The Power of a Seed

Often the little things are left unnoticed or unseen. Take a seed for example.. It may seem small and insignificant, but has the power to grow into whatever its energy base is.. That being said it shows the power of a seed is big. From small beginnings it can grow into a strong massive tree or to even a strong forest in time..

All that energy tapped within it and when it gets the right moment – a moment of water, sun, moisture and sustenance it begins its power to grow and transform. Power to start life..

Ponder on the inner power of a seed for a moment. At the beginning it is simple and small, yet powerful and in time it can grow with the right sort of nurturing into an amazing plant or in spiritualism a enlightened human..


Image Source – condesign

You see, it starts when we aspire to understand ourselves.. That’s the seed, then we water with meditation and occult practices until we feel more connected and it starts to grow, then one day.. A great spiritual day it will blossom or flower into enlightenment or inner trance.. ( I thought maybe a flower would be a good simile as well.. )

Time lapse Video Above Showing the Power of the Seed growing from Seed to Flower..  (very cool)

I know it may seem like i am rambling here, but when you look at the power within that of a small seed you must look beyond just the scientific reasoning of why a seed turns into a plant and so on. The seed must choose the exact right time to grow, the right time to use its deep inner power or it will never make it..

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