Some More Scary Ghost Pictures

In a previous post I wrote about Scary Ghost Pics in History including a range of ghost images showing ones caught on film. In this post I wanted to continue where that post left off with some more ghost images caught throughout history on camera and video.

First of all I am not saying all these images are real, I will leave that up to you to decide. However many of the images within this short film below will have you thinking either way. The way I look at it is, some are are real and some are fake, judging which ones are either is up to you..

More Scary Ghost Pictures – Video

Why do ghosts appear on Camera Sometimes?

This is an interesting question, I believe the best answer is ghosts use a lot of energy to appear to us or manefest themselves as another word. On camera sometimes it will pick up colours or lighting where the human eye may not pick up at that time. This is what I refer to as the unbiased view (camera view). This is what I believe is an uncommon occurance as the spirit or ghost needs to use a lot of energy to appear in view. Because of this reason, these spirits I believe are often referred to as very powerful spirits where the energy source they have is so strong they are emitting a light energy strong enough to show on camera..

Like I said a lot of the time it is very rare as the spirit has to use a lot of energy at that time to be in view.. Whether or not this common theory is accurate or not I will leave that up to you to decide however it adds relevance and evidential support to many ghost sightings seen everyday around the world.

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