Starter Ghost Hunting Kits

If you are looking for an all basic ghost hunting kit, then the kit provided by North Georgia Mercantile provides a little of everything.

starter ghost hunting kits

Comes packed with the:

  1. – Gauss Master EMF meter (measure EMF in area)
  2. – Portable Motion Sensor (detect motion in complete darkness)
  3. – EVP Listener (hear real time EVP/EMF signals)
  4. – Infrared Pen Type Thermometer
  5. – “Ghost Tech” how to book?
  6. – Sturdy Deluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together.

This basically covers the basics other than of course camera’s. For other items you may want refer to my post here.

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For a larger option of a ghost hunting kit you could go with the couples ghost hunt kit by the same people which includes a few more items that could be used on your next hunt.

This pack comes with:

EMF meters: KII and GaussMaster
Thermometers: Pen style IR and Digital Local/Remote Thermometers
Motion Sensors: Vibration and Motion Alarm
EVP: P-SB7-FM Spirit Box and EVP Listener
Deluxe Tool Case to carry all these goodies
3 Finger Lites also included

couple ghost kit

Overall, covering most of the basic tools needed once again.

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