreciate

    • Hey Alicia,
      Sounds like paranormal yeah.. Just after you moved maybe you stirred up the energy by adding your new things into the house.. Some people believe it is the ghost upset at the change and others believe it is the ghost running into new objects that were not there previously.. In order to work out a pattern start writing down your experiences after they happen. After a little it should settle down once used to the change.. If not you may need to give the house a cleanse..

  21. hi my 3 year old son has been acting strangely for a couple of wks now,since he was 1 he would wake about 4 times in the nite,i was getting fed up so i put a make shift bed next to mine and hes slept there ever since. i have a 16 yr old son,who a couple of wks ago came down stairs with his quilt and said he was sleeping on the sofa cos something was tugging his arm and he thought it was the 3 yr old,who was fast asleep in my husband stayed in there 1 nite and said he felt like some1 was sat on his chest, i also dared myself to stay in there and i woke to find my hair been stroked back from my forehead,my 3 yr old now just randomly started talking about a mukky man all in black with black glasses carrying fruit,and he asks my son for 2 pennies, he also mentioned the word french doubles i asked what he meant and he laughed and said mammy thats were he works,and everyday he says the mucky mans coming soon,im a bit freaked now but i dont show it what is this

  22. Hi I’ve been feeling weired lately. You see, I just recently played with a Ouija board. I might have played it wrong but I’m not sure. Anyways, that night I started to hear voices in my room along with footsteps. But I thought maybe I was just dreaming while I was awake so I went back to sleep. The next night I heard the same thing. I started then to get scared. The night after that I got up to go to the bathroom around 1am and I saw a shadow behind my shower curtain so I whipped it open but no one was there. Then once I was heading back to my bedroom I felt like someone was following me. The next day I told my mom about it but she said it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But I don’t think so. I am so scared is it a spirit or not? If it is, is it trying to tell me something? I’m just scared and confused, what should I do?

  23. Hi I just recently played a oijia board and some weird things have been happening. That first night I heard voices and I felt a presence in my bedroom then suddenly the tv turned on. I turned it off and I went to go get a drink and I heard someone repeatly whispering my name over and over then they said “you’re going to die just like I did, torture” I was so scared so I went to see if my mom and dad were up but no one was so I went to bed. The same exact thing happened the next night. Then the night after that I woke up because of a nightmare and there was a little girl leaning over my bed starring at me in terror. She quickly disappeard after that. But it continues to happened. I am so scared and my parents do not believe me because they don’t beleive in spirits and hauntings. Help me please I am so confused and don’t know what to do. Please help and fast!

  24. HI about 4 years ago myself and my wife decided to play with a quiji board which we never have done before, just for kicks anyhow not long after asking a few question we heard 3 knocks on the front door and I said “come in” when nobody came in I looked all around and no body was anywhere to be seen
    anyhow it freaked us out so we attempted to burn the board but it did not burn easy. never the less we where a little scared.
    For what ever reason I decided to reasearch this a little today 4 years later. The only thing other than playing with this board at that time that could have been of any signifigance is that about a month after that my wifes aunt was killed in a car accident right after she dropped off our 7 month old son who just turned 7 months old that day. she litteraly left our house and was killed within minutes of leaving. This is not the only thing that has happen to me but one that I remember with great detail
    any ideas or comments. I hear different stories but most say it could have been evil or a demon tricking us to invite them in. But I have also heard it could have been a loved one just letting us know they are ok? Thanks Wayne Phone 443-677-2963 Maryland

  25. Some recent activites in my new home have me thinking if this is paranormal. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with the ceiling fan on. Another night my lamp light was on. I have woken up to very loud noise right at my ears as if someone was trying to wake me up. Twice, one of my pillows is laying across (in a “t”) my back when I sleep face down. Last night, I heard someone knock twice upstairs. Oh, and I can’t understand why my dogs howl at least twice a day (outside, in their dog run). Is there a reason my dogs howl so much? It’s very hard to know if I might have done these things in my sleep. Such as turned on the lights… I don’t sleep walk. Could this happen in a new home? I’m worried my old roommate might have played a game or something in her old room.

    • Hello! So I have been having strange dreams lately. In each dream, I have a different boyfriend. But the thing is, I can never see their faces? I can only see their eyes, hair, clothes, and body. I can hear their voices as well, but I’m wondering why this is happening. Every night I wake up at 3 a.m., and receive phone calls from the same number. I always feel like I’m being watched at 3 a.m. as well, and it’s starting to weird me out. I’m not scared, because in the dream, the guys are all really sweet, but I’m wondering if maybe it’s trying to trick me? I have a feeling it’s an evil entity, because I feel bad vibes from it. I always wake up sweating, shaking, or both. And my ps3 turns on at random times for no reason, as well as the fact that nobody really believes me that this is occuring. Sometimes at night I feel like someone is touching me. I’m just really confused, what do you suppose it happening? Thanks! – Kyashi

  26. Im 15 years old and my room is lit by a street light that is hung in front of my bedroom window outside and it keeps flicking on and off so i open my bedroom door to let some light in. Once before i slept i was in my bed watching the light flicker outside when i heard our stair gate open loudly. i went ti check but it was closed. after i asked if my mum or sisters heard it but they didn’t. is this paranormal?

  27. every night i am woke up at 2:53 am am feel eerie an can feel another energy, within 5 mins my 13 yr old daughter is woke up in her room upstairs.i hav always since a child been able to see an feel other energys or spirits. my daughter is the same way. i have had the house smudged an cleansesd 3 diffrent times. this one is a shadow figure she sees! is this a negative energy? it dnt feel friendly! what do i do now?

  28. Hi my name is maria, there has been very many incidents going on with me, one day i was watching t.v at night and as i was watching t.v i see a quick black shadow pass the t.v it looked as if it was running, then another incident was about 1 1/2 years ago and i was sitting in my living room again just watching t.v and it was about 3 something and from the corner of my eye i though dad was standing in the doorway of the living room about to tell me to go to bed, but it ended up being this huge dark figure just standing there still i put a blanket over my face and layed on the couch when i took the blanket off my face the figure was gone, and then another time my sister came and slept in my room and in the middle of the night she got up to use the restroom but left the door open and the lights off in my room but the bathrrom light was shining through my room i was laying on my stomach and peeked my eyes open because i thought she was just standing over the corner of the bed looking at me with her arms kind of out then i heard the bathroom flushing so i opened my eyes more and she was coming out of the bathrooom and i asked if she had been standing over the bed and she said no and went to bed! I havnt seen anything lately but i was at my boyfriends house and he said his house was haunted well i was at his house one day and again, i seen a black shadow just walk by calm and then disapear i didnt know what to think until later that night he was freaking out because he was alone at his house and it turned out he heard someone call his name and he thought it might have been me coming over and he replied back “what” and no one was there? I just need to know what this means it has been concerning me very much i dont understand this mystery black shadow!

  29. Dear Timon.
    This is Anu from India.
    Ok, firstly I am not a big believer of Paranormal activities, but lately something is happening at my sisters flat which has made me a bit concerend. She is a single mother and has moved into a house in New Delhi. She lives at the 4th floor(The topmost floor of the building) with her 14 year old son. Her husband paased awat 10 years back.

    The house she has moved into is a brand new one, with herself being the first occupant.
    It has been quite a pleasant stay so far, but last 2 to 3 days she has been experiencing some wierd things:
    1) In the night, after 12, 12 30 am,all her clocks, including her wall clock, her cell phone clock, the clock on her computer , gets one hour slow…without her understanding at first. Sh ehad a habit of giving an alarm on her cell phone clock to get up at 6 30, but last 3 days she is getting up at 7 30, becoming oone hour late. Her son has missed school thrice already due to this mishap…
    2) Another thing she notice was the locks on her main door. She has two doors leading to outside, which she latches and then locks with a key. Every night the locls become mysetriously open while the latches are still on. She even had difficulties in finding the keys to relock the door.
    3) the lights of her flat only went out in the night for a brief few minutes, inspite of her having an inverter installed. She has looked outside and all the other buildings including hers had power.
    4) She was not able to call up her son’s mobile as whenever she tried it went sweitched off automatically inspite of the cell phone being fully charged

    At first she thought it was her son playing pranks or sleep walking, but last night she had kept him locked inside his bedroom and still the clocks showed one hr delayed time and the locks were missing….\

    Am i getting unduly worried, or is this something out of the ordinary? Will appreciate a quick responce.


    • Thanks for sharing Anu, sounds like a haunting of some type and that the changes are stirring it up.. I would try not to worry.. In time the changes should subside as the presence gets used to the new people. However you could get a psychic to cleanse the house and help the spirits or energy move on better..

      Try to get a lot of happy positive energy in there like a small party and see if it moves on, sometimes this helps.. 🙂

  30. I just move to an apartment with some friends, and I have felt that I am being choke, and hit on my neck by someone, I woke up in pain and with red marks on my neck, I think though that is a dream, but things like furniture are being move, I loose things constantly and find them in places I know I don’t used.

  31. Hello I am 19 and I was wondering if the phone app I have can since energy such as paranormal energy the app is called ghost radar…. well on the radar I get a lot of visuals and our house things allways gets lost then we can’t find the things we keep in certain places.. now the house I live in was built in the 1800s on a farm which has a 3 stall outhouse. This is in the city and I sometimes wake up from scarey dreams. The app always picks something up and they the people who use it said its real and works but I donnno if it actually works. So can you find out it works? I have an adroid smart phone that has sensors in it.

    • Hey Randel,
      I have never heard of an app like that for a mobile phone, so i will look it up now..

      Moments later after looking up.. ( maybe 5 minutes later…)

      It appears it detects EMF readings in Android based phones. What a cool app.. This is a common tool for detecting paranormal activity similar to electrical disturbances. You can’t take it as total evidence though as EMF detectors detect bad electrical wiring as well so try to eliminate or try turning off all the electricity to the house and then scanning the house.. Good Luck and let me know what happens if you try after turning off all electrics.

  32. My niece bought a hud home in April 2010 that is 85 years and has been restoring it. We anticipate it will 3 to 6 months before she can move in. (The previous owners started the restoration process but never finished it.) There have been several unexplained incidents that have happened in the past 2 months. The radio station is being changed when she leaves the house. She was listening to hip hop music, turned the radio off, and unplugged it before going to Lowes. When she returned to the house, the station had been switched to a classical station. Another time she turned the radio off,after listening to Christian music but returned to find the station had been moved to rock. Does anyone have any comments. Plus occasionally there will be a strong musty type smell.

  33. hi i was hoping you could clear a few things up for me. We moved into our home 6months ago and there has always been strange noises but i just ignore them. There has been a few incidents where I put something down in one place and when I come back its moved to a different place. The other night my 14 year old brother spent the night and when he came back from helping my mom deliver papers around 6am he heard me screaming his name like i needed help he responded with my name and went and checked on me and I was asleep and so he woke me up and told me about it. Then just this morning around 6am he had spent the night again and took my dog out for me and when he turned around facing my house he said he seen a big black shadow of a person walk by the window in my 18 month old’s bedroom. I was not in there at the time and I am scared now. Is there something paranormal going on here ?

  34. O and one more thing most of these major occurances are only happeneing to my brother. There has been a few incidents at his own home, one night he was in the bathroom and it was 12:30am everyone else was asleep and he said that there was knocking first and then someone was turning the door knob fast and hard and pushing on the door trying to get in and then it just stopped. Could it just be that spirits follow him ??

  35. Hi I was hoping you could just clear up a few things for me. Since as long as I can remember no matter what house I have lived in what state or what age, I have always seen or sensed presences or something around me, my two daughters are the same way – I have had vivied dreams of people and places I do not know and awful things have happened, I do not interact with the people in my dream it is almost as if I am watching them behind glass or something and the next day or so I would see the exact thing dreamt on the news. Another thing that has been with me since I was young is that street lights go off as I approach them and come back on once I am further away, it has been as many as 3 lights in a row to going a mile to having one light go off and on. We even have a street light in front of our house that will shut off as I walk outside sometimes it comes back on instantly, other times I have to go back into the house and it will go back on, some friends and family get a kick out of it and others stay away. Only my older daughter expeirences the street light occurances but both my daughters have the dreams. My husband and son do not expeiernce these feelings, or dreams, or the street lights going off unless either myself or my daughter are with them in a car but they have seen things.
    When my son when was younger he had a conversation with his dad’s grandfather who had passed on before his dad and I met and my son knew everything about him at age 3 from the conversation he had with his dead greatgrandfather.
    My youngest daughter at age 3 came to our room one nite and I put her in bed with my husband and I and she started talking to people and answering questions and sat up and touched my husband and I and said yep this is my mommy and my and daddy. We isntantly asked who she was talking to and she replied with her arms in the air all the light people pointing to the ceiling – shortly after that she started blowing kisses and saying goodby and that she loved them too.
    We were startled but not scared we used to say she talked to the angels.
    My oldest daughter (now 21) has actually been held down and felt like she was having all her breath taken from her all while in her bedroom at about age 17 up to the time she left, she also complained of scrathing noises in the wall, her tv and stereo going on and off and a feeling of someone with her at night. Since she has moved out of town to go to school she still feels a presence of something, hears and contiues to see things -shadows and sometimes is very scared.
    My younger daughter (17 this week) has been in her sisters old room since she left and she is also expeirencing the same occurances.
    One year ago today I was taken pictures in my home and came across in one of my picutres a woman sitting in a chair wearing period clothing, in a spot where I dont have a chair or has there ever been one. In the same picture there was a figure of a man with a skelelaton face wearing what appeared to be a tshirt, that picture gave an eerie felling, the woman not so much.
    We see shadows, hear our name being called and not one of us has called out for the other but we still answer.
    My husband has been awaken and saw a large man standing over me in bed and my husband jumped out of bed and the man lunged for him but disappereaded in front of him this was about 6 months ago or so.
    3 days ago my son now 19 was standing in the hall talking to me and he said a white figure walked right past him. The next night my daughters stereo turned on while she was sleeping full blast which my son turned off.
    Last night my husband and I were sleeping in bed and my 2 dogs wold not come to bed with us which is weird because we say “go bed” and they are in the room before us. But I was awaken to a light tapping noise, I thought it was my puppy so I looked over and I saw this very odd shadow on my ceiling, I studied it for a moment and closed my eyes again, I rolled over on my back and opened my eyes and the shadow had moved to the corner of the room and was stretched out over my bed and was the figure of a person, I woke my husband to look and we both saw it move quickly across the room into the other side and stay where it originated. We left the room for a while and when we went back the shadow was gone, though it did appear later on in a different spot, and it what appeared to be hiding from us later I saw it between my tv stand and my dresser. I just went to sleep. My husband and I were the only ones in the house.
    I have had my house blessed, crosses for my kids blessed etc. last night I even said the lords prayer aloud and opened my holy water, I was somewhat freaked out.
    I am more curious of these happenings then scared -but I do have my moments. I can also tell you that numerous times we have been delayed by an occurance in the house where if we would not have been delayed we could have been in very seriuos accidents or other similar situations – my daughter actually was being followed by some friends in her car one night when she had to turn around her friends kept going on and shortly up the road they hit a large tree branch that had fallen into the road and the vehilce rolled and two of the kids were thrown from the car and seriously hurt her boyfriend now fiance was in the car that rolled and was the only one that walked away scratch free the rest were flown to trauma hospitals. I have felt a comfort feeling of we were watched over with such situations but then some of the other occurances make me wonder. I have asked my mother if she knew of any family members on either side that had similar expeirences thinking maybe it was inherited, she tells me not that she knows of and would rather not hear of any of ours – lol. Please, your thoughts and input would be appreciated on all or any of this. Thank you Christine

    • Hey Christine,
      Wow, long story and thanks for sharing. I have a few questions for you –
      Do you think it is your family that is haunted? And if so then what about a spiritual cleanse of your family. This can be done with a good psychic that knows what they are doing. It usually involves meditation and a guided body cleanse.
      Also do you feel these spirits are a threat? If so, then I would definitely look at what to do.
      What do you own that you have always owned? This is a good one, haunting’s can be attached to people as well as objects. Look at what you own that is old. Maybe it is time to get rid of what is old. Is there an object that you feel is suspect. Maybe an old chair etc.. By removing haunted objects these sort of things can leave.
      Lastly, do you think possibly you or someone in your family opened up a door via spirit tools or occult practices? If so then this is something that needs to be undone. To close the door. As an example, a simple Ouija Board can open up doors used in the wrong hands. Occult rituals, etc.

      • Hi Thank you for your reply. I since have a had a team of paranormal people and equipment in my home with my family present, due to many other ocurances. Well there are many spirits with us and a dozen or more they recorded in our front and backyard and they could not really give me any explaination of why they are here and I recognized none of the spirits names. Apparently the area we live in was for veterans and the paranormal people were wondering if our property which sits on a lake was a gathering place at one time, and one female spirit definietly wants us out of the house -which is in the works now. There are times where we feel the presence of them and it is just too overwhelming for all of us. As far as owning old furniture or such, no we do not and as far as the ouija board – yes I beleive when I was little my parents tried one and my sister and I may have as well. But no one else in my family (siblings or parents) has ever been bothered at least not like me. I did though infact find out that one of my great grandmothers and great great aunt had the ability to see and hear things, which answers my sensitivity questions of being inherited.
        I do thank you again I am cheking into a medium of some sort to get more answers. Sorry for the long story – I could actually have gone on – lol
        I will let you know what comes of all of this I just would like it to stop and if that is not an option then I would like to understand it more so I am not so scared at times and can get a full nights sleep again.

        • Hey Christine,
          A medium is a good option to try to get more info, to me sounds like a doorway is in your house. A doorway would explain the constant activity.. A medium maybe able to give clues on this one or may even be able to figure out how to close it as well..

  36. things have been happening the past couple of weeks such as the tv turned by itself n when checked the plug wasnt in the wall and the radio was on even tho it was on standy and was flicking through all different programmes such as the am fm ipod so on, wierd cold drafts in just 1 point of the room and also something write help me on a board in the bedroom, a usb when missing for ages n when i was in my bedroom i heard a bang turned round n it was there on my bed n i turned my room upside down looking for this jewlery has gone missing and turned up later in the week or months, seeing things that could be orbs do u think its wise to set up a camera in the room its happening most in or dont u advise it.

    • Hey Conna,
      It is always good to try to work out what is happening but also make sure to do it in a safe way. As it is your house you can’t just ignore it so try to work out what is going on. I reckon do set up a camera to check for evidence. If you feel uneasy then consider getting a house cleanse to help in case spirits are hanging around and need to move on.

  37. I am Abhishek Maitra 22 year old boy from India.. We 3 friends did planchette few days back… The 1st day when we were trying to do planchette it didnt work for us but we all heard strange someone is banging against the wall…Then later on we did plachette successfully.. Now we are feeling that some thing is there..but nothing unusual things are happening only three things we can see or can feel is that some one with us..2nd thing is at night we can hear someone is coughing(might be the person next door) 3rd is my computer is shutting down automatically!! Is this any Paranormal Activity??

  38. Ok, before I start, I feel the need to preface this with my personal opinion: I don’t believe in ghosts, hauntings, possessions, ect. Usually, they’ll make an interesting story or movie, but for the most part I chalk it up to flights of fancy from people with more imagination than knowledge. This, though, has me scratching my head.

    My ex fiance moved out a few weeks ago, leaving me in my house alone. It’s a pretty new house, built 2006, so the likelihood of someone dying in there is unlikely given only 4 years, and I’ve lived there since 2009. Sometimes it feels like I’m being watched, but I can easily chalk that up to my imagination working in a quiet solitude. I usually keep the lights off if I don’t need them, so my house stay dark, which contributes to the general feeling of creepiness.

    Sometimes I’ll hear banging in the walls. I attribute that to a still fairly new house settling. In fact, I never gave it much thought til a week or so ago.

    I was home alone, waiting for a woman I’m seeing to get to my house, as we were about to go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show event. I was tired, so I climbed into bed and left the door unlocked for her so she could let herself in and wake me up. Trouble was, once in bed, I couldn’t sleep, so I figured I’d just pretend to be asleep and grab her when she was close and kiss her and whatnot. Silly, I know, but I’m goofy like that.

    An hour later, I hear the door open. At this point I was impatient, so I climbed out of bed and went to the hallway to greet her. The master bedroom exits to the hallway and the front door is at the end of the hallway, on your left if you just left the master.

    Except, the door wasn’t open. I do the usual, check the door, walk around the house to make sure nobody broke in, ect. I chalk it up to nerves and climb back in bed.

    About half an hour later, I hear footsteps in the hallway. They were so clear, I could hear the sound of carpet scuffing against shoes. They were slow, deliberate, as if someone were intentionally being sneaky. I go out again, and lo and behold, nothing. No person, no footprints, no nothing.

    To that, I don’t know what to think. Maybe someone was walking outside and I simply misheard. It’s possible, I mean I do have a neighbor, his house is fairly close, sure. Getting back from my second deployment in Iraq has left me with slightly impaired hearing, so it is completely plausable.

    So, I crawl back to bed, determined not to let these noises and my imagination get the best of me. Now, I had been in bed, pretending to be asleep, when I heard the footsteps again. They made their way into my bedroom, and the hair on my body started to rise. But it was so clear, I was certain it was the woman I was waiting for.

    The temperature didn’t change. I didn’t feel any evil presence or any sense of holiness or any nonsense like that. The typical things that people report didn’t happen. But this is what did happen, that I simply can’t explain away:

    I sleep on my stomach, one leg up, one arm under pillow, the other arm laying outwards. Near my hand, I feel the mattress depress, as if someone placed a hand on it as a balance as they started to climb onto it. My mattress is one of those memory foam deals, where a person sinks relatively deeply into it til the bed has enough compression to push back and stabilize.

    I immediately sweep my arm across where the hand should be and look. I don’t see anything or anyone, but I watch as the memory foam slowly rises back to it’s standard flat position, the indentation clear as day til the memory foam recovers. SOMETHING had to have done that. I was the only one in the house.

    Since that incident, there have been a few things, but they are are easily explained. I hear a woman calling my name, but that is more than likely an outside noise that I only percieve to sound like a woman calling my name. My woman -friend spent the night last night, and brought her dog, a lab mix. I’ll admit that I was curious to see how the dog would react given the circumstances. What it ended up doing was a little odd. Instead of being fine, like I expected, or chasing invisible things, like I hoped, it kept whining and generally acted sad and scared. I would have to attribute that to more along the lines of being in an unfamiliar territory rather than anything paranormal.

    Which still leaves me with the hand impression in the bed. What the heck was that?

    • Nice story Christopher,
      First off i wanted to say most people are skeptics until they experience something profound. What it sounds like is a haunting. I know the house is not old, but sometimes it is the land that is haunted and not the house. Also i surprised at how many places are built on old burial grounds even though there may be no record. Anyways, back to what i was saying. Because the ghost made an internation on your bed that indicates it is a Poltergeist type haunting. You have two options, ignore it and go about your normal day and have experiences every now and then. Some may be scary and some may be enlightening. It could be a spirit attached to you, meaning a relative etc. Or you could do a house cleanse to help the spirit or spirits move on.

  39. I really need answers. I have been so afraid I am ready to pack my kids up and leave. Last night my husband and I took our babies up to my daughters room to dress them for bed. I wound up a music box because my daughter was fussy and placed it on a table next to her rocking chair and my son started acting weird so i observed his face and body reactions. He began by watching the music box and then he glanced over at the chair and started whining I told him it’s okay and the next thing I knew he was really freaked out. He wrapped his arms and legs around me,was screaming and shaking and buried his face into my neck. He did peak out at one point looked directly at the chair and had the same exact reaction so I took him to my bedroom and got him to calm down but for the rest of the evening he got very upset just looking in the direction of my daughter’s room. I was completly freaked out I was ready to take the kids to my mom’s house. I dont know what is going on here. Should we be afraid?? Please i really need a response by the way my son is 18months old.

    • Hey Erica,
      Sorry for the delay in reply, what it sounds like is your son is seeing a spirit in the chair and that room. What i recommend you is a house cleanse. This is best done by finding (yellow pages) a good psychic to help. You could even go to the church and ask the priest, but most of the time they do not help. The spirit needs to be told to move on. Kids and baby’s or more open to seeing these things than we are as adults so the spirit will notice them more.

  40. I’ve never been a big believer of this sort of activity, but have some strange things going on in my home. About 3 weeks ago, I started to get woke up by very chili air and my skin had actually some sweat or moisture. During this time I have an overpowering smell and taste that almost has me throwing up. It was once every couple of days, but now its turning into 2-3 episodes a night. I have had some other things that happened years ago, like banging on the walls when sleeping. I actually moved my bedroom because I couldn’t sleep in that room any longer. Almost every early morning, I also hear a pidder padder of footsteps in my room or above my room(cant really tell) I chalked it up to a rodent on my flat roof above my room. My girlfriend says she hears it too, but she thinks it is in the room and its not a rodent. I sometimes feel that I am being watched while sleeping, which my sleep time is getting somewhat interupted at the moment. Any Ideas? Im ready to go to the doctor to see if its something wrong with me.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Yes it sounds like a haunting. A poltergeist style haunting (banging) First off go to doctor to clear your mind of that then i recommend you find a good psychic and do a good house cleanse. From what it sounds like i had a very similar experience when i was young and that was a very haunted house.

  41. hi! my father is having scratches on his back after every nigth none of us(mom & i) have big nails and my father’s health also suddenly gone bad. We went for a doctor checkup but nothing bad thing related to his health came up. i’m scared because recently i lost my grandfather (my mother’s father) & grandmother (my father’s mother) on feb 13 2010 & feb 15 2010. i’m getting scared because my father was the most lovable son of my grandmother & i think she visits everynight to see my father. she didnot want to die she wanted to live more…but fate took her. Every night i also feel so scared without any reason i don’t know why?. i’m not so feary type girl but i feel uncomfortable in my flat from past 5years as we entered our new flat.yeh after 12 pm at night i hear some weird noise from my terrace and as i lye down on bed i try to ignore the sound and also try to sleep but i shiver like anything . so, timon please help me out and tell what you think about my father’s case.I hope you will reply!

  42. where ever i go theres always strange things happening 4 eg i went 2 this motel and the light was ok at night but when i woke up the light was smashed then when we had 2 pay 4 it the money was on the desk the all of a sudden it was on my bed up stairs

  43. hi timon im hopping you can help me about 5 weeks ago i moved into a new house my room had lots of mirrors anyway when i went to sleep at about 10:00 and when i was asleep i saw a shadow and felt a shiver then the morning i woke up where i felt the shiver i saw a very big bruse i told my friends he did not know. plz reply timon

    • Hey Jake,
      What i recommend you try is covering some of the mirrors and see if it dies down. Sometimes mirrors can play tricks on the mind. If the activity does not start to stop then i recommend you maybe do a house cleanse. Also try not to fear it, this can give it power. Instead be strong and it may move on if it feels your inner strength.

  44. Hello Timon-

    I have lived in my house for 12 years, house built in 1927. There was minimal, non-threatening activity when I first moved in, such as unexplained music coming from the wall (which is backed up against a hill), objects moved and throw across room, and once an apparition. I have no doubt that this ghost is female. I welcomed her to stay and simply asked her not to frighten me, and she has all but been silent.

    Then, yesterday I was inside (no breeze possible), and a door opened and shut! I screamed and went to look. No one there. Last night my boyfriend and I BOTH heard our gate open and shut and heavy footsteps in the snow. Went outside and there were no footprints and the gate looked as if it had not been touched (snow build up). Can you explain this? My boyfriend said he saw an apparition of a large man, 6″4″ and that the man looked angry. I don’t know what to think. Any suggestions? Thank you

  45. well at night my telivision is turned off and then when i wake up like after 30 mins its on and nobodys in the room just me and baby!!!

  46. Watching tv last night. Saw quickly a dark movement in my dining room. My 2 pugs saw it at the same time and flew off the couch barking, they thought someone had gotten into our home. If they hadn’t seen it too I would have thought I was imagining it. It happened so fast. It’s the first time I have actually seen anything. They have had episodes in the past where they are growling and barking looking at a certain area of our home. I don’t understand why I saw the movement this time, floaty, fast. no real shape.

  47. many people have been effect by it. my mom has had objects drop on her in the middle of the night. we hear loud callings of our name when noone is around. ive had dreams that feel so real, these dreams wake me and are so terrifying. we constantly hear foot steps and when we go places in the house we can feel someone following us. doors move repedtly. shadows appear in the middle of the night….what exactly do we do??…..Is this ghost or demons?

  48. My husband was in the kitchen and I was just outside the doorway of the kitchen in the dining area and when he turned around to come out of the kitchen he said “I thought I just saw Jasmine(our daughter) pass by the door. Now mind you our daughter is still with us here in the physical but she was not in the home at the time. I’m into the metaphysical whereas he is not so my question is, is there any significance to seeing someone in that manner who has not passed over? (Of course I had to text my daughter to see if she was ok and she was)

  49. ok so i had a question do you think i may sensitive to paranormal ? when i qas about 3-4 yrs old i was the only the child and used to live in other home, i was always always scared in tgat home. i used to hat sleeping downstairs bcuz i would here someone walking around back and forth by me, never saw who it was bcuz i was scared and slept all coverd up from head to toe with blanket . one night i woke up middle of the night i was covered up as usual i stretched out and my hand came out of the blanket as it came out someone touched my hand it felt like a small childs hand but with thick fingers i stuck my hand back in sooi scared then i kept hearing footsteps by me. another time when i was older and had a sister one night heard in my room someone wallking around again i woke my sisteer and told her count of 3 we run to my prts room shes 8 years younger so she didnt understand why i was telling her, so my sister ran 1st and as i was going to prts room i stopped and looked down the stairs and bext to this big flower pot at end of stairs looked as if someone small was standing next to it staring at me i t was really hard to make out bcuz it was dark and didnt kno if it was my imagination. at age 16 we moved to new home and the vibe was different i didnt feel scared but now at age 22 isometimes feel being watched but i dont feel that same fear i had before, i also dream alot with spirits but dont know who they are, dont kno if that has to do with anything.

  50. I live in a house with no history to it, but it’s near the grounds of an old mental asylum. When we first moved in I noticed whenever the windows steamed up a weird wax signature would appear on the window. It kinda freaked me. Mum kept on saying it’s just a mark that will wash off. Nope. I’ve washed the area myself but it always returns. Now there’s another similar signature but with what looks like text. I can’t read them but I can see letters. Do you think this could be paranormal activity? By the way. It’s been 3 to 4 years and the mark remains.

    • Hey Matthew,
      Interesting comment, not sure, possibly it could be some really tough oil residue or possibly it could be paranormal.. Try cleaning with a solvent based cleaner and then see if the mark comes, back..

  51. Hey!
    I’m curious about keys. I’ve had several occurences with different keys and in different houses in 10 years or so. First one was with my car keys, they were in my jacket pocket where I always leave them. In the morning I was leaving for work and the keychain was violently twisted. It’s quite thick so that I can’t twist it myself.
    Second incident was a few years later. I had left my keyring in the middle of the hallway table. I was in another room and I heard my keys clink loudly. I went to see and the keys had moved several inches to the edge of the table.
    And lately in my current recidence, I keep my home keys hanging in a hook in the outdoor. I have seen three times that the keys jump and leave rocking in the hook. I mean a big movement. And nobody is near the door.
    Do you have any explanations why do these keys “haunt” me?
    And excuse my poor English, I’m Finnish =)

  52. I hear footsteps in myhouse..sometimes while awake and sometimes asleep. My sister has been here and heard footsteps of someone coming up the steps….she thought it was me..I was not home from work yet. Another sister was visiting and heard the same thing at night and looked and no one there. My 13 yr old daugher was home alone a Saturday morning while I was at her brothers basketball game and she begged me to come home right away because she heard footsteps that stopped outside her bedroom door. Her door was shut and she even had the radio playing while she was doing her homework and heard it. Every house we live in I encounter something it a shadow or smell or footsteps. When my daughter was much smaller she said she could see a man that we did not see….
    At my brothers house my son had seen a shadow of a man go up there steps…is it just my family..can ghost follow us around? My father and father inlaw have both passed butit has been years ago an neither one of my children were born when my fahter and father inlaw were still alive. It has been freaking me out and my sister and I left my house one afternoon and I locked the door and started to walk away and we heard the doorknob and at that time we both turned around and looked no one there… is going on….

  53. I’m not sure if I’m having a paranormal occurance or what but for the past three nights I have been experiencing something I can’t explain to myself. The strongest occurance was actually just last night. My grandfather whom practically raised me passed away in November and I’m still grieving. As I was trying to fall asleep I had the biggest urge to cry for him so I did. After a few minutes of crying I fell asleep, this was around 11:30pm. After being asleep for a while I woke up feeling like something was sitting on the bed. Not only that but I aslo kept hearing the mattress make a squeeky noise as if something or someone was trying to make itself heard. My only reaction was to tap my husband and it stopped as soon as I did. This happened after 3am I’m not sure exactly what time but it was 3am. I tried going back to sleep but I kept feeling like someone was sitting on the edge of the bed. before falling back asleep though I also felt like I was being touched. I can’t help but have this ugly feeling that something bad is going to happen.

    • Hey Janice,
      It could also be that it is your grandfather letting you know he is passing on.. Sometimes when one is close to someone after they pass they will see or feel there presence for quite a while after they pass. This is based on the theory they hang around for a while before fully deciding or wanting to move on..

  54. What will cause tongue clicking sounds across a room and make my dog bark and growl where the clicking sound is coming from? Both me and my nephew have heard this and seen the dog go crazy.I will be lying in bed and hear a gun shot thru my pillow. And it feels like someone is staring at me from across the room and I feel creeped out when walking down my hall, I feel as if I have to hurry.
    Thank you

    • Hey Amy,
      Try to eliminate all possibilities of it being a normal sound and your mind playing tricks. Is the house old or new..? What i would do is record each time something happens and look for a pattern. Also consider taking a camera and taking a shot of the room where you feel like you are being watched.

  55. I live in a major haunted home bought 2 years ago by my mother, the house has voices sound slike whispers, the tv does turn off and on like the power is low , i feel pressure like something is touching me. the hous eis on 4 acres and sourrounded by woods well a forest. last house on the left. I had a dream it was about a slave woman who was dragged into the forest from my house and drowned in a river …well i went for a walk to get to know my surroundings and there it is a river not even a mile from my house. the following week my mother had some sort of vision that she maybe seen a man hanging. foot steps in my hall. and this one always gives me shivers and makes my eyes water …i was having a photoshoot in my house and we caught a shadow sitting on lap. i feel it touch the bed at night. it even puts me into a trance most times. but not to sound crazy but this is really happening .. its almost better then amittyville horror. i always keep god in my heart body and soul.

    • Hey Unknown,
      Your not going crazy, it sounds like to me that your house has some history that is replaying in a way like a residual haunting. I recommend you start recording your experiences and look for a pattern..

  56. 13.2.2011 Hi, 6 years ago i lived in epping victoria, were doing a few seances with my girlfriend from time to time, we could hear large things running up in the ceiling at night. another time i got home late at night and all my lights were on but the light was very dim. the scariest experience of all was my girlfriend coming home and walking in through the front door but with a figure before her, someone or something dressed in a cloak with beads head down walking fast down the hall way, i asked my girlfriend who she brang in and she replied nobody why, i then checked every room and found nobody , even checked in the roof., not long after i were bashed while in my bed with base ball bats was a break in, shouldnt mess with spirits.

  57. hi timon,
    ok so for the past 3 weeks my bed has been shaking at night, my gf feels it too. its increased and we are having strange dreams. also my 14 month old son is having trouble sleeping and often i see him laughing or talking when theres no one there. we keep hearing footsteps up and down the deck, and noises and shadows in the kitchen. my gf and i keep our athsma inhaler under our pilliow, it wasnt there and we searched the whole room then when my gf woke up at 4am it was there under the pillow.the shaking is increasing and this morning i heard a voice in my room, i couldnt make out what it was saying though.
    please help!!

    • Hey Jade,
      What i would recommend doing is starting to record your experiences on paper and look for a pattern. Also try sleeping in another room and see if you get a better rest, if so it is something to do with that room ( or a spirit in there ).

  58. hey timon me and my girl and two sons justo got and apartment and started hearing footsteps going towards my five year old son room and my 4 month baby toys turned on by itself and its weird cause in order for it to turn on you have to actually push it then the past two nights ive been sleeping with my shirt on and woke up in the middle oferta the night soked in sweat do you think its an entity

    • Hey Gabriel,
      Sounds like the spirits are letting you know they are there.. Spirits have been known to turn baby toys on and focus around kids and babies because they are more sensitive to the paranormal. In time as we become adults most of use become less sensitive unless we focus on this part of ourselves.

  59. from 8th feb 11 my younger daughter is experiencing a very difficult phenomena. As soon she stars studying (her mother sits beside her for teaching) and as soon she starts writing, on her arms many marks appear as if it is cut by sharp blade and she starts crying due to severe pain. we consulted doctor for any allergic effect but doctor told rashes may appear this is some which he also could not explain. almost daily this is happening and marks are appearing on arms, neck, back and even on chest and abdominal region. can you please explain this phenomena and any remedy?

  60. i think i might be paranoid but it seems my house is playing tricks on me. awhile ago i was in my basement and in the reflection of the tv i saw the shape of a person standing behind was white ..i was freaked out so i ran upstairs and was realy jumpy for awhile then for some reason i was completely calm and i went back to my basement and the reflection wasnt there anymore so i continued what i was doing .then just lately around my house things get weird, yesterday everyone was asleep and i was thirsty so i went 2 the kitchen to get a always a bit paranoid so i turned a bunch of lights on as i went down the hallway, to the kitchen..then my basement door is always open and [again i think im just paranoid but out of the corner of my eye i swear i see something moving up the steps soo i went to the living room out of fear and started playing the keyboard piano thing..out the window i see something white sitting there may have just been an animal but my cats were staring at it with their ears slightly back looking a bit uncomfortable ..looking maybe like they wanted to fight it …it was a little creepy ill admit but i shrugged it off and jus didnt look towards the window because it seemed it was looking straight at me. i tried playing the piano keyboard thing a bit more to distract me but it wasnt helping i stopped playing and i simply got up and went to sit on the couch..the white animal was still there in the exact same spot..the only reason i didnt asume it was an illusion of some sort was because my cats were still acting weird. my mom walked into the living room scaring me horribly lol ..but as i got up to turn off the lights i noticed the animal thing was gone. again today i was sitting in my living room bored [my family was all gone in different places so yah im all alone] but i sat in my living room jus a few lights on ..the hallway is very dark and scary O.o lol and im sitting on the couch and i can see about halfway down the seems that at night [usually wen no1 else is around fer some reason] that the hallway has an illusion of someone who you can just start to see as they are walking down the hallway, but you never see the person because the illusion ends there.. i asked my family about this several times and they never get this illusion, is it just me? then i also for some reason looked out the window and to my creeped outness, the white animal thing was back, sitting in the same spot..i could really feel its stare on me and i was very creeped out. i was suree it wasnt jus a spot this time becuz im pretty sure i saw it move O.O .in my whole life of living at this house [13 years] -[ im 14] i have never seenthe kitchen light flicker before but guess what happened, it flickered. this scared me because for the second that the light was off, it was EXTREMELY noticeable that it went off. Years ago i was in my basement walking around and a picture of the family that lived here before us fell down from the ceiling or something and right in front of me. we also just around that time found out that the attic was screwed shut [i dont evn want to think about what could be up there] but as a small child, one of my qreatest fears was where the corner of the attic was [no one had ever been in the attic in my family], there were no decorations that ever could have scared me, but i didnt have many memories as a baby, but a strong one was a dark shadowish thing in the corner, and basically that part of the ceiling around it, i dont know why but i noticed several times it being there. was it a spirit that i saw as a child? i just want to know if i jus seem paranoid or if something could really be here, there are plenty more small occasions but these are jus a few off the top of my head

  61. I just moved into a house and the past three places i have lived the same things have been going on. I hear a little boy running at night he gets into things in my room while i am sleeping these things could be anywhere right next to me across the room it doesn’t matter…I have a 5 year old son who talks to him like he knows him but when i ask him who he is talking to he tells me that he isnt talking to anyone but i have just stood out side his door and i could hear him say yeah i know she is there too. I just don’t know if i have a “something” that has followed us from house to house. What can I do? Please help.

    • Hey Brit,
      Sometimes on occasion spirits can become attached to a person, I would recommend because it does not sound threatening to do a house cleanse which involves helping the spirits move on.

    • Be careful with the house cleanse.. There are many levels of spirit/ demons..if it is just moving your stuff it’s more like being a kid spirit, if your son is starting to get bad dreams start using night lights or living hall lights on.( none of the astrology lights that show on ceilings.) it’s weird that I’m reading your post because this happen to me hope it works out.
      By the way if he starts having bad dreams at certain places he sleeps or tells you something comes out of a room or closet believe him and find some holy water and bless that area.. If no bad dream occurs then it is just a kid spirit showing interest..

      • This happened to me before too when I moved into a house that my family and I built. I think it is possible for a site to be haunted too because I heard footsteps and talking and weird blobs at the corner of a mirror and then I got dreams every night of me at the edge of a cliff and somebody pushing me off and I’d wake up with a fright after. About a year later I started sleep walking and doing weird things when I sleep walked. For example, I would wake up in the middle of the night fully dressed on the floor of the garage. I tried to explain to my father that something was not right but he would say that it was a very big house and there was bound to be creaks! My father had a lot of old stuff worth thousands though, so I started to think that some piece of furniture in the house was causing the spirit to roam around. After my mother moved out dad changed all the

        • Sorry, furniture in the house including an ancient piano and a statue of Emily Bronte things started to feel better. And soon everything was going back to normal. Now weird things are going on outside. Like my puppy mysteriously died. I brought him to the vets and said they didn’t know what could have happened because the puppy was only 5 weeks old so he was way to young to die of any serious cause

          • Hey Tara,
            Sorry to hear about your puppy.. It could be paranormal, however like your dad said it is best to investigate all natural aspects first. However with that being said if it is a haunting, then moving objects around tends to bring back more activity. And the fact that you said he collects old things, sometimes spirits can attach themselves to objects just like the house as well.. A perfect example being an old arm chair where some one sat a lot in life. Many believe that sometimes energy can still reside in the chair. Not always the case, it depends on a case by case paranormal study but there often is patterns. What i would recommend you do is start to write down each event and see if you can find a pattern to it. Not always but generally all things in life follow a pattern including paranormal stuff as well. Working out the pattern can help solve exactly what could be the cause as well.

  62. Well I am use to seeing and hearing things, But we have moved in this house that we are renting and never really uses the basement . My Husband bought a large screen tv and we moved all the relciners and a couch and the large screen tv to the basement. Since the we have been hearing odd nosies! Now I know a house makes nosies when its shifting of raining or there is a strong wind outside, but this is really strange, there are doors closing upstairs when we are down stairs, there are doors closing down stairs when we are upstairs. The we have footsteps going upstairs and then we you get out of bed there is no one there. One Night my husband and I was in bed and there was soemthing in our room which held him down and was breathing near me. Once we got the courage to get out of bed there was nothing there but a strange oder. ( Like a musty smell). Now there are still the odd things that are happening but nothing to worrying . Do you thing that there is something here!

  63. Hey….Ive been having weird dreams at night and my cat has been looking at weird spots at in the room…and ive caught orbs on pics…and had a really good one and saw a face in it and it looked like they were smiling and my grandmother have had stuff flew from the shelves…..the list goes on and i dont need to write down when it happens im trying to get them out of the house what should i do….should I let the room in smoke with herb…and maybe the ghost will leave..i dont know what to do…

  64. I’ve lived in my home for five years, and I have known of energies within, but they have always been positive. My daughter has been seeing the spirit of a cat since she was very small. Last night was the first time I actually heard voices. I had put my 3-year-old daughter to bed, and she had been asleep maybe 10 minutes when I heard a humming. Kind of like when a plane or helicopter flies over the house, it feels like a humming. The house is vibrating. I was convinced I had a helicopter hovering over the house. Looked out the windows, saw nothing. So I listened and realized, it was only over my half of the house. So I went into my bedroom closet and looked out the window expecting to see a diesel truck or something sitting outside. Nope. I called her father, and asked him to shut the tv off and come downstairs. He stood there and listened for a few minutes, but didn’t hear it. It had stopped.

    I thought, ok, I am overtired and he thinks I am hearing things. So, I ran a hot bath, and soaked for a bit. At the end of the bath, I was getting out and as I was drying off I heard, clear as day, my daughter in the hallway. It sounded like she was crying/whining to her daddy about not going to bed. Her voice started to get loud so I sighed heavy and wrapped the towel around me and went flying into the hallway fully expecting to pick her up and bring her back to bed. In the two seconds it took me to get into the hallway, I looked and didn’t see either of them there. So I thought, ok, they are in her room now and he is trying to get her back to bed.

    I opened her door, her light was off, she was laying in bed exactly how I had put her for sleep, and was snoring. There is no way she could’ve been crying that loud, and asleep that fast from the moment I heard her til I opened the bathroom door. I looked at my phone, I had a missed text from her father. It said, “what was that?1?” so I wrote back, “you heard it too?” he said, “it sounded like a loud crash” so I said, ” I dropped the shampoo bottle in the tub..” He didn’t reply.

    So I huffed and walked up the stairs. The lights were off, he was laying in bed. I asked him again, “what were you two arguing about?” He had no idea what I was talking about. What he heard, was me arguing with her. He didn’t come downstairs because he thought I had put her back to bed. I think it’s an intelligent spirit. How is it that we both heard the same thing, but each other’s voices arguing with our daughter?

  65. Hello i am 12 and my uncle had died my family and i have expirienced paranormal activity in the house even when he was still alive………. Ok so we have been expiriencing toys turning on and of,someone opening the door but the door dosent move,footsteps,objects moving,and even once the t.v turned on… what does the spirit wants to tell us?

  66. Heyi beleive in ghosts mostly beacause i remember seeing my nana about 3 months after she was killed i was about 6 or 7 at the time but i know it was something because tue bed sheets lifted and she got into the bed and dissapeared,it didnt scare me,nothing really scares me in my house until recently. The door to the A/C unit is stuck and wont come open because the house has shifted,but me and my grandmother have heard it shake,rattle,and we got up to check it one time and it was wide open,she turned the air off,but about an hour later i had just laid down in bed and i heard a loud slam,i went and woke my grandmother up and we went to look and it was shut,we hadnt closed it,and it was stuck like usual and i couldnt open it,plus i keep seeing things out the corner of my eye,like a little black thing go around a corner,and i had a freind over for the nite who said he woke up to go to the bathroom and saw a face over the shelf in my room and theres nothing on it,i constantly hear little noises at night and i always feel like im being watched,could this be some kinda spirit? I wouldnt ask but its just gotten to where it freaks me out to much now,it always happens about 30 minutes after ive gone to bed that it starts rattling and slamming and stuff,its freakin me out to where im almost afraid to sleep so close to the A/C Door,my grandfather died in the room across from it but if it was his spirit i think it would have done stuff before now,please help me

  67. Hey! I’m 17 old boy i staying in india, bangalore. I’m alot interested in paranormal studies since from wen i was 12, i used browse many sites tat regarding to supernatural, abnormal, etc. Many of my friends will warn me about getting deeper in ghosts stories, i never mind! I used to explore how things can act as paranormal… Recently(day before yesterday) i was in my home watchin tv, my bro was out(playing with his friends in play ground) so i thought to call him. (i’m havin a dog her name is Rexy) i went near the door to go out for calling my bro… Tat time my dog was acting wired by seeing the entrance of the door. Without doubt i opened but i saw nothin, then my dog had seen something and barkin in fear! She went closer and sneaking then again she barkin and running inside our bedroom and hiding… Again she came out and looking at the door very fearly… I thought some ghost might have standing out there so i opened my phone (nokia 5233) camera and start snapping at the entrance… I took about 30 snaps but it didn’t workout.. And hour later my dog came to calm down and she became assuaal playing wit everyone, but my dog keeping an eye on the entrance door ever minute! Wat you think about this? Please explain me its freaking out in me…

  68. Hello, i am staying in a rented single room house with attached toilet. During sleep I am feeling someone catching me tightly and i cant move anyway, it feels like it is taking my life/ stretching my life from my body. If i am not trying to oppose/escape from it , it feels it will take my life from my body and i will be finished.
    It happened for 3 separate night including today, i cant sleep properly in night. Please help me.

  69. Hey, I’m 16 years old and your last point ‘voices and footsteps’ really got to me. More than often I’ve woken up to footsteps and shadows walking outside my bedroom door, it seems to stop outside my door, i also hear voices. although I feel like I’m being watched.
    I have Alot more evidence of paranormal ativity happening around my house.
    I would really really appriciate a reply as I’m losing so much sleep over this.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  70. Hello Timon,
    Me and my husband have just rented a house. We are expecting our first child in December of this year. There have been weird things going on throughout the house. I’m here alone quite often while he is at work, but when he’s here, he notices them as well. The room we have set as the baby’s room is where the most energy can be felt. Our dog, a miniature schnauzer, will often growl or begin to bark wheter it’s just her walking past the room or going into it. I’ve noticed that she will also do this in the kitchen while I’m doing dishes or cooking. I don’t feel threatned by it, whatever it is. I mean it is a bit creepy to me because there were old items left in the house, such as an old painting & recipes, etc. I have had experiences with the paranormal before though, but this particular case worries me, being as we’re expecting. While I’m in the living room, things will fall off the top of the fridge (our fridge is not cluttered on top, just two boxes of cereal and a loaf of bread,& i also do not keep things close to the edge). Also, I’ve noticed that cabinets will be opened when I go into the kitchen, or whenever we wake up & go in there, we discover the cabinets opened. Mostly, I just want to know if it’s something I should be alarmed about, given I don’t feel this is a threatening entity. & what is your opinion on what you would do if your baby’s room was “haunted.” Thank you so much(:

  71. sir,
    i hear too often footsteps and anklet’s sounds……my sister too hears it…one night i found my bed displaced by 5 feet away from the initial is a heavy cot that at least 2 or 3 are needed to lift….i am hearing these sounds for 2 years(possibly from12pm to 3 am)…i m just 17 yrs old…help me

  72. Hi Timon,
    I’ve been living in a house for four years, which my parents picked out at that time for us to live in. Since then I’ve never liked the house, I had a strange feeling to it. I’m really not sure if i’m just simply ridiculous, but my mom, since a few months can’t seem to get any rest. It’s gotten to the point where she literally falls asleep with her eyes wide open (i’m not sure if its related). Also, I always get this wierd sensation that i’m being watched and only happens when going up the stairs at night ( it gives me a serious chill to the point I try to basically run to my bedroom). Last night I experienced a sound, similar to that of a groan to which my dog immediately reacted to. It was even loud enough to be heard by my parents who sleep accross from my bedroom.

    Note: previosly thinking there could’ve been some spirirts in the house my mother went all around the house burning sage and to me at least, seemed to have help for the moment. I’m not really sure what could be going on in my house…….

    • Hey Jorge,
      Thanks for the comment, sounds like some type of haunting and the sage helped a little bit, but the spirit is hanging around still. You may want to get a professional psychic it help do a full on cleans and see if that helps. Also you may want to record what is happening to work out a pattern and look into the history of the place as well.

  73. hey timon,
    im 16, i have had many experiences with paranormal things. One for instince is last august my friend and i were playing with a ouiji board in my basement. by the way my friend has had a lot of paranormal happenings in her life too, thats why we thought it would be an interesting thing to try. we asked it a lot of different questions, but when we asked our age that we were going to die it went to “goodbye”. after that happened i told my friend to get away from the board. i had a cold/errie feeling something bad was with us. I felt possessed, as if something was taking control of me. My friend felt this too. i dont take risks, anything to hurt myself i have nothing to do with it whatsoever. I started to see dead people in my mind. they were carrying all kinds of weapons. and it seemed like they were coming closer and closer to us. you probably get what im talking about when u see them in your mind but yet infront of you. i heard voices in my mind telling me to go get a knife and cut until i bleed to death. The voice said we were going to die no matter what. i didnt want to die painfully neither did my friend, we never have. so we decided get pills instead. -I have NEVER done anything to hurt myself.- I took the pills, there were over 20 of them. My friend ended up vomitting them up. Me?, i ended up waking up in the hospital with the errie/cold feeling still with me. I was in the ICU with an IV in my arm. all i can remember was what im telling. My dad told me i went into a deep sleep for two days and was rushed to the ER. My brother is the tough, non-emotional kind of guy. when this happened he was 19, he was in his room asleep and he woke up to footsteps in our kitchen. He went downstairs to see what it was and there was no one there. He fell back asleep and later woke up to a very uneasy feeling inside him. He told me he would of felt more comfortable if someone held a gun up to his head than be in the house. He got out of bed and walked down the hallway and the closer he got to the stairs and my room the worst he felt. He ended up sleeping in my moms bed. Thats not himself, he thinks it was completely childish when i did that when i was 10! he would of been 14 years old. he was 19 when this happened. His mind never changed about being afraid of this stuff, he thought it was stupid and make-believe. But he was in tears when he told me about this when i came home from the hospital. I dont know what was going on, but i need your input. please.

    Another happening is that i can see shadow people also. Except i see them on my ceiling, but they make a film from shadows. I always try to make out what they’re showing, but i never can. Once i thought they showed a girl being hurt somehow, like murdered. I dont know. I can also contact the dead like you can. I picture their face in my mind and it takes me to where they are at. For example my aunt died of cancer in 2001, and i pictured her face and she’s in the hospital where she died of cancer, roaming the hallways. My grandpa, he died about 2 years ago. he had a stroke before i was born, and it got worse and worse. he ended up passing away in a nursing home. my grandma is still living at 86 years old in the house that my grandpa built and my mom and her sisters grew up in. I picture his face in my mind and it takes me to my grandmas house. He’s looking at the stuff in the bedrooms. Can you help me out? what do you think this is? Email me, i would love to share experiences with you.

    • Hey Lauren,
      It sounds to me like you are haunted yourself. Also a Ouiji board is a serious tool when used. My best advise would be to see a good psychic, clairvoyant and a medium, separately of course and get there advise. A Medium will be able to contact any spirits around you and ask them to leave while the psychic can help give you advise on keeping them away. It is also a good idea to not let the fear take over as this can give nasty spirits more power. Instead try to be strong and face what ever it is and also get help as well.. I hope this advise helps you. Let me know how it goes after seeing a Medium.

  74. hey Timon,
    On 6 feb my gf have a panic attack and it happens every week on sunday. I don’t know what to do is she is suffering from paranoid disorder or it resembling a ghost which is haunting the house……………..

    • Hey Pramod,
      Panic attacks can happen to anyone due to stress usually. If you feel it may be paranormal related then you should try seeing if at another place triggers it as well. Sometimes also a panic attack can happen when in a certain place as well.. I hope that helps.

  75. Hi Timon,
    My 3 year old daughter has been talking to herself for a while now during the daytime. I thought nothing of it until this past Christmas she said she was talking to grandpa. Her grandfather has been deceased for a year now. 2 days ago I decided to voice record her coversation and heard a robot like voice and a lot of whispering. I got freaked out. Today she immedialey came to me and told me that a guy named JC was talking to her. JC is not her grandpa’s name. I recorded that conversation as well and heard a voice talk back to her but I couldn’t make out what it said. She talks fluently to these people and she told JC that she can’t help him beacause it’s just a dream!! She was also afraid of a man in the kitchen one time but I didn’t see anything there. I have been taking pictures of her and seeing what looks like bright circles around her and a light white mist. My son who is 8 years old never sees anything nor does my husband and I.

    • Sounds like she may going through a sensitive stage to spirits. It is good that you are taking notice of it as well. I would recommend taking her to a clairvoyant or medium to find out what exactly or who exactly is trying to communicate with her. Things to take note of are if objects are being moved around or if your child is giving the spirit too much control. This can be noted by looking at how often communication is, what times, is there fear involved, if you are noticing unusual noises, especially growl type of deep style voices. Take note of all paranormal things and look for a pattern. It may be a harmless spirit or it may be a devious spirit trying to gain some control. Only by taking the power back or eliminating the observations can you know for sure.. Good luck..


    i’m age 15 and i believe in ghost and i was like been watched when i’m using my comp when i was going to sleep i can hear like door slamming and the chair that i used everytime and it sound like someone is sitting on it very hard when i’m using the computer oh and footstep often and it sounds like it going to the other room then here and there but the footstep give out loud sounds like it was one of my family members but usually my family go out to use the bathroom and somehow he sound like he is whispering to me when i’m using my computer this happen rarely i don’t have a recorder and i can’t use a phone and this seem to be happening to me since the past december and yet it happening again i don’t know whether this spirit is nasty or friendly and when i was watching a cd or dvd or any kind of disc that is interesting and cartoonic i paused the disc and checking other things when i came back it was playing the disc! sound weird and thats where i’m starting to aware the ghost and its is quite a long story all of these thing happens in december

    now this is what is happening today

    when i was sleeping i heard them as usual and as well as the whisper when i’m using my computer also my back felt very hot even if the air con is on and the surrounding is cool i don’t know i think this spirit is a kid that just want entertainment and somehow i just had iphone that have a device to detect ghost this device sensing he is sitting at the chair i always use when i’m using my computer sometimes and on the bed too

  77. somehow all of this creepy thing just went a bit weak when i watched the home alone 2 but i still can hear door slamming and all windows are closed,my family completely positively do not believe in ghost and spirit i told them last day ago that i was like been followed and i smell coffee my favourite coffee drink even if there no coffee around with the window shut and the door too
    and somehow i able to predict where the ghost would be and i saw a shadow figure in the room man gotta go to tuition!

  78. I was wondering if you could explain an event I and my son witnessed at our home.
    I live in the house once owned by my favorite aunt who died of breast cancer when I was 16. The house was built in 1958. My aunt died in the hospital, and not in this home. I purchased it in 1996 and it was in pretty poor condition structurally.
    During renovations we found some weird stuff: some of the toys my sister and I played with as children in the floor under the bathroom; inside the bathroom wall, sealed up behind the sink was an entire dust pan full of double edged razor blades; a car bumper in the front yard when digging it back for a collapsed retaining wall.
    Our home is an oblong (New Orleans type) home (longer than wide) and from the end bedrooms you can look into other rooms. My son and I were watching an afternoon show in my bedroom at the back of the house (behind the bathroom). It was a sunny day, around 75 degrees, very gentle breeze, and no impending storms. My son was on my bed and I was in a recliner resting after work and we were quietly watching TV together. Both our cats were on the bed with my son asleep and very still. Suddenly we heard a loud hissing sound from the dining room. Both cats jumped bolt upright and looked into the dining room and growled. My son and I both saw a ball of white, very bright light, and it was zooming through the house via the front toward the back through the dining room. My husband and others said this could have been “ball lightening,” which I’m not familiar with and there was no storm that day.
    Also, in our living room in the front of the house we have a wall in the center that WILL NOT hold a picture or decoration of any kind except a cross. Several pictures have crashed to the floor and the glass shattered just minutes after placing them there. The walls are plaster and we have had no trouble keeping large paintings or heavy items on any other wall. After the last (one of my favored paintings) crashed to the floor while we were in the dining room eating and the cats again were with us, so one one was bothering it my husband cleaned up the mess and placed a little cheap but pretty cross (with the wedding rings like you get at a wedding) on the wall as it was the only one we had at the time. It has been there 15 years and was only removed once for painting and replaced immediately.
    On more than one occasion dishes have come completely out of the dish drainer in the kitchen and fallen on the floor when they were placed securely. I kind of made a joke about this because my son was under 10 and I’d yell “Aunt Daisy, get out of that kitchen!” so as not to frighten him, and though I’ve been a hard core non-believer in paranormal activity, I’m starting to really wonder.
    Any explanation you may have of these “activities” would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Martha,
      Renovations can bring on spirit activity. What i reckon you should do is record all the happenings and if it gets to much consider doing a house cleanse. You can try asking them to move on yourself. Try to be strong and firm but not angry. Ask the spirits to move to the light. If you notice more activity after doing this then it may be a malicious spirit which would involve cleansing to get it to move on properly.

  79. mt twins hear night voices and loud footsteps……the voices say come with me, alot, one even saw a womans disembodied head with blue face, i myself have heard loud footsteps, once saw a small boy, and mostly can feel a knowing, movements behind me, mostly in the hallway, you can feel air movement with the knowing

  80. hey i just discovered that the spirit actually can help cleaning up the bedroom? i don’t know in my bed without door opening and slamming i heard pillow and blanket piling up then my ear rings and then i heard a rather odd whisper this happen at 10:45-10:50 A.M. at my first sight of the other bed it was messy after i heard the pillow and blanket piled together i open my eyes and i see the bed was neat then i decided to wake up then i quickly ran out to see if there anybody came out and there was nobody to be seen

  81. I’m trying to find someone who can give serious advice. It’s a very interesting case. I live in a house that is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, haunted. You name it, it happens here. My best friend David who had never experienced anything paranormal himself, was very interested in what goes on here. I decided to, for the first time, speak aloud to the ghosts and tell them that I had a friend who was interested in meeting them, and told them he would be coming to try to meet them. That night, I heard banging in the attic above the bedrooms (one of which I was in). It was the only time I have ever heard anything up there (although my roommate has heard footsteps once before, years ago…she grew up in this house). The banging came from several different places above me. Then it was over. But I believe it was a reaction to me talking to them.
    David did end up coming over. He walked around the house talking aloud to the ghosts, saying he would like to experience something, and that he didn’t fear them. Nothing happened. He went home. Then things got weird. I never thought a spirit could follow somebody, but I think that has to be what happened here. David is no liar. He’s scared. The first time something strange happened, he was asleep at his friend’s apartment. At 6 a.m., he awoke to a loud, continuous buzzing/beeping sound. He also heard tapping against a window, but nothing was there. None of his friends woke up. He tried to wake them, without success. Then it stopped. His friends who were there say he was very shaken and pale, but none of them heard anything.
    The next thing that happened was tapping on his bedroom window, which is on the second story of his house, with nothing outside of it and no way to reach it from the outside. He saw nothing.
    The next strange event was when he took a shower. He was the only one home (he would have heard someone come in, too), and when he got out, “Hi” was written in the steam on the window. More recently, he found three faces drawn in steam on the same window. They were “:)”, “:I”, and “:(“. He doesn’t know what to make of that.
    The last two things to happen were scratching outside that same bedroom window, on several occasions now. And most recently, he came home to find a handprint on the outside of the window, which is covered by a screen, and no person could have reached it. I have the picture saved still. Most of these events occur around 6 a.m. Another thing to mention is that often (but not always), I will experience something here not long after he has an experience. I have to say that I’ve never dealt with any of the writing or scratching that he has, or the awful buzzing/beeping. But I believe our experiences are linked. I just want to hear about other similar experiences, or get any advice available. I feel responsible for what he’s dealing with now.

  82. hi there im really quite qorried about my daughter she is 17 months and for the past 6 months she has been going to the hallway constantly she will run down the hallway and the starting coming back up as quick as she can like someone is chasing her at night you can always here something in the hallway we put up mirrors in our hallway and the noises have gotten worse at night, one night my daughter was playing in the hallway and started crying i then picked her up and shut the hallway door the next day my son turned to me when i was changing him and said the bad man does not like you mummy i asked him what bad man and he said the one sitting on the chair very scared i grabbed the children and ran out of the house ever since ive felt like someone watching me and my daughter barelly sleeps always sitting up in her cot staring at nothing and alot of the time lately she will twirl around staring at the ceiling pointing dont know what to do any more

    from frightened mum

    • Hey,
      Tough situation, sound like your kid is very sensitive. What i would suggest doing is a house cleanse. I used to get something similar as a kid called night tremors, which are dreams which are believed to be reality. However that is on the scientific medical side, many believe these tremors to be past lives experiences being played back as well.

  83. Timon: I never thought I would ever write something like this. we have lived in our current house since 2004. Very early on, we all felt “something”. Mostly blur in the peripheral vision, as though someone/something went past. Certain parts of the house are cool as well. Lately, my second dog (Chihuahua) has been leery of certain parts of the house, he will start and stop and look around nervously before finally continuing. One hallway, he will not pass through. Last night at about 1 am (3/26/12) I heard what I thought was one of our barstools sliding. The cat sometimes sleeps on one, so I thought nothing of it (after awhile anyway!). She usually want to go out around 530 or 600 am, so when she woke me at 3:30, I was annoyed. I let her out and then decided to go get a glass of water in the kitchen. well, when I turned on the light, I noticed a few things out of whack. The two dogs have their food dishes on individual place mats on opposite sides of one side of the kitchen: one near the stove, one near the fridge. The one near the fridge also has a community water dish, larger than the food bowls. I found the place mat of the further set, about six feet away (toward the center of the house), the food bowl (upright) about 2 feet away and the water dish about a foot away from that. Only about 10 little pieces of kibble were spilled, but most of the water was on the floor. But that bowl was upright, too. While I have played a hundred scenarios in my mind as to how this stuff was moved, I just can’t rationalize any of them! If the cat was messing around (which would be way out of character), I don’t see how only the water would be spilled, food not, and the place mat UNDER BOTH OF THEM, was removed and placed 2-3 feet away. Besides, she almost always drinks out of a running faucet, never a bowl. Also strange that she wanted out early, and then I discover the weird stuff…as if she saw it happen and wanted the hell out of the house?!!?? Needless to say, I am a little unnerved. The “feelings” and “blurs” previously have not bothered us. We do know that an elderly gentleman died in the house many years ago. So, we have always said that Mr. So and So is saying hello again! And it never seemed creepy. This is kinda different though…..Thoughts? Thanks. Ric

    • It could be paranormal, however it is best to try eliminate all the possible causes that are different. Eg, checking for possums or squirrels or other animals that may have caused it, if none found then i recommend writing these happenings down and trying to work out a pattern. That way if a ghost is trying to communicate the pattern may help solve it..

      • Timon: its all in my kitchen. Happened again 2 days later. Then, two days after that I got up at 4 to let cat out and a carpet runner I had walked over about 45mins before was folded over in half . I did NOT move the rug help please. Ric

        • Hey Ric,
          Sounds like a paranormal pattern forming. Spirits can do this when they are trying to communicate.. There is two things i would recommend doing, one getting a professional psychic to inspect the house ( maybe do a cleanse, that one is up to you ), there maybe a door that has been opened to the other side and two is to set up a video camera ( with mic ) in the kitchen area facing the activity. This can then be used as paranormal evidence. Try not to be afraid as that could spur it up more.

          Let me know what happens after that..

  84. I have recently rented a house. We only rarely use the attic, but there was strange footsteps over my bedroom. There has also been an incident where someone would be banging on my front door at around 02:00am! There was another incident where I woke up at about 10:00am with a box in the face. I woke up straight away feeling my face because it felt like it was going to bruise. A few hours later, surely, there was a bruise on my face. A few weeks later there was a small knock on my wall then there was a loud noise like someone/something scratching their nails right down the wall. I was terrified. Then I woke up the next morning, my brother walked past my door and downstairs, there is usually a lot of light coming underneath the door so I can see the footsteps and every time someone walks there is loud creaking from the floorboards, but shortly after he was downstairs, I was looking underneath the door and there is no footsteps but a figure walks past in the opposite direction and heads for the bathroom. Is there something wrong with my/rented house???

    • Hey Tara,
      The house sounds haunted, you may want to consider a house cleanse.. These are all standard malicious ( naughty ) ghost happenings. What i recommend you do is for the next few weeks record what is happening to see if you can work out a pattern. If it gets to much however then i would recommend contacting a professional psychic to do a proper house cleanse. This can also be done by a priest..

  85. Hello I live with my parents , we have lived in the house since I was a little baby and a few years ago My sister was siting down stairs watching television and she said she heard someone eating out of the bread bin It wasn’t me
    I was in bed and my dad was at work, and My mum was in the bath and Im not sure where my other sister was because I was very young at the time,About a week ago someone knocked on the bathroom door when I was in the bath but everyone is down stairs, I am really scared to walk past my mum and dads room and the spare bedroom as I feel I am being watched, Then Just the other day It was about 1.00 in the morning I was staying up late watching television and i found a big sweaty hand print on the mirror!!
    I am so scared Sometimes I feel like Im being watched I just want it to go away I know what ever it is wont harm me, But it frightens me so much, Please help!

  86. sorry and the other night I was laying on my bed on my phone and I was angry and I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I called out for my mum because I thought it was her but it wasn’t her so I ran down the stairs , The footsteps were quite loud so I know it wasn’t next door My mum hears these things too So does my Dad so Im not the only one, By the way I am 12

  87. hi,i am hearing a lot of whispering voices and some footsteps in my bedroom,bathroom and garage.this started about 2 months ago.what can i do about this.please help,the voices all sound like family living in the house with me now

  88. Hey Timon. This question doesn’t have to do with my house being haunted, but my sister in law was killed almost a month ago by being hit by a car and I really want to communicate with her. Can you tell me some ways that I could do that please?

    • Hey Kristen,
      Sorry to hear about your sister.

      By communicating with her you may be disturbing her in the after life and also have the possibility of accidentally communicating with a spirit impersonating your sister. So if you need then i would seek a professional medium that was born with the gift. That way you are not risking opening something that you may find hard to close.

  89. Hey, about six months ago I woke up from a dead sleep for about a week straight at the same time. Every time I would wake up, I would shoot up in my bed and every time my dog would also be awake, sitting up staring at this area in my room. When I would wake up I would feel like something bad was in my room, sitting in the corner by my door staring at me and watching me, exactly in the same place my dog was staring at. I would feel like I couldn’t take my eyes off of the area or something would happen, something bad. I couldn’t see anything but I just had this feeling that it was there. I can’t explain it and I feel like I went crazy but I know something was there. I felt like it’s eyes were on me and I was terrified. I even found the painting that was hung above my head leaned up against my bed when I woke up one morning during that week. Since then that area of my room scares me a little bit at night. Also, I had another occurrence about 2 weeks ago. I woke up from a dead sleep talking to someone, and I know it was someone because I saw him when I opened my eyes. He was tall about 6 ft and very slim, in a black and white suit, and he was staring at me, though I couldn’t see any of his features or his eyes, but I could feel them on me. The thing about this time though was that he didn’t make me feel unsafe or scared. It just startled me that he was there. I feel like I see things all the time, glimpses of people out of the corner of my eye that aren’t there when I fully look at the place. I just want to know if I’m going crazy and what I can read to understand what I may be feeling and seeing? I’m not after making anything go away I just want to understand. Thank you so much!

    • In all serousness? You want them to go away, they are not nice,

      That is a demonic entity you are dealing with. I had the same problem for years; I’d wake up in the middle of the night feeling an evil presence in my room and would have sleeping paralysis. Other times, I be awakened by being physically hit by these entities. Make no mistake, these are evil spirits, there is no such thing as good spirits coming to visit you.

      The next time this happens, call on Jesus Christ. He is God incarnate and therefore, has authority to make those demons leave. He is the ONLY solution to your problem. Call on Him, He will hear you and protect you. Trust me, you do not want to undestand these entitiesor have them hanging around you. Do not believe their lies.

  90. Hey,
    So, I’m reading about this and trying to figure this out. My boyfriend just told me about this earlier today, but at the beginning of tthe week, he started to have nightmares, every night. For the past few nights, he’s been hearing, footsteps up and down the stairs in his basement, and screaming. He’s also been hearing scratching outside of his bedroom door, growling, his name being called, and his doorknow being twisted. Everyone has been in bed, and asleep, and his dog has been in his room all these nights. But just about a month ago, I’ve been experiencing weird things as well. When I stay at my moms house, I hear weird pounding, knocking,, tapping, creaking, and whispering noises in my room at night. I feel cold drifts. But the windows aren’t open, and the heater is on in my room. Moving boxes that are piled up, fell on their own. My mom and I were in the basement in her house, and there was scratching noises on the wall, but nothing, and nobody, except for me and her wore down there. She’s heard pounding noises on the door frames in her house, and everynight it sounds like something is leaning on the tv set in my room. Everytime I shine a light at the set, it stops. Then when I turn the light out, it starts again. Can someone please tell me what is happening? Is there something after me, my family, and my boyfriend?

  91. Hey,
    So, I’m reading about this and trying to figure this out. My boyfriend just told me about this earlier today, but at the beginning of tthe week, he started to have nightmares, every night. For the past few nights, he’s been hearing, footsteps up and down the stairs in his basement, and screaming in the basement. He’s also been hearing scratching outside of his bedroom door, growling, his name being called, whispering, and his doorknob being twisted. Everyone has been in bed, and asleep, and his dog has been in his room all these nights. Him and I are both experiencing weird things. And mine first started right after him and I got togetherr. They were just like little scratching, and tapping noises, and I didn’t think much of it. But it just recently started getting worse. About a month ago, I’ve started to experience things, in places other than where I live(with my pap and aunt). When I stay at my moms house (I don’t live with her), I hear weird pounding, knocking, tapping, creaking, and whispering noises in my room at night. I feel cold drifts. But the windows aren’t open, and the heater is on in my room. Moving boxes that are piled up, fell on their own. My mom and I were in the basement in her house, and there was scratching noises on the wall, but nothing, and nobody, except for me and her wore down there. She’s heard pounding noises on the door frames in her house, and everynight it sounds like something is leaning on the tv set in my room. Everytime I shine a light at the set, it stops. Then when I turn the light out, it starts again. I’ve been experiencing weird things at my moms house, and my aunts, but I don’t know why or what they are. Can someone please tell me what is happening? Is there something after me, my family, and my boyfriend?

  92. Hi,when I was pregnant with my first child I woke up one night and knew her name would be Jade. Where we lived at the time I eventually saw a child/boy ghost, green aura using my daughter’s voice to wake me up, obviously it wasn’t Jade saying “Mommy”. No activity for a long time Jade is 17 and my youngest is close to 15 and we are in a different home and 2 nights ago I thought Jade was calling for me again. I jumped out of bed and found someone in the bathroom, my daughter Anna. I knocked on the door and asked if she had called me, she opened the door and looked at me like I was crazy.

  93. Hi Timon, there have been strange things happening in my house. The Jesus Christ’s picture flew off the shelf x2. my doll of which when i used to play when i was younger, it’s eyes rolled around, growls like thunder when i was listening to a priest preaching on tv., doors opening, stuff being moved about, this eerie feeling someone is watching me, my aunt saw a shadow man, i was on my bed when i felt like a toddler creeping onto the bed, i heard a scary voice from my living room,and the list could go on forever. When i was younger my sister used an Ouija Board, and i think ever since then these things have been happening. By the way I’m 14. I’m scared but I’ve learned they feed on fear so lately I’ve been trying to be strong. Tell me what to do. :/

  94. i keep smelling peaches in my room i have no idea why i just do i live in a three story victorian house please help its been happening since my girlfriend came to stay for a week last month

  95. Hi Timon after we moved in to this new house some wierd things have been going on.A few dayes ago i herd foot steps walking up the stairs and heading torrwords my bedroom and then a few minutes later my door opened slowley.Then the next night my door was opened and my room is accrosed the hall from my parents room and their door was opening and shutting and usally their fan is on but that night it was off and there was no draft.Then a week later it was 2:42 in the morningand i was watching a movie and all of a sudden i had a chill and then i looked at the stairs and there was a shaddow.I was so scared i just sat there.Then last night there was a toy going off in the living room and my brother went to look at the toy and then the shut off.Then my older sister went to go look for her car keys and they were in her purse before she went to bed the night before and her keys were gone then a few hours later the were in the car in the iggnition i was creeped out!!!!!

    • Hey Jennah,
      Sounds like a spirit playing games, i have had similar when i lived at a haunted house when i was younger, sometimes it feels like one is getting forgetful but then after a while it becomes way more obvious. Could be the spirit is trying to get your attention. Start to write down your experiences and see if you can work out a pattern.

  96. Hello,
    I recently moved into a small house and my family keeps feeling the presence of something or someone in our home. The first night we slept here, I woke up around 4:00 a.m because my mother had to leave for work. I stayed awake for a while, but i’m not sure why. 20 minutes after she left, I heard a creek on the wooden floor in the living room. I was sure she was gone. The floor tends to creek louder in certain areas depedning on the person’s weight. The creek was so loud that i was not able to go to sleep untill 5:30 a.m If i leave the door to my room open, I am able to see into the living room. The door opened slightly, I felt like i was being watched. I decided to ignore it, but last night something strange happened. My sister felt like she was being watched, she could feel something on top of her. She broke into a cold sweat and kept getting the chills. She was seeing things move in front of her. she described the feeling as being half asleep, but not being able to move. she was aware of the things around her, but she couldn’t make a sound. she began to pray and put her hand on her shoulder. she felt another hand above hers. she was terrified and brought my five year old brother into the room and placed him on her bed. she felt relief, nothing bothered her and she fell asleep right away. As she was telling me this morning, i decided to get some water from the kitchen. the moment i reached the sink, a cup moved about 3 inches or so and broke. I’m not sure what to do, i can feel it watching me as i type this. It feels like it is always near or in the closet. Any advice or help?!

  97. When my son was 2, he went running down the hall and then turned around and came running toward me with terror on his face. He had NEVER done anything like this. i asked what was wrong and he said “Black eyes, Mama, Black eyes”. I asked who Black eyes was and he just pointed to the end of the hall. He wouldnt walk with me down the hall. We sensor what he watched, heard and what we read to him. This was totally bizarre as that there was nothing he had been exposed to. He even had a personal sitter and wasnt in daycare of around other kids. Soon after, he asked about the man with the towel on his head- and he giggled as he did. Once, when he and I were at home along, said “Whose that?” I said “where” and he said “That man that just went in your roon!” ..He was 3. I put a white candle surrounded by sea salt in his room and burned it for a while- without pomp or ceremony so that he didnt notice. No more problems. Then, a year later, the covers started being tugged off me on occassion. I totally ignored it. My main concern is this: In November, I got up at 3 am and went into the den. I turned on a lamp, turned and took 3 steps away and heard “click click” and it went off. I didnt react. I just turned around, turned it back on and said “You leave this lamp on now. I have to see!” Nothing happened again until last night. I went into my room. My son and I were standing beside the bed, I reached to turn off the bedside lamp and “click click”, it turned itself off with my hand in mid air. I called my husband into the room and told him. I told him that if he turned it back on and it required clicking the stem, then it was not a power surge or short in the wire. The bulb was tight. He reached out and clicked it twice- the light came on. Part of me wants to believe my sons comments were just comments from a child- nothing more. But the lamps- i am not sure about. Any comments???

  98. Hi timon,
    I am prashanth. As i read all the comments above, i just thought to share my problem with you. I think you wil try to solve my problem.
    I am living in joint family, my whole family staying in different places is big. The problem is, since last 13 years the members who belongs to my family were dying, one person dye in every year without reason. The people are not so aged they are just 30 to 40 years thats all. But this year we lost 3 person, 1 is my uncle just 35 years old, 2 is my cousin brother just 20 years old and another one is my lovely grandfather 75 years old. I lost my dad before 12 back itself. I dont no why it is happening…..? And my family also not well happy, suffering from so many problems. My aunt is also not good. Some people in my family is saying that my aunt is attacked by ghost. I dont no what to do. So please help me.

    • Hey Prashanth,
      Have you checked for chemicals in your area? I would get a chemical check of some type as it sounds like some type of poisoning could be effecting your family..

  99. I know my house is haunted because my grandfather died in the living room an in 13 and we were fixing the house up so we could move in and my mom and I were sleeping on a air mattress in the living room and we were talking and laying down there was absalutly no wind at all and the ax didn’t work and the door and windows opened and the windows are on the same wall area as the door and at the time the door had a wall next to it and this was before we knocked it down and then door slammed really hard an I started freaking out and I say maybe it was the wind and she said no it was just my dad and I couldn’t sleep I was scared do you think is was my grandfather?

  100. My grandmother’s house (my dad’s mom) used to be haunted when my dad was a kid. Over the years the activity has eventually stopped, but my grandmother says that sometimes activity picks up again, and when activity starts up again, there is a death. If the person is really close to her, the activity is really bad. The closer the person is to her that is going to die is the more active the happenings are. What kind of haunting is this?? Are these spirits or angels trying to get her attention and warn her of a death? I am just curious. (After a death the activity ceases.)

  101. Hi. my name is kii. i have had very weird things going on in my home my name being shouted verious times. to my dog(we just had to put down because she went insane) would wake up and bark and growl and stay in attack mode for an hr. she was a pitbull and never acted like that. my child found a imaginary friend. that he said took his slippers and put them in the basement which is blocked off. yes they were found in the basement. Some many more things its getting to be to much light bulbs burst im mean burst open!! My power goes out the oven tuns on and off always at night time. my dryer starts on its own its old so thats im possable for a power surge to do. and now myi heard the weirdest noise smelt an odd nasty smell and my oven moved a foot. then i heard running. i cant call the preist here very catholic area they would think im crazy. my bf i would even call him skeptic its theres no ghost or spirits and thats final. what do i do ive done lots that has been segested i had a friend bless the house and i refuse to move i love this house and im not budging any tips or ideas??

    • Hey Kii,
      Yeah, sounds very haunted. Okay so you want the spirit activity to stop, you have three options –

      1. Learn to live with the crazy occurrences
      2. Leave the house
      3. Do a really good house cleanse by a experienced Psychic or do the Cleanse yourself. If you do decide to do it yourself it can be done by buying some sage, opening up all the windows in the house and letting it burn for at least 2 to 3 days.. I used to say 1 day but often at times spirits will return so 3 is better. It is no guarantee however and sometimes spirits will even get annoyed and return more active. That is why i recommend a good psychic to do in your area. Sometimes you will find they will not charge as well if you explain your situation. When you are burning the sage you can walk around instructing the spirits to move on, to move to the light. It is not uncommon to get some activity during this time as well. Good luck Kii.

  102. All of my life I have been able to see spirits…I have also had premonitions some in which have saved my life and another persons life also.My mom has been gifted and now my daughters especially my oldest are gifted in this way.Nothing has ever scared me until recently.We bought a home which our cousin sold to us. When we first moved in nothing out of the ordinary happened but then all of a sudden I started seeing shadow figures,hearing voices like they are in the opposite room, seeing apparitions alot, and some poltergeist activity.I drew the line when my oldest came to me one morning and told me she had a visitor come the night before that stood by her bed and had horns smelled like a dog.I had my local church come in and bless the house.For a while the activity calmed down then recently some of it has picked up.I still hear voices and I have seen the apparition of a little girl which someone else I know has also seen her. A particular spirit has attached itself to my daughter and she calls him Cuthbert this spirit is bad I can feel it in my stomach he is telling her to do things and some of them are negative we have made a plan to get rid of him together.I have witnessed a cup move across my tile counted and break on the floor.A glass flew out of a cabinet above where my sink is.We had all the breakers turn off in our home at once when our whole family wasn’t anywhere near the room they are in.The switches were flipped.The activity picks up when my husband is not around he is very skeptical and I don’t blame him cause he has never dealt with anything like this.But yet he is supportive.I can go on and on but the worst thing that has happened just a few days ago was I was up and my husband was asleep in our bed.I was sitting up with the pillows behind my back when the next thing I knew a hand grabbed onto my leg I actually saw the indentations in the covers it was ice cold and I have never felt anything like it in my life.Nor have I ever been touched.My reaction was to smack the hand and when I did for some reason whatever it was let go.I am constantly getting weird feelings about this land also.I dont normally talk to psycics but I was actually apprached by one and she told me that something is buried on my land and I agree with her I have had dreams about it.I went for a walk around our property and as soon as I got to our fence and woodline I got a sick feeling in my stomach.I really want to find out what is buried out there but it costs so much money to do all that.I don’t mind the spirits I just don’t want them touchng me.

    • Thanks for sharing Melissa. Sounds to me like you are really sensitive to other energies and like you said it has been happening all your life. I am a bit concerned about the apparition that you said had horns and smelt like a dog. This sounds like a hell hound which can come when spirits are disturbed in the after life such as a disturbed graveyard. They serve by myth as guardians of the door between this and the other. They were also said to guard supernatural treasures and hunt lost souls as well.

  103. I suggest you folks watch SoulTravelers by Michael Wynn, This guy was either into my stuff 0r I was into his. Its an excellent documentary on extra-normal interaction. I would also like to add an additional parallel to that particular topic. The legend of Gorgons being numerically identical to the legend of the furies and the reported incidents of what has become known as the night hag.I made this particular connection through a direct coincidence and could not have related them without it.

  104. Thursday, August 2nd my mom woke me up to tell me she was taking my dad to work at five in the morning, and my little sister was asleep on the couch. After they left I heard what sounded like footsteps outside my bedroom window, but i played it off as the wind so i fell back asleep. When i started dreaming i felt this evil pressence around me not just in my dream but physically around me. I started deaming about the paranormal and feeling like the evil was trying to get inside of me and it appeared as a black cloud. In my mind I said satan be banished and the cloud evacuated from me and could tell its was pissed. It surounded me and I couldn’t breath, it felt like i was bein choked. I felt my heart rated accelerate and I started convulsing. I woke up counvulsing, then unable to move or speak and I could barely breath. It felt like there was an evil pressence in my room. I fell back asleep ,but i can’t really remeber what I dreamed the second time. I woke up with my heart rate accelerated again unable to speak and the feeling of something in my room. I laid there singing church songs in my head and trying to calm myself down saying it was nothing. I was afraid to call my mom out of fear that if there really was something in my room, it wold piss it off. I heard footsteps again, but they weren’t outside this time. My heartrate accelerated and i’m not sure if it was me or my bed bouncing. The feeling of the presssence went away when my mom came in the door. I ran to the couch and i’m afraid to sleep in my room now. Am I just really parinoid or is there something goin? PLEASE help.

    • You have all right to be paranoid Josie, thanks for sharing. Maybe a good idea to sleep out of your room for a few days. During that time you could burn some sage in the room and leave the window a little open. This will help move on any energies that maybe there. You may also want to share with your mum as well. Maybe the house has some history. Is it a new house or did a family live there before..? These are all questions that can help with your house investigation.

  105. Hey Tom our names are Juliana and Nicole. We both have been hearing voices, footsteps and been seeing things around our house. Our nephew Daniel has been talking to an “imaginary” friend, but only in our house.We also saw a ball move while he was talking to this friend. A few nights ago we were sitting in the living room and heard something fall. We went to the bathroom and saw that a bag of nails was thrown off the self. While were asleep we feel something touching us. I have also been scratched many times. Doors have been closing and opening on their own. Please help.

    • Sounds like a haunting.. Is the place old, maybe find out its history. Also i recommend writing down the patterns of occurrences ( write down each experience ) to see if we can pin point what the spirits may be saying or doing.. If you want it to stop you should try a good house cleanse. That can fix things up quickly if done right. To cleanse either contact a psychic or buy some sage and burn for 3 days with the windows open.. Try to make the place as light as possible.. This will help move energies on. Please note that not all cleanses work and can sometimes increase activity as well..

  106. Hey Timon my boyfriend and I were out taking pictures of orbs tonight and we walked up to this cemetery that had a lot of Civil War vets in it and plus other random people. My boyfriend told me when we left that he felt pressure on his chest that hurt but when we walked away and began to leave it went away. What could this mean?

  107. Hey Timon, I live in 2 houses, my parents and my grandmothers. Ive always enjoyed staying at my grandmothers, because she only lives down my street. Anyway, at my parents house whenever i go up the stairs, i feel something watching me or in a scence chasing me up, and one night i was watching tv and my sauna door opened without anybody there. It creeped me out and ran up the stairs as fast as i could. At my grandmothers house, my 2 older sisters played the ouija board and the spirit they were in contact with told them my future, saying i will have 4 children. And since then ive always had a spooked out life and im feeling a scence something is watching me. My 2 sisters goy freaked out when they did it again, and my cat started hissing at a wall. We threw it in my grandmas backyard and recently i had a wierd dream about my grandfather, i thought he was trying to scare me, knowing he was kind of a prankster (my dad told me that). I thought he was mad at me for throwing it there, but im very insane when it comes to things like this. Please help me, tommy

    • Hey Tommy,
      Thanks for sharing, lots of info here, tampering with Ouija board is always risky.. It generally contacts the sort of spirits that one does not want to communicate with. Lower plane types that have trouble moving on.. Also you should never mention names of yourself or others when using it either. Okay, with that being said it is a good idea to rule out all explainable things first. Look for drafts where wind can come and play tricks. One way of detecting this is to put a string up in the area where doors close then peg a flat sheet of A4, then watch and see if it moves often. Sometimes we cannot feel drafts and so this helps. If this does not move then leave it there and wait until it does, if you can set a camera to it to film it. Then after that check the hinges on the doors, try pushing it when closed and see if it is loose, if so fix and then see if it happens again. If not loose or anything and it holds tight then you can explore the paranormal there. Place a camera at the door, a sensor digital camera will work as well.. then look at the times it happens in future, you may find a pattern. Treat it like an investigation. Also look at the history of the house if you can get it, is it new, has a traumatic event happened there or close to there.. Each bit of info will help. The feeling of someone watching you as well could be paranormal as well, however you have to be sure you are not spooking yourself out as well. If you still feel uneasy then it maybe a good idea to get a psychic there to bless the place as well as yourself if a spirit is haunting you ( house cleanse ).

  108. I have seen figures in my house one man and a little girl. Our stuff has disappeared sometimes days at a time and then would suddenly appear. In one room the kids always had nightmare or terrors so I bought them dream catchers, they seemed to help. But the other night my daughter who is 10 asked me if I have ever seen the white ball of light in her closet. Is this were they enter or what could this possibly be? I never really get a eary feeling but I am just really curious about all this..

    • Hey Angie, first off thanks for commenting.. Firstly we know kids can have big imaginations, however that does not mean it is not there, only that we need to eliminate the obvious. You could try filming the closet for a few days and then analyze the evidence. In doing so we dont want to create fear in your little girl so you could film where she will not notice the camera.. Motion detection helps during this process as well if you camera has it. Then go over the the 3 to 4 days worth of data on your computer.. You can put in fast forward and wait to see if you see any anomalies. I hope this helps. 😉

  109. Hi Timon, im kanishka. I’m a hindu girl and i live in india. Since 10 yrs of age we (my parents, elder brother n i) lived in a pretty home for 9 years, which was then pulled down and a new building (where we presently live) was constructed in its place. In our earlier home a specific window would open by itself everyday at 7:15 pm. Initially we were scared but slowly we began to ignore it as it wasnt causing any harm. We’ve been living in d new home for 5yrs now. Everything was fine for d first 2yrs. Then one day when i was studying for my exams in my room upstairs, i heard footsteps coming towards my room. I was expecting to see dad as he comes sometimes to see if i am studying. But it was someone else..a person whom i had never seen. He told me something that i cant exactly recall..he also told me his name..but i was so scared at that time i dont remember. That entity disappeared in a few seconds. Then after a couple of months one day we heard a sudden loud ‘POP’ in the next room while we were talking. The popping sound occured about two dozen times in 3yrs. Sometimes when we are sitting in my parents’ bedroom and chatting, and there would be this sudden ‘pop’ just near my face. The sound doesnt come from any occurs in d air. N its so loud anyone in d house can hear. I dont know what it is..and i dont think we have any psychic in my town. We have hindu priests but i dont know if they can help. I am very scared of these paranormal stuff…n it is killing me to think that we live with spirits around us at home :(. Please help.

    • Hey Kanishka,
      The area maybe the issue, the land i mean. No matter how many times a house is rebuilt if the land is haunted the new dwelling becomes haunted as well. Okay so lot’s of paranormal, what i would recommend you do is firstly write down any occurrence. This is for you so you can maybe work out a pattern. This also will help identify the paranormal from the natural as well. Secondly we may want to buy some sage and do a complete house cleanse. Ghosts in general do not like sage. How to do this is by burning it in your house and asking the spirits in the house to move to the light. Do not be afraid, we have more power than the spirits. We are the ones here and they are just trying to be heard. Then open up all the windows. Do this for three days, let as much sunlight in as possible and clean the house as well so there is less blocks in the house for any energies. Then after the three days get some natural salt ( old protection ) and place around all the corners of the house. This is ancient folklore, this will stop the spirits from trying to get back in which happens.. Window sills, walls, etc, etc..If a week later you still have issues then you must get a good medium to do a cleanse fully to help clear way it all. I hope that helps. Also the window where the activity is there you want to focus on as much cleansing as possible..

  110. The other day me and room mate where sitting on the couch chatting and watching tv. i have this lamp in my living room that has been unplugged for a couple days at this point. and all of a sudden we see a quick flash of light from the lamp. we didnt really know what to think about this so i have wondering myself if it means something. how did it flash without power is what i cant figure out.

    • Hey Steph,
      Yeah that is an interesting one, paranormal occurrences certainly can cause this unless of course there was significant amount of static from somewhere.. To me it sounds like paranormal.. Things known to cause electric disturbance are – UFO’s, electromagnetic fields which can be formed from ghost activity.. What you could do is get a EMF detector from the hardware store and do a house sweep.. Look for areas where it spikes abnormally.. Consistent EMF is normal, spikes are what you are looking for.. Do it around your lamp as well.. Let me know how it goes or if it turns out to be something natural an emf detector should give the clues.. Good luck..

  111. Hi,
    I am 16 and female and have lived in this house with my parents since I was 4. The house is 100 years old and we are only the third family to live in it. The first family died and then their children lived in it (the second family) and when my family came to buy the house, all of the family had died and all that was left was one man and his wife, his wife died in the back room where we now have our computer desk, the man was an inventor, I think he was called Jack Turner but I’m not sure, but when we came to look around the house it was full of wires and blueprints and basically, two whole families died inside this house, and when we moved in the loft was bolted shut but my father opened it and put a door on it and stairs, the opening for the loft is in my bedroom. I regularly hear small scrabbling noises in the loft, followed by a big long loud scratch from the top of my bed to the botto of my bed, but in the loft above. I regularly have sleep paralysis. I have dreams where I dream something happening with then happens a week later. I once dreamed about stem cell research and then a week later I was out with my brother in the van and on the radio came an announcement about a breakthrough with stem cell research. I have a lamp downstairs and it turns itself on and off constantly, we got rid of it and got a new one and it still does it, I can hear constant humming but only in my bedroom, I often hear rumbling and then when I look in the direction of the rumbling it disappears, there is a cemetery at the back of the house, downstairs I hear popping and crackling, whenever I’m in the bathroom I can see bright light underneath the door and creaking and see shadow of footsteps below the door going towards my bedroom and then my bedroom door slams shut, this morning I heard hoovering downstairs so I got up and went downstairs to see how my mum was, my dad at work, and as I opened the door the noise stopped, my mum sat on the sofa didn’t hear a thing. I see a face in my bedroom window and two glowing faces in the window downstairs, I once woke up in the night and my bedroom was glowing green all over coming from the opening to the loft and my bed was shaking and a dark figure stood over me and I couldn’t get up, this happens at least twice a month. I have checked everywhere and everything in the house and there are no normal reasons or causes of this, my dad did all the electrics when we moved in as he is an electrician and works with heavy machinery. Help?!

    • Hey Helen,
      Sounds very haunted and the house being so close to a cemetery is not going to help either. Sound like to me you need to do a good house cleanse. Because it is so haunted you are better off not doing it yourself though, find an experienced medium or priest in your area to help cleanse away energies. With the cleansing also do for around 3 days, this will help spirits that are lingering to move on better if possible.. You can burn sage and allow as much sunlight into the house and keep windows open during this process to help energy move out.. Spirits do not like sage so it is a good friend. Often at times it can cause issues if the spirits want to stay so use with caution. Also once finished the cleanse place salt around all walls and rooms, this is a type of old protection. Salt helps keep the energy out.. Some believe that salt works, some do not, but either way it is one worth trying after as its easy to do. Also during this time write down your experiences to see if you can work out a pattern, look up history, anything that may help you to make these energies move on as well. I hope that helps.

  112. House def. has spirits no big deal we are open and normally live without major issues.. Last night I Woke up with my 8 month old and when I was in the other room my hubby asked me what I did with the clock I said nothing and When I woke up I found that the large wall clock was off the wall and leaning on my side of the bed right by my head…. freaked me out. Im a light sleeper there is no way i wouldnt have noticed that falling but even if it did there is no way it could roll to my side of the bed. in fact it has safety things on the clock that it could fall off the wall. The house had 3 different spirits that I could feel. One was a young man that was in the basement I helped him leave then something on the first floor in the lower apt. never went into the house to meet that spirit. Then the CREEPY non human feeling spirit that lived in the entryway on the stairs.. last week I stopped feeling that thing on the stairs and now my house doesnt feel right..

  113. Ok so I have a question. I am stationed at Fort Polk in Louisiana and we have a house thats been on the base for awhile. My daughter has nights where she cries and cries until we come to get her, and her room is ice cold and she stays next to the door. (its farthest from the closet which is also the coldest part of her room) We are getting ready to leave for alaska to a new base. We have a few more weeks here and each night its getting more and more “active”. I personally attached her pacifier to her shirt and when she cries she usually cries for mommy. But, tonight she cried for daddy “me”. I went in to her room and her pacifier was hanging on the closet door. Her room was ice cold. So I brought her to bed with me. She was laying down just fine. She can only say a few words. She started talking in baby jibberish but kept saying door and rawr and kept pointing towards her room. After I laid her back down and got her to settle down she sat up and hid behind my legs and started to play peek a boo with nobody. She was giggling and laughing and playing peek a boo. (which was the darkest corner of our room due to the light next to the bed, also closest to her room). I got up and asked her who she was playing peekaboo with and she crawled out of my bed. Walked over to the door opened it and went into the hallway and pointed to her room. The door was wide open when we walked out of the room but we had shut it behind us when we originaly brought her to our room. What do I do? My wife is uncomfortable with the situation and it makes me mad.

    Any help would be appriciated.

  114. okk look i have lived in my house for 9 to 10 years and i have felt paranoid and feellike im being watched im 18 now and things seem to be geting worse and out of hand usaly i can get passed it but lately i cant let it go i havent been able to get a good nights sleep in four days i feel like there is multible things in my house and i have three friends that feels this with me without even me telln them what happend i went down stairs to get something to dring at 4 oclock in the morning cuzz i couldnt sleep and i was in the kithen and i hurd footsteps and a loud thud im not crazzy cuz my dog looked up at the seeling with me varafieing that was lagit i could not get my self to back up stares so i stayied upp all night till the morning with my survival knife in hand when id dose off something would touche me or make a noise the next day my mom told me she heard footsteps up stares cuzz my room is above her (take note my mom does not believe in anything)she told me she whent to go see if it was me up stairs and she saw me sleeping on the sofa so she whent back to bed thus cunvincing her im not crazzy lol when i was about 16 i had long hair i was in the a different room sleeping and my bed frame has wheels it moved away from the wall and i felt somethen touche my hair thinking it was a bug or something i slept my haird discovering that my hair was braided in a small piece.also one day my friend dannie cam to my house without calling me ,i was not home, he does not know this lol he threw a pebble at my room window and a hand whent through the shuters and a come in jestchure so thats what he did and when he cam in there was no one in my house he ran out scared to close just last night we were eating in my room danie,erick, and i. and my friend told me he heared a voice ive never heard a voice in my house before but ive been screamed at in my grandmothers house so plz help me what is it? how can i get rid of it? what does it want? what should i do ?

  115. I went shopping with a friend and his mom and me and his mother were talking about those little flags you hang outside your house. She asked if I had them, I said no but they are cute. That was the end of that conversation. The next morning I wake up go out to my car, which was parked in my driveway and one of those little flags were on my car. It was folded and placed under my windshield wiper, so it’s not like it just blew onto my car, it was specifically placed there. I asked my friend if his mom had him do that, he said no. I’m at a loss as to what this could possibly mean. Is it some kind of sign? Why? I’ve never had anything like this happen before, with an actual object appearing out of no where.

  116. i have lived in my house for 11yrs and my first night in my i had the the feeling of being watched or someone standing behind me or the lights on and off doors opening even one you need a key to open it.stuff being moved of falling off tables and breaking u could her talking and scraching in the walls.but when my on was born and as he got older by age 3yrs old thing changed in my daughters room he wood go in the room and he was talking to something it would stop when i came in the room i would ask him who he was talking to and he would say his friend i asked him where his friend was he would say he under the bed now or up in the light than he would tell me to look under the bed than he would stop me and say the boy is gone because the dark man is here and we need to leave the room and close the my son is 6yrs old and things have got bad one night my son was pushed and on his back their was three marks on his back like tips of fingernail and it was the shape of an upside down v just under the shoulder blades it looked like someone poked him with a big needle they where red but didn’t bleed i went to get my phone and take a pic but they where my pets are now being attacked and dying first my cockatoo and 3days later my kitten on halloween just dropped dead and than 2day later the other kitten did the same thing. but last year we had the same thing on halloween 3 kittens died at the same time this year it was 4. i took pic of the inside the house and got some pic that scared the hell out of me so i tried to send them to some of my good friends and my sister and my cell phone went crazy and the people i tried to send them to there phones went crazy and they couldn’t get any of the pic.the other night my daughter who is 23yrs old was up watching tv about 3am and banging started on the two doors in front of the house she looked outside no one than the back sliding glass door in our backyard the banging started than the door started shaking and im a light sleeper and she couldn’t wake me up.and other things are starting to happen two of my kids sleep walking i woke up to find my oldest daughter standing at the side of my bed than she turned around and walked back to her room i went to her room she was in bed sleeping the net day i asked her what she was dong in my room at 3am she didn’t remember.and things are not getting better im thinking on leaving my home.

  117. Hi-

    We moved into our house that was built in 1826 about a year ago. We have had different things happen but we always explain them away such as our security alarm going off for no reason. About 3 weeks ago I was the only one home and my dog started howling like crazy while I was in the shower one morning, I shrugged it off until I went to leave my bedroom. The door was locked which can only be locked from inside the room, it is an old door lock, and when I looked around my husband’s necklace that was on the window sill was stretched out across his side of the bed. He did not do this. Since then we have had a couple of unexplained alarm incidences that we have brushed off. However, today when I was getting ready my dog started howling like crazy again and when I went into the bedroom the necklace was again stretched out on the bed and I was the only one home and my husband did not do it before he left. It is really scaring me even though it doesn’t seem to want to cause us harm just be mischievous. The idea of it is scaring me. What would you suggest to do? Do you think these instances are explainable or paranormal? Any suggestions would help. We would like the spirits to leave if they are there.


  118. So one night about 1:30 am I was awake in my room which is in the basement doing homework. I could hear upstairs somebody walking towards my kids room from the living room to the hallway, then I heard the same steps come down the stairs, I had my door shut cuz it stays more warm. I turned my head back to see who would be walking in. I thought one of my kids were coming to talk to me. I turned my head and nobody walked in but there was just a scratch on my door. So I though I forgot to put my dogs in the kennel. I got up so that I could put them away. And nobody was there. So I walked upstairs to see of she went up their and my boy dog was already put in his bed but the girl was not. So I walked into my sons room and he was awaking, string he couldn’t sleep because everytime he fell asleep his arms and legs were feeling like they were being pulled and would wake him. I thought that was weird but didn’t want to put to much into it at the time. So I asked him if our dog had came into his room because she had just scratched on my door but was gone when I opened it. He said she also scratched on his door but never came in, the door just opened a little because it wasn’t shut all the way, but never walked in. So I thought that was weird cuz they usually will be right by the door or jump in your bed. So I hollered her name and there was no response. I went back downstairs were my daughters room is and I opened her door and the dog was in bed with her, but her door was completely shut and there would have been no way for the dog to enter or exit. What could it be? I don’t know if it is good or bad cuz we have had weird occurrences many times, but also that day I smudged and blessed my house. Kinda makes
    Me nervous because different occurrences have happened and usually always at the same time of year.

  119. Hi can anyone tell me if I’m going crazy. We’ve just moved into a town house. From the first knight I would hear noises, can’t really tell what it is.. After a week in the place my husband also heard noises at knight . This always happens after 24h00 .. But today my husband placed a class bowl in the sink full of water, the bowl was standing in the sink covered with water and its cold water but after a few hours we heard class breaking but it sounded like class breaking on the floor, the splashing sound. We went to look and it was the bowl in the water.. I will sometimes sit in front of the door were there’s a slight wind coming through but for some reason I get these very hot feelings almost like I’m burning up even if the winds blowing , this will last for a few seconds… Please can somebody tell me if I’m going mad, or is this just a normal co incident.. I don’t know… Hope to hear from someone that can shed light on this plz. Thank you M

  120. hi my name is penny, i was playing backgammon with my partner at night, he decided to throw a mental as he kept losing the game.He left the game in a mess on our kitchen table and went outside to have a smoke.I had music playing quietly and the light was on. I decided to cut up some oranges on the bench and i heard dices being shuffled.I didnt think anything of it,just that my partner was setting it up again.I heard the front door shut and i looked up my partner had just come inside, he went to the table and said “what the hell” in shock, i looked at the game and it had been set up backwards and the dices were in the cases (correctly) to this day we cant explain anything we want answers please.
    Often our two year old son follows us around everywhere at night like hes scared of something.We have a 1 year old son as well.They were playing in the room one night the light was off and all of a sudden they came screaming looking behind them as if something was chasing them they clung so tight just screaming! i went to the room and nothing was there,i ran them a bath and took of their clothes, on my 2yr old there was a great big bruise on his ribcage like he had been punched by a man (the bigness was bigger than a clenched mans fist).I am scared for them and for us too. please help.

    • Hey Penny,
      I am concerned about your son, you may want to do a good house cleanse with sage to help move on any energies there. Maybe some spirits are hanging around and we don’t want that if they are effecting your kid. A house cleanse is very effective, what one does is burn sage which can be bought at any alternative shop and buy some salt as well.. Proper salt, not commercial refined.. Then burn the sage for two to three days and let all the windows open to help move the energies on.. Let in as much sun as possible, then walk around asking the energies to move on.. do this everywhere, then place the salt around every wall to block them from coming in after the cleanse is finished. The house feel lighter, if not then repeat until ti does..

      Words to say could be, “time to move on” “time to leave now” or “Move to the light” each one helps. If at one time during the cleansing you hear noises, that is normal, keep going and finish, once finished if the house feels lighter and quieter, keep the sage burning and place salt in the corners of the house inside as i suggested.. basically making a boundary of salt.. This will block entry in a way back to the house.. You may get rid of a ghost but then can try to come back so that is where salt helps.. Why salt helps i am unsure but it is very effective for some reason..

      I hope that helps your situation..


      • Sage, salt, native ceremony blessing my house…all had NO effect, and in fact got worse. When I came close and personal with Jesus Christ, then and only then, did I have the Power through Him to have peace over these 3 spirits (demons) . There is power in the name!!!

  121. For the past 6yrs strange unexplained things have been happening at my place. It all started when I had the front room knocked down and replaced.. Ive seen a really dark figure twice now, Ive seen a woman in white and my grandson sees a man who talks to him. My grandson also sees a little girl, which I know a little bit about as I got a photo of her and took it to a pychic who in turn gave me information. I have heard voices, recorded one.. I have heard footsteps, chairs moving. I take photos but the photos look nothing like what I took… They look older, aged.. This doesnt happen all the time… Im worried about my grandson, he goes stiff, will not look in a direction but insists to go home. He says things like “everyone gone now” and it was only us here. He said one night while driving home ” that boys dead” then seemed to be talking to the boy at my place. Waved out the window and said hes gone now… I have many stories like this since he was born and would play peek a boo in my kitchen with no one…Im told I have a little girl, and the little girls grandma comes to get her, these are her footsteps that I hear… There is supposed to be a man… I feel quite safe and not scared, but the dark one scares me….
    What can I do? Anyone any ideas….

    • Hey Jo-Anne,
      What spurred it off was most likely renovations, energy is basically moving in a pattern and when you change aspects around where energy is moving then that is where paranormal can happen. Some say it is because spirits are actually tripping over or finding things different and so are getting confused. Both are valid points.. Time is much different in the spirit world as well, often spirits will play a sequence over many years, even as much as hundreds or even thousands, time is much less relevant there. However you can let spirits know it is time to move on, this is called cleansing. Look up my post here for more info. I am also going to do a much more detailed post on this subject as well this week so make sure to subscribe to be updated on it.. Such a big topic..

      Okay so back to my answer and i hope so others answer for you as well. The actions or sequences you see may be petitions of energy in way as well. To test this one should try to work out is this an intelligent haunting or a residual haunting, both can exist at the same time.

      Often writing down your experiences can help determine patterns, if an obvious pattern emerges then it could be residual and therefor playing over and over again and your interaction maybe less noticed. On the other hand intelligent is completely different, plus sometimes both reside at once. Energy’s moving in sequence in a way.. So the words heard could be echoes between this and the other world. Something that happened there in the past. Try looking up the history also of the house, then come back and let us know if you find anything.

  122. Hi Timon,

    My name is Melinda. Since our family moved into a 1980’s home 7 years ago, we have experienced some strange activity around the home, in particularly on one side of the house. The events include TV turning itself on, and volume turning up to the loudest setting, shadows/ figures seen in the same room, door bell ringing in the middle of the night with no batteries in it, down stairs room – LED light flickering or not working – then swapping to the other LED light (based on where I sit – the light flickers above me), loud bang like an explosion in the house, dogs barking at nothing,footsteps heard near the front door entrance inside the house, and strange smells that just occur and disappear.

    I am profoundly deaf so I don’t take too much noticed of the sounds at night that could also be picked up.

    I have been photographed with orbs in backgrounds on occasions, and sometimes feel like something is watching me when I sleep at night.

    I don’t know if my house is haunted or if something is haunting me?

    • Hey Melinda,
      Yeah sounds like a haunting, could be attached to you or the house, the only way to tell for sure is to visit a friend and stay a few nights elsewhere. Other than that you can consider a cleanse to help move on spirits. To find out how that works read here.

      All the signs you mention above is a clear sign situation of paranormal activity.

  123. Hi Timon,

    I’m a 13 year old girl with one sister and my mom lives with me. So my house is currently getting renovated and all. And so last night it was around 12:45 a.m. and I was about to go to bed. I said good nights to the kittens that were in my sister’s room. I closed the door behind me as I usually do to keep the heat inside the room. And then my sister went to open the door and she thought my mom was coming. She closed the door and felt something pushing. Now we’re Jehovah’s witnesses and we don’t believe in this but I got a bit too scared and started praying. It stopped pushing after a while and that’s when my and my sister blocked the door with a few boxes and a few chairs. We tucked ourselves under our beds and went to sleep. My cat kept meowing the whole time we were whispering and we got very scared. While my sister was blocking the door with her body she heard a knocking a very light knocking but I didn’t hear anything. I’m not sure if there might be a curse on maybe an item she just got or something but we want to ward it off. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad spirit. We’re constantly playing our kingdom hall music for jehovah’s witnesses and praying constantly while walking by all day long so far. We don’t wanna get reminded of this happening and promised ourselves to go to bed a 9 a.m. Could it be a haunting? And I want to do something that doesn’t include anything about salt or sage or anything. Something that might help .. Please .. We’re scared to death. Thanks and I hope you respond quickly.

  124. I had my first incounter last night…my granddaughter and I went to bed at 9:45 she faced the wall and I was on the otherside of the bed when I heard a male voice out of the blue say like 3 words…but before that it sounded like static.I layed there in shock wondering where this came from when my granddaughter turned and looked at me and asked if I had left the tv on,she said it sounded like NFL….maybe she thought of a radio announcer,so I got up and checked everything out and nothing was left on,we live out in the country now for 23 years and never had this happen before!

  125. I am on here trying to see why my dog is acting like she is, we moved into a 2nd floor apartment about a month ago, a 13 yr old girl hung herself in the basement of the apt in Aug 2000, since moving in my dog has acted strange before moving she was always excited and happy now she cries all the time, acts scared to death, and will not leave my side she even has to stay in the bathroom while I shower or she will cry and scratch at the door the entire time. She cries when I walk in the door but acts excited that I am home then the rest of the night follows me wherever I go. has anyone experienced anything like this with their animal?

    • Hey Tonya,
      Dogs are very sensitive to the paranormal, you may want to try sleeping at a friends with your dog to see if it your place that is effecting her. If same happens elsewhere then it most likely be something else. This elimination will help. After that look throughout your house to see any other possible natural triggers. After that, you may also want to set up a thermal split hd cam and emf alarm around your dog to see if any spirits are harassing her.

      This can happen.. In some cases animals have actually died.

  126. Hi! My english is not very good but i’ll try to tell my happening.
    3 years ago, a friend of mine, died.It was a person from my childhood.
    But 6 month ago I started to feel him near me. I could see his face, he actually interrupted my thoughts, my words, and apears in my mind. And what I feel when is with me, is love from him to me.A lot of. I dreamed him some times. In one dream he told me that we will meet sometimes and then he has a lot of things to tell me about him. In another dream he gave me flowers and a picture of him. After two days, I really find a picture with him on internet.
    But the strangest thing was when in an evening I’ve asked him if hi’s still with me. Suddenly I felt strange, my whole body hurts awful and I thought I’ll die. But I felt him near me, again. His face, his love, everything. But I was so scared becouse I feld so bad, and I told him : it’s too much for me ! In that second I felt a hug from my right side and i didn’t saw his face anymore, I didn’t felt sick.
    Please, I need some explanations.

    • Spirit interaction can be very tiring because often they feed off our magnetic field, can be draining. Sounds like to me you had contact with this person and after you told the spirit to leave they did in the end. Thanks for sharing your story, I think you possibly were connecting with the spirit based on your needs as well. That is why it drained you so much, once you properly connected you felt the pain because that connection is not a normal feeling for the body. Your body telling you to stop in a way.

      I hope that helps.

  127. Me and my husband have lived in our house for almost 2 years and up until recently it was great. Whenever I’m home alone things happen. When I’m washing dishes I can feel someone breathing on my neck but when I turn around no one is there. When I’m in bed the spare bedroom door slams when it was closed to begin with. I’ve taken a shower and thought my husband came home early and was whispering but it was still only me. But this morning I was laying in bed it was completely dark and it felt like someone was leaning over me. Like I could feel them. I always sleep with my bedroom door closed and the living room light came on. So I got up and went to the restroom and my washer started playing then music like it doesm when I turn it on. Am I crazy or what? I’m freaking out!

    • Hey Kayla,
      Want to ask one question? Has there been any arguments are tragedy in the house recently, may have no relation but sounds like a poltergeist spirit. These types of spirits feed on negativity and can be harmful if negativity remains. Is there a lot of stress or anything that may have caused this? – Maybe try filming..

      After assessing you have two options, haunted house cleanse or getting a psychic to help with the situation. One can also move but often poltergeists are attached to someone in the house.

      – Another method is getting rid of the stress or negative energy which feeds it.. That is if there is stress that is.. If not do above. Involves working out the stress cause and helping fix.. Does not always fix but sometimes.. Teens and poltergeists are common in puberty as emotions are emerging in the child and sometimes this draws on these types of spirits as well.

  128. Around 4:37am I was sleeping and heard something fell off my dresser, and I heard it again. I got up and took a look but nothing. This happened one before last year. When I’m in my livingroom I hear something like books falling down shelves. I looked but nothing. I kno it’s not me cause my husband heard it too. Please help. Also my mom saw the trash move.

    • Hey Cresha,
      Better to not rule as paranormal just yet, better you set up a camera to film, you may have a animal in your house as a possibility.. Some animals will live in the roof and come down at night, try to capture some evidence and it should help you get to the bottom of it as well. If paranormal after test you realize then you may want to do a house cleanse.

  129. 2 of my previous homes had odd things happening & now my new one which I’ve lived in for 3 yrs, well some odd things are happening here too. My home from 1987-2001 we all experienced footsteps & floor creaking like someone walking but never anyone there. My sons teletubbie doll would talk in the middle of the night. Toy police car also turned on. I had drops of water fall on me in bedroom helping my son with homework. the light fixture & roof were dry, no rain no plumbing above there but hours later got a call my uncle died. There were ice cold breezes especially when i brought my 4th chld home from hospital. I would also feel someone sit on the bed while I was sleeping but no one would be there. a woman died in that home i found out later. 2001-2004 this home I would see shadows out of corner of my eye, my tv would turn on & off, my daughter in law & I both was awakened at different times with a deep devilish voice that screamed in our ears, the hall closet door constantly would be open after closing it tightly, my son screamed one night his tv was stuck on a station with a woman that looked like virgin mary, we unplugged cable & tv turned it back on & it was still on there, that was right when we were still moving in, I told him keep tv off & when he closed his door he screamed for me again, there was a picture on the back of that door with the woman that was on tv. A cop built that home on an indian burial ground which i didn’t find out til after we moved in, but him & his wife divorced & sold house to a pastor & family, they were financially in the hole & sold it to us, they divorced shortly after. We all had health issues while there, I had pancreatitis, short of liver failure, my son an appendectomy but he always had tummy aches while there, my other son had stomach issues & Dr. couldn’t find anything,I also had a green orb shoot thru my room & my 2 little kids slept with me one night they were scared kept hearing noises, i was so tired I said come in my room, right after I went back to sleep there was a knock on my door. jumped up there was no one else home. I ended up divorcing & moved. While moving we burned old stuff in the back yard fire pit. The guy that was helping put the teletubbie thinking my son was too old for it & the doll started talking in the fire. 2004-2009 that home no activity. 2009- current home things are missing, shadows again, a battery candle turned on bu itself while i watching a ghost show the story was about a bar/restaurant where a candle would light on its on. too freaky! & now my grand daughters toy in my room went off talking this morning by itself & woke me up. it doesn’t have an off or on switch, you have to squeeze it to talk. Ok that today freaked me out. what do you think?

  130. I have sometimes been told that I can be paranoid but lately things have been more strange than usual. I have a ten month old son that has always slept extremely crazily but lately he has been rolling around and making movements like he is having a nightmare. I know this bc my wife and I have moved him into our bedroom bc we have started to renovate his room. We have lived here for years and I have heard noises like footsteps upstairs when I am doing laundry in the basement when I am 100% positive I am home alone every time. Babysitters like my father and sister have had similar or exact experiences when coming to my house. Although it was never bothersome until recently. The past two nights have been the most alarming when my sons toy turtle that lights up and makes stars appear onto the ceiling has been turning off when I close my eyes and/or leave the room. The worst part of the past two nights is when I wake up to no noise or person and immediately have the worst case of goosebumps in my life. It’s as if I’ve been woken up by something/ someone but I’m wide awake, heart pounding, in our dark bedroom that should be lit up by my sons turtle anyways. What should I do? I have real concerns for my family but haven’t told my wife of the recent activity bc I know she would overreact. I’ve read all about your recommendations for house cleansing, is that what is in order bc this means this ‘spirit’ or what have you, has been here a long time. Longer than my family has been here at least..

  131. Hai!! well i live with my grandparents (who don’t believe in spirits or anything like that :\ ) so at the house i lived in when i was little until the end of 8th grade some things happened.. not bad just creepy.
    Like once i was in bed with my cousin & we heard foot steps & chains, sounded like boots & chains & went in the pattern -boom boom,ching ching ching- we were scared & the sound kept getting closer to the door but when i looked nobody was there & the sound stopped then started again when i walked away from the door. i think there were slaves who died on the land my papaw built our house on. & one time i was in my room & i threw my pajamas on my bed then went into my bathroom (wich was in my room) & put on my makeup then put in all back into my lady & the tramp purse then i walked back into my room & my pajamas were in the floor, then went back to the bathroom to get my purse & all the makeup. & stuff was out of the purse & scattered on the sink where i had the purse sitting (nobody was in my room they were all in the kitchen) another time one of my cousins & me were the only ones in the house & we heard the intertainment center cabinets opening & closeing in the liveing room so we went in there & nothing! ( not going in order here) one time when i was younger than i was during that i was in my memaw’s room & i was sitting on her bed & felt something tap my shoulder.. i looked behind me & comeing from under the bed’s headboard was a black mans thumb on my shoulder! (& ofcourse memaw didn’t believe me) & a time when one of my sisters turned off my radio (wich has to be switched on & off pushing the thing upwards & downwards) then it turned its self back on. one day i opened my dresser droor & noticed a pic of me in there & my hand was really reeeaally close to touching it then it just dissapeared like flew/slid right under some clothes! i dug for it but couldn’t find it until way later when i got into my dressor again. & i was sleeping with my cousin one nite in my sister landi’s room, her & my other sister candace were sleeping in my room then candace came & woke me up & asked why i was running around in my room & that i was scareing landi.. she said it looked like my shadow. landi said it was squatting down running back & for beside the foot of the bed ..& it looked like MY shadow.. o.o Oh! & there was this one night when i was in bed (i slept with my old aunt it was her room & she always had this blue rocking chair by the foot of the bed) so i was laying there… then i seen some body rocking in the chair looking right at me i thought it was my cousin hali she was smileing really big & like the corners of her mouth was raised almost up to her cheeks.. she has dark medium/shortish lenghth hair & dark eyes.. i sat up & looked at her & sad ” Hali stop your creeping me out.” she kept rocking & that face with the huge smile & straight forward dead eyed look with her her raised eyebrows didn’t change at all, then i told her to go to bed, then Hali’s mom came in & asked what was wrong so i told her & she said that Hali has been in bed.. i looked at the chair & whatever it was.. it was gone & i looked in hali’s room & she was asleep like normal.. What was that?! a demon?!! then i remeber this time i went to memaw & papaw’s room & i seen papaw laying on the bed like usual so i asked him something & he answered then i looked away & looked back & he was gone, no where in the room so i went to the kitchen & told memaw that i was just talking to him & i asked where he went then she said that he’s been at work & that i was seeing things..& it sometimes felt like i was being watched & followed.. anyway i can’t remember everything that happened while i lived there. but before i lived there when i was really little liveing with my mom & dad i was laying between my mom & dad in bed in the dark & seen 3 big pairs of monster eyes looking at me from the closet.. they looked kinda cartoony so idk if i was seeing things or what. & Now for the liitle bit that happened here at the house i’m liveing at now!! so once i was in bed & i felt finger tips stoke the tips of my toes then tap on the bed 2 times (i always sleep with my feet either away from the edge of the bed or wrapped in a blanket) & once when i was home alone i was sitting on the liveing room couch & all of a suddon i heard something like nails scratch the side of my papaw’s recliner chair & it rocked a little & stopped, i was a little scared but it was during the day so i wasn’t that scared, more excited :3 so i looked but there was nothing there. & once i was brushing my teeth & thought i seen from the corner of my eye the bottom of a little girls dress, it was yellow & white checkered with a big red flower on it & dark hair hanging down. don’t know if that was real or if i was seeing things cuz ilooked & nothing was there plus my cousins were saying there was a ghost girl in the house but i think they were messing with me. sooo what would ya say? & i do also want an answer for the creepy demon thing in the rocking chair too, don’t. forget please!!
    thanx :3 & please reply

    • Hey Tails75,
      Sounds like a very active house and classical haunting to me. As from your story it sounds like what you are referring to is a residual haunting. This is when play over similar actions over and over and have little interaction with the people around.. That is what it sounds like..

      As you also say above that you lived there, do you live there still or?

      With the spirit you are calling a demon, I would not worry, if it was a demon it would of been much more active with you and dangerous. More likely a spirit.. If you still live there you may want to consider a house cleanse.

  132. I have lived in this house for 2 years with nothing strange other than items every now and again would disappear or turn up, most of which was not my families. Other times weird smells or feelings would linger in areas. But recently there have been footsteps, noises, voices, et cetera… Just not twenty minutes ago all the doors in my house, which were locked with this ring thing that goes through a little hole thing that latches, where unlocked and there was a running footstep noise that went through my house really fast. I heard the front door open and close only to be followed by my dads footsteps and opening the door as well. When I went out I saw him walking back, and something short and dark move very fast down the side walk. I am being told that I was roaming the streets and ran into the house and got caught.

  133. I experienced something evil and i did not know it. One saturday afternoon i finished cleaning house and decided to go get lunch. I was gone for 40 min and returned home. I opened the door a swarm of flies were on the kitchen windows I got a towel and used it to kill them. I was puzzeled how the flies got in cause there were alot of flies.the next day they appeared back but now on my parents bedroom window I killed them all again.It stoped. A week later both my parents died in a freak car accident.

  134. A lot of strange things have been happening in my grandparents house. One day my grandparents were in the other room and I was sitting on the floor and something out of no where just shoved me it wasn’t pain full it seemed play full. Yesterday a bunch of flying ants covered from top to bottom of the laundry room all our windows doors where shut the odd part they were repeatedly hitting themselves on the door over and over and it sounded like heavy rain. Another night I was helping with the dishes and we have on side of the sink where we wash and one where we put them to dry. My grandma went near the exit of our kitchen I was talking to her so I followed I turned around and the rack to the drying side was switched to the washing side it was filled with silverware but we heard nothing at all. My grandpa got out of the shower and came rushing to the living room he said something was calling my name over and over he said it was a female voice soft and sweet as he described it. I was in my piano room one day playing piano as usual but then I decided to sit on the couch across from the piano all of a sudden I heard my piano being played super soft on the higher keys and at night in my closet I have no doors so its just dark inside I always feel as if something is watching me in the corner of my closet. I’m not scared at all I’m just curious why this is happening? please reply.

    • Hey Violet,
      Sounds paranormal, however what i would do first is start writing down the incidents with time and day.. You may find a pattern, also note weather as sometimes certain weather can disturb paranormal energies. The pattern may help you work out exactly what it is, however it could also cause more questions. If it keeps continuing you may want to get the local ghost hunters in to check it out as well..

      As you said you are not scared doing a cleanse is not needed just yet..

  135. Hi Timon,
    This is a little one. My sister has a home in an old New England town that was originally built in the 1800s. We have asked around and nobody knows of anyone who died in the house. Of course, we know that it was common in this town to “wake” relatives in the home. So…don’t know if that’s related.
    Anyway, we always visited my sister a few times a year and these events have happened many times to many different people. When the kids (mine, my sister’s, other kids spending the night) were little, we would regularly hear footsteps in one of the bedrooms (always the same room) but when we would go up to check, all of the children would be sound asleep. We no longer hear those sounds now that the kids are all teens and older. But one odd thing has persisted. At least once a week when you answer the phone at my sister’s house, you can hear the person talking on the other hand but they can’t hear you and they hang up. The house phone is then dead and has to be unplugged for awhile before it will work again. Meanwhile, the person calling (I’ve been on both ends) has a different experience. The phone is answered with a very monotone, almost mechanical “hello”, then you start to talk and realize there is no response. After a year or so, we started trying to “talk” to who/whatever was on the other end and the same voice would then say “goodbye” and disconnect. We have now learned that whether you speak or not, eventually the voice will say “goodbye” and disconnect. Then you cannot reach the person until they realize what has happened and “reboot” the phone. This was always a little unnerving when one of the young teens was home alone and didn’t know what they should do because we had not shared the story so that they wouldn’t be afraid. Thank goodness for cell phones now so that at least we can still reach whomever is home. My sister has replaced the answering maching and every phone in the house thinking it was a mechanical problem. It has probably been ten years that it has been happening. Interestingly, my sister used to only live there for a few months out of the year and this happened quite regularly when she was there. Since she has moved there full-time it is happening much less often. When I visited last month for a month it never happened and my sister thought maybe the newest phone she bought was the trick, but I called her yesterday and it happened again. Nobody has ever felt cold, unwelcome, or frightened in the house. It is a small town so there is a good chance that if it is a spirit it knew one of our friends or relatives. Even though my dad is not superstitious, he was once worried about my daugther who was home alone and had the phone thing happen so he tried to “talk” to the ghost, but it didn’t stop. Once of his best friends grew up in the house but he doesn’t know about anything bad happening there. Any opinions?

    • Hey Deidre,
      Nice share, sounds like a ghost has found a way to communicate through your line, could it be that it was someone your or your family once knew. Saying “Goodbye” or “Hello”, it seems the ghost is trying to communicate. The aspect where you say whether or not you say anything the voice still says “Goodbye”.. It is possible and i really do not want to freak you out that the person who is talking actually died doing just that communicating or trying to communicate there last words. As an example a loop or energy. The person while they were alive tried to do one last act and that last act is replaying over and over again. Now possibly that was them saying it to a loved one as the last words and as ghosts are separate from the concept of time, they keep replaying the same last actions as the energy is still embodying the line..

      Very interesting indeed. This to me suggests most likely a residual haunting.” Like in a way the ghost does not notice you but is just replaying some action. Ways to detect this is to write down the times it happens, residual hauntings follow similar patterns over and over..


  136. Strange thing happened the other day. I was alone at home with my dog about 3:30pm. It was quiet. I was sitting in my chair with the dog next to me. Out of the blue I hear a female voice call out my dogs name. Not one to believe in this kind of thing I was trying to figure a logical explanation in my head when a second or 2 later my dog started barking and looking behind me where the voice came from. That’s when I starting thinking maybe something is there. I definitely heard my dogs name called in a female voice. I am still trying to come up with a logical excuse for this, but can’t. Shortly after this I got on my laptop. I was opened to Amazon and a keyless entry device for my Ford truck. We have recently lost a set and needed an new set, but were still looking for it. I figured my Wife had looked for it the previous night and left the sight open. I asked her later and she said that she had not been looking for it on Amazon or anywhere online. Not sure what is happening if anything but these events were odd. I feel like a friendly spirit is here trying to help. Anyway, I got online trying to see if others had, had things like this happen. Any comments?

    • Hey Steve,
      Yes, this is common in paranormal occurrences, often it takes many times before we can actually judge but after a certain amount of conclusions is when we have to question deeper. The dog voice is interesting, possibly someone that has passed that knew the dog possibly..? Or maybe like you say a friendly spirit guide at the moment.. What i would recommend doing is write down the experiences, it will help give clues to the activity.

  137. Hi,

    recently I have become a little worried.. I have just moved to a new home, I’ve been here 2 months and I hear the stairs creaking like someone is walking up them even though my partner, 2 year old daughter and step-son are all in bed… I also have a touch lamp in my living room that came on by itself right in front of me?! Last night my partner and I are in bed as are the children.. I woke up to my daughters toy piano playing a drumbeat.. So I woke my partner to go and check it out and he said that the piano was in the kitchen.. When we went to bed it was in the living room.. This piano is not exactly small either and you have to physically turn it on and press a button to get it to play the drumbeat??? I am also 8 months pregnant with my 2nd daughter. What do I do about this creepy situation?

    • Hey Coral,
      Sounds like paranormal, firstly what i recommend you do is start daily meditating, moving can sometimes be stressful and meditation will help balance you and give you some positive protection. Secondly i recommend being careful of drastic changes you make to the house, this will often stir up activity.. And lastly, after those two, i recommend seeking or doing a nice house cleanse to help push out any negativity energies that may be hanging around. Sometimes being pregnant makes you more susceptible due to hormones and spirits can sometimes notice that. It is important to remember we have more power than them and they were once us, except now in energy form. Try not to fear is what i mean.. Be positive and I am sure it will get better.


  138. For the third time in the last five months, I have heard my name called out very clearly by a woman. This only happens at work…I work the 11:30PM till 7:30AM. I am the only awake staff there. The voice sounds playful and is that of a woman. Last night though, she called out with more of an urgency in her tone. The voice is always down the same hallway. I have also experienced a music box going off randomly in one room down the same hall and I was the only one in the building. I never feel scared though…she sounds pleasant. On one of those occasions, I did have a coworker present and she clearly heard my name called. Another coworker who works the nights that I am not there who just happens to have my same name told me of hearing the same woman’s voice calling her as well…odd thing is, I had not told her of my experiences! I think it is kind of cool. I would like to research who may have died there.

  139. Hi. Always between 3-4 am the tc will go into a loud white static. The Tv has been on with a show or movie playing and its also been completely off when this has occured. It happens sometimes for days straight and other times its sporatic. Whats’ going on???

    • Hey Stephanie,
      Interesting case, sounds like a poltergeist spirit. What you should do is set up a camera to film the lounge room and TV room. See if you pick up anything.

      Also you can set up a digital recorder for the sounds as well.. If you pick up something on a video come back and share what happened.


      P.S. If it keeps happening and it is freaking you out, you consider doing a house cleanse as well.

  140. Hi, I heard something two nights ago that have really confused! I love paranormal stuff but I’m one who always find a logical explanation to noises and things I might have seen or what not…this is driving insane because I cannot find any logic to it.

    We just moved to this 100 year old house four months ago, to me it doesn’t feel haunted but I do hear different things here an there, what really has my wheels turning it was around 11:30 pm, my daughter is upstairs in bed, I’m in the back room of the house down stairs watching TV, my dog is laying on the floor, I turned my TV off to close things up for the night (my husband had left for work that night already) and clearly in the kitchen (kitchen opens to the TV/living room I was sitting in) my dog and I both heard like a radio, static deep voice or voices like having a conversation for about 3 seconds, the only way I can describe the voice is you know when they interview a man on tv but they disguise his voice mixed with radio static…we live in a big lot, we don’t have neighbors really close and our windows were closed…the noise came from inside the house, both my dog and I both looked and stared towards the kitchen at the same time, I thought maybe my kid is up and was going to come around the corner with her iPod, or that maybe the TV didn’t shut off and was turning back on, but none of the above (we can’t hear anything from upstairs or visa versa)…any logical explanation? I’m REALLY Confused!

    • Hey Mary,
      This sounds clearly like paranormal, the reason being is your description of the voice being like static. This can be common in hearing ghostly voices, can sound like a radio, but no radio.. It is a bizarre feeling when heard. You may want to set up a voice recorder for a few days and see if you catch it again, just set up near where you heard it before and leave on.

      – To debunk you may want to consider pipes in the house, do they connect next door, just to eliminate possibilities of anything normal.. You could also try setting up a EMF detector as well near where you heard the voices and see if it triggers sometimes. Emf is common in paranormal situations.

      Let me know how you go..?

  141. Hi, I recently moved into a new apartment, upstairs floor of an old house and things have been kind of weird but I’m not really sure what is going on. Right after we moved in I could just feel something in the place, but only at night and I thought it was just me being paranoid of a new place, then one night as I was walking down the hall to my room it felt like something was rushing up behind me and it was enough to make me run. My 4 year old has also been going on about a shadow of a person in her room but that is something she has always talked about. Just a few weeks ago I was woken up at 1 in the morning by a bell ringing, the only bell we have belonged to my grandmother before she passed away and I have had it for ten years and it has never made a sound. It is kept in a cabinet behind glass doors, the doors were shut, all the windows were shut and since then I have tried everything to make the bell ring without touching and I cant, the cabinet it is in is too heavy for even me to shake to make the bell ring. we have had problems with things like this since my daughter was born, the first apartment I had with her was a nightmare to live in with noises, sounds of people walking around, bed shaking while I was trying to sleep, I would see shadows of a person all the time. This is the fourth place we have lived in since she was born and it had been the same everywhere. I was able to sort of shrug it off until the bell thing happened, I just cant understand why now the bell would be affected. Is this something following us or do I just keep picking the wrong places to live in, and why all of a sudden is something drawing attention to itself with the bell?

    • Hey Sheryl,
      Thanks for the comment, clues are in your writing a little, it sounds like to me your kid is attracting poltergeist type spirits. As you said she mentions it as well. Poltergeist types spirits can actually move things around and even hurt people on occasions. However try not to worry, fear is the biggest fuel for these types of spirits, be strong minded and remember you have more power than the spirit.. Don’t give in to it or never try to make deals either that put yourself in a weaker position either. The best idea I reckon is to do a house cleanse.. As it is a poltergeist it usually means the spirit is attached to you and your kid more so than the house. You may not remember exactly where you picked it up but if you go through your history you might find clues.. Look at emotional times or, an angry partner, a tragedy that happened in the last few years.. Some how this spirit ( poltergeists ) attach to weaknesses..

      The good news is us a humans can change this by Meditating or cleansing.

      For more on a house cleanse click here.

      Bookmark this page and come back and comment on how it progresses.

  142. Im new to this but searching for suggestions, my daughter is 14,has been hearing humming at night, saw a creepy girl floating outside of bathroom window while in shower has heard footsteps..i have experienced noises as well..i have seen a man amd woman standing in doorframe, wierdly thru the reflection in my dogs eyes, where do i begin helping her, im not fearful and have my teens back nomatter what..greatly appreciate amy guidance

  143. About 8 years ago when i was 10 my friend spend the night at my house. We stayed up late talking and all of a sudden we heard like man boots and only 3 steps. We got so scared and went to sleep, 3 years after that my cousin lived with me, and i was so svared to sleep at night because of what i heard years before. That night i heard footsteps in the kitches again like they were walking around, it wasnt very clear untill it started walking towards my room, i woke my cousin up and she heard it too. They were getting closer and closer to my room and i was getting more scared each time. My parents dont believe me, i havent heard them again but there are still strange noises.. I cant even sleep in my own room, i feel that whatever is in here only wants me for some reason. Maybe cause i am weak? I get scared very easily.

    • Hey Mayra,
      The experience itself is most likely attracted to the fear as well.. Getting over the fear should help it settle down, if not you may want to consider doing a good house cleanse.

  144. A very unusual recent occurrence has prompted me to research paranormal activity….I’m not sure what I want or expect to hear and find out….maybe confirmation I’m not crazy and possibly an explanation…??
    Even though I have a very open mind, I’m still a little freaked out.
    I moved into this house about 3 years ago….almost immediately my dog developed anxiety for no apparent reason. I took him to vet, etc…no answers. He seemed to be hearing and/or seeing things that I didn’t….and he was often extremely scared. Sometimes he did not want to be in the house at all and would insist on staying outside. He also seemed very afraid of the kitchen for some reason. I thought maybe there was an appliance noise that bothered him. His behavior clearly changed and I could not figure out why. Then I started hearing unusual and unexplainable noises in the house….but always brush it off as it just house settling or whatever. Didn’t want to be paranoid! However, I often thought my dog
    (who is clearly a sensitive being) sensed something in the house….but I tried to not think about it too much. Sometimes the noises / disturbances are worse than others….but I have never figured out a pattern.
    A few months ago, I was in the kitchen and noticed a small light shining on the cupboard. Upon investigation, I realized that a flashlight that was sitting on top of fridge which had dead batteries and absolutely did Not work had spontaneously turned on by itself! Puzzled….I picked it up and pressed the button to turn it off. Then tried several times to get it to turn back on…no luck!! It remained dead! Never got it to work again. Last week…I was again in my kitchen when I saw a light shining on the wall. Again….it was from a (different) flashlight that was sitting on my kitchen table. And Again, it was most certainly dead and inoperative!! I had brought it in from the car to put new batteries in it. I picked it up and turned it off….and once again tried many times to get it to go back on. I shook it, took batteries out and put back and pressed the button a few dozen times….did NOT work! I put it back on the table. Pretty weird! Today a friend was at my house. She believes in paranormal things….so we were standing in kitchen and I told her about what happened with the 2 flashlights. She thought it was pretty bizarre….then much to both of our amazement….the flashlight, still lying on the table…turned on just as I was telling her the story. The timing was unbelievable and completely spooked both of us!! I felt like all my hair was standing on end! And all I could think was that there was a spirit there with us….trying to communicate!! The big question is….what do I do with all this?? 3 times and 2 different inoperative flashlights!! I’m a bit freaked out. I’ve read all the other posts…but don’t know what to make of this. I have been under a lot of stress lately and went thru a surgery for cancer recently….is someone watching over me? Is someone trying to tell me something…if so….how do I figure out what it is?? There is no doubt a spirit of some sort that is visiting me in this house….and my dog has known it for a while. Although, he was in the kitchen today during the flashlight experience…and he was as calm as can be. So I don’t believe there is any threat or negativity….but it’s just plain weird.
    Any insight or suggestions for me and my dog??

    • Hey Teri,
      Thanks for sharing, this is classical haunting experiences you are experiencing. The turning on of the flashlight being one that has happened to many over the years and in same situation flash light batteries are dead flat. In some cases I have heard the batteries not even in the flashlight at all. Your dog is a big heads up as well.

      Sorry to hear about your recent stresses. Hopefully you are feeling much better now health wise, yes stress can flare up paranormal as well.

      On a side note, you may want to try this, set up a camera to film the kitchen over 24 to 72 hours if possible and look for if the torch is timed to turn on. This could give clues. Also get an EMF meter or ghost kit. These will help detect abnormal emf readings which can on occasion effect electrical devices and could effect your dog.

      If abnormal EMF readings in the kitchen it could also indicate electrical problems or it could suggest that is where the ghost is active due to high EMF. High EMF fueling activity.

      These two, video and EMF could give bigger clues to the situation.. Eg. look at EMF spikes when the torch lights up randomly.


  145. I have had all kind of expriences with paranoramla entities, I heard footsteps one time, another time my door was slamming, entities knocking at my night table and radios trying to start. A few months ago an entitiy woke my up taking to my ear saying : “big mountains”.. Yesterday, my celular phone was turned on by itself and I noticed that because when my celular phone is turned on, this one makes a noise.

  146. We moved into a house and I took the 3rd floor attic as my room.
    Almost immediately I started feeling a heavy chest discomfort.
    At night I would get goose bumps and while sleeping felt a presence lay in the bed.
    One night, a black cloud like image came through the wall and was hovering over me.
    I grabbed a cross from under my pillow and it disappears.
    This happened several times, until I sprayed holy water all over the room and it seemed to stop.
    Any idea what it was and how it manifested in that room?

  147. Hi Timon,
    Hoping you can give me some advice. For the last 2 years or so, my daughter’s toys would just go off randomly. I used to not think much of it because it used to be just this one toy that I chalked up to believe was just sensitive to light/vibration, so I ended up putting it away so it wouldn’t wake her up (it always happened at night). This went on for a while and at this time, her playroom was the spare bedroom next to her room. Now, we have the playroom moved to the front room in our home as we have had another baby and her “old playroom” is now our sons room. Toys are still randomly going off, and now its more than the original one, there are about 5 different ones that will now. Its a completely different room and faces a new direction, so not thinking light is a factor anymore, it seems to me like her toys are the ones being haunted, not a specific room. I’m not sure what is going on, and its starting to freak me out a bit. We built this house almost 5 years ago, and right before the guys came to lay the concrete foundation down, we actually buried a bible in the ground to bless our house. It it probably under our master bedroom/bathroom area. My grandpa also passed away about 6 months ago, so at first I thought maybe it was him saying “hi”, but then realized this has been happening way before he was gone. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hey Natalie,
      Toys going off randomly is a common occurrence of poltergeist type haunting’s and should not pose to much of an issue unless it escalates to more things happening. Poltergeist type hauntings feed off fear or conflict in a house ( stress ) and can also feed off young teenagers as they go through puberty often around 12 to 15 years of age. Like i said though, try not to worry as it is probably just a short term thing and will pass as the energies move on. If it does escalate however you may want to check EMF readings of the house. This can be done with a simple EMF detector bought from a hardware store .

      Scanning areas can look for imbalances in the EMF field which is often linked to ghost or paranormal activity. Sometimes it can be a simple fix feeding the paranormal such as one bit of bad electrical wring so using a EMF detector can check for this and I recommend this as a thing to do. They are very cheap to buy as well. Usually around 15 dollars or less.

      After that if you find it does escalate more to more activity you can then consider a house cleanse. However first I would recommend starting with a EMF sweep especially around where the toys are.


  148. I move in new house. But I feel something diffrent here. Bucket fell down (means not in same position as i left it with and wind and animal in closed room). In Bath room drainage cover move up side on floor. One day i feel in night that some one moving his hand on my hair.

    Is it Paranormal Activity. Please suggest what to do now.

    Ramesh Singh

  149. I am greatful for this blog, now I know I am not the only one, but why did we get chosen. A soon as my husband leaves for work they start buzzing and crawling on me, freaks me out. I got up tonight to make rice crispies they left me alone for that time, but could still hear them. Then they started flying by and landing on me so I did the dishes. Tried to go to bed again 4am them came crawling instantly. I found a pray to get rid of Astrals, but still here. My husband thinks I am crazy. I know the second he comes in from work they will leave. 4 more hours and I am so tried. I have read they are evil, I am not. Thank you so much for any advice.

  150. Hi Timon,

    I’m really glad I found your site. We’ve been having some really weird occurrences happen in our new house which I now believe to be paranormal activity…

    -The TV in the living room turns on/off intermittently.
    -Both my husband and I have been awakened around 3am to the sounds of “someone” in the house, even though we have an alarm system and doors are locked — when we check, no one is there.
    -Our dog often stands at the door of our room growling with her fur up at night, as if there is someone outside the door. Again, no one is there.
    -A pair of scissors moves around and goes missing frequently.
    -My cousin was house sitting for us and at 3am heard footsteps very clearly. Our dog followed the footsteps down the hallway growing, then yelped as if hurt (she was fine). She also saw the silhouette of someone standing in the door to our guest room with a knife in their hand. She then heard the footsteps walk back down the hallway, followed by about an hour of snoring as if someone was sleeping on the living room couch. The a door closed and it was gone.
    – Last night, I got from work and there were about 200 black flies on the inside of our living room french doors. I opened the doors and they all flew out. We have screens and all windows were closed that day, so I’m not sure how they got in.

    It’s interesting to me that although a few of us have heard/felt something, that only my cousin who was sleeping in the old part of the house saw anything. I wonder if the haunting has to do with the original structure, which was remodeled extensively in 2008.

    The spirit does not feel friendly and scares me (I am not generally scared by spirit activity). Would love your thoughts. Thanks!!

  151. Hi Timon,
    I am indian. I hope You would like to reply my question. I have shifted in my new house with my parents two years ago since then i could never evet sleep peacefully. The very first night when we shifted in the house i chose my own room and went to sleep there. I was trying to sleep and i saw a snake shaped thing moving towards me. I screamed badly. Then mom and dad came into my room and they its just a superstition. I also thought that it could be a superstition. Then the next night i was sleeping in my room and suddenly i woke up and felt that i was not alone in my room. But I ignored that feeling and tried to sleep bt again i heared footsteps in my room. Then i switched on the light to check the room and found there was no one in my room. So now two years have passed since then i have experienced a lot of paranormal activities in my house. Sometimes i use to hear sounds of footsteps, sound of singing, laughing, weeping & screaming etc. Sometimes i have seen shadows, little balls like light. Is there really a paramormal presense in my house or its just a superstition?

  152. Tonight my sister and I got in the car to go out to dinner. As she started the car, we both heard a spiritual song…Christmas cannon by Siberian orchestra. I asked what her radio was playing and she was shocked. Her radio was off. It turns out my cellphone in the bottom of my purse was playing it. It played over and over until I turned the phone off. We both new instantly it was mom wishing she was here to go out to dinner with the girls… I don’t know where the song came from or how to play music on my phone!

  153. i have been living in my grandmothers houe since 1999 first few years didnt hear nothing , thn 2005 thats when things started get little weird heard footsteps , seen dark shadows , heard banging and doors slamming, lights flickering .My daughter said she hears voices sees dark shadows and sometimes seems like someone is watching her .My son says he seen a little boy and also heard things and sometimes his toys have been moved.My husband says he seen dark shadows and looks like someone always walking upstairs, or moves really fast. He heard something in attic like banging or heavy footsteps. I have seen shadows , seen actually person or fats moving affirmation i have heard banging on walls , foot steps heavy by attic and when i took bunch pictures i seen bubble like circles or white ones even feel like someone is watching me i get that cold eery feeling when i am alone at home and at night it s worst i feel like something in room with me i ahve even felt my legs being pulled or my hair touched not in mean way but just to scare me most activity happens around three or four at night and early morning around six am . one morning i was taken shower i seen something walk by really fast by my bathroom door most activity happens upstairs bathroom, two bedrooms upstairs , the back entrance and hallway .

  154. Hi Timon,

    I’m now regretting it, but a few weeks ago I did the ouija board a few times with my 12 year old daughter and her friend. I’m somewhat skeptical in general and thought it was probably just a harmless toy and if we happened to talk to a spirit, that would be kind of fun. We apparently contacted a spirit called EB who said he was a child, and asked my daughter to make him a blue and red bead bracelet, in remembrance of him. My daughter and her friend said they would, but never did make the bracelet.

    She and her friend found a blue and red bead, but got kind of freaked out, so they hid the two beads behind a photo in my bedroom. Well, yesterday, my daughter came in to my room really scared and asked me if I moved the blue bead to her bathroom. I didn’t, and checked with everyone else in the house, and no one had touched the bead. It’s sitting right in front of her sink on the counter. The red bead is on the floor. There is no logical explanation, so the only thing I can assume is that the spirit moved it. I’m wondering now, what should we do with the two beads? I don’t want to get the spirit any more upset, so I thought throwing it away might not be good. And I don’t know if they should make the bracelet.

    On another note, and I don’t know if this is related. I certainly hope not but last night I thought I saw a strange red and black, mostly transluscent figure floating outside the window for about two or three seconds, but I’m not certain if I was 100% awake or not, but I thought I was awake. And now, a neighbor just told me that she heard a dog barking so terribly last night that she was sure he was being viciously attacked. All of this really freaks me out! Any advice is appreciated.


  155. Hi, im having some strange activity in my home and im unsure as to what to classify it as. I had a stereo in my room which would turn on by itself several times during the night and randomly through the day… i had to turn it off at the powerpoint. My electric toothbrush was continually turning on and off by itself during the night till now it just doesn’t want to work at all, it was fairly new too. Smoke alarm in my house would go off as if someone was pressing the test button. My doorbell rings on its own several times a day and night and same things happens when i go to my parents house… only happens where i am. This had previously never happened at my parents house until i visit and only happens to them when i am there. Lastly the 2 front windows of my car went down on its own with no electricity going through the car and no one in the car to push the buttons, they both went down at the same time and stopped at the same level (half way)…

    I don’t know what to make of these occurrences, can you please give me some guidance?

    Thank you.

  156. Hello

    We have lived in our home for 3 years with no occurrence. Recently however I have seen white figure walking around my home. Also the hallway light is turning on and off, not flickering it can be off for minutes at a time then come back on.

    No bad feelings at all

    Any ideas why this would suddenly start to happen?


  157. Hi
    Ok. So to start the house I live in is old in its self but when me and my mom came to live here. (We moved in with her boyfriend and his son 3 years ago.) I started getting feelings of being watched now i’m 15 almost 16 right now and when this all started I was a little spooked cause my family has a history with ghost/spirts/and poltergists… I will share those after I get my problem out… so anyway when we moved here I was the only one to get experices and my mom said it was my imagination…(She always says that). For te first 3 months it was just stares and wispers of my name or deep husky growls from downstairs the growls at first I thought were te neighbors dog until I went downstairs to do my laundry and heard a growl right beside my ear… this in note i remebered the neighbor had taken his dog to te vet today and relized it was NOT the dog. For about 5 months all of that calmed some and I strted being followed by a little girl dressed in a white dress and black eyes… this little girl was everywhere…in the car,at school,and even at friends houses. I again told my mom but she brushed it off saying I was to old for imaginary friends…frustrated I went to one of my best friends see we are all in love with the show supernatral but she has everything from the show so she gave me some incents to burn she also gave me a flask of hoy water and an basishing prayer so I went home lit and incent and said the prayer while going around the house with the holy water spraying it in every corner and doorway…it work and the girl was gone. But for 1 year and 4 months the sounds came back but adding footsteps and thing being moved and my stove being turned on in the middle of the night but I gt used to all of that and kind of ignored it all… but then the spirt/ghost/or polergist…etc. it got physical from taps to slaps and scraches and even shoves.. but what scared me the most and this I couldn’t brush off was being pulled from my bed by my legs…HELP ME PLZ!!

  158. Hey there, well it all started at my old house, i used to keep the radio on for my son on a country station very low and turn it off during the day.. Well i was doing dishes one day and well it turned on very loud and was playing Knocking on heavens door.. Now to me thats no country song, so i called my brother over right away he showed up secounds after it happend and went to my sons room and turned it on it was then back off and turned down really low again playing country… I had a shelf fly down my stairs without even hitting anything but the down stairs wall.. I was doing dishes and i heard my son cry and there was my 52inch tv on top of him half way across the room from where it was he was laying tummy down and it was over his back… I felt someone watching every move i could feel its presents id get very cold while my heat was cranked and i was cooking id get chills outta no where.. My son would stare off into space to the corner of our living room ceiling.. He would be talking to someone in his room.. My atitude was different when i was there and when i left it was better i was happy.. I moved from there now and im in a new place but weird things are happening again my dog is barking at nothing my cats are being weird and my son is talking about some Boy named Billy! I was doing work from home one day a couple weeks ago and well my son blurred out No I don’t wanna be bad :s I asked who he was talking to and he didn’t say anything…. I myself have been spacing out again which is weird and do things i dont remember… I got some sage did that but i was still feeling abit un easy so i did night cam from the computer… It was okay until about 3am… Heard some foot steps cam kept freezing up abit and then about 4 hours and 8 secounds it cut out and read me this Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. and mind you just before cutting out i heard movement bigger then my puppy or cats like human size and then mumbling! I dont know what else to do i sure the heck ain’t doing night came again!! should i ignore it or what please help! I want this thing whatever it is gone and to leave my family alone!

  159. Hi, the strangest thing happened to me today. I drove past the apartment where I was born and raised for 23 years with my mother and my kids, and I asked my kids if they wanted to see the place where I grew up so I stopped just in front of the building entrance. Suddenly my car sensor started working non stop but there was nothing around, I moved and it kept on working, I decided to leave and it kept on making noise. I stopped two blocks away and restarted the engine and it kept on going. Everytime I hit the brakes it went crazy, it kept on like that until I arrived at my mothers house and there it just stopped. My kids told me it was the apartment calling on me to turn back. My father died 14 years ago but he didn’t died there. It was really strange and I can’t find a logic explanation. My mum of course was just as shocked as me, she phoned me as soon as I got home to ask me if the sensor continued on functioning. What could it be??

  160. I have woke up between 3am-4am about 10 times in the last year,and each time I hear a radio/tv playing a kids show theme songs (can’t. place it or know it). It is clear but when I wake my wife, she doesn’t hear anything. Also been though three TV’S in last last for no reason. Any advice?

    • Hey Matt,
      Paranormal activity can effect electrical’s however worth getting the electrics checked just in case. It is also common for them to stir at certain times, this is what i refer to as a residual haunting where the energies repeat sort of on autopilot. If you can I recommend letting in as much sunlight during the day as possible and this can help settle it down hopefully. A good house cleanse is an option as well.


  161. Hi! My name is Olivia. My best friend and i just moved in to a house in California near the ocean. It seems like a very peaceful place and it is, however my friend wakes up at 3am having a strange feeling and says I move a lot and I stare at her moving my head. (It’s difficult to explain). She then wakes me up. I am very sensitive to energies. We hear an alarm go off and I close the door to our room because I feel a presence outside near the kitchen. As soon as I close the door we hear tapping or cracking on it every once in a while as well as a door slam and some noises. It’s happened more then once. At 4.00 we feel safe again. I know it sounds unreal but I want to know if you could help us out please. Will sage help?? We have some neighbors upstairs and we woke one of them up the other day. They too wake up at 3am but this time one of them asked us to be quiet and when I told her I felt a presence she said, ” h shivaya. When seeing yourself surrounded by white and soft pink light. ” I sometimes feel there is witchery here or something strange. It’s now 4.33 so I’m not sure if I explained this properly. Please let me know something. Thank you

    • Hey Olivia,
      It does seem like there is a pattern to it around that time, what I would recommend is opening up as much light into the place during the day ( sunlight I mean ) and seeing if that helps, yeah sage can help with a energy cleanse, not sure why but it helps clear the mind and lingering energies. Be aware though that it can stir up the energy initially.


  162. Hey my name is jordan, I’ve been living in a house with my sister for about a year now, and last night I was woken up at around 5:00am by noises, it sounded like a little boy and it sounded like a word being repeated, it ended with “ie” I thought about it and thought in heard “die” or “tie”, but later realised it was differnately not that, and then the next day I had I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden the wine glasses started vibrating and making a tune, after slowly putting the tips of my fingers on 1 f them it stopped instantly, also (this one is probly just the lightbulbs) but every so often, all power turns off and after turning the power back on, a lightbulb has fell, just the glass part, not the metal part you attach the bulb with. Any thoughts?

  163. I woke up and then it all started..One night i woke up then i heard my door creak open like 3am or something but then i heard my desk scratchuing then my lil bro snored and it stopped and kept going til i fell asleep.The next night WAS THE MOST SCARIEST IF ALL..Me and my lil bro were asleep when i woke up at 3am again so i was WIDE AWAKE when the onkly thing lit was our jesus candle i heard the door creak open then footsteps..I could hear it pick up on the kitchen floor.. then the chairs were going in so quiet and so slow so nobody hears…U could HEAR THEM just walking quiet so nobody wakes up..Then i heard these CLICKING NOISES IDK HOW BUT THEY were loud like comunicating or something.. one by one there must jhave been like three.. my dog didn’t do ANYTHING im pretty sure he was awqake cause before he used to bark alot at night but now i guess he’s used to it..THEN i heard one like the leader RUN INTO THE LIVING ROOM WHERE WE WERE IN and the loudest CLICK by us… so close… the covers got tugged next to me.. going down SLOWLY and then my lil bro tugged back he was asleep and it tugged back HARD and then put it back over us again..were gonna get a dobie soon so it might kill it XD ha..Still its going on more my bigger brother woke up and heard knocking on the wall..LOUD..he heard something walk into our room and so then it said u guys still awake..the hallway light wasn’t on my dad never expierienced anything ghosts or nothin…i had experience with ghosts then it stopped for a month and came back for this story..really for me i think its aliens belive me or not..SO my ghost i have alot i woke up one night and waited a couple of minutes then heard somebody say..I CAN HEAR HER..i got so scared..I woke up again by a ghost just HOT in my ear it burned so i woke up mad..LIKE WTF XD..Anyways another time i went upstairs to get my sewing box btw im 11 😉 so i touched it and then a boy appeared next to me a little far i turned and thought it was my lil bro when it was so close right IN FRONT OF MY FACE I SCREAMED AND RAN DOWNSTAIRS..i could go on forever cause its still happens i gtg plz tell me what it is..P.S. i see the black ghosts and one tall black one tall white..white is more into tall stalks u its like the leader..plz tell me!! ty!

  164. Hi my family and I (5 and 2 you boys and hubby) have been living in our home for over 5 years. Last night around 12:30 am a play train started playing music in their playroom. This morning around 6:30 am, my 5 yr old and i heard knocking from the same room. I opened the door and the knocking continued. I investigated the backyard, hoping to find a logical explanation for the knocking. Nothing.
    I’m creeped out. ANY ideas? Should i just ignore the incidents? We can’t afford to move out right now.

  165. I do my best to cultivate calm vibes. I am usually very serene as a person. I have total faith in a happy afterlife for many as a result of reading scientific aspects of proff of NDEs over the years.

    But I am staggered and confused by the overwhelming evidence that the house I currently reside in with my boyfriend is FUBAR’d and poisoned by negative vibes.

    Over the last 3 years, our 3 health, beautiful kitties have gotten sick inexplicably and died. We use purified water and natural cleaning products. The cats were fed the best food possible.

    We still have 3 other cats. The cats who died were much more sensitive and gentle than 3 cats we have now.
    The cats who died often seemed spooked, staring at corners of the walls and ceilings. Seeing something we couldn’t see and running off suddenly.
    We both chalked it up to bugs that were too small for the naked human eye. Some reasonable explanation.
    But with the 3rd cat’s untimely death. (she was only 5 years old) I am starting to piece together strange occurences here.
    It’s quite a statistical anomaly for healthy, hardy cats to just all died suddenly. Each time there was no ryhme nor reason to their illnesses and deaths.
    The cats are also all indoor cats. So whatever is going on here, they felt the brunt of the most.

    Noted odd happenings:
    Electric has been checked and should be working fine, but lights are constantly blowing out.
    A ceiling fan turns on by itself.
    A well maintained projector is constantly having bleeds of color from burning out and overheating.
    I will hear footsteps when I working late at night down in the kitchen.
    I used to chalk it up to the house settling, but figured out the sounds are footsteps.
    Have a stellar memory and am sort of uptight about making things are where they should be and objects are constantly vanishing and reappearing. Just small things. Keys, medicine, little things.
    A large drop of water fell on my knee a month ago.
    Ceiling above was bone dry. No humidity.
    One thing that was truly unsettling when I moved in here 3 years ago was seeing the clear image a of a man in hat and suit walking up the path. But as I looked closer out the window, his b ottom half was transparent.
    He then vanished when I blinked.
    I have tried to explain this away (perhaps he quickly walked behind the hedge and my brain didnt process things, perhaps I wasn’t getting a clear view of him because it was very sunny out) But still the image weirds me out.
    The hedge is 5 feet tall , so I dont understand how he could walk behind it and only his bottom half wouldnt be visible.
    This house isn’t very old, built in 1950s. I have tried to find out the history, but nothing really stands out.
    The land that this house is built on seems to be either very rocky (tons of quartz) or has many depressions where water seems to be running underneath.
    We’re about 250-300 feet above a watershed. The history of the river is that Indians lived there, along the banks, for thousands of years.
    Over the last 200 years, the Indians were driven out and the whole river choked into nothing more than a muddy , dank stream.
    IDK, but it’s interesting that this was once a lovely , lush nature area revered by Natives and was turned into a raped piece of land.
    Whatever is the reason for this overwheleming bad energy, I can’t wait to move out of here.
    I am planing to work extra hard and long at my job, help relocate the strays and then move somewhere with great vibes with my boyfriend and our remaining kitties.
    I don’t believe in cleansing and staying where things have been so negative.

  166. My house has had activity since we moved here in December of 1999, BUT here recently, my husband started gutting our kitchen to give me a remodel – AND ALL HELL has broke lose! I only THOUGHT it was bad before that. THIS IS CRAZY NOW! And so my husband gets frustrated with ALL THE BS happening, and he don’t come home now UNLESS HE HAS TO, he just left the darn walls open, they’ve been that way for 3 weeks now, and IF he’s home, he’s either outside, OR LAYING DOWN! EVERYTHING you described in your “six ways to detect…” has happened to me and everyone in this house. My husband is usually in denial, TIL HE SEES SOMETHING, like one night his recliner lifted up off the floor approximately 3-4 feet, THEN SLAMMED DOWN sideways. We had BEEN arguing at the time – when that happened the argument STOPPED. My husband has gone through FOUR sets of keys, 6 cell phones, 3 wallets AND HAVING TO reapply for his drivers license, credit cards, SS card, etc… EVERYTHING of his keeps just disappearing AND NEVER being found (everything that has disappeared, did so from INSIDE this house). My THINGS is a different story – MY STUFF keeps getting damaged, vandalized, RUINED. I had a family heirloom Bible that has gone through several generations on my mothers side – I keep it out in the open in a place where it can ONLY be LOOKED at, not touched. One morning I woke up, and there a HUGE X carved in the front leather cover of it. Since THAT happened, NOW the books of the Bible are being ripped out and never seen again. ALL of my plants are dying, AND I HAVE A GREEN THUMB. The initials J.T. OR J.J. are appearing EVERYWHERE, as in either scratched into surfaces, walls, floors, BASICALLY anywhere that CAN be scratched, IS. Even on my plants, as they’re dying, it looks like someone is taking a marker and writing the initials J.T. OR J.J. on them. My kids are TERRIFIED, they NEVER go ANYWHERE in this house alone, they always want me or their dad with them. I HATE THIS HOUSE! AND whenever I’m in a hurry, which is most the time – MY BRAND NEW car just won’t crank, so I’ll call my husband to come DO SOMETHING so I can get to where I need to go, and when he gets home to look at it, IT CRANKS RIGHT UP! I swear when that happens, I can hear something LAUGHING! And of course my husband gets mad and tries to tell me NOTHING was wrong with it, I just don’t know how to crank it! WHO CAN’T CRANK A CAR? EVEN MY 8 YEAR OLD KNOWS HOW TO DO THAT! I didn’t know there WAS a certain way you had to do it! It started doing that, not even a month after we purchased it. I’ve had people come here, and at least THREE of them said that I had a “portal” in my house! There was one area they would go to, NONE OF THEM could keep their equipment charged, they kept changing out batteries, and then the last one that happened to REFUSED to go back in that area, he said it felt like something was trying to suffocate or trap him. And with ALL the people I’ve requested help from, NONE of them seem to be able to help with this. It’s getting serious now, as in IT’S WEARING ON MY NERVES AND MENTAL STATE OF MIND! People won’t even come over here anymore BECAUSE everytime we’ve had a party or company, when they leave, SOMETHING BAD happens – TO ALL OF EM. Then they blame MY HOUSE! It happens EVERYTIME! So we stopped inviting people over, and if someone just drops by, we go outside and visit, not that THAT does any good, cause it’s been proven IT DON’T! When we bought it, it had been vacant and abandoned for seven years – our neighbors told us teens would party in it, transients would stay here, runaways, etc…
    When my now 14 year old was 2, one of our kitchen cabinets fell on top of him – and there was NO WAY he could have pulled it onto himself as the cabinet weighed 75 pounds – it broke his femar bone COMPLETELY IN HALF, and when they performed THE FIRST surgery, it didn’t heal correctly so THREE weeks after his first surgery, he had to BACK in and have it REBROKE and set again. THAT was exactly on Thanksgiving EVE, 2001. It ended up healing properly and he’s now a BB player for his Junior High BB team, BUT HE STILL WON’T GO ANYWHERE in the house alone, AND HE’S A BIG BOY now, He stands about 6’1, wears a size 14 shoe – HE’S A BIG BOY!
    One morning around 4 am I woke up to my leg feeling like it was literally on fire. There was a hoof type burned looking place that was completely STILL burning through my skin – I COULD FEEL IT! I woke up my husband in a panic, he looked at it, took me to the hospital. Now, I had been SOUND ASLEEP when that happened. So anyway, the doctor SAID, “it looks like a chemical burn HOWEVER there is no trace of ANY kind of chemical whatsoever”. He ended up just treating it as a 3rd degree burn (which he called it). But he did say, he had “no explanation as to what would cause that” because there was no trace of ANYTHING except that I’d been burned. He said just looking at, if he HAD to guess, it looked like someone took a branding iron in the shape of a hoof and stuck it with force to my leg – BTW, that burn is on my upper inside leg, right below my thigh. THAT happened a few years ago, I still have the scar to prove it. BUT NOW, I wake up with HUGE circle like bruises running up and down the back, inside part of my thighs! I don’t even usually notice them because I can’t see them, it’s my husband who will say, “WTH HAPPENED TO YOUR LEGS?” It looks like bruises but I feel no pain from them. It’s also gotten to where I can’t sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time – and THAT GOES ON all throughout the day AND NIGHT! I try to go to bed around midnight now, but if I do, I’ll be up by 3am, then I’ll stay up til around 4 or 5, and TRY to get in at least an hours sleep before I have to get up and get everyone off to school and work, THEN I lay BACK down around 10am, sleep til around 1, get up again, get the house ready for everybody to come home, AND IT’S A CIRCLE – THAT is my life. I use to HAVE a life, now I just exist. This house has SUCKED EVERY BIT OF ENERGY from my body, mind, AND SPIRIT. I feel like a CHUMP for even still BEING IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN HOUSE, but I have to honestly say, WE ARE STUCK HERE! There are NO other options for us RIGHT NOW. I could write a book on my life in this house, and all the things that’s happened since we moved here, BUT THEN AGAIN, alot of people who HAVE NOT seen or experienced what we have in this house, would only assume we’re just crazy, and sometimes I have to wonder myself.

  167. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could give me your input on some strange happenings going on at my husband and father-in-law’s law office. It’s a two-story restored historical building, around 1890. I am normally very skeptical about the paranormal, but the things I have experienced, along w/ my co-workers & husband, just can’t be explained. On numerous occasions, I have heard footsteps and doors opening and closing on the unoccupied 2nd story. I searched every room upstairs, even the attic, to find no one there, just to prove I wasn’t going insane. lol. Large framed photos have spontaneously fallen off the wall and once, the kitchen light came on the the exact same time a photo fell off the wall in the lobby area, which is right next to the kitchen. The door was open to the kitchen, which is why me and 3 other people were able to see the light come on in there. Very creepy! The door to the microwave has randomly popped open too. It’s the kind with a handle, so to open it, you actually have to pull the handle (not the kind with the button you press to open). I would go to the kitchen and close it, only to hear it pop back open up 10 minutes later. This happened about 4 times, when I was alone in the office while everyone else was on their lunchbreak. The timestamp machine has fallen off the floor on many occasions too. It is very heavy and not something that could just fall off without some sort of force. Needless to say, no one really likes being alone there, especially at night. I’m wondering if you could offer any insight as to what could cause this and how to make it go away.

    One more thing I wanted to add, which is separate from the occurrences in the office building….when I was about 6 years old, I once saw a shadow of a little girl on the wood floor, right next to my bed. She was showing her profile and slowly turning her head from side to side. I screamed and called for my mom and it disappeared seconds before my mom came to check on me. I know for a fact that this wasn’t sleep paralysis, because it happened right after I had been tucked in for bed. I was wide awake at the time. It is something that has stuck with me for years and at 34 years old, I can still recall it in vivid detail. Another strange thing happened in my old bedroom when I was about 5 or 6 and was lying in bed. This is really random and it sounds silly, so please bear with me…lol. On the ceiling, there was a clear picture of my favorite show as a kid, Sesame Street. It was near the light fixture and it almost like a projector image, pie shaped and in each 1/4, there was a different moving image of things from the show. I know, very weird! My mom was in bed with me at the time and I kept trying to wake her up to tell her what I was seeing, but I couldn’t get her to wake up. I remember watching it with pure pleasure and absolutely no fear. It was another moment when I was wide awake and can remember in full detail. Sometimes I wonder if was hallucinating this one though, because it’s just so….bizzare. I actually feel kind of ridiculous even writing about it. lol. So, what on earth could these things be? I would love to hear your insight. Thank you and have a good one!


  168. Hi
    I am from the UK.
    Recently my friend has seen a shadow in her flat on occasions.
    Although she hasn’t seen it recently her cat is behaving strangely twitching of tail and hiding away.There is another cat in the household totally fine.
    There is no other unusual activity in the flat.
    Is there any way of detecting paranormal activity has anyone else had similar experiences.

  169. Hi There
    In the last month some odd/weird things have been happening in my apartment. It’s only when I’m home alone. My husband works out of province. It started with my alarm clock/radio. The time would advance one hour and that occurs quite regularly. Then a few nights later the radio of the alarm clock blasted and scared me. I have never used the radio on my clock and don’t even know how to turn it on. Another note, my husbands clock keeps the correct time. Then a few days later I was in the kitchen preparing coffee and I could hear tick tick ticking. I looked down and saw the light on the dishwasher on the drying cycle. There was no need for the dishwasher to be on because there weren’t any dirty or clean dishes in it. So I’m starting to feel alittle spooked. Then a day later the volume symbol bar showed up on the TV and it was like someone was slowing pressing the buttom to gradually 0 volume. I was stunned. So I increased the volume to the level I like and it would decrease the volume back to 0. So for about an hour I was struggling with whatever over the volume control. Then a few days later I was watching my favourite TV channel and before my eyes the channel switched to my second favourite TV channel. And this is why I wanted to consult you because I found one kibble of cat food up in the second shelf cupboard amongst all my plastic containers. I was baffled. How did a piece of cat food get there?? Also sometimes I think its my cat walking around on the bed and I open my eyes to see her right next to me, curled up in a ball. I have read alot of others situations and am taking your advice of writing the incidents down. Any other suggestions please. Thanks for your time.

  170. Hi again. I forgot to mention that a whole lot of time when trying to make a phone call on my cell phone I get the loudest static screeching. My contacts are all in my phone its not like I miss dialed and got a fax machine. Thanks

  171. Hi , it’s Andrea again. I was still reading others situations and thought I should mention that I’ve undergone a lot of stress and an upcoming surgery. So could there be a guardian angel looking out for me??

  172. I have had a very stressful couple of months and in the past there have been lots of strange happenings, bad smells, dark shadows, things moving etc. But lately it seems like it has got worse. Some-one nearby tried to stab me, then indoors in exactly the same place I fell on two separate occasions and each time broke a bone (within a week of each other) We tried to do a protection ‘spell’ – for want of a better word. and as we had to do it by the new moon whenever I went to read mine the torch went out and only came on when I stopped. Then when we tried to ‘cleanse’ the house we had people at the door, the phone kept ringing etc. just like something was trying to stop me from doing it. Any advice / help please.

  173. Hi, every night for the past two weeks at 2:59am my cellphone dies (doesn’t matter if its fully charged or even still on the charger), my computer shuts down, and the pendulum in the old grandfather clock we have goes crazy. This is usually followed by me getting a horrible chill. This all stops exactly two minutes later at 3:01am like nothing ever happened. Tonight this was followed by a horrible pain on my shoulder like something had just bit me but there was is no mark to prove it. Is this something I should be worried about or should I just wait it out. I have lived here for almost five years and this is the first time anything like this has happened.

  174. Hi, I have been having some strange things happening that I don’t understand.I have been seeing dark shadows out of the corner of my eye,I get wakened at night by what feels like an ice cold hand touching me,it causes me to scream out.One night when this happened I saw a solid dark mass right in front of my face.I have seen an apparition of an old man outside of my kitchen window,like he was coming up to the back door.Can things follow you from one place to another? I am not afraid of paranormal,I have been dealing with it since I was a child,but this one is bothering me,I cant let any skin exposed when I am in bed.This has made me uneasy about going to sleep.

  175. In 2005 we moved into my father in laws house after he passed away. Immediately things started happening. The laundry room light would turn off, I would turn it back on & seconds later it would go off again. My husband searched for electrical problems, found none, I took it upon myself to blame my deceased father in law. I told him one day to STOP IT & it hasn’t happened since. That winter, we had a dog, Dakota, I had let him out & proceeded to cook dinner. Awhile later I turned around & the dog was inside. No one had let him in, yet there he was. My husband was looking for his car keys one afternoon, we always hung them by the front door. They weren’t there. We searched everywhere, even tore the couch apart thinking he lost them in the cushions. He got the spare key & it was 2 weeks later that I found them sitting right on the cushion of the couch. The following winter my dog Asa had puppies. As they got bigger we built a puppy room in my very large kitchen. We had a lock on the door of it. I got up one morning & the puppies were all out, running loose. No one had opened that door through the night & I specifically remember locking it behind me after their last feeding. My grand daughter started talking about someone named Geoffrey that told her he didn’t care if she was here but he didn’t want me & grandpa here. She was only 5, it scared her. One night while laying in our bedroom watching T.V. I heard a creaking sound, I raised up to see what it was & the hall door was opening slowly, a few seconds later it closed just as slowly as it had opened. Now, just last night I couldn’t find my phone. I looked everywhere, it was no where. I cleaned my house today & was on the computer for about an hour. I laid my glasses down beside the computer & when I looked for them a while later, they weren’t there. I found them on the dog kennel but I never lay them anywhere except by the computer because that’s the only time I use them. Then, just a few minutes ago, I sat down at the computer again & low & behold there was my phone, right at the left of me in plain sight. These type of things don’t scare me but what does upset me is my grand daughter has seen spirits since she was very small & they sometimes scare her. Is there anything I can do to find out if this is my father in law or the man named Geoffrey that told her he didn’t want us here?

  176. I moved into my grandparents house when my grandmother passed away back in 2007. My grandparents were the first people to own my house. No one has passed away in my house besides pets. But I’ve experienced a few things that don’t make sense. I would go to the basement to do some laundry and I would hear someone walking back and forth upstairs, but I’d be the only one home. I also have had the hinges come off my bedroom door. Sometimes while I’m watching netflix it will just randomly pause or fast forward what I’m watching, and my controller will be off. But I’ve also heard someone whisper in my ear twice. One of the times I was blow drying my hair and the other time I was just sitting in my room. I’m not afraid of my house by any means but I don’t understand why these things happen.

    • I have had similar experiences… I also have moved in with my Grandparents and my uncle with my mom. In the basement my mom was watching netflix and she felt like someone was watching her. When she looked up, standing by the door was a wavy figure. When she told it to leave her alone, it was still standing there but then heard a crash upstairs. I sleep upstairs but i never heard it. One time mmy mom was alone everyone was sleeping she turned on the t.v and put the remote down, and plugged her phone charger in and turned around and the t.v was off, and the remote was gone then shortly after, the clock fell of the wall. And this all happened after my Great Grandpa Died. My neighbor also says that my friend who lives next door on the other side of my duplex, sees a little girl in her closet every night so she doesn’t sleep in there. I haven’t had any experiences myself, except for the feeling that somebody is watching me. A couple minutes ago i was falling asleep and there were two noises beside my bed. I sleep in my Great Grandpa’s bed that is across the room from my Great Grandma’s bed. My grandma heard my Grandpa saying her name one night too. I am 11 years old, and I don’t recall having any paranormal experiences other than the two noises beside my bed. ( If that even was one. )

  177. Dear Timon, let me give u a glimpse about my family background tragedy.I’am 36 year old and I lost both two of my older brothers in a tragic accident (different years apart).I too lost my dad from cancer when he was 65 years old and bizarre but my brother in_law was tortured and shot to death.During the funeral on one of my brother my neighbor,a very nice man,was shot by someone accidentally and he died on the way to the hospital.

    Now,here’s my story.Four years back i met a very handsome,intelligent,honest,loving and caring man who loved me to bits and we ended up getting married.Our relationship is like a fairytale..lots of love around us overtime.Finally we started a family together and now we have a 2 year old baby girl and am pregnant 17 weeks!My husband was elated when he came to know that i was pregnant again…swear,i have never in my life seen someone so happy in his /her life.Of course he loved me and my daughter unconditionally too but it was such a blessing to see my man so happy…i could see the whole universe happiness on his was magical!After i met my husband i never had had any sadness or weakness in my life..everyday was a special fulfilled day!

    You must be wondering whats with my story!?Well,let me begin…My ever loving husband committed suicide just a month back and i’ am certain that some evil forces caused this.4 months back i heard a devilish chocking and hard breathing sound coming right outside my bedroom window.I checked on my husband and my baby but they both were sleeping like angels.I could still hear it and i got all frizzed up but finally it stopped.It happened around 3:30 AM and after that i could’t sleep.Now what bothers me is how could i hear the same enactment sound of how my husband is gonna die(he hanged ) way before the act!Before this,once when i was sleeping in our guest room so tired suddenly my bed started shaking vigorously.I wanted it to stop but i could‘t get up to stop it.I wasn‘t so afraid though cos i was tired to get up.Once my husband asked me what happened to my back and if i got hurt somewhere but when i looked in the mirror i could see a bright fresh sore bruise on my back just behind my shoulder.I wondered cos i don‘t remember getting hurt or bumping into something.Once i heard knocks on my door and that evening my grandpa passed away but i heard that same knock soon after again but i just thought it was my imagination and now my husband is gone!

    I also had some vivid dreams about me being in the middle of nowhere standing and facing towards the deep woods calling out my husbands name but no answer and am feeling so sad and was so real.BUt look now everything is so real and am hurt so deeply and grieving.My question here is ,why there‘s no man in our family.Am i cursed or theres something in me thats causing all this bad things to happen?Was my husband possessed?It must be me cos everywhere i reside this bad omen falls on everyone though i don‘t ever wish this on anyone and i do pray sometimes.I always wish good and happiness for everyone cos i wanted them to experience what i have ,a true love but now everything broken.Can u please find an answer for me here.Who am i and what am i or is there some evil attached to me or some curse?please don’t ignore and reply.I desperately need some answers.Thank you.Api

    • Hey Boni,
      Thanks for sharing you’re story, sorry to hear what happened to you and the tragedy of what happened with your husband.
      From your story you come across as very sensitive ( psychic ) to premonitions and to energies around you. Those that are sensitive tend to notice things that others do not..
      With your dream, to me it sounds like it is representing you feeling lost inside ( looking into the forest ) emotional and of course missing your husband.
      What I would recommend you do is spend as much time as possible with family and friends and try to find your old self again, also I would recommend starting meditation as well as it will help with the healing and grieving, of course baby steps there with that one. Meditation will also help with any lingering negative energy that is there and maybe lingering around.

      I hope that helps give you some direction.

    • Well it seems like there was some sort of negativity that you didn’t realize there was one cause you were so happy that you didn’t realize or notice that there was something negative. Sometimes a person can be very depressed but never shows it. And believe in your heart that it wasn’t your fault that he passed away. But he must have had demons in the past that haunted him and he didn’t realize it and you didn’t realize it because you were both happy and he was trying to shrug off his pain off depression to make you happy and he knew that if you were smiling then he was smiling and it made him happy because he knew you had a good personality. But the negativity that was there from his past grew stronger and finally took his life which made him more depressed and he took his own life.. It was a negative source that took his life. It was never your fault.. And I know you are probably still looking for answers and this is the best answer I can actually give you.. I hope this answer really helps you ma’am

    • I honestly can say from what you have stated in your story that what you experienced was not a ghost it was something demonic, mayb get a priest

  178. Strange things have been happening in our house like the dog bowl moving me being hit by a for the TVs turning off and also the house alarm going off in the early hours even though it’s never ever been set, yet the dog acts normal so I don’t know if we have a spirit or not! I thought the dog would sense it?????

  179. Recently, after my friend broke up this this woman who clearly had a sorted past and claims to be a psychic and medium( not sure she really is one at all) walked through his house claiming odd activity.
    I have been to the house myself, and never liked being there but I can honestly say, some odd activity was happening like creekings in the floor and flickering lights but I sensed a presence and when he was around, it became very cold. I say he because it was a younger boy. Not sad but not happy either. He seemed lost. Now tht this so called medium had spent time in the house, more events have been happening. My friend Stephen(the man that owns the house) and I have an attachement and although we break from time to time, we always find our way back together. Well, needles to say, we found each other again and recently, the house is showing signs of more paranormal activity. Stephen thinks the so called “medium/ Psychic” brought bad vibes into his house. The spirit child that I have always sensed when I am there, does not feel there anymore( and I spent the night two nights ago) and did not hear the floor above us cracking like stepping foot steps nor did I feel the cool breeze or sense the presence of the little boy.
    Since leaving, Stephen has called me saying weird this like “there is country songs coming from near my fridge” and although you cannot make out all the words, at times you do hear some tunes and one or two words.
    He has also heard groups of people chatting, and muffled voices. I dated Stephen for almost 3 years and although I have very good instrict and feel very much like a port hole for spirits, I only ever felt the darkness of the house and the spirit of that little boy. For that reason, I never enjoyed his house and although I am upbeat and positive, I didn’t mind that little boy spirit living there that is now gone, but he seems to have been replaced with more aggressive voices and odd activity. Stephen called me tonight and said “Tara, listen to this, no radio on but country music.” I like to listen to country and often plug in his radio in the kitchen, to listen as I cook. He swears the radio is unplugged but it is a country station that he hears and that he recorded for me to hear. I do hear (through my phone) some muffled voice singing a country song but I cannot make it out. Stephen usually blows paranormal stuff off, so I believe this is frightening to him because he is calling me and asking me to listen. He has also said,” I think that other woman has brought bad spirits to my house, and more of them. He usually never even aknowledges it with me so, it must have him spoked. Do you have any thought on this?
    Thank you Tara -11/18/2014

  180. Hi I am an 30 year old young lady,I have been living with 2 friends of mine and weird things have been happening for instance,my stereo will turn off on its own,we have heard footsteps in the hallway and it stops right outside bedroom door,leave the house to return to open dresser drawers and things knocked off the dresser as well …I have to also mention I have had numerous paranormal situations all through my child hood starting at the age of 9 …ever since then it seems no matter where I go something happens almost like I can sense their presence and see them as well from demonic to friendly …could you please help me seek some understanding? Thank you ….

  181. well we moved into my house around july2014 and out of nowhere im starting to feel sad…lonely and all we r doing is arguing over money and finances…me and my spouse…now only when I have money on me it comes up missing…only on me but nothing comes up missing from my spouse…I have heard different things and our 2 year old son seems to always be playing with somebody in his room and when hes around downstairs its like hes following someone and playing with a adult cause hes looking up as if the person was bigger then him….why is it just messing with me….whatever this is is causing lots of tension between me and my partner and all we do is argue please help………………………………….

    • It sounds like you’re dealing with with spiritual empathy – sensing emotion of spirit. It sounds like the spirit has some unresolved issues and it is playing through you and your spouse. I am guessing this entity had some issues in their life and is getting a charge out of this. Smudge the house with sage and perhaps do some other protective measures, but it only can get to you if you let it.

  182. We have been living in our home for 17 years. We had it built, so we have been the only owners. Every once in awhile for no reason our sliding glass door leading to our outside patio will start to shake right in its track. Its almost like a big gust of wind is blowing against it, but you look outside and no wind at all. It is really creepy and don’t really know if it could be paranormal or not.

  183. Well just like one hour ago i was standing making dinner my brother and nephew were sitting in he couch and a random bang happened we went to heck if something fell but found nothing u.u need some Nswers what is happeninh?

  184. HELP US! IDK how to express the experiences within my home. Tonite, It was the stereo down stairs, shutting off, then on, when we walked across a familiar “HOT SPOT” where my (Now) Deceased bulldog once laid… This house is has literally possessed me the EVIL. I have some really horrible pictures, as well as Videos, showing the Orbs entering and exiting my Physical body. WE NEED HELP!!!!!!! I am VERY ill, Physically, Mentally and Emotionally!

  185. Well maybe you can give some knowledge on something happening in my home. Twice I have heard a bell ring. It only dings once. It sounds exactly like those you use to see on a desk to tap if you need help. Twice I have heard a faint knocking sound. Both times the knocking made the same pattern of 5 taps. Two people heard the bell sound so I’m not alone on this…we looked and looked for a reason and found nothing. The knocking is faint and difficult to tell where it is coming from. Any thoughts?

    • I too hear the knocking…scars my cat right off the bed in the middle of night. I burn sage sticks before bed and that seems to stop it. i also experience the tv going on by itself…I’m not sure why the sage would not stop this.

  186. I have been staying in my house for more than 3yrs with no problems. I have never been able to “see” or “feel” anything either. Lately I do not feel comfortable in my bedroom once I switch the light of to sleep. I would suddenly feel something moving the duvet on my legs. I at first thought it was when I was breathing, then I would stop breathing but it would carry on. It is getting so bad that I do not sleep at night. Two nights ago I decided to take a photo. When I looked back at it I actually saw a face in the photo. I do not know what to do. Last night it actually felt as if something was jumping on me, but not like a person, rather like something small. When I switch the light on there is nothing. Is there a way to cleanse my room or house. Please help.

    • Sounds familiar! When I was younger, I had lots of experiences like this, but one in particular involved something trying to yank my blanket off of me as I lay in bed. I had to hold with all my might and I was so petrified that I didn’t dare look up. My bedroom door was always closed, and that night was no exception. I happened right when I believe that I was dosing off. To me, that was an attack. I know my little story probably isn’t helping you much, but you need to know that it’s been over 20 years since that day, and I’m still here. I’m mentally sound, and don’t have any visitations or anything creepy happen to me anymore. What I’m trying to say, is that it will pass. You need to move to another place if you can. Sooth your senses with some aromatherapy, meditate, and try to surround yourself with as much love as you can, by loving others of course. ;). Stay strong. Laughter, as difficult as it may be to muster, is your best defense.

  187. My girlfriend’s husband died and every time I go and visit the TV shuts off. It doesn’t happen when I am not there. Could you tell me if this is his spirit trying to communicate with me or what it could be because this is very confusing to me. I do believe in ghosts and spirits and I guess you can say the paranormal but I have never experienced anything like this.

    Thank you.

  188. A little over 4 months ago I moved out of my mom’s house and into a little apartment owned by a distant relative. I’m 19 years old and have only vividly seen about 3 ghosts that I can think of. There have been plenty of times where things happened that I COULD call paranormal but because my family on my grandmother’s side has always been sensitive to those sorts of things, we were always taught that beings from the other side cannot affect you if you have a strong willpower. When I first moved into my new home I felt a strange presence like something was there, it wasn’t good or bad, it was just there. I immediately rebuked it for fear of future problems and constantly repeated in my mind, everyday, that ghosts weren’t allowed in my house. The next tenant over who was around my age had moved in a little before I did and asked if i had felt anything weird the night I moved in. she said it felt like someone was in her apartment watching her and it didnt go away for a couple days. I told her that I did for a little bit but I told it to leave and it did. Strangely enough she moved about a month ago. Anyways, Everything seemed fine and I didnt even think about it until recently. I got home really late and after pinning on pinterest for a while, I decided to go to bed. I always leave my bathroom light on because of a past experience But with the rest of the lights off as I was brushing my teeth I heard a mix between a loud pop and a bang from the kitchen. it was so loud I jumped and peered around the corner. At first I thought something had fallen off the counter but when I checked, everything was in It’s place. I was a little startled but I convinced myself it was probably just something from another apartment And went to bed. That night I dreamed that there was a poltergeist in the spare bedroom that I only use for storage. I dont really know what a poltergeist is but thats what I called it in the dream. The unplugged tv would turn on by itself and show a blur of people, it looked like an old broadcast from a different time. In the dream I wasn’t worried, I was impressed and didn’t hesitate to show some friends. When I woke up I was confused but not afraid. I checked the room and nothing seemed wrong. I even turned on the tv and was reliefed to see the familiar static on the screen. The next night I heard the pop again but this time it sounded more like a crack. I’m not exactly sure what to think about it because every experience I’ve had in the past has involved a presence that I could feel and get rid of. With this, nothing feels hostile But it’s starting to happen more frequently. I’ll hear unexplained noises late at night usually between 12 and 3 in the morning. Something will fall or I’ll just hear a noise like something fell. One time I even had a jug of milk tip over inside my fridge. Its so weird, it didnt spill cuz there was a lid on, it was just tipped over. Just last night I heard something fall in the spare room and found the porcelain mask that had been given to me by my mother when she went on a trip to Rhome, on the floor. Luckily the floor was carpeted so the glass didn’t break. I decided to lean it against the wall for fear of it falling again and breaking but when I went to check on it again it was back on the wall. I still couldn’t feel anything there but I was a bit unnerved. I found the previous tenant and asked her about it. She said that things like that only started happening when the tenant above my apartment moved in (which is weird because I know her and she’s a nice lady that always greets me with a smile when I see her on my way to my apartment and is always telling me that I’m welcome to ask her for help anytime.) One thing the previous tenant mentioned that happend while she lived there was that she saw someone sitting on her couch in the dark just staring at her but when she turned on the light they were gone. She also told me that she had talked to the tenant before her and he said he didnt have a problem. I still believe ghosts can’t bother me if I don’t let them so it’s not really a bother (yet) But I was wondering if anyone has some kind of insight as to what all this could mean. If anyone does it would be much appreciated.

  189. I think i might have accidentally opened a paranormal door. What do i do? I hear footsteps every night at the same time. When i am in my attic, i feel uneasy, really chilly, and ost of al,i feel as if im not alone. Anytime i go out to run ererrands, i am fine, but as soon as i come home, i get the feeling that im being watched. Also at midnight every day, i wake up for no reason, then i feel chilly, get frightened, feel a breeze, hear my name called in a vague horror like whisper, then feel like someone is behind me, then i start to briefly see a misty human form in front of me. I dont know what tk do. I have to tell a secret: i am only 11. But my family and i are nearly possitive i have the ability to see and hear spiritual things that no one else can. I am really freaked out. If anyone has any suggestions for me, any advice on dealing with my fear, or any opinions on if my house is haunted, if i accidentally opened a paranormal door, or if i am just so scared that im hallucinating. If/when you reply, be honest, yes im a kid, yes i am scared, but i am strong, intellegent, and i communicate with people like an adult. I know u probably dont want to scare me with ur honest opinions, but i need them, please reply with advice, and be honest, dont hide ur opinion from me, i want to know, it will be better for me if i do knlw, and if it does scare me, oh well, it will help me become a strong and brave little girl. Please share your suggestions, advice, and opinions.

  190. I’ve known for a while now that my house has spirits or something in it, but here in the past month, everytime I walk into the closet and cut the light on, it starts flickering like crazy. Not just for a time or two, but I stood there this morning watching it do that for two minutes, and then I hollered for my son to come in there. As SOON as he opened the door, it stopped and the light got bright! He stood there a minute, then said, “mom, it’s not doing anything”, and then THANK GOD (because I’ve been TRYING to show somebody since it started, but it always stops), just as my son turned around, out of his peripheral vision, he saw it start flickering, he turned around and walked back in, it still flickered a little bit, and then it got bright again. All I could do as he looked at me was smile. FINALLY, someone else saw it! But anyway, the other thing was the fact that when I was in there by myself just watching it and waiting for it to stop, as I kept thinking it was about to, but didn’t until my son walked in, anyway, I got SO NAUSEOUS AND short of breath, like I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and that short of breath feeling stayed with me for a few more hours, the nausea went away as soon as I stepped out of the closet. Whatever is in my house is slowly killing me. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep yet all I do is TRY to, so I just stay in the bed AND TRY, I can’t enjoy anything, I have no motivation. When I’m awake, I’m tired, and when I go to bed I can’t sleep. I even tried painting the walls bright colors to TRY and get the light to come in here, AND to try to raise my spirits, and even that didn’t work, and I have alot of big french windows, BUT my house has a gloomy darkness to it, IN EVERY ROOM. Also, here lately, everything is getting this dusting of a rusty colored fine, powdery type substance. I don’t know what the hell that is, but it’s everywhere, kind of like pollen, ONLY RED! Even my white cats have a red dusting of that stuff all over them, and it just gets darker everyday. I just bathed ONE today, I’m gonna bathe the other one tomorrow. It comes right out, but when it does, even the water turns red. WHAT IN THE HELL COULD THAT BE? It’s all over EVERYTHING. It’s frustrating because I HAVE to clean it everyday, and I don’t even want to get outa bed! I don’t know WHAT THE HELL I have allowed into my house, probably just through stupid naivety of not knowing, but SOMETHING is here. The way I am now, is NOT the way I was before 2010. See, I even remember everything kicked up a knotch and really started spiraling down – it was 2010. Since then I feel like I don’t live, I just exist, and it has to do with whatever is in this house. Even my kids see it. They’re actually too scared to even go upstairs to their room by themselves. They’ll always ask me to “walk them upstairs”. My oldest son who is 15 and stands 6’2, 200 pounds, said it’s bigger than him when it’s standing there still, but when it moves, he said it hunches over and walks with a weird, creepy kind of gliding limp. It’s hard to name it but to see him demonstrate it GAVE ME CHILLS. Like I said, he’s 15, and he STILL sees it often, my other son is 10 and sees it everyday. I know he’s seen it when he runs REALLY FAST around the corner to where I am and then stops and just stares at me with fear in his eyes. I don’t even have to ask him anymore, I just try to take his mind off of it – and again, I DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE UP, let alone dealing with stuff like this, but then again, it’s WHATEVER IS HERE that is causing my demise (or at least that’s HOW I FEEL). I’m suppose to feel appreciative of my very large home, but all I can FEEL is that someone was trying to unload this EVIL shithole and so THAT was why the price was so low, so I”m kinda mad! I could be feeling well and normal acting, had I not insisted we buy THIS HOUSE because the price was WAY below what we were approved for. I saw potential in it, especially with it’s size and the land it is on. I mucked up BIG, so all I can do now is lay in my bed I guess, literally and metaphorically – and it sucks. For the life of me I can’t understand WHY someone would WANT to get anything like a spirit or a ghost or whatever to communicate with you – cause I can tell you with the MOST ASSURANCE, it is a miserable feeling that comes upon you. And what I’ve said in this post isn’t even the worst or the scariest of it. I’ve actually lived here for 16 years with the activity being noticed FIRST when our boys were toddlers and they would constantly look up and talk to someone when no one was in the room. It looked like they were talking to air. At first we (me and my husband) thought it was funny, and we’d call each other in there to see it when we’d catch em doing it, but they did it OFTEN, even when they were past five. Then for them, it changed, it got scary, and they became very scared of what they had been communicating with. And since then, we’ve all seen it, but they have been the ones that it literally will walk up to, even in front of my kids friends who also see it (and I’ve had to take TWO friends home RIGHT THEN). Some of their friends haven’t ever been back here, it scared them THAT BAD, AND in that one particular incident, it was broad daylight at 3:30 pm. Anyway, I can’t ever get any help, something always blocks me EVERYTIME I’m about to get help, and there was one who came here and didn’t even enter my house – she got angry at me and said I had brought her to a house with an energy that was too powerful and too dark for her. She told me to never contact her again. So REALLY, since that happened with her, I have been kind of scared to ask for help. I’m the kind of person who wants people to like me, and so when someone tells me to never contact them again, and they ACTUALLY THINK I was being deceitful in bringing them there, I take it personally, and it hurts my feelings. So I’ve just tried to get rid of it myself, only now, I’m out of energy. I’m just tired, but then can’t sleep.

    • I have heard enough about things like what you are talking about to know you just have to leave period! Let it go back to the bank and get the hell out. File chapter 11 or 13 and start over. The evil in your home is causing the negativity and sick feelings, Forget about trying to fix it. Leave it. Your children and you could be harmed. There is nothing good about what is happening there and you can’t deal with this yourself. If you think you can’t leave. The answer is you can’t stay. Go, Leave, Find a church that will help you. Good luck and God Bless you and your family..

    • Their is power in the name of Jesus. These entities have to go when you use his name. They don’t want to and they fight and torment you but they have to go. So, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might because we as humans can’t stand up against them by ourselves. I have been tormented for over a year and a half and I have been physically hurt by them (they left scratch marks on my back) and I haven’t been the same since. Only recently I came against them in the name of Jesus in the night in my sleep and my husband heard a growl of something as it was leaving. He was in the other room and did not know I said this. That’s all I know what to say for now.

  191. Can a demon or spirit follow you from one home to another cause everytime I move into a house I have a bad feeling of hate and sometimes love but mostly hate and anger and I don’t really know why and sometimes I start talking to myself and don’t know why. Could I be possessed or what? Can I please find answers?

  192. I was in a bad car (totaled car) accident 2010. Before the accident one morning I heard tapping in my 2005 Nissan Maxima continuous tapping in my car dashboard like a warning. I took the car to the dealer and not long after the Nissan guy from dealer sat in the car seat the tapping stopped. It went on for about 20-30 mins…

    I found out a few years later that the car accident was planned by a couple of people trying to kill me from an American Legion near here. The woman confessed from guilt years later and asked my forgiveness I told her I forgive her for my own sake but I can never forget. I had 2 more payments left on that Nissan Maxima 2005 and it warranty covered for life.

    But that is not my point for writing to you.

    Since then I have had tapping noises in my car (paranormal) while I drive, I also hear it in my apartment sometimes although mostly in the car when I am driving. I asked it to leave but it won’t. I don’t know where its from, but I used to live in a house that was owned by druggies (some passed and the realtor didn’t tell us) before I bought it and fixed it up with my ex-husband. Now I moved.

    One day after I moved in June 2014 I heard a knock on the front door I opened it and it was no one. Once again after that day which I regret answer the door without asking who it was but who would have known?
    I am not crazy, I am quite normal. I am Eastern Orthodox and I go to church and I still hear it there and back in my car…

    Can you tell me what is going on please? Help me! I have to deal with this daily and I am trying to go back to school and finish my RN. How can I go to school and have this to deal with all the time. I need to be able to commit to school not have to hear this all the time. Please help me.

  193. When I lived in our family home years ago my mother had me put a door lock on her bedroom so my younger sister wouldn’t take her clothes and wear, and trade them with her friends. I had purchased a exterior door lock with a key that I installed on her door. My mother always kept locking the door with the key inside the room. She would have to have me unlock it each time which was very difficult. This happened several times and I would tell her that she needed to get an extra key made., One day I heard my mother calling me from upstairs stating she couldn’t get in her room. I was not happy about this and yelled back to her about getting an extra key , I told her that you needed to have another key made! She said no , just come up stairs. I stomped up the stairs and started walking down toward my mother standing in front of her room door. I noticed that the door was open about an inch or more. I said, oh you got it open. She replied NO! I thought what is wrong with her, I said I can see its open mom! She said I never said it was locked. Now I’m thinking what is she talking about. I reached out and grabbed the door handle and pushed it to open the door hitting something that stopped the door. As I looked into the crack of the opening I looked from top down seeing the bedroom dresser was in front of the door inside. I said mom how did the dresser get in front of the door. She replied I don’t know. All the floors of our home were hardwood floors including the bedrooms. This dresser had no wheels and was a solid Oak dresser weighing around 100 lbs alone. With it full of stuff it was allot more! I said mom Wendy [my sister] must be inside the room and pushed it somehow to keep you out. I yelled …Wendy I don’t know what your doing but I can get in there! My mother said she isn’t home. She was picked up over an hour ago to go roller skating. This room was one of the last rooms at the end of the hall which did a 90 deg. turn into another bedroom. I put my feet against the trim and shoved the door with my shoulder until I could climb thru onto the dresser and into the room. I then slowly shoved the large heavy dresser push by push away from the door and let my mother in. The bedroom had one bed and two dressers in it. I looked under the bed and saw no one. I went to the closet doors that covered one wall. It had two doors with a wall gap in the center of the two doors. I opened both doors and looked clear across though to the other open door and there was nothing. There was no one in the room. The home being a two story had one window facing the front of the house that just dropped without a roof under it. The second window had a roof of our family room that you could climb out onto. I told my mother she must have went out the window and down the TV antenna. My mother said no she isn’t here and she couldn’t have anyway the storm windows are on. I told her before I pulled the binds up that she just removed them. Again she said no she can’t they are screwed on from the outside. I pulled the binds and opened the window only to find she was correct. The storms were on and could no be opened from the inside. All this happened when I was in my 20’s. I am 53 now. This home had been built by my father who passed away at 45 when I was 16 years earlier. He didn’t even die in the same town as this home. It was only lived in by my family. My younger sister was shot on good Friday years later and passed away on Easter night at 8pm. We had some very very strange things happen during that time at 8pm in the house. My sister died in Florida and this home is in Michigan. 10 years later my mother passed away in our home. She was the only one who had died in the house, but way after these things happened. The three of us, my brother, and my other sister, and I had to get the home ready to sell. I had to drive there late at night to work on it by myself due to work. A friend of mind was going to put new carpet and flooring in it to help sell it. He told me make sure all the closets are empty and cleared out so he can go in and lay it down without having to clear closets. I cleared out each closet one at a time working my way into the kitchen and the pantry was the last closet I emptied. I saw the trash was full so I pulled the waist basket out of the closet and pulled the garbage bag and walked it out into the garage. It was garbage day the following day so I decided to take all the trash out to the curb. It took about 20 mins. due to everyone tossing things in garage after they had cleaned. I walked back into the house from the garage and stopped. I thought something wasn’t right. All the closets were left open after I had cleaned them out. They were all closed! I thought maybe someone else came in while I was out in garage. but remembered I would have saw them since I was out front too., I reopened each closet door thinking I must be tired and though I left them open. When I got to the pantry I opened the doors to find the waste can tucked back under the lower shelf without the bag I took out. You can’t get the trash bag out unless you pull the waste can out from under the lower shelf so I knew I had left them open . Another time I was sitting down stairs alone in the house talking on the phone to my best friend. The house was all dark and I heard what sounded like a dresser wheels going across the whole floor above me. I froze and told my friend what I had heard. He told me he heard it on his end of the phone too. He said to get a knife out and sit tight and he was coming over. After he got there he had an 22 riffle with no bullets. lol I said what good is that. He said we would just talk out loud like it was loaded and go room to room checking what made the noise. We checked each room up stairs turning each light on as we went looking under beds and in closets. we search the basement last. While down the basement we were about to head upstairs when the compressor in the garage turned on. It had to be plugged in to turn it on. We were both freaking out and a little scared to head up. We did go up though and opened the garage door with the compressor running. I unplugged it to shut it off. Thinking back now the compressor could have been left plugged in and slowly leaking air and turned itself back on. All the other things that happened really don’t make sense and I really don’t have a clew on the dresser in front of the door til this day or the noise upstairs or the how the closets got closed. When my mother had still been alive I brought the dresser in front of the door back up to her. She said why did you bring that back up to me I forgot about that. I said are you kidding me! How can you forget about something like that! I held my mothers had when she passed in our family room back in 2003 I live in another town with my own family now. I drove by our old house a few years ago and spoke to the lady in the drive telling her who I was. She said she had heard from the neighbors what had happened in our home and said she talks to my my Mary all the time..She said I know she liked doing her flowers and that is when she talks to her. I was kinda speechless. I asked her if anything else happened like what happened to us inside. She said yes and the one thing I remember her saying was she came home and when she walked into the family room [where my mother passed] the rocking chair was slowly stopping rocking and no one was in the room. This home was a new build and never haunted so I really don’t have an answer to what was going on or that still may be happening. Anyone ever have anything like furniture blocking doors or anything like this. I wouldn’t mind hearing about it. Thanks Greg.

  194. I was at much grandmother house in Ohio a few years ago. I was watching television in the basement and something walked across the screen to the other wall. But before all of this, I would feel uneasy about going down there but I had to because That’s where my bed was. Then after after that in was held down my something. Next thing I know I went stiff as a board. I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t speak, or hear anything. The thing what ever it was allowed me to turn my head and see it. It was a woman in her late 20s early 30s. She sat on the couch and looked me in my eyes right in my face. I couldn’t believe what happened. So when I felt myself try to scream, it made me stiff again. I could feel my inner strength try to move but my body was not allowing me to do so. I went into a place inside of myself, some where I’d never been before, it was so peaceful and calm. Without hesitation, I thought Jesus! His name was second nature to me and without a thought, I thought his name to rescue me. Seconds later, I was able to move and open my eyes. I ran so fast upstairs and I called my grandmother. She was on her way Home from work. I told her about what just happened. she told me that it was a lady who would scratch up my late grandfather on the arms but would never go into her room for some reason. But she’s seen the lady too. My grandmother said to me if She would have not experienced this or seen her She would have thought I was crazy. We prayed and I slept in her bed with her that night. GOD is good. There is always something happening to me That’s not normal but when it does happen, I pray and stay calm even though I don’t know exactly what it is other what it wants with me.

  195. My aunt just had a weird situation happen to her last night. As she entered her apartment, closed the front the door and started walking towards her room, the glass door of an old sterea just shattered into tiny pieces. She did not touch the door or slam the front door. My aunts sister who she cared for her last days passed away 4 years ago, then my grandmother who my aunt also cared for passed 3 years and my uncle who my aunt also cared for his last days passed a little over a year ago. I’m wondering if this is a message from one of them? My grandmother was overall healthy and passed suddenly. She got a stroke and was not able to speak or move after that. She lived about 2 weeks in the hospital but with breathing assistance. We saw her cry and hold her rosarie and moved her fingers over her rosarie just like when she prayed. I feel like she left without being able to tell her children and grandchildren how much she loved us.

  196. Hi I was just wondering if you could help me out. I have moved into this house about 6 months ago. Just the past three days and nights I have heard foot steps and floors cracking in my kitchen and then today my one bedroom door shut on its own. A little freaky!!!! But cool if its an angels!!! I was told by the previous owner a lady died in this house. So whats ya think?

  197. We had our house built in 1976, but activities did not start until the 80’s when parents had passed. I have never seen a ghost or heard one. What I often hear are sharp knocks on the front door. There is never anyone there; and I have even gone outside to check. All members of our family have heard the knocks. The other activity has me baffled. A few objects, that were very securely mounted on the walls, have literally “flown off the wall”, almost hitting me. One was a ceramic shelf; and when it hit the floor, it hit so hard, that I found pieces of it about 15 feet away. The most recent oddity was an old, antique alarm clock that went off at 4:30 a.m. No one had been in that room for ages. Some items just go missing with no logical explanation. What are these happenings called; and is there anything I can do about it. The are not scaring me; just baffling. Do you think it is possible that I live in an area that is somewhat like the grounds around Chichinitza, Mexico; where sounds are amplified. I don’t really understand that theory; but would like your explanation of it. Thank you very much. CS

  198. My family (brother whos 10, sister whos 17 and my mom) moved from Fort Barnwell, NC to Donna, TX two months ago and we are living right next to (4ft-5ft) my aunt who houses her two little ones (6yr old girl and 5yr old boy) and my uncle. Our “house” is a room with its bathroom and is basically a concrete box and my aunts is a trailer. The very first day i spent here i felt uneasy but i think was just being in a new place and i felt a little sick. the kids were at school and my uncle was at work so the trailer was quiet/still when all of the sudden i hear something like heavy steps on the roof from the hall (left of me in the living room, me being in middle) and towards my aunt in the kitchen where she was washing dishes next to her candles crosses and holy water. And right before it reached the kitchen, the sound went the opposite way towards the hall but instead it sounded really loud stomping and like running. After that it sounded like someone shifting weight up there and the steps faded slowly. Since then i only hear steps on Saturdays and Wednesdays between 2:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. It sounds like when you pace or youre looking for something. Every time i wake my mom or i get out of bed, it turns quiet or stops. Last night it spooked my dog who always sleeps with me. She looked at me odd with her ears going crazy and jumped off to sit on the couch next to my sister instead. She didnt come back into bed even though she always does eventually. Ive only heard it on our roof twice(last night being the second time.) It usually sounds like its above my uncles room. Coincidentally, its the first room going down the hall. Also in the middle of the house. He said he hears scratching outside his window,feels like something wants to get in and you see him outwardly spooked. One night he got home not even five minutes after the sounds occured and everyone went back inside and he texted my mom asking if she was up? It was odd and he stayed in his car there for a while. Another odd thing is that his his girlfriends son has been in the hospital awhile (and theyre holding him another six weeks) but he was healthy. it was sudden and they still dont know whats wrong with him. Last night i felt.. Wrong. Like i wasnt supposed to look and like i had to turn over or not look at the ceiling. Idk what i should say or do.

  199. This happened a long time ago , prob around 1975 . I was a young boy sitting in the lounge area watching tv.. there was a hallway connecting the lounge area to my mums bedroom. the door was open , and there was a cupboard up against the far wall. it had clothes or something in it , im not exactly sure what.. anyway.. while watching tv , I heard a noise coming from the bedroom , and I looked down the hall. the cupboard seemed to come alive.. it walked over to the door , and slammed the door shut.. my mum yelled out .. what are you doing ? and came in the lounge to see to me.. her door was closed.. I was super scared and shocked.. when my mum opened the door , the cupboard was back where it was.. even now 40 years later , I still remember that. was I seeing things.. I was way to young for booze or drugs . no one ever believed me. Brisbane Australia .

  200. Hi, from past1 week sometimes when I woke up in the morning I’m seeing my fan is on. It’s a new house I moved in. Nd I live alone.. Also the fan and light switches are connected it paranormal or just electric fault!..

  201. When I was little (the Halloween I was 5) I heard a voice. The house was 97 years old at the time. We had gotten back from trick or treating, and I was going to go to bed. I set foot on the stairs, and heard a male voice. I was terrified and ran. The upstairs part of the house has always made me uneasy, though the feeling is much less strong in the master bedroom. I also heard a similar voice several times over the years (usually early in the morning or late at night, more common in darker, colder parts of the year. No one else ever heard it, but my little sister said a few times when she was little that she saw a white shape in the hall at night. Power issues and noises are common. There is actually a strange room off the stairs (two story house) that is unfinished (small window that often falls in, and door that is loose on the hinges and is only kept closed by a hook latch, rough floor and walls). That room has especially freaked me out, as well as the attic. I often feel like something is watching me up there. Occasionally I get a less intense feeling when I’m alone downstairs. I’ve done a few minor cleansings, and we did a protection ritual when we moved in, but it never changed the feelings of fear and being watched. I get a similar feeling if I go outside in the neighborhood at night (it is a pretty safe neighborhood).

  202. Hi I’m a bit worried that in my 5 year old bedroom her light keeps popping and now I plugged a lamp in the hallway and just put the lamp on the floor in her room now that’s popped I have replaced it three times now and still does the same even though it’s not plugged in her room it’s just in the doorway it’s scary x

  203. Hi my family and I have been experiencing strange things in our home first was knocking at the front door and no one was there, our cook stove started beeping and showed a error code at 4am in the morning the error code started it was due to high temp but the stove was not on, my father who passed in 2005 came to me in a dream stating I needed to prepare and to get things in order, the next morning at 7:30 am I was awoken by a loud crashing noise when I went in living room my lamp was in the floor broken the lamp was sitting on a table no way to just fall off

  204. Hi I experience some weird thing in our flat , we are there in this flat for last 2 1/2 years and we in in 6 th floor.
    I heard knocking sound from our windows first I though it birds when I check nothing was there out of our window, I heard the same many time & I some midnight I heard knocking sound from our cupboards especially in the midnight even my husband also experienced the same.
    and there is always problem with the light especially in the bathroom and kitchen we always need to change the bulbs , its always bling off and off.
    and other problem with my lumia phone , its always make me freak out, without even sigle touch it always go to different folder and open all things. most important thing is my phone sensor always work and type the words which always heard. there is two words always repeat 1. Buy birds watching book for dad’s birthday 2. my car park on level 04. I don’t know what does it mean I updated my phone and software but no change.
    And yesterday night I experience some weird thing. I was so tired and I went for sleep , I was soo sleepy to but I am not able to sleep I felt something is there is in our room. I tired to sleep but no use after long time I heard some bells and anklet sounds and I felt its coming to me , I woke up and listen I heard the sounds very clearly. I got so scared I called my husband but he said he didn’t heard any thing. today morning I was in the kitchen then my mother in law came and said there lots of disturbance last night so she and my nephew can’t sleep properly. the same time I heard the bells sound again not only one time 4 to 5 time I though my nephew wake up and want to my room because I hang one chineese bell on our door handle when I check he was sleep in his room and our room was empty and there was no change for wind also because all our door and windows was closed that time. pleased advise.

  205. ive lived in my house for 3 yrs now, i hear footsteps in my bedroom, landing and stairs, the light turns on and off in the kitchen, sometimes when im stood watching! i hear my name shouted, see shadows, my knife and fork draw opens and closes, got a phone call from a lady asking if i was uncle bob, i said no and she appologised and put the phone down, i never said anything, but 3 days later my 4yr daughter was talking to someone in her bedroom, her last sentance was can you leave me alone now i want to go to sleep, night bob!!!!!! then friday night i thought i saw a face peering round the living room door at me, then seconds later the kitchen cupboards started banging, then today i went to the shop, took me 10mins, came home to my dog shaking and cowering in his crate in the kithen and all the cupboard doors were open, my tv turns itself off, my phone goes onto apps i never use, my watch is always not where i left it, and my bedroom is always cold. 2 yrs ago i got my son a remote control spider, it kept moving on its own, so i took all the batteries out of it and out of the remote, still moved on its own, for about a week, so i broke its legs off! dont move now!

    • oh and i have a video of my girls on just dance on the wii and i had what i thought was orbs, was told by a lady who investigate the paranormal that they were dust, but one is very bright and goes very fast up the camera, one is see through and goes from left to right of the camera and the other comes out of the wall goes up and back into the wall

  206. Hello I really need your help & some information about this I moved into a old ground floor cottage flat a few months ago that used to be a house. I started hearing which I thought was a bell under my living room window do a 1 ding noise straight after this it would do a fud noise on my back door it would repeat this 1 ding at the front of the property up to 3 times in the night/early hours of the morning & 1 loud fud on my back door straight after it would stop for a few minutes then do another fud this latest up to 50minutes one night. Then it got worse another night I was putting my baby to bed in my bedroom at the front I heard the ding again then I heard 4 very slow paced footsteps right under the bedroom window sounded like it was walking on top of many small stones, I looked nobody was there? then another night I decided to stay up late on my computer I heard the bell ding sound from the same place then 2 slow paced footsteps under the living room window. But last night I was awoken at 5am at the back of the flat right outside my sons bedroom by 3 very loud very fast footsteps like whatever it was it was running past & wanted me to hear it, 2 seconds later a fud again on my back door, my upstairs neighbour wasn’t in & rarely stays there so its not him, & I looked nobody was there again? can you please tell me what am dealing with here? as am very worried & don’t know what to do? Many Thanks if you can please help me.

  207. Ever since I was a little girl, as far back as I can remember, I’ve had unexplainable things happen to me. When I was six, I was laying in bed late one night as my mother went to take the garbage out. My father was at work. I heard footsteps, didn’t think anything of it because it was probably just my brother getting up to use the restroom. I saw a young teen sized shadow grab the doorframe and stick its head to peek inside my room. I yelled for my brother to get back in bed before he got us in trouble, and while the figure stood motionless, my brother yelled back from his room, “I’m in bed!” Things only got worse from there. As I grew up, I still saw this mysterious figure walking around my house at times. I had things go missing only to reappear exactly where I left them a few hours or a few days later. Doors open and shut on their own. Books end up on the floor that were once neatly on a shelf. I constantly hear someone calling my name, only to find I’m home alone. I have moved over four times since this has started, even moving to a different state and then moving back home, with no hindrance in the paranormal activity I seem to attract. I’m seventeen now and curious as to whether I’m going crazy or if this could be something real that’s happening to me. My mother has claimed to see peculiar things she can’t explain, as well. The only time things ever seem to happen are when I am home alone or in someone else’s home (ex. babysitting) and there is no one else there to refute my sightings.

    I just want some solid evidence to prove what’s been going on, but do not know how to go about doing so without angering or upsetting what could possibly be a ghost.

  208. Ghosts are real . There is life after death for sure I know that now. I bought an old house in south Minneapolis built in the 1890s . The realtor told me the record date had been changed to 1905 to help me out for some reason ? I am not crazy but I am one fearless heroic at times special person. So soon after moving in the 4 bedroom big old house, just me and my American Staffordshire terrier. I started hearing a lot of noises upstairs. At first i kept trying to ignore the noises and tell my self it’s ?. Then doors started opening and closing all by themselves. The bathroom door at the top of the stairs the Light would go off and the door would shut tight. The door across from that door would open too every time. I checked the handles I had to turn the handle to open the door. There was no wind the doors could not just close by themselves and the bathroom light would go off every time. This escalated the ghost ? started walking around vary heavy sounded like heavy boots. Then he started throwing fits banging vary forcefully and stomping up and down the upstairs hall. Then he banged and stomped and started stomping down the stairs he stepped on the one stair that would make a squeak only when I put my full weight 160lbs on it. I heard him coming why I grabbed my 38spl Thought some big crazy or drunk man might have broken in. So he stomped down the stairs and I stepped to view the bottom of the stairs and just froze and said O S*** the Ghost. Then he took a religious picture off the wall and brought it across the room to my face and then dropped it at my feet. Then he stomped into the kitchen and slammed all over like crazy and slammed the heavy stove back 6 in into the wall. I would come home from long shifts to find my tough stoic Alpha dog having a nervous breakdown. I refused to show fear but when the ghost would throw a fit I was terrified. This may sound crazy but I swear He would appear in broad daylight and would stand at the side of 12th Ave so and east 28th st Then when cars would come he would walk out in front of the car from the same spot. Accident after accident Poor people would be saying there was a guy rite in front of my car. I saw him 2 times in that same spot and he would just stare at the house for some time and then just fade away. He was stomping around one night and set off a mouse trap and went completely crazy then when things settled down I looked for that mouse trap. It was gone forever. Sometimes I would get mad and started going all trough the house telling him your dead this is my house now go to the light the power of god commands you. Over and over all trough the house top to bottom I would pray loudly and keep telling him you are dead go to the light the power of god commands you. He seemed to back off and would be quiet and not move anything or touch doors or do anything for some time. Actually he liked me and I finally figured out what he was trying to tell me. see Saddle Ridge Hoard it was in the crawlspace under the kitchen pantry floor. Only 1/2 is shown there were also 1002 ingots and much more.

  209. Hi. For the last 3 days at 3AM my husband wakes up with the feeling that someone wants to cut off his head, when he touches his neck it it is sore, last night he saw a ghost of my dog, thought she was in front of him, when he turned around, she was there where she normally lies? Please help. There was never anything like this, except for one time my toilet flooded as if the overflow pipe were turned upside down which i never do.

  210. From last 2 months i’m expercining paranormal activities in my home… they took place when nobody is around. T.v gets off by itself .. all the utensils of kitchen falls suddenly amd ever night between 2:30a.m to 3a.m there is a foul smell of gutter in my room even when my is locked. It was so hard to sleep then but after half an hour the smell is gone .I also tried to change my room but after some days it happens all again.. please help.. what should i do in these circulstances.. even my parents didn’t believe me at all..

  211. Can any one help me out of this situation which happened at my sisters house. To say in details it was her tenants who often hear anklets sound coming near their room windows and outside the door and also for the first time once when he returned to his house at around 11:30 pm he heard the same sound just beside him and suddenly as walking towards 1st floor thru steps. I am really confused about what is really happening around her house. Can anyone of you help us to find out the real cause of anklet sound.

  212. Hello, I was wondering if someone here could help me by giving an answer regarding some weird things that happened during the past 3-4 days.
    I live in a house that my family built in 1994. During my childhood I was very scared of the house and some times during the night I would wake up and see the lights outside of my room switch on. The problem was that everyone was sleeping at that time.
    Some days before, I was about to leave the house and get in my car. As I was locking the door I remembered that I forgot something inside the house so I opened the door and I saw that all the light were switched on. That was really weird since I always switch those lights of before leaving. I took the thing that I was looking for, and went to lock the door once more. As I was walking to get to my car I see the light of the bathroom to be switched on. I really believed that I had lost my mind since I didn’t notice them before. I unlocked the door and I saw that the lights that seconds earlier I had switched off were now switched on again. Believing that it was an honest mistake and I possibly I did not paid as attention as I thought I did, I switched all the lights off and went to my car.
    Last night, around 3-4 am I felt very hungry and went downstairs to the kitchen. My mother was sleeping in the second floor. So I went to the kitchen turned the tv on and start eating watching tv. During that time, I hear some noises in the second floor as someone was moving some things around. Because it was only my mother and I at home I believed that it was my mother that woke up and moved something. This lasted for about 20 seconds and stopped for less that 15 seconds. I believed that my mother would say something to my or even come to the kitchen, but the noise started again lasted less time and stopped again. I believed that someone was in the house. The noise started again for the third time and then went up. My mother was sleeping and I saw or heard nothing. Nothing was out of order. I waited almost until 6 in the morning to hear something again but nothing. Do anyone has an opinion on this?

  213. I have been having a string of bad luck lately but have been trying not to focus on it. Just now I fell asleep in my bedroom and my 6 year old daughter was standing front of my bed screaming that she saw a ghost. I didn’t want to freak her out but I saw it too standing within inches of her. I don’t know if it was small or crouched down but it looked small and hunched and glowing. I immediately went for the lights which according to my daughter had simultaneously blew out when whatever it was appeared. I have petitioned her father for fully custody recently and his mother is heavily involved in Haitian Voodoo. Apart from seeing what I just saw I experienced similar symptoms including severe physical symptoms years ago when I first tried to petition custody. Could this be Haitian Voodoo at work or is this some random spirit. This is first tI’m this, has happened since I lived in this house for nearly 4 years. I don’t know what to do.

  214. Hello to all readers,thank you for your time.I will put this all in point,simple form.In the past I have lived in homes where I’ve been bit,scratched,& family members have had sever health problem.One being my husband,who almost lost his life.Things going missing,& then reappearing including food.Just recently we had sausages disappear,then reappear.So many things have happened past & present.I believe if you keep the faith,say in the name of Jesus.This can be a powerful weapon,if you believe.Some advice don’t fear,parasites feed on this,try to remain calm.Well take care and God bless.

  215. hi, recently i have noticed in my house that occaisonaly i will hear voices and footsteps upstairs, but then I will go up there and nothing will have happened. The other weird thing is is that it doesnt bother me, the voices and footsteps don’t sound threatening, like a party almost. I live in an old house and dont know the history, could it be connected to that?

  216. Last night I was in a dead sleep and was woken up by heavy footsteps coming up my basement steps. I thought someone broke in. I checked the whole house and did not find anybody or signs of a break in. I went back to sleep. A couple hours later I was awoke by footsteps in my dining room. Checked the house again and found nothing. I’ve heard voices before as well and find nothing.

  217. Moved into a new house in December The man who sold us the house re married and decided to move. No idea if his first wife passed in the house but we k ow she is deceased.. First incident happened while I was in the kitchen. I had the cuboard doors open above the stove and when I turned my back to the stove a bottle of cooking oil flew out and landed in the middle of the kitchen floor. Another incident my wife was sitting at the kitchen counter with her mom and daughter when an E cig decided to roll across the counter by itself. We’ve both smelled brownies baking in the house at times .. I’ve smelled heavy perfume out in the shop two different times… There is some sort of bell mounted to the wall out in the shop that doesn’t appear to me wired to anything. It rang a few times by itself while I was outside doing yard work with my mother in law and it stopped when I went in the shop. Same thing happened to my wife the other day while I was at work. She heard it ringing and went out to look and it stopped when she started staring at it.. I occasionally smudge the house and have had friends tell be out of the blue that my property is a very spiritual place. One morning while my mother in law was out in her fifth wheel, after staying the night after a party we had, someone woke her up knocking on her trailers door. But no one was there, my wife and I were still in bed..

  218. My husband just passed away. I have a night table that was on his side of the bed. I keep finding the drawer open a bit even though I keep closing it.

  219. We bought our house about 2 1/2 years ago brand new, so we are the first owners. I have never really experienced anything like this before, and to be honest, what my husband and I thought was happening turned out to be something else. Every night at 3:30 am our hall light turns on. At first we just assumed it was our little girl getting out of bed, because many times we would get up when the light went on and find her sleeping in the hallway. But now, the light is turning on and when my husband or I go to check on her she and my son are sound asleep in their beds. My daughter’s door will even still be semi shut as I left it when we put her to sleep. Looking back now, I think those times we assumed she was the one turning on the lights we were wrong, because the lights would wake us up, and when we would go to check on her she would have adequate herself a complete bed out in the hallway. Blankets, pillow, security blankets and even her water cup. It would seem that she would have to have that light on for a really long time to set all of that up. I am a very light sleeper, and there are 3 lights in our hallway, so when you turn them on, they are very bright. This makes me think they wouldn’t have to be on long before I woke up. Please help me with some advice. Friendly entity or not, I am terrified now, because what I thought this was, it isn’t. I fear I won’t be able to sleep anymore. I also fear I won’t be able to bring myself to get out of bed to turn off that light when it goes on the next time. My husband travels for a living, so now that I know this isn’t my kids doing, how am I going to feel safe or feel like I can protect them when my husband is out of town?

  220. hi it’s been many years i’ve felt the sound of the anklet in the tune of a foot step again after 3 years i can say last night when i was working on my laptop it started sounding the same like some one walking putting anklets , i almost heard it 15min i thought its from the t.v where my mom is watching … but even after 10min the sound is going on (((( what could it be )))) and previously when i was at an age of 16 this started for me and i’m 24 now ,previously we used to stay in the ground floor it’s been a a couple of month’ shifting to the upper portion since 7 years i’ve been experiencing the sounds of anclets

  221. So when I’m out in my garage around 3:45 to 4:00 am stuff will happen. It started off strong I had cans in here an 1 knocked over, no big deal I pick it up, walk back to steps to sit, right before I do 2 fall, I do same, and right before I sit again 3 fall, so I pick then up go to sit, and as soon as I do all the cans (about 20+) fall so I yell “I don’t know who you are but this is my house now and I demand respect” the lights flickered as I said this. The house was new at the time. So I was talking to my girlfriend, now ex, on video chat and she had no idea of the stuff that had happened, I told no one, and she said at 3:59 their was a man who looked like he was in his late fourties standing behind me looking at me. So I look behind me and look at computer as it turns 4o’clock am. I’ve heard footsteps in the hall that end at my room and the 10th night this happened I yell this is my residence and I ask the spirit to only respect that and leaf me alone. My light demned and then popped. Not much has happened sense but I have noticed that when I’m times of anger in the house I laugh for some reason and it feels like my world goes dark as my mind slips into these feelings of hate forward those who have wronged me or others. Like a demon who wants vegences. I have a punching bag that I hit and I once woke up with my knuckles teared and my punching bag bloody, I do not drink so it wasn’t that kind of black out, but I remember doing but I don’t remember me doing it if you know what I mean. When I’m angry or upset, and in the garage, the lights will flicker bringing me too think this is a spiritually active area. I’ve been becoming more prone to violence and the last fisr fight I had I felt like their was no control and I wanted to stop hitting him, it was clear I won, but something in me made me keep doing it until three people pulled me off. People say I’ve lost my sense in humor and I’m becoming “souless”. I would like to know what you think is happening and if it’s paranormal. I want help

    • I’ve also heard voices yelling at me disguising them selves as friends and loved ones, but every time I go to living room it’s empty. They only come from living room and I’m always in a different room

  222. Hello my name is Darlene Gonzales my mind little curious my mother-in-law told me that there was a curse put on her family they’re part Indian they talk about this shape shifting spirit or demon that’s always following them since they were young my husband call seeing this demon for the first time at 5 years old this demon will not allow anyone to sleep 8 dreams people during the day and keep them awake at night from the hours of 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. my husband hears my voice telling him awful things you also here is my baby crying I hear my baby cry and I also hear my husband tell me evil things the reason we figured this out is because I have a speech delayed child this demon could not imitate my child with speech delay me and my husband get into these awful awful debate there’s been seven times for my husband constantly called me a witch lashes out and calls me a demon he’s also beat me black and blue he sticks his tongue in my mouth trying to make my smile go from ear-to-ear he’s also tried gouging my eyeballs out this last time he tried sticking his finger as far as he could into my ear until he ripped my ear he constantly kept punching and punching me and wouldn’t stop until I acted like I was passing out and once that creature inside my husband realized I was going to pass out or faint it jumped out my husband and he came to realizing what he had done I don’t know what it is that possessing my husband but he always tries to rip off my head with his bare hands as if he’s some kind of character in Mortal Kombat the weird thing about all of this is that my husband moved in with sleep paralysis now I get sleep paralysis and I never had that this demon has bought stuff from apartment to apartment so I know it’s latched on to my husband every night that I’m trying to sleep somehow someway one of my husband’s limbs hits the bed real hard sometimes is his hand or arm and sometimes he just calls my name just to wake me up once he awakens me he goes to sleep and then I can’t sleep my bedroom lights flicker now all of a sudden my bedroom lights don’t want to work the only thing that works is a ceiling fan when I try to charge my Bluetooth speakers they never want to home charge sometimes they charge and work for 1 day sometimes they don’t when im using my text to speak it types whatever it wants to type not what I’m saying when I’m using my Snapchat filters it also captures things that aren’t even there I just feel so bad for my husband because something really does possess him and you can’t control it I wonder what kind of curse they put on him and his family whatever cursed with put on that family it’s horrible the Shadows are always trying to grab the children that grandmother really hated that family. Every now and then i see Indian Shadows climbing trees carrying Spears they got feathers in their hair my son hears things in my room when I’m not even home he says mom would you like some tacos and he says that I answered him and I’m not even home during the night I see a lot of Shadows lurking my apartment I just close my eyes and go to sleep until something bothers me or my husband I don’t know what to do I was thinking maybe Sage please help me I like my white candles and they get all these little little black flakes inside the candle I can email you photos I don’t know what’s causing my white candles the glass to turn black and what’s causing those little flakes inside but it really creeps me out especially when I walked to the kitchen and all the lights start flickering now my hallway lights don’t even turn on my dishwasher broke it was brand new when we moved in now my garbage disposal give out I don’t know what to do I don’t know how to help my husband please help

  223. Hi! This morning I got up to use bathroom and came back to bed to sleep. I was still awake when I heard footsteps coming upstairs and someone walking into the bedroom and laid down in bed next to me. I felt the whoever it was next to my back. I know this wasn’t sleep paralysis because I could move. I just laid there and didn’t roll over to look. Eventually the sensation of someone being there went away. This only happens when I’m all be in the house. My husband does not believe in spirits so nothing ever seems to happen to him.

  224. Ok so last nite I woke up to use the bathroom about 2:20am nothing weird about this as I always get up threw the night I am a very light sleeper, I came back to bed and sat beside my wife her being sound asleep, I heard a tapping on our door sounds like a ring tapping the door 3 times that was about 2:57am . I shook that off after I went and looked and nothing was there. So I grabbed a cigarette and was looking for my lighter and clear and loud I heard what sounded like a dog shaking ( like they do after a bath or getting wet ) again their was nothing there and my wife was still asleep, this noise was very clear and very close and actually made my skin crawl. Other noises have been heard in the past few days both from my wife and I like footsteps in our hallway ,our door being opened and shut but locked when we looked but nothing like the noise last nite of the shaking dog this is bothering me very much any input would be great thanks.

  225. Helo sir,once i have experienced someone knocking on the was around 4 am and when i asked who it was no one replyed.i was scared and locked the soon as i locked the doorit tried to open my door by lowering the handle.i was so pissed and asked the same question again.but after tht it started hitting ma door so hard ,i thought the door would brk.after sometime it stopped.the next day i reported this incident to ma parents.they made fun of me i didnt experience anythng lik that after tht till ma 3rd yr of professional course.kit was a shadow standing near to ma closet.each day it came close to ma bed.atlast it reached next to ma bed.ididnt mind it that much.but on the same day it pulled ma leg and i fought with it.i won the fight.after that day i didnt sleep in ma room by turning off the light.
    now ma brother experience something paranormal in his room….

  226. i am 18 years old working in a call center….in India now the building where i am working with my other colleagues was previously a nursing home which shattered down during the 90’s .basically its a new setup now where i and other 5 colleagues are working.
    during the second day of our dialing basically its morning shift at 4.00 pm GMT one of my colleague went for a loo break
    he felt that someone is knocking the door “thug” sound and when he turned back somebody switched off the lights he thought it was somebody from our team…….but the fact is nobody went out there as it was very busy day we other 5 dialers were busy on calls with our clients .
    so the question arises who was it?

    after a while again a colleague went to the this time he felt somebody is simultaneously switching the lights on and off!
    again there was nobody…
    we felt that its some technical issue so we let it go !

    but after two days when i was in a call as soon as i hanged up the call somebody whispered in my headsets !
    i was amazed at that time i thought that is some line issue but what happened next is pretty terrifying again when i hanged up the call ..
    now this time the voice was demonic and it said –
    ” H E L L O”!
    so what shall we do to know that is the house haunted?

    please brief it
    thanks regards

  227. Hoping this site is still monitored and someone might be able to give some feedback. My friend Alex and I recently moved into a corner 10th floor unit, 3 days after the move, my roommate reported a sound like someone was trying our front door. He wasn’t able to check and see in the hallway at the time though as he is disabled. 4 days later, I was walking past the front door to our apartment to his bedroom to ask him something and the mail slot was tapped, not flung open but it got pushed. We both heard that. I looked outside and down the hallway to find nothing. Today, I was out at the stores for about 2 hours or so. Over that time, my roommate heard the door rattle 4x. He thought it was me coming back home and yelled, hello. When I did get home he told me about it. There is no source of air in our hallway, we are the last unit on the left. The unit across from us, when they close their door. It never rattles ours. They also almost always have a dog with them and he barks, ruling out physical reasons. There are no kids on the floor either that might be playing games. I left my camcorder going while I went out to hike for 40 minutes and at just about 14 minutes later, the door was banged and it is caught on tape. It has never been full knocks, just minor bangs and shakes. I recently did a smudging and full clearing on the place and this issue wasn’t affected it would seem. I don’t sense a presence, netiher does Alex who is very sensative to that sort of thing.


    Troubled in Toronto

  228. So about 5 years ago I was up watching tv at 3am. It was summer and I was out of school and just chilling. I decided to go to bed so I just left the room and stared walking down the hallway. Next thing I know I hear footsteps above me in the attic walking the opposite direction. I was scared af. Ever since then I’ve woken up at 3am nearly every night I’m sleeping in my room I wake up and my tv does that static thing and restarts. And recently I heard someone with baggy pants walking in the hall and it didn’t stop until I got out of my bed. I think I do have some kind of paranormal ties to my self because when I was really little, no more than 3, I asked my mom if she knew I had a brother in heaven. The creepy part is she had had a miscarriage before she had me and never told me because I wasn’t really educated on the birds and the bees. Freaks me out. Please help. And just now my dog is barking at something that isn’t there he went up from the hallway really fast to the living room and barked, then he came back down the hall and was really alert and still barking. Then he went to the kitchen and barked at an open window.

  229. Sitting in living room last night. Heard loud crash. A box of items that was on my bedroom closet shelf was on the floor and everything spilled out. The box was all the way on the shelf pushed back against the wall. What could this mean?

    • Anyone ever heard of a very, very loud crash, landing in the middle of the floor?

      Moved into a home that we had built. Shortly after the tread mill turned itself on in the garage. LOUD knocking on the front door!

      Along with many other things like toys, garage door. Toys turning on by themselves or garage door opening and closing when no one was controlling it. EVP’s with very horrific voices… Shadow people… Loud knocking, smoke alarms draining the batteries? Lights switching on by themselves. ETC…

      We had so many more things happen and it’s been called by a Paranormal Team as a Demonic Haunting. We moved recently, hoping it doesn’t start again in the new house too!

  230. I am wondering if this is a sign of anything psychic as it has happened to me a number of times when I have been in a house for the first time. I come out of the bathroom or onto a landing and without any recollection I am suddenly in a doorway of a bedroom across the hall or further down the hall. I was recently in a 1920’s Farmhouse and found myself in the doorway of this one room 2 times within a 3 day visit. I am cold stone sober by the way. It’s like I black out and am suddenly standing there.

  231. We have recently put our house up for sale and weird things have started happening. We had a 3 gallon jug of water sitting on the kitchen counter top by our coffee maker and overnight the water turned from clear to cloudy which had a sewage type smell, the next night a container of tea in the refrigerator did the same thing. Last night the water in our coffee pot turned from clear to cloudy with the same odor. When we first moved into the house 4 years ago we heard footsteps in the upper floor, but no one was ever there. It eventually went away, now we are experiencing the water problem with no explanation. We wonder if it is a spirit that it may be upset because we are moving. Any thoughts?
    Thank you…….

  232. I was just wondering if there is a chance do paranormal activities even I am trying to provoke them when my parents are away is there any chances that I might encounter them? They shouldn’t worry that I’m nice to other entities it doesn’t matter if they are waiting for the right moment to strike.

    Is there by any chance that I might encounter them alone when my parents are away?

  233. Continuation:
    Last night 1 of three motion cameras that I had set up in the kitchen area had disappeared overnight. Later this morning I found out that a small child, maybe 3 years old had accidentally drowned in the backyard pool a few years ago. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen next! We have searched for the camera, but to no avail. When I get home today I plan to search the upstairs room that I believe would have been the boys room. May be in the closet or under the bed where kids normally hide things. I’m thinking that the color change and odor of our container water may be in relation to the child drowning in the pool. Does this make any sense?

  234. Im not sure if its paranormal or not, but today all of my televisions and cable boxes turned off at the same time as if it was a power surge. But, Nothing else turned off, not the lights nothing the lighta didnt even blink. .earlier in the day only my tv turned off I thought maybe it was me that hit the remote later all tvs at once. A few other things like missing items, voices etc. But i didnt think nothing of it until now. So confused.

  235. Hello,
    I live in an apartment and every once in a whilev in this apartment, have dealt with doors closing, lights flickering, being touched, and hearing voices. Sometimes while I’m sitting in my computer chair, I feel someone posting with my hair. The presence I feel is not bad.

    I have always been a heavy sleeper, however recently I get woken up every night multiple times only when I sleep at my apartment. Sometimes I wake up to my legs being touched, whispers, shuffling across the room…. However last night I was woken by a man crying in my closet.

    Is there something I can do to calm this presence that feels sad, hurt, and confused? I don’t like getting woken up or touched.

    Thank you

  236. There is something going on at my sisters house. The house was built in 1991. It had its first owner in 2006… very brief owner I might add. Then it was sold to a couple a few months later. 5 years later they sold it to my sister and her husband. They have lived there since 2011. Here’s whats going on……

    At first we thought my 3 year old nephew had an imaginary friend named “Yeti” he would do all the normal things you would do with an imaginary friend. but then he said Yeti was mean to him. He would fall randomly or he would say Yeti called him names or say mean things but now he’s scared of him. When I go over he warns me not to talk to Yeti. so I don’t. in fact I ignore it all together. But he woke up one night saying Yeti bit him! there was no bites but he was so scared he wouldn’t sleep in the room. its been on and off like that for months. we will have 2 or 3 months with no issues but then it comes back…worse than before. I stayed over to house sit while they were on vacation and all night long I heard noises coming from the empty room. did I investigate.. no. I simply got up and closed the door.

    He says Yeti lives in the closet and hangs out by the TV all day. Fun fact about the TVs location. its in the corner of the room where there is a rather large crack in the foundation below. but 3 year old Matty doesn’t know this.
    Yeti also doesn’t stay in the room. Once I was getting in my car to go home after a long day of Yeti incidents and a semi detailed description of it and he runs to my car knocks on the window and says “you gotta get outta here Yeti is in the tree watching you you have to go now or hes gonna get you too! hurry I love you be careful jenny! Go GO NOW!” at that I left instantly. he later demanded to call me to make sure I was ok because Yeti was missing. an Hour later Yeti came back according to my sister as she heard Matts screams of terror from the back room.

    SO lets jump to yesterday November 15. my sister put Mat to bed and a few moments later he starts SCREAMING!!!!! she runs back in and hes SCREAMING with the light on! when she asks whats the matter he says Yeti is there and is scaring him. this is the first time hes ever said Yeti SCARES him. usually he says hes just being mean but never scary. Naturally she asks where hes at and he points to the TV corner. she looks and says “theres nothing there baby” and at that moment a toy from the top of the TV fell followed by a loud BANG! on the dresser. she called to her husband hoping it was him making the noise. It wasn’t him. so she scooped up my nephew closed the door and took him to her room.

    its getting worse. I have tried to get history of the house but cant find anything really useful. At this point I don’t know WHAT im dealing with. My son has even spoken about Yeti after visiting. Even when Matty isn’t there….. I know its real. But when im there I don’t let IT know I know its real. It wont bother me because it knows im not scared. I don’t know what to do. It’s gone from play thing, to menacing, to scary, to loud! Basically your typical scary movie. Im suppose to stay over on Black Friday with my son while shes working and I might end up sleeping in that room. Im terrified. I don’t want it to decide to pick on my son while Matt is away. Seriously advice is truly needed. Anything!!!!!!!!!

    My other sister says shes heard its voice come from our nephew but im not to sure how legitimate that claim really is…. it told her to GET OUT in a low warped growl. But like I said I wasn’t there for that so I don’t know how true THAT is. but I do know the day that event happened she called me in hysterical tears and demanded I pick her up. So it could have happened or it could have just been Monster Mat being silly and just scared her. Hes 3 so I don’t know.

    do you have any advice? She has her mother in law come monthly and bless the house but I dot think its working.. either that or shes doing it wrong.

  237. My wife swears she has seen a shadow of a large man (6’4″ 300 lb) walking hunched over in the hallway (coming from the area of my son’s room). She says she’s seen it a few times. This morning, my son (who didn’t know of my wife’s sightings) said he saw a large broad shouldered figure hunch backed facing the wall in his room (in the dark). Perhaps a house cleansing is in order?

  238. Anyone ever heard of a very, very loud crash, landing in the middle of the floor?

    We moved into a brand new home that we had built. Shortly afterwards, the tread mill turned itself on in the garage. Then, LOUD knocking on the front door!

    Along with many other things like toys, garage door. Toys turning on by themselves or garage door opening and closing when no one was controlling it. EVP’s with very horrific voices… Shadow people… Knocking inside or outside walls, smoke alarms draining the batteries? Lights switching on by themselves. ETC…

    We had so many more things happen and it’s been called by a Paranormal Team as a Demonic Haunting. We moved recently into another house that we had built… We’re hoping that it doesn’t follow us! Is it likely to be us or the house???

  239. Hi mi name is yajaira rolon im starting to b scared of my apartment almost everyday while im in my living room watching tv i get so scared i have to search the whole house cause i have a 1yr old baby n its driving me crazy i keep hearing the drawers in my bedroom close i dont hear it open but i can clearly hear when someone closes it n i have no explanation for it i go in the room n my baby is in her crib sound asleep but theres no explanation for it its almost every night not too long ago i was sleep on the sofa n someone pushed my shoulder i was sleep n it woke me up now my dad died last yr. N i grieve him alot cause he was my best friend n i dont think its him doing that but then again i wish it was how do i know cause its starting to scare me i sleep on edge cause its just me n my daughter the only time i ferl comfortable in my apartment its if someone spends the night n tonight it happened again my daughter father is here n we were watching tv n boom the drawer on the dresser slammed close n he heard it he started checkin the closet to see if there was a hidden door n i told him its not the first time please help me wat should i do

  240. Hello,
    We have had a lot of things happen in the 20 years we have been in our house. My grown children maintain that they saw an apparition in our basement, have seen necklace fly across the room, things fall off shelves, and faucets turn on. I have come home to see our Christmas tree angel on the floor and an angel decoration on the floor after being on the self for 13 years. The latest incident has been in a bedroom that contains only a makeup/hair vanity and a plastic drawer container with old clothes. About a month ago, I had noticed that a shirt had been on the floor even after I put it away. The drawer was slightly open and so I closed it tight. Everyone in my house is aware of the strange incident and would not have taken the shirt out. When I walked into the room today, the drawer was closed and the shirt was on the floor. We can’t explain this but are considering getting a nanny camera. Any thought?

  241. Ok. Here goes. This happened years ago when I was a child and my family moved into a newly built house. There were so many strange things that happened. As I will keep this short I will tell you of some of the happenings ..As there are too many.that stayed with us the 11 years we lived there. We would have the bath tub taps turn on full blast in the middle of the night. We would often hear loud cracks in the house. One time it was so loud it woke everyone up..we thought lightening hit the house but we found nothing. One time my brother stayed home from school when he was sick. My mom said that she seen a figure in the dining room and called his name. She thought it was him. She seen this figure go down the hall then disappeared. She checked in my brother. He was sound asleep in the basement bedroom. We often would see shadows . also..the smoke alarm would go off a lot. You would try to stop it with the button. But often had to take the battery out. This happened with the new ones too. A lot of noises.sometimes I would hear strange music too. And I used to get a bad feeling in one part of the basement.. Very creepy feeling. We would hear birds in the attic really loud. My dad would go up there to find nothing. After we moved out of this house nothing really has happened since then.. Just little things now and then but nothing like in that house. Now that was years ago and now that I am older I often wondered what that was all about. Years ago no one ever really talked about things like that too. Any thoughts?

  242. Paranormal activity in my home started after my grandpa died 3 years ago. Also, my mum told me that when she got married with my father and the house was not done yet(2002) when she was alone at home, she was feeling like somebody else was watching her. And, some days ago I heard someone calling my name around 21.00 p.m. Paranormal activity stoped for 2 days, after my grandma censered, but yesterday, while I was in the bathroom, I saw a hand moving behind my mother’s jacket. What should I do?


    Last Saturday I woke up and saw a shadow moving past my bedroom wall and I heard a noise, like something fell off.

  243. Hello,
    I need some explanation, would be great if someone helped to figure out about what is happening. I moved in a building where before some drug dealer lived, in same apt. It was renovated after this guy and looks nice, with ocean view… But because he lived here before, many his past friends were hanging out on stairs of this building. I did not like it and told them to find another place for hangout. They were arguing, but now it seems they gone. But… I started hearing some strange noises from through the wall coming from another apartment that is empty, like slamming the door, all night and all day. A few days ago, it was some knocking to my wall, like someone wanted to get my attention. But about 15 days ago, I suddenly heard that the ceramic plates in my kitchen was producing noise, as if there was a small earthquake, it was like a result of a building shaking. But there was no earthquake. The plates okay now, no noise since then.

    Today, I was busy doing somethings. No other people were in my apt. When at noon, I was leaving to supermarket, I looked up to the lamp at bedroom – light was ON. If I would not look up, I would not see it because the day was very sunny. I did not turn the light ON!

    When in about one hour I came back from supermarket, I vent to the shower room, light was also ON! I accidentally looked up, if I did not I would not know it because day was very sunny.

    Yesterday, after hearing the slamming door noises from another apt through the wall I turned on loud the radio station with Christmas songs. Today I got light ON in the morning.

    So what is happening? And what to do or do nothing? Never before I had paranormal activities around on the daily basis…

    Would like to hear from you, guys!


  244. As I’m writing this I’m wide awake it’s 3:56 am and I can’t sleep I just had my second contact with the dead the first was when I was a kid my mother and step father were renting a old house built near a train track and on the other side is a grave if u want to see its bailey road new Plymouth Google maps it its near a beach and all. I used to put all my toys in a little cornered off part of my upstairs room my favorite toy was an Elmo witch I would always put in the same place till it looked around the corner at me twice it was so sudden I thought It was nothing until it did it again. since I was 6 I was going to bed when it was light out side and could see every thing so my eyes weren’t tricking me my mother used to come home to taps turning off and on and the sound of children’s foot steps up the stairs we moved 1 month later when my sister apparently saw a fairy under her bed glowing ball of light. None of that was at death time aka 3 am. But about 2 hours ago when I heard my light switches being played with I thought it was my misses dad going to the toilet and being a weirdo and playing with the switches 5 mind latter the TV turns on blasting the radio on Sky buy the last thing I was watching was animal planet I don’t really need help with this but do u think I should warn the people in my old house of what’s there ?? As I said look up bailey road new Plymouth and look ant the house just before the train tracks.

    • I think you’ve got bigger things to worry about right now with your own experiences. Don’t worry about telling the new owners. You would just freak them out for nothing in the event they don’t have any problems. If they DO have problems, they’ll decide what to do at that time. Last thing–your spelling isn’t the only problem. Your text is almost impossible to understand because some of the words make no sense! “… 5 mind the TV turns on blasting the radio on Sky buy.” WTF is that supposed to mean?2?!

  245. I went to bed fine but woke up the next morning to a swollen elbow and a few days later went to doctor to find out I had a broken elbow I have no memory of it and felt nothing and then scratches started showing up all over my. Body how is it I felt nothing more strange things happened after that but I moved the first year nothing happen but now things are begging get to happen all over again how do I get rid of this also on my home security camera orbs are flying all over the place and I see them without camera as well any advise on any of this would be great appreciated

  246. hi my name is Phillip I’m trying to find something out my grandmother passed on a wk ago unexpectedly she had a full clean bill of health doctor said. two days later my uncle hears knocks on window which she always did. when he put trash cans back. The next day I heard them. that night another uncle said he stopped by to get a blanket after dark he said he felt a cold burst of air go through him mad hair on his neck stand on end and said he felt someone staring at him face to face but couldn’t see no one could this possibly be my Grandma grandpa gone to but he’s been gone 3yrs her less than a wk. would it be wise to get an EVP voice machine? and ask questions and see if their answerd?

  247. Hello, I am wondering what you think about my situation. I moved into my house almost 2 years ago. The house was built in 2008, and we have been told no one died in the house. Recently, in the last several months, I have been hearing noises while I am working ( I worked from home, upstairs, in my office). We have 2 cats, so I was attributing the noises to them, but I have been notices very loud sounds in the kitchen and the cats will be in my office, with me. Also, the door underneath my stairway, which is a closet, keeps opening as well. There is no breeze or anything, so I cannot figure out how it is opening. Today, I walked past the door, it was closed, and then when I walked by 10 minutes later, it was open. This afternoon, I heard something hit the floor downstairs. My cats were both with me. I went downstairs to investigate in the kitchen, and it was ice cold in the kitchen and I could see nothing that could have made that sound on the floor anywhere. Lastly, last week, I saw a mist like fog hovering in my foyer and after a seconds, it flew up the stairs and disappeared. What could be happening in a newer home? This is really weird!

  248. Ever since I was young I’ve always felt like I was being watched, that there was a presence around me. I’d say at least 10 people in my family have died, but nobody I was extremely close to. From the time I was 10-11, I was scared to sleep in my room at night because I would hear foot steps and I felt like someone was touching me. I would watch doors move that I was far away from, and I remember looking outside in the space between my neighbors house and seeing things. Since my parents had just got divorced and my family was going through a lot, nobody believed me and just thought things were getting worse for me mentally. A few years later, I moved in with my cousins, where I became mentally stronger. The things continued to happen, but not as bad as before. I still felt as if I was being watched and that someone would touch me, that I heard weird noises after everyone else was already asleep (including our dogs). Eventually, I moved back in the house I grew up in and the experiences stopped for a little. About a year ago, my mom and I decided to move out of the house. My mom still didn’t believe me that things had happened before, but I didn’t care because I was leaving the house. After about a month living in the new place, the experiences began again, this time affecting me and my dog. He will wake up in the middle of the night and growl at the hallway, frozen. I have come home after being at work and my mom being at work too to all of the cabinets open downstairs in our kitchen or doors open that I knew I had closed before. On top of that I will hear knocking on doors, where no one will be there. I will feel as if someone is in the room with me or that I am being watched or that someone is standing behind me when no one is there. My boyfriend was recently here with me, one day he was alone waiting for me to come home and heard a very loud knocking, and found my dog in that room staring frozen. The next day, the same exact experience happened and we both heard it. I was amazed that someone else finally heard it and it wasn’t just me, but still people don’t believe me and say I’m crazy or say it’s all in my head. Even though I don’t think it would hurt me or my dog, it’s still scary to be here at times all by myself. My mom has seen a change in me again and I think she is slowly starting to believe me, for she has asked me what we can do, but I’m not even sure at this point what would help.. what do you think ? Do you think it’s some sort of spirit or ghost, or do you think I’m crazy ? Lol. What steps would you take to clear the air ?

  249. Mine is hearing and feeling. I heard noises on wall, floor, wooden stair, furniture, and even bottle in my second floor mostly. I stay up there. Those noises are range from banging, cracking, and popping. Not sure about the sound I heard. Just strange sound, not voice. I think two time was inside the car I heard knocking. I feel itchy around me and the feeling something moving under my feet. Definite not bugs. During sleep I also feel a small presence above my head and plastic cover the pillow make noise as well. Like a small movement. God, when ever I tried to sleep and turn of the light. the feeling of fear is like shivering and burning through my whole body and heart.

    Here are the sign that this is not normal.
    -Happened just 4 month after we lived ours house. I never heard strange noise or feel itchy around me like these before.
    -The noise happened to try to attract my attention I guess. Range from small to loud.
    -Happened most of the time if I go to sleep. I still heard during the daylight as well but less frequent. As well as if I stay up all night.
    -Been month now and those noises still happened in my house or just to me. Especially the second floor.
    -I believed I’m the only one affected by it.

    Solution, mostly religions. Yes, religions. Seek shamans or priests. Depend on who you think are the most effective of warding off spirits. I believed mine have something to do with my religion. It’s was shaman. If you are dealing with shamans to solve your spirits problem. Just make sure you know what type of shaman you are dealing with. They could be scammer or overcharge you 500 dollar or more. Shouldn’t cost that much. If you just want to find out what exactly haunted you from the shaman then the payment should be at least below 50 or more dollar. That is my culture religion and If you need help just seek facebook on Hmong shaman stuff there. Some of them are the expert shaman there. I could be wrong on many stuff in here about my religion. I’m just speak my current problem about spirit haunted me in here and provide a bit of help if you need.

    I believed there are these type of spirits.
    Invasion spirits, one that come and try to kick you out. They could also follow someone else into your house. Family spirits. Wanderer spirits. Evil spirits. mischievous spirits. Original spirits that passed in the house. Peaceful spirits. Good spirits. These two type are probably the rarest. Guiding spirits. Hell even the guiding spirits that are going to give me the ability to communicate with spirits can be lethal if the initiate shaman wasn’t careful of what they do.

    Based on ours culture of shaman. If you have strange sickness, hear, see, feel, or dream of see white rope person. That is meant you are haunted by the guiding spirits. Any of those could be a sign that you are bless with the gift of shaman. Despite of that bless, I know that this gift is could be something to torment you. I currently experience these torment and seek solution for it.

  250. feb 6, 2017 around 7 am i got up and went to the bathroom and when i came out and started back to the living room i was shocked about what i saw. a end table be thrown across the room it looked like someone had forcely threw it. no one was home but me and my grand son he was in bed asleep with his door shut so he could not have thrown it. it hit my sons dog he let out a cry then went and layed in front of the door the i went to lay down and the dog started growling and barking the table ended up on the other side of the room turned upside down. i am a christen lady and i said i provke you in the name of jesus then the dog stoped barking . do u have any advice to what may have happened please write back and god bless you

  251. How do you cleanse a house? Sage? My front door keeps making a really loud slamming sound but it never actually slams. Sitting a few feet away from it recently when it happened and I could see the vibrations on the door but it was already closed and locked. Just bought the house. I don’t mind voices or foot steps but this is really loud and comes off as violent to me.

  252. My mother past away suddenly October 5 2015 by an undecided UTI going septic. We brought all her things to our home and stored them in a room. I gave her a flashlight for her place when she lived there alone. The base plugged into the outlet and the flashlight sat in it. If the power went out it would come on. I decided to use it outside my bedroom door. Missing her terribly, I walked by the light one evening and it flashed 3 times. It’s an LED light. Jokingly to my husband I said mom was trying to talk to me. After saying that it flashed 3 times again. Anyways, this started turning into hours throughout the night and then even during the day. I have recordings of many conversations…some only my mom and I knew about and the light would respond. I felt no fear by it was consuming my energy day and night. The light was dim mostly until one early night after a friend posted on Facebook she lost her dad and wished she could talk to him. I posted a short video clip on FB of the light saying I believed it was my mom. As soon as it posted the light started linking really fast and got brighter and I got a sick feeling in my stomach and my heart start racing. I went and removed it from FB and found myself saying I’m sorry to a flashlight. After months of believing it was my mom and even though it was exhausting me I felt it comforting…But even after I removed it I found myself questioning if it was really my mom and every time I walked by it….it was getting my attention as early in the morning, times during the day and all through the night. If I ignored it the light would get brighter and brighter. Soon my living room and into my whole bedroom was lighting up. If I unplugged it or shut the door I would get violently ill and a couple times I got scratched while just laying down with nothing near me to scratch me. I had local paranormal investigators come out and the woman even got attacked and while doing their investigating they told us if we thought it was malfunctioning, that it was very intelligent. She took the flashlight with her and was suppose to come back with evidence saying they captured a few voices. She apologized a couple times for not showing up and after that she and her partner ignored every way I tried to reach them. She first said they got 3 voices then the guy a couple months later replied one day saying he thought we were making it up. During that time after she took the flashlight we had an infrared stickup cam that was used for outdoors but we had to bring it in to charge it. I was shocked when I was looking at it while in my bedroom charging and saw a couple orbs flying by. At first my husband was in disbelief….even when I said I felt like I was getting poked with a very hot sharp needle. Now it’s been several months and I have numerous recordings of many, many orbs (spirits) that fly around my room. It shows them coming out of the walls, out of the floor, the ceiling, following me and sometimes even my husband out of the room. It shows them on me, going through me., coming under the bed and then I get poked. Some videos show them around us at night so I was once an early bird and now I sleep very late, wake up feeling hungover..and I don’t drink. And I have no energy all day. My doctor says I’m in great health but I don’t feel like it. I use the camera sometimes while in the room and it looks like they’re gone. But then I’ll exercise and start breathing a little harder and they all come out from everywhere. I went away for 3 week last month and the night I got back I woke up around 3:30 am to what felt like someone heavy holding me down in bed.I know I woke up cause I looked at the clock and my husband wanting to scream but nothing would come out… They come out if my twin granddaughters come running in my room….Thankfully they haven’t hurt them or my husband but to this day they wont leave me alone. I also have recordings of them using my cell phone to communicate using 3 different colors…Pink, a light purple, and and orange or brownish color. I had another guy come out and said I’m a sensitive or something like that cause I can communicate with them but it’s not something that I like, especially when they’re around me day and night. If anyone knows of someone interested in seeing everything I have but won’t cost a fortune please let me know.

  253. Hi, so whenever me and my cousin are alone we hear footsteps, doors opening and closing and a ton of creaks. I always get the feeling someone is watching me in my house. So, when our neighbor passed away we got some of her stuff since she was so sweet, her son and daughter were selling them. Ive done some research and it says objects may be haunted.. I have a feeling my house is haunted and my mother doesnt believe me. Is my house really haunted?

  254. My brother sees vision of a man in green shabby suit but seems to belong to a rich family. He first saw him in the morning at the bus stop while going to school. The man was standing on the main road and the bus passed through the Man and my brother found the man standing at the same spot without any injury. He then saw the man again standing at the end of the corridor in the school and for the third time sitting on a wall eating apple on his way back to home. he saw him again the next day and except for him the man is not visible to anyone else.

  255. My father passed away in the house I live in 8 months ago. We’ve noticed strange occurrences, such as lights flickering, strange noises that sound like chairs moving, or plates dropping in the kitchen. Last night, in my son’s room, where the light is flickering a lot lately, his toy turned on by itself. It’s a little people puzzle that has a sensor, when you place the pieces of the puzzle in a certain place, it sings “twinkle twinkle little star”. My son is already used to the light flickering, and turning off, he doesn’t even react. But last night the light turned off and the puzzle music turned on at exactly the same moment. I got extremely nervous, and left the room. This morning, I threw the puzzle away. If something similar hadn’t happened before, I would say maybe it’s my dad’s spirit. But about two years ago, in my son’s room again, his Tickle Me Elmo started laughing at three in the morning. I had been creeped out by the laughing Elmo before, so I had put the toy on top of a dresser, in the corner of the room. I also had turned it off. (I thought I had) That Elmo doesn’t giggle unless you press it’s stomach. Also, this happened in another house. We moved to this new house about 11 months ago. So, I don’t know what it can be. What do you think?

  256. hey so its half 12 at night a I was just on my laptop when I started hearing tapping from the other room which is empty it sounded like a clock but then it went in to like a song beat but a upspeed one not a slow creepy beat it only stopped when my sister moved in her sleep ive been having a lot of these happenings like one time when I was the only one awake I started hearing footsteps on the roof and it only stopped when someone else was awake too I have a feeling someone/thing is only trying to contact me because it happens to no-one else and no-one has passed away in my family recently
    what could it be?

  257. Hi! I live in a low-income senior/disabilities apartment building. I two wall switches that I never touch (switch off) because they are dedicated to supplying power to my home phone and electric clock. About 2-3 times a year, I’ll find that one or both of these switches are turned off. I never touch them, and I live alone. I spent the last few days trying to figure out why my phone won’t work, then I found BOTH switches off. DWhat do you think is doing this?

  258. Hey. So my uncle passed away exactly a year ago. I was just hanging out in my room and all the sudden my phone shut down randomly but it still had a lot of battery life left. Then, I was listening to music and the app just quit working without me touching anything. There are random flashes of light outside, and I got the chills for a few seconds but then they went away… Do you think this could be him trying to reach out to me or is it just a bunch of wierd coincidences?

  259. Last year I seen a man get killed. It was the worse night of my life. Very hard to deal with. I was not the same for along time after that. Well here latley it feels like someone is here like we are being watched all the time. my girls slept in the living room lastnight because they kept hearing what sounds like stomping their rooms temp has changed alot as well. I just want someinput on what I should do is there some where I should have come here and check things out for me. Is there something I can do myself. If it is him Im not worried because I can feel as if its something good its not a bad spirit I just want to know if hes here and why is he protecting me because I didnt leave him that night I stayed. I just want help

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