The Power of the Spoken Word – The Magickal Alphabet

From as early an age as possible the power of words has always been around us. Many of us try to ignore them, but if it was not for that power we would not be who we are today. Words are truly remarkable and in this article I will go over the power it can inflict or empower on others. If you are not aware that there is a power in words then I highly recommend reading this article multiple time because you are about to learn one of the impacts on your life.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we, when we are born no matter where we are our parents impact us, we all know and we all abide by these affects. Our parents actions and emotions simply mold us into who we are today.. However if we ponder further and study further we can see the impact of each word we hear on our fresh ears as a young child. It is inevitable that each of these words is going to impact us.


It could be our first words.. Mumma or Daddy.. or Dog or Cat.. or something even simpler, from the moment we speak we are using emotions in our words to express what we think and feel. Because of these effects on our early life, it only makes sense that if we overhear an argument those words effect us deeply or if we hear a loving discussion that we are effected by the peaceful share of emotions..

So, How do these words effect us in a Magickal way..?

Well, as we go through life it is words that have the power to transform our lives completely. Let me first say that it does not matter which language. All words have power associated with them and the reason being is we put that power on them by associating them with emotions and previous experiences. In fact those associations can have a completely different affect on one person to another.

Let’s look at some common power words and there possible outcome on a person emotionally.

I am ….

I am is one of the most powerful words, in fact what ever we put after I am puts that power on ourselves. Many studies have been done on people of all ages testing out this power of this phrase. Try this as an experiment, say to yourself “I am …. and put your name as the blank and say it strongly as you are exercising. Most studies reveal that the human body will actually pull more strength during the process of this action and  thus the power of that association to yourself. Other tests were done where one lied and said they were another name and in fact the person lost most of there strength in the process of this experiment..

Other Power Words Include –

I am Strong – This has actually shown results for making one stronger.

I am Healthy – This can actually improve ones health

I am Tired – This can actually make one more tired.

I think you get my point, the words carry an emotional and magickal response. This makes sense in many circumstances. Now, let’s look at the negative for a moment. A person who focuses on negative words ..” I am always broke”.. ” Why can I not just get on top of these bills”.. ” I am always sick..”

Can you see the negative power these words have on yourself and on the others around you. That magickal response creates more of that exact outcome that you desire.

Try this instead – “I am open to opportunities”.. ” I am Rich..” “.. I am healthy”.. ” I love my Family..” “I love myself..” “I am proud of myself..”


And then say these words above with the power of meaningful belief. That is what gives them power and do it everyday and watch the results change and why do they, because your emotional and magickal response of these magickal sounds we call words effect us and we as the human race has given these associations by there meanings power.

Above – Video Above going over the Power of or the word “I am” And It’s Impacts.

It is not surprising that saying “I love you” to another has such an amazing impact, it is an extreme power word. It is also not surprising saying you hate something that you create that negative aspect around in your life even more..

…Using Negative words is where emotional and devastating spirals can feel like one has little control can happen.

This is all related to how I previously went over how the power of manifestation works as well.

So, How Can One Change?

If you want a positive change then here is my quick guide, you need to start appreciating everything and speaking appreciation. Do you appreciate being alive, if so speak with strength, I am strong and healthy and Love Living. If you want more love in your life then tell your friends and family that you love them, describe to them your appreciations of them.

To people you meet always be welcoming and look at there good sides rather than looking at there negative sides. Lastly when you speak, think about any negative effects it may have, if it does have negative attributes then do not speak and instead let go over that side of you.

… Religion and Words

Before I move away from this topic let me first share some examples of words that may effect one person, but not another. This comes down to religion and there are so many beliefs out there, each one attributing those beliefs to words and rituals that serve that belief. However, let me just pull one out, Christianity as an example. To a Christian the word Jesus means a lot, in fact it can put them in a completely different state, however the same can be said for Buddhists that believe in Buddha and with that word they can be effected.

The power is placed on the words and associations by how the mind associates the power to that particular word. So to the Buddhist the word Jesus is just another a word, but to the Christian it is the same as saying “God” and it impacts them greatly…

I think you get my point here. The power words are what we put the power on them to be and how we associate them to our lives. That gives them the magickal response that happens with there association. In a way we have our own Magickal Alphabet and our life time created the book with which to use it.

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  1. pure message to the masses… Thanks a lot this is helpfull i tried a lot to manifest money with the law of attraction and failed i was thinking it does not work now i see i was doughting thats why it didnt work now im 100% sure im going to manifest anything i want

  2. How to stop/prevent your boyfriend from sending money to his British ex girlfriend? They broke up four years ago and he sends money to her every two weeks.He sends hundreds of dollars to her and he doesn’t give me the same amount as he sends to her.What kind of white Magic she worked on him, and how to end that nonsense ?

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